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  Castle Rock School District #401

Castle Rock High School
       5180 West Side Highway
        Castle Rock, WA 98611
Castle Rock School District             Castle Rock High School                                   Page 1

On behalf of Castle Rock High School staff, we would like to welcome you to the 2008-2009 school
year! Our goal is to ensure that you are college or career ready when you leave us. We strongly
encourage you to pursue excellence in your academic studies, become actively involved in
co-curricular programs and treat everyone at Castle Rock High School with respect and kindness.

                              Introduction to Student Handbook
This Student Handbook is used to support conduct and discipline at Castle Rock High School. Each
student must obey school and district rules while on school grounds; while being transported to or
from school and during school-sponsored events, field trips, athletic functions, and any other school
district sponsored activities. During such times, all students are subject to the immediate control and
direction of teachers, staff members, or bus drivers to whom such responsibility has been assigned.

                                          CRHS Staff
Administrative Team
Jenny Risner                              Principal
Tom Byrne                                 Associate Principal
Ron Rodgers                               Assistant Principal/Vocational Director
Amy Montgomery                            Academic Guidance & ASB Coordinator
Neil Williamson                           Health Coordinator/Athletic Director
Don Fias                                  District Technology Director
Dianne Swanson                            Drug and Alcohol Prevention/Intervention Specialist
Secretarial Team
Jackie Stone                              Office Manager
Teresa Stagner                            Office Secretary
Lori Varkevisser                          ASB Bookkeeper
Joeleen Black                             Registrar
Teaching Staff
Ryan Allstot                              Global Studies/Civics & AP US History           Room 117
Julia Anderson                            Vocational/Agricultural                         Room 118
Jennifer Bybee                            Algebra                                         Room 106
Pam Chilton                               Health                                          Room 108
Beth Coleman                              Spanish                                         Room 124
Kathy Dunaway                             Special Education                               Room 127
Jack Wardlow                              Science                                         Room 107
Jacqueline Hergert                        Business Education                              Room 102
Wayne Heuett                              Calcul8s/Geometry                               Room 104
Clarance Knutson                          English/Choir                                   Room 116
Don Misner                                Fitness                                         Gym
Devon Morehead                            English/Drama                                   Room 128
Phil Newburn                              Strength Fitness/Media                          Weight Room
Jim Oliver                                Contemporary World Problems                     Room 123
Kimberly Palmer                           Art/Leadership                                  Room 120
Ryan Penner                               Biology                                         Room 109
Kirk Reinbold                             Vocational/Agricultural                         Room 118
Jaymie Roberson                           English                                         Room 125
Castle Rock School District          Castle Rock High School                        Page 2

CRHS Staff, cont.

Carl Stello                           Chemistry/Physics/Anatomy             Room 110
Sue Strickland                        English                               Room 112
Jim VanFleet                          Geometry/Segmented/Math Coach         Room 103
John Veltkamp                         Band                                  Little Theater
Art Walsh                             Algebra II/Pre-Calculus               Room 129
Scott Wiard                           Business Education                    Room 102
Support Staff Paraprofessionals
Kim Faul                              Paraprofessional
Patti Garcia                          Paraprofessional
Kim Karnofski                         Paraprofessional
Kristy King                           Paraprofessional
Lisa Neves                            Paraprofessional
Linda Solberg                         Paraprofessional
Margaret Stello                       Paraprofessional
Building and District Maintenance Staff and Custodial Team
Greg Misialek                         Tammy Davis
Chad Perdue                           Virginia Ferguson
Russ Stagner                          Eva Twitchell
Gary Stroh
Mary Swift
School Lunch & Breakfast Staff
Pam LeMonds
Lisa Reed
Lynette Belcher
Quick References
Academic Assistance                   Academic Guidance                501-2979
Athletics/Activities Information      ASB Secretary                    501-2985
ASB Card Information                  ASB Secretary                    501-2985
Athletic Eligibility Forms            ASB Secretary                    501-2985
Attendance Problems/Verification      Front Office Secretary           501-2984
Career and Vocational Information     Vocational Director              501-2996
Check-In & Appointment Scheduling     Front Office Secretary           501-2984
Credit Recovery/Credit Checks         Academic Guidance                501-2979
Discipline                            Associate/Assistant Principals
                                              Grades 9 & 10            501-2982
                                              Grades 11 & 12           501-2996
Fees, Fines, Yearbooks                ASB Secretary                    501-2985
Health Related Issues                 Health Coordinator               501-2994
Lunch Accounts                        Front Office Secretary           501-2984
Parent Access                         Media Center Assistant           501-2964
Records, Transcripts, Report Cards    Registrar                        501-2968
Running Start                         Academic Guidance                501-2979
Student Schedules                     Registrar                        501-2968
School Calendar                       Front Office Secretary           501-2984
WASL Information                      Academic Guidance                501-2979
Castle Rock School District        Castle Rock High School                             Page 3

