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Pro-Landlord Monster Lease


       THIS LEASE (hereinafter called “Lease”), made this [DAY] day of
(hereinafter called “Management”), and [NAME OF YOUR TENANT] (hereinafter
called “Resident”);

                              W I T N E S S E T H:

       WHEREAS, Management is vested with full authority to lease and
sublease the land and improvements commonly known and numbered as
[STREET ADDRESS OF PROPERTY] and more particularly described in a legal
description attached hereto and incorporated by reference (hereinafter called
“Property”); and

        WHEREAS, Management desires to lease the Property and improvements
to Resident, and Resident desires to lease the Property from Management for
the term of this Lease and upon the covenants, conditions and provisions herein
set forth; and

      THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises contained herein
and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which
are undisputed, it is agreed:

                              A G R E E M E N T:


       The following terms as defined below are used generally in this Lease.
Additional terms, as employed in the specific Sections hereunder, are defined
pursuant to those Sections.

      Additional Rental is defined in Section 6 of this Lease.

      Base Rental means the monthly rental calculated and payable pursuant to
Section 4 of this Lease.

      Management is defined in the first paragraph of this Lease.

      Owner is the owner of the Property.
       Property means that tract or parcel of land and any improvements thereon
as described in the attached Exhibit “A” which is by this reference incorporated in
this Lease.

      Resident is defined in the first paragraph of this Lease.

     Total Rental means the Monthly Installments and Additional Rental as
may be due and owing annually to Management under this Lease.


      The Management, for and in consideration of the rentals, covenants,
agreements and stipulations hereinafter mentioned, reserved and contained, to
be paid, kept and performed by the Resident, has leased and rented, and by
these present does lease and rent, unto the Resident, and the Resident hereby
agrees to lease and take upon the terms and conditions which hereinafter
appear, the Property (exclusive of any easement for light or air or other valid
easements, whether or not of record) described in Exhibit “A”, a copy of which is
attached hereto and incorporated by reference (hereinafter called the “Property”).


       To have and to hold the same for a period commencing at [DATE AND
TIME WHEN TENANT CAN OCCUPY PROPERTY] (hereinafter called “Date of
Possession”) and ending at [DATE AND TIME WHEN TENANT MUST VACATE
PROPERTY] (hereinafter called “Date of Surrender”) unless sooner terminated
or extended as hereinafter provided (hereinafter called “Lease Term”).

       Resident agrees to return the Property to Management at the expiration,
or prior termination, of this Lease in as good condition and repair as when first
received, normal wear and tear, damage by storm, fire, lighting, earthquake or
other casualty alone excepted.

       Management may, for any reason, adjust the Date of Possession and
Date of Surrender by an identical amount of up to seven (7) days without liability
to Resident for said adjustment. Resident’s liability for rent shall begin only upon
receipt of possession of the Property. If Management fails to deliver possession
of the Property within seven (7) days of the above-specified Date of Possession,
Resident may terminate this Lease.

      Resident may not refuse to take possession of the Property unless the
Property is unsafe or uninhabitable.

        4.1    Resident agrees to pay Management promptly, no later than [TIME
each month (said day and time hereinafter called “Payment Deadline”) in
advance without notice or demand, during the Lease Term, rent at a rate of
$[AMOUNT OF MONTHLY RENT TO BE PAID] (hereinafter called “Base
Rental”) as modified or increased pursuant to Section 5, infra. The aforesaid
payments of rent are to be made payable to Management at its principal mailing
address or at such other place as Management may from time to time designate
in writing to Resident.

       4.2    The parties stipulate that postal or other delivery delays do not
constitute waiver or extension of the due date for any payment due herein.
Management must have received payment by the Payment Deadline to be
considered timely paid. All payments received after the Payment Deadline shall
be subject to Additional Rental as specified in Section 4.3, infra.

        4.3   In the event any payment of Base Rental or Additional Rental
(hereinafter called “Rent”) is not paid when due, Additional Rental shall be due in
addition to the rent in the amount of $[FEE FOR LATE RENT PAYMENT]. For
each day after the Payment Deadline that the Rent is not paid in full, Resident
shall pay further Additional Rental equal to [ADDITIONAL DAILY FEE FOR
LATE RENTAL PAYMENTS] per day until such time as Management receives
sufficient payment to bring Resident’s account current.