                               Annual Notifications
See the annual notices to families beginning on page 32 of this handbook.

                               Student Government
ASB Officers
President                            Mikey Doss Williamson
Vice-President                       Brenna Smith
Secretary                            Kayla Schelct
Treasurer                            Robert Chick
Activities Directors                 Nona Southard, Chelsea Mitchell & Mikinzi Fudge
Senior Class
President                            Kat Byrum
Vice President                       Amelia Manring
Junior Class
President                            Jessica Faul
Vice President                       Dara Rule
Secretary/Treasurer                  Tanner Paget
Sophomore Class
President                            Kaylee Fowler
Vice President                       Ashley Ashby
Secretary                            Hannah LeMonds
Treasurer                            Jessica Hainline
Freshman Class
President                            Bailey Mitchell
Vice-President                       Maddie Klingberg
Secretary                            Whitney Boothe

                                 Activities & Clubs
Bowling Club
Chess Club
Drama                                Devin Morehead
Equestrian Club                      Jaymie Roberson
FBLA                                 Jackie Hergert & Scott Wiard
FFA                                  Julia Anderson & Kirk Reinbold
Honor Society
International Club                   Beth Coleman
Knowledge Bowl                       Beth Coleman
Link Crew                            Jaymie Roberson and Jennifer Bybee
Photography Club                     Sue Strickland
Science Club                         Ryan Penner
Weightlifting Club
Castle Rock School District        Castle Rock High School                      Page 4

Cross Country                       Jim Oliver
Football                            Art Walsh
Volleyball                          Jeana Bayes
Girls Soccer                        Rick Schlect
Boys Basketball                     Kevin Johnson
Girls Basketball                    Scott Spencer
Wrestling                           Joe Godinho
Baseball                            Jason Mackey
Boys Soccer                         Darren Daniels
Softball                            Jim VanFleet
Girls Tennis
Track                               Scott Spencer

                                   Important Dates
Freshman Orientation                August 28
First Day of School                 September 2
Homecoming Week                     October 20-24
Homecoming Dance                    October 25
Fall Conferences                    September 29-October 10
No School-Veterans’ Day             November 11
No School-Thanksgiving Holiday      November 27 &28
No School-Winter Break              December 22-January 2
No School-Martin Luther King Day    January 19
Winter Conferences                  February 17-27
WASL Testing                        March 16-19, April 13 & 14, April 20 & 21
Spring Break                        March 30-April 3
AP Testing                          May 6-8 & May 13
Student-Led Conferences             May 4-15
No School-Memorial Day              May 25
Baccalaureate                       May 31
Evening of Excellence               June 2
Senior Night                        June 4
Graduation                          June 5
Last Day of School                  June 12
Castle Rock School District             Castle Rock High School                                    Page 5

                                       Class/Club Fees
 Class/Club/Sport                                                                                   Fee
 All Ag classes including 8th grade & Welding                                                      $15
 Annual                                                                                        $50/$60
 AP Testing                                                                                        $76
 All Art Classes                                                                                   $15
 Computer Club                                                                                      $5
 Drama                                                                                              $5
 FBLA                                                                                              $17
 FFA                                                                                               $20
 Honor Society                                                                                      $5
 International Club                                                                                 $2
 Knowledge Bowl                                                                                    $15
 Participation Fee per Sport                                                                       $35
 Science Lab Fee                                                                                   $15
 Spanish Class                                                                                   $3.50
 Trap Club                                                                                         $20