      4.4    Resident shall receive a discount of [AMOUNT OF DISCOUNT
the current payment of Rent if Resident maintains the Property per Section 12
and other pertinent Sections of this Lease and if Management receives full
payment for all current and past due balances no later than [NUMBER OF DAYS
DISCOUNT] days prior to the Payment Deadline as specified in Section 4.1.

       4.5  Any payments accepted by Management shall be first applied to
past-due sums and only thereafter to currently due sums. Any excess payments
received by Management shall at Management’s option be applied to future
sums due or Management may opt to refund such excess payments.

        4.6   Management may increase the Base Rental with at least
[NUMBER OF DAYS NOTICE] days written notice to Resident. Upon receipt of
notice of Base Rental increase, Resident shall inform Management of
acceptance or rejection of said increase within [NUMBER OF DAYS TENANT
HAS TO RESPOND TO RENTAL INCREASE] days of Management’s notice to
Resident. Resident’s failure to accept or reject said increase according to the
terms of this Section shall constitute acceptance by Resident. Should Resident
reject the increase of Base Rental, Management reserves the option to change
the Date of Surrender to a date not less than SIXTY (60) days after
Management’s receipt of Resident’s rejection.


     The Base Rental shall increase to $[NEW RENTAL RATE] beginning on


       In addition to the Base Rental required to be paid pursuant to the terms of
this Lease, Resident agrees to pay, as additional rental, all sums and other
charges required to be paid by Resident pursuant to other provisions and exhibits
to this Lease, whether or not the same be designated “Additional Rental”, and
Management shall have the same remedies for Resident’s failure to pay same
when and as required, as if it constituted Base Rental.


      The parties hereto confirm and verify the working order of all smoke
detectors on the Property. Resident hereby accepts full responsibility for the
weekly testing of the smoke detectors and the replacement of the batteries in
said smoke detectors at least once each month. The Resident has agreed to
accept these responsibilities in exchange for a reduction in the monthly rental,
with said reduction being fully represented in the sum $[AMOUNT OF
MONTHLY RENTAL] as indicated in Section 4.1. In the event that any smoke
detector fails to perform correctly when tested, Resident shall immediately notify
Management in writing and verbally.


       8.1      Resident shall be solely responsible for all installation charges,
service charges and all other charges for gas, electricity, telephone, water and
sewer services, cable/satellite TV, telephone and other utilities and services
rendered, supplied to, or imposed upon the Property regardless of who is the
supplier. Resident shall indemnify Management and save it harmless against
any liability or charge on account thereof. If Resident does not pay said charges
when due, Management may pay same and such payment shall be added as
Additional Rental hereunder. Resident’s failure to pay said charges when due
shall constitute breach of this Lease by Resident.

       8.2   Resident agrees to immediately establish telephone service at the
Property and shall immediately provide to Management the telephone number
provided by said service. In the event that said telephone number is changed for
any reason, Resident shall immediately inform Management of the new
telephone number.
        8.3    Resident agrees that it will not install any equipment which will
exceed or overload the capacity of any utility facilities, whether or not provided by
Resident or Management, and that if any equipment installed by Resident shall
require additional utility facilities, the same shall be furnished and installed at
Resident’s expense in accordance with plans and specifications to be approved
in writing by Management.


       The Property shall be used as a single-family personal residence, to be
PROPERTY]. The Property shall not be used for any illegal purposes; nor in any
manner to create any nuisance or trespass; nor in any manner to vitiate the
insurance or increase the rate of insurance on the Property. Resident shall not
use, store or dispose of, or permit the use, storage or disposal of, upon the
Property, any hazardous materials, toxic contaminants, oil, radioactive or other
material the removal of which is required or the maintenance of which is
prohibited, regulated or penalized by any local, state or federal agency, authority
or governmental unit. If any such materials are brought into the Property,
Resident shall, at Resident’s sole expense, cause the immediate removal

      Occupancy of the Property by any person other than those named in this
Section for more than [NUMBER OF DAYS – SUGGEST 30] days shall be
subject to Additional Rent (payable from the Effective Date) in the amount of
[PERCENTAGE] of the then-current Base Rental.


        Resident agrees not to abandon or vacate the Property during the period
of this Lease and agrees to use the Property for the purpose herein leased until
the expiration hereof. Resident shall notify Management in advance of any
vacancy equal to or in excess of [NUMBER OF DAYS – SUGGEST 30] days.
Resident’s vacancy of the Property for more than [NUMBER OF DAYS –
SUGGEST 30] days without prior notice to Management shall constitute
abandonment of the Property. Resident’s vacancy of the Property for more than
30 days under any circumstances shall constitute abandonment of the Property.
Tenant’s abandonment of the Property shall constitute breach of this Lease.


      11.1 Resident waives any and all claims of trespass, unlawful entry or
unauthorized entry against Management. Management reserves the right to
enter the Property for inspections or other reasonable purposes during
reasonable hours, and at any time in case of emergency. Resident understands
that Management’s right to enter the Property is not subject to prior notice to
Resident or permission from Resident.

       11.2 Resident shall not take any action impairing Management’s access
to the Property, including but not limited to construction of fences, adding or
changing locks, adding or changing security systems/burglar alarms. Should
Resident need to take any action that could potentially limit Management’s
access to the Property, such action may not be taken without the prior written
consent of Management.


       Resident has fully inspected the Property and finds it acceptable and in
good repair in its current condition. Resident hereby accepts all costs and
expenses during the Lease Term associated with the repair or maintenance of
the Property. In the event that the Property requires repairs and/or maintenance,
Resident shall immediately notify Management, and Management will timely
provide an estimate of the expense of said repair(s) and/or maintenance.
Management shall arrange for the necessary repairs and/or maintenance, and
Resident shall pay all costs and expenses associated therewith as Additional
Rental. If said costs and expenses exceed [THRESHHOLD AMOUNT –
SUGGEST $50] then Resident shall pay the estimated costs and expenses to
Management in advance.

       Resident shall be fully responsible for all pest control. Any infestation
shall constitute default of this Lease by Resident.


       13.1 Real Property. Owner shall be responsible for paying all real estate
taxes owed on the Property.

      13.2 Personal Property. Resident shall be responsible for paying all
personal property taxes with respect to Resident’s personal property at the
Property. Management shall pay all personal property taxes with respect to
Management’s personal property, if any, on the Property.


      Resident shall pay to Management a “Security Deposit” in the amount of
[AMOUNT OF SECURITY DEPOSIT] which Management shall return to
Resident upon termination of this Lease, subject to payment of all rents due,
surrender of possession, inspection of the Property, and confirmation by the
Management that Resident has performed all other obligations imposed
hereunder. (In the event the Base Rental hereunder increases, Management
shall upon request be entitled to receive from Resident an additional security
deposit equal to the increased rental amount.)


        Resident is required to maintain at his own expense an insurance policy
sufficient to cover the loss or damage of any or all of Resident’s personal
belongings.    Resident hereby waives and relinquishes all claims against
Management for loss or damage to any of Resident’s personal belongings.
Furthermore, Resident shall initiate and keep current a policy for liability
insurance coverage in the amount of $300,000 and Management shall be named
as an additional insured.


       If the Property is totally destroyed by storm, fire, lightning, earthquake or
other casualty, this Lease shall terminate as of the date of destruction, and Total
Rental shall be accounted for between Management and Resident as of that
date. If the Property is damaged but not wholly destroyed by any of such
casualties, Base Rental shall abate in such proportion as use of the Property has
been destroyed, and Management shall restore same to substantially the same
condition as before damage as speedily as practicable, whereupon full Base
Rental shall commence.


        Resident waives the benefits of all existing and future rent control
legislation and statutes and similar government rules and regulations, whether in
time of war or not, to the full extent permitted by law.



       Resident may not, without the prior written consent of Management,
assign this Lease or any interest hereunder, or sublease Property or any part
thereof, or permit the use of Property by any party other than the Resident.


       20.1 In the event any mechanics’, laborers’, materialmen’s or other liens
shall be filed against the Property or any part thereof by reason of work, labor,
services or materials performed or furnished to or at the insistence of Resident or
to anyone holding the Property through or under Resident, Resident shall
forthwith cause the same to be so discharged of record or bonded with security
satisfactory to Management. If Resident shall fail to cause such lien forthwith to
be so discharged or bonded with security satisfactory to Management after being
notified of the filing thereof, then, in addition to any other right or remedy of
Management, Management may discharge the same by paying the amount
claimed to be due, and the amount so paid by Management shall be due and
payable by Resident to Management as Additional Rental on the first day of the
next following month, or may, at Management’s election, be subtracted from any
sums owing to Resident.