Student Rights
Students attending Castle Rock High School have the right to a free and appropriate education, which
includes the right to equal educational opportunities without regard to race, national origin, sex,
handicap, or marital status.
Along with constitutional rights, students have a responsibility to follow the rules and regulations,
and obey directions that are required to maintain a suitable learning environment. Students do not
have the right to disrupt the school’s work.
Freedom of Speech: Students have the right to freedom of speech and may express their personal
opinions. That freedom does not allow personal attacks, swearing, threats of violence or interference
with other people’s rights to express themselves.
Right to Assemble: Students have the right to assemble peaceably. Any such gathering that
interferes with the operation of the school or classroom is inappropriate and prohibited.
Right to Petition: Students have the right to petition appropriate school authorities when they feel
that they have been treated unfairly.
Freedom of the Press: Students have the right to freedom of the press and may express their personal
opinions in writing. They must take full responsibility for the content of their publications by identifying
themselves as authors or editors of the publication. They are not allowed to make personal attacks or
publish libelous or obscene material.
Freedom From Unreasonable Search and Seizure: Students have the right to freedom from
unreasonable search and seizure while at school. For the protection of all, however, the following
rules apply:
          General searches of school property, including lockers and desks, may be conducted without
          prior notice.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                    Page 6

          Items such as firearms, other weapons, firecrackers, or anything else that might reasonably be
          a threat to safety or security, or disruptive to the educational process may be seized and
          removed from a student’s possession.
          In general, searches of students’ persons or property may be conducted on reasonable
          suspicion that contraband or other evidence of misconduct is present, so long as the methods
          used are reasonably related to the objects of the search and the search is not excessively
          intrusive in light of the age and sex of the student, the nature of the suspected infraction and
          the information upon which the search is based.
Equal Educational Opportunity: Students have the right to equal educational opportunity. They
shall not be unlawfully discriminated against because of national origin, race, religion, economic
status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, marital status, previous arrest, previous
incarceration, or physical, mental or sensory handicap.
Freedom of Religion: Students have the right to freedom of religion. Students are free from being
controlled or influenced by any particular religious point of view while they are participating in any
school district conducted or sponsored activity, or while they are otherwise subject to school district
supervision and control.
Student Responsibilities
          Make a determined effort to learn
          Attend all classes everyday, on time, ready to work and with the necessary learning materials,
          books, pencils, etc.
          Respect the rights of other people
          Refrain from expressing personal prejudices against any individual or group
          Follow the instructions of teachers and other school staff
          Know and obey the school rules
          Accept reasonable corrective action for breaking the school rules
          Identify him or herself if asked to by school staff
          Dress appropriately for school in ways that will not cause safety or health problems or disruptions.
          Respect the property of other people and of the school. Students will be required to make
          restitution for property they have damaged.
Administrators and teachers have rights and duties. They are required by law to maintain a suitable
and safe environment for learning. Their rights and responsibilities are more clearly defined under
statute (RCW’s) and district policy.
Due Process
Students will be expected to follow the laws of the state and rules of the District. Students at school and
students at school-sponsored, off-campus events shall be governed by School District rules and regulations
and are subject to the authority of the School District officials. Students suspended or expelled from any
high school will be denied attendance at Castle Rock High School for the period of suspension or expulsion.
Constitutionally and legally sound procedures of due process as outlined below will be followed in
the administration of discipline.
     1. Every effort shall be made by administrators and faculty members to resolve problems
        through effective utilization of school district resources in cooperation with the student and
        his/her parent(s) and/or guardian(s).
     2. In cases of the application of disciplinary action or recommended short-term suspensions
        (defined as a suspension up to and not exceeding ten (10) consecutive school days) that exceed
        one school day, the student and parent(s) and/or guardian(s) shall be notified of the suspension.
Castle Rock School District                  Castle Rock High School                                    Page 7