       20.2 Resident shall not make any alterations, additions or decorations to
the Property without first obtaining the prior written consent of Management.
Resident shall at all times during the Lease Term present to Management plans
and specifications for such work at the time Management’s consent is sought. As
a condition of any such permission granted by Management, all modifications
(including but not limited to items affixed to the Property) shall become the
property and possession of Owner upon the termination of this Lease.

      20.3 Resident’s obligation to observe and perform any of the provisions
of Section 20 shall survive the expiration of Lease Term hereof or earlier
termination of this Lease.


        It is mutually agreed that in the event Resident shall default in the
payment of Base Rental and/or Additional Rental herein reserved, when due, and
fails to cure said default within [SUGGEST: 7] days after written notice thereof
from Management; or if Resident shall be in default in performing any of the
terms or provisions of this Lease, and fails to cure such default within
[SUGGEST: 7] days after the date of receipt of written notice of default from
Management; or if Resident is adjudicated bankrupt; or if a permanent receiver is
appointed for Resident's property and such receiver is not removed within sixty
(60) days after written notice from Management to Resident to obtain such
removal; or if, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, Resident takes advantage of
any debtor relief proceedings under any present or future law, whereby the Total
Rental or any part thereof is, or is proposed to be, reduced or payment thereof
deferred; or if Resident makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors; or if
Management receives notice that Resident has failed to comply with any
agreement concerning the Property between Resident and Management or
between Resident and any party in which Management or Owner has/have any
interest; or if Resident's effects should be levied upon or attached under process
against Resident, not satisfied or dissolved within [SUGGEST: 7] days after
written notice from Management to Resident to obtain satisfaction thereof; or if
Resident undertakes any act which Management in its sole discretion determines
impairs the likelihood of Resident complying with the terms hereunder; then, and
in any of said events Management at Management's option may at once, or
within three (3) months thereafter, terminate this Lease by written notice to
Resident; whereupon this Lease shall end. Any notice provided in this Section
may be given by Management or Owner, or its/their attorney(s) or agent(s).
Upon such termination of this Lease, Resident will at once surrender possession
of the Property to Management and remove all of Resident's effects therefrom;
and Management may forthwith re-enter same and repossess itself thereof, and
remove all persons and effects therefrom, using such force as may be necessary
without being guilty of trespass, forcible entry or detainer or other tort.


       Resident may terminate this Lease prior to the Date of Surrender by
complying with each of the following requirements: (1) Resident shall notify
Management at least [SUGGEST: 90] days prior to termination (said notice shall
be effective as of the final day of the month in which the notice was received by
Management); (2) Resident shall pay an Early Termination Fee equal to the then-
current Base Rental; (3) Resident shall pay all fees and Rental due through the
adjusted Date of Surrender; (4) Resident shall return Property in broom clean
condition; and (5) Resident shall pay all expenses for repainting, carpet cleaning,
and other aesthetic needs, with Management having full authority to determine
such needs.


       Management, as Resident's agent, without terminating this Lease, upon
Resident's failure to cure any default within the time permitted as set forth in
Section 21 hereof, may at Management's option enter upon and rent the Property
at the best price obtainable by reasonable effort, without advertisement and by
private negotiations and for any term Management deems proper. Resident shall
be liable to Management for the deficiency, if any, between Resident's Total
Rental hereunder and the price obtained by Management and all other
reasonable costs directly related to reletting, including, but not limited to the
payment of commissions, the making of alteration, costs of leasing same, costs
for any unamortized Resident improvements and otherwise. Resident expressly
waives the right to pay rent in defense to a dispossessory, unlawful detainer or
other similar legal action based on nonpayment of rent.


       Any and all appliances on the Property are available as a convenience to
the Resident. Management makes no warranties and does not assume
responsibility for their operation. No portion of the rent payable hereunder is due
to the presence of the appliances, if any. Resident shall return all appliances at
the termination of this Lease in the same condition as they were in at the
beginning of this Lease.

        Management may card the Property "For Rent", "For Sale" or otherwise as
determined by Management, [SUGGEST: 60] days before the termination of this
Lease, or any time following Management’s receipt of Resident’s intent to vacate
the Property. Management may from time to time enter the Property at
reasonable hours to exhibit same to prospective purchasers, existing or
prospective mortgagees, or prospective Residents and to make repairs required
of Management under the terms hereof, or to make repairs to adjoining premises,
if any.


       No termination of this Lease prior to the normal ending thereof, by lapse of
time or otherwise, shall affect Management's right to collect Base Rental,
Additional Rental and any other charges due Management by Resident.

       Resident’s termination of this Lease shall not affect Resident’s obligation
to pay the Total Rental due hereunder, unless said termination is allowed under
Section 22.


       Resident agrees that at the option of Management, this Lease is and shall
continue to remain junior and subordinate to other obligations secured by the
Property, regardless of whether said obligation is of record, and regardless of
whether said obligation exists as of the Effective Date or is created in the future
at any time. Resident waives and relinquishes any and all rights in and to the
Property and all claims against Management and/or Owner on the basis of the
superiority of this Lease to any other obligation.

       The parties stipulate that default, delinquency or breach of any obligation
secured by the Property shall not constitute waiver of Resident’s responsibilities
to pay the Total Rental. The parties further stipulate that default, delinquency or
breach of any obligation secured by the Property shall not entitle Resident to a
refund of any Rent already paid.


      This Lease shall create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between
the parties hereto; no estate shall pass out of Owner or Management. Resident
has only a usufruct, not subject to levy and sale, and not assignable by Resident
except by Management’s prior written consent.

       29.1 If any Rent owing under this Lease is collected by or through an
attorney at law, or if Management employs an attorney at law to enforce any of
the other terms or conditions of this Lease, Resident agrees to pay or reimburse
Management for all costs and expenses actually incurred by Management,
including reasonable attorneys' fees, as Additional Rental hereunder. Resident,
for himself and his family, waives all homestead rights and exemptions which he
may have under any law as against any obligation owing under this Lease.
Resident hereby assigns to Management Resident’s homestead rights and
exemptions, if any.

       29.2 Resident hereby waives any objection to jurisdiction or venue being
exercised by, or present in the courts of [NAMES OF LOCAL/STATE COURTS],
or the federal district court of the [NAME OF FEDERAL COURT DISTRICT].
Notwithstanding anything in section 31, infra, in the event Resident fails to
maintain residence or occupancy at the Property, Resident agrees that all
papers, summons, complaints, and notices may be served on the
duly appointed agent for service of process.

        29.3 Resident agrees that Management shall have the exclusive right, but
not the obligation, to require that disputes hereunder be submitted to binding
arbitration. All fees associated with submission of a dispute to binding arbitration
shall initially be borne by the filing party, and shall ultimately be paid as
determined by the findings of the arbitrator.

       29.4 If a court of competent jurisdiction finds that Management has
breached this lease, and that such breach has damaged Resident, Resident shall
be entitled to recovery of reasonable attorney’s fees from Management.


       All rights, powers and privileges conferred hereunder upon parties hereto
shall be cumulative but not restrictive to those given by law.


       All notices required by law or by this Lease shall be given by depositing
same in registered or certified U.S. Mail, postage prepaid, and addressed as

       For Management:      [YOUR ADDRESS]
                            (hereinafter called “Managements’s Address”)

       with a copy to:      [YOUR ATTORNEY’S NAME & ADDRESS]
or to such other address as Management may from time to time designate in
writing to Resident.

       For Resident:        [STREET ADDRESS OF PROPERTY]
                            (hereinafter called “Resident’s Address”)

        Resident hereby appoints as Resident's agent to receive service of all
proceedings and notices hereunder, and all notices required under this Lease,
the person in charge of Property at the time, or occupying same; and if no person
is in charge of, or occupying the Property, then such service of notice may be
made by attaching the same on the main entrance to the Property and mailed to
the Property. A copy of all notices under this Lease shall also be sent to such
other address as Resident may from time to time designate in writing to
Management. Resident expressly waives any right to personal service or the
right to challenge the existence of jurisdiction or validity of any money judgment
entered upon default which has followed service pursuant to this Section.


       Resident shall promptly vacate the Property and remove all of Resident’s
goods and property therefrom after termination of this Lease, whether such
termination occurs by lapse of time or otherwise. Any holding over or occupancy
of the Property by Resident after the expiration of this Lease without the express
written consent of the Management shall create a tenancy of sufferance and not
a tenancy at will. There shall be no renewal of this Lease by operation of law.