     3. If the student and parent(s) and/or guardian(s) desire, they may request an informal
        conference concerning the discipline with the building principal or his designee. Should
        further grievance beyond the building level be desired by the student or his/her parent(s)
        and/or guardian(s), the following procedure will be carried out:
                     The District Superintendent must be contacted within two (2) school business days
                     for the purpose of presenting a written and/or oral grievance.
                     If the grievance is not resolved, the parent and student, upon prior notice of 2 school
                     business days, shall have the right to present a written grievance to the Board of
                     Directors at a meeting held within 30 days. A closed meeting may be held for the
                     purpose of considering the grievance. The board shall notify the parent and student of
                     its response to the grievance within 10 school business days after the date when the
                     grievance was presented.
                     During this process the short term suspension or discipline shall remain in effect (i.e.
                     the student will remain out of school).
     4. In cases where long-term suspension (a suspension which exceeds a short-term suspension)
        or expulsion (indefinite time period) is recommended, a written notice shall be delivered to
        the student and his/her parent(s) and/or guardian(s). The notice shall specify the charges,
        recommended sanctions to be imposed, and set forth the student's right to a hearing.
     5. Students given a long-term suspension for disciplinary infractions which have been
        ascertained to have been related to drug/alcohol use may have the suspension reviewed at any
        time following the tenth day of the suspension if the student can provide evidence of having
        completed an assessment by a state certified drug/alcohol agency which meets the Castle
        Rock School District’s criteria for assessment, and evidence of having taken steps to follow
        the recommendations based on the assessment, and if the student has developed a plan with
        the assistance of a high school official. After the review, the student may be readmitted on a
        probationary basis for the balance of the suspension period or the student's educational
        opportunities may be continued in some other appropriate way.
     6. If the student and parent(s) and/or guardian(s) desire a formal hearing, they shall reply in
        writing to the notice within three (3) school business days of receipt of suspension notice. If
        such reply is not made within the three-day period, the pupil and parent(s) and/or guardian(s)
        shall be deemed to have waived this right to a hearing and the long-term suspension or
        expulsion may be imposed. If an appeal is filed from a long-term suspension or expulsion
        action, the student shall remain in school until the hearing officer issues a decision.
     7. In cases where emergency expulsion is applied (immediate removal from a school setting);
        the pupil and parent(s) and/or guardian(s) will be notified as soon as possible by telephone or
        in person and in writing.
     8. In the event of an emergency expulsion, a certified letter will be mailed within 24 hours of
        the expulsion. The letter will explain the reasons for the expulsion and set forth-corrective
        action (emergency expulsion). The parent(s) and/or guardian(s) and/or student have the right
        to request a hearing on or before the tenth school business day after receipt of the letter.
        The student shall remain out of school during the appeal process unless the emergency
        expulsion action is either rescinded or modified by the hearing officer.
     9. If a hearing is requested by the student, the following procedural guidelines will govern
        the hearing:
                        Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) shall be present at the hearing.
                        The student, parent(s) and/or guardian(s) may be represented by counsel.
                        The student shall be permitted to inspect twenty-four (24) hours in advance of
                        such hearing, any affidavits or exhibits that school authorities intend to submit
                        at the hearing.
Castle Rock School District                    Castle Rock High School                                      Page 8

                        The District has the same opportunity to inspect affidavits or exhibits students
                        intend to submit at hearings at least twenty-four (24) hours before the hearing.
                        The student shall have the opportunity to present his/her version as to the charges
                        and make such showing by way of affidavits, exhibits, and such witnesses as
                        desired, as well as the opportunity to question witnesses. No right to directly
                        question or confront a witness exists, however, if a school District witness does not
                        appear and the nonappearance is excused by the hearing officer for good cause. To
                        show good cause, the District must either show that it made a reasonable effort to
                        have the witness appear to testify but it was unable to produce the witness at the
                        hearing or that it is not advisable for the witness to appear based on an expectation
                        and fear by responsible District official(s) or the student witness of retaliation.
                        Either a tape-recorded or verbatim record shall be made of the hearing.
                        The hearing officer shall state in writing, his findings as to the facts, his conclusions,
                        and the disposition to be made, and if any, by way of disciplinary action.
                        The student and his/her parent(s) and/or guardian(s) shall be made aware of their
                        right to appeal the decision of the hearing officer within three (3) school business
                        days to the School Board. If the hearing officer upholds a long-term suspension or
                        expulsion, and no appeal is filed within the three-day period, the long-term
                        suspension or expulsion may be imposed. If the hearing officer