        If Resident remains in possession of the Property after expiration of this
Lease with Management’s express written consent but without a written
agreement governing the terms of the occupancy, Resident shall be a Resident
at will at a rental rate equal to 150% of the rental rate in effect at the end of the
Lease Term.


       Management hereby covenants and agrees to permit Resident quiet
enjoyment of possession of the Property during the Lease Term, so long as
Resident shall pay the Total Rental aforesaid and carry out all other obligations
herein made binding upon the Resident.


       34.1 “Management” as used in this Lease shall include [NAME OF YOU
OR YOUR COMPANY, its representatives, assigns and successors. “Resident”
shall include [ALL ADULTS SIGNING THIS LEASE], its representatives and
successors, and if this Lease be validly assigned or sublet, shall also include
Resident’s assignees or sublessees, as to premises covered by such assignment
or sublease. “Management”, “Resident” and “Non-Resident Guarantor” include
male and female and neuter, singular and plural, corporation, partnership or
individual, as may fit the particular parties.

        34.2 The laws of the state of [NAME OF STATE] shall govern the
validity, interpretation, performance and enforcement of this Lease.

       34.3 Except as otherwise provided herein, this Lease shall be binding
upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective
successors and assigns. The parties expressly stipulate that there are no third
party beneficiaries to this Lease. The parties further stipulate that the “Non-
Resident Guarantor” (per Section 39, infra) is not a beneficiary to this Lease.


       In all instances where Resident is required by the terms and provisions of
this Lease to pay any sum or to do any act at a particular indicated time or within
any particular period, it is understood and agreed that time is of the essence.


        In the event of the sale, assignment or transfer by Management of its
interest in the Property or in this Lease (other than a collateral assignment to
secure a debt of Management) to a successor in the interest who expressly
assumes the obligations of Management hereunder, Management shall
thereupon be released or discharged from all of its covenants and obligations
hereunder; and Resident agrees to look solely to such successor in interest of
Management for performance of such obligations. Any deposits or other security
given by Resident to Management to secure performance of Resident's
obligations hereunder may be assigned by Management to such successor in
interest of Management; and, upon acknowledgment by such successor of
receipt of such security and its express assumption of the obligation to this
Lease, Management's assignment of the Lease or of any or all of its rights herein
shall in no manner affect Resident s obligations hereunder. Resident shall
thereafter attorn and look to such assignee as Management, provided Resident
has first received written notice of such assignment of Management's interest.


       Within THIRTY (30) days after request therefor by Management or any
holder of any security instrument covering the Property, or upon any sale,
assignment or other transfer of the Property by Management, Resident shall
deliver in recordable form an estoppel certificate in form and substance
satisfactory to Management, to any proposed security instrument holder or other
transferee, or to Management, certifying those facts contained therein that are
then true with respect to this Lease and specifying with particularly any such
facts which are not then true with respect to this Lease.

38. PETS

      Resident agrees to be liable for any and all damage to the Property or to
any person caused by any pets or other animals on the Property.

       Pets are strictly prohibited in the Property unless Resident is given prior
written consent from Management. For each pet, Resident will be subject to a
non-refundable pet deposit equal to [PERCENTAGE – SUGGEST 25-50%] of
the then-current Base Rental, and monthly Additional Rental in the amount of
[PERCENTAGE] of the then-current Base Rental.

       If unauthorized pets are found on the Property, Resident must remove
said animal and must immediately pay Additional Rent in the amount of the then-
current Base Rental plus the costs of carpet cleaning, painting, repairs and any
other work made necessary by way of the presence of the pet.


       Resident acknowledges that its credit history is insufficient to enable
Management to properly assess risks associated with nonpayment or other forms
of nonperformance hereunder. In order to induce Management to enter into this
Lease with Resident, [NAME(S) OF COSIGNOR(S)] (hereinafter “Non-Resident
Guarantor”) hereby agrees that he/she/they will be jointly and severally liable, in
his/her/their personal capacity, for any breach, default, nonperformance, loss or
damages associated with this Lease which is attributable to Resident. In the
event of such breach, default, nonperformance, loss, or damages, Non-Resident
Guarantor(s) acknowledge(s) that Management may bring suit against
him/her/them individually regardless of whether it has brought suit or intends to
bring suit against Resident. Non-Resident Guarantor(s) understand(s) that
he/she/they is/are afforded no rights to the Property under this Lease and that
the provisions of this Section exist solely to secure the risk to Management that
exists due to Management’s acceptance of Resident as party to this Lease.


       40.1 This Lease contains the entire agreement of the parties hereto and
no representations, inducements, promises or agreements, oral or otherwise,
between the parties, not embodied herein unless contained in a modification in
writing executed by all of the parties hereto, shall be of any force or effect.

       40.2 This Lease may be executed in counterparts, and each counterpart,
and all counterparts together, shall constitute the original Lease.
       40.3 No waiver of any default shall be implied from Management’s
omission to take any action on account of such default if such default persists or
is repeated, and no express waiver shall affect any default other than the default
specified in the express waiver and that only for the time and to the extent therein
stated. One or more waivers by Management shall not be construed as a waiver
of subsequent breach of the same covenant, term or condition.

       40.4 Management and Resident stipulate that Resident shall at no time
record or cause to be recorded this Lease or any document referring to this
Lease or to Resident’s rights under this Lease. Resident’s recording of this
Lease or any document referring to this Lease (whether said reference is direct
or by implication) shall constitute breach of this Lease by Resident with damages
to Management equal to the Total Rental.

        40.5 The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Lease shall
not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Lease, which
shall remain in full force and effect.

       40.6 Each person executing or attesting this Lease warrants and
represents that he or she is fully authorized to do so. Each person also
stipulates that he or she has been afforded an adequate opportunity to read this
Lease and to consult with an attorney prior to executing the same, and that all
signatures are given knowingly, voluntarily, and with full awareness of the terms
contained herein. The parties also agree that this Lease has been prepared after
negotiations and, as a result, neither party may be considered the sole author
thereof, and it should not be construed in favor or against either party by a court
of competent jurisdiction.

       40.7   All references to monetary sums are expressed in U.S. Dollars.

        40.8 Resident agrees not to place or use on the Property, or allow to be
placed or used on the Property, water beds, kerosene/space heaters, or any
other item that represents obvious risk of fire or other hazard.

      40.9 Resident is entitled to a maximum of [MAXIMUM NUMBER OF
VEHICLES ON PROPERTY] vehicles to be parked on or around the Property.
Non-operating vehicles may not be placed on or around the Property.
Management shall have the right to remove unauthorized vehicles at Resident’s
expense for disposal at Management’s discretion and Resident hereby waives
and relinquishes any and all claims against Management for said removal and

       40.10 Resident shall not deposit any non-liquid substance in any sink.
Resident shall not deposit anything other than human waste and toilet tissue in
any commode. If the Property has a septic tank, Resident must regularly use
septic tank treatment chemicals.
      40.11 Resident acknowledges receipt of the EPA booklet “Protect Your
Family From Lead In The Home”. Management discloses to Resident that the
improvements on Property were constructed in approximately the year [YEAR

       40.12 A complete list of current damage to the Property is attached as
Exhibit “B”. The parties stipulate that Exhibit “B” contains an exhaustive listing of
all damage to the Property as of the Date of Possession.


       This LEASE is subject to Management’s approval of the Resident within
ten (10) business days. Management’s failure or refusal to approve Resident
shall not constitute breach of this Lease by Management. If Management
refuses to approve Resident, Management shall return all monies paid hereunder
by Resident to Management within ten (10) business days. Resident is aware
that Management’s approval of Resident is based in part on Resident’s credit
worthiness, and Management’s approval of Resident is not on a first-come basis.

       IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties herein have hereunto set their
hands and seals the day and year first above written, and they acknowledge
receipt of a fully executed complete original copy of this LEASE and all exhibits
referenced herein.

                             (signatures on next page)
Signed, sealed and delivered
in the presence of                 TENANT:

______________________ ______      __________________ (L.S.)
Witness                                  TENANT

SSN: ________________________________________________

Notary Public



Signed, sealed and delivered
in the presence of                 TENANT:

______________________ ______      __________________ (L.S.)
Witness                            TENANT

SSN: ________________________________________________

Notary Public



Signed, sealed and delivered
in the presence of                 LANDLORD:

______________________ ______      __________________ (L.S.)
Witness                            LANDLORD

Notary Public


                       EXHIBIT “A”

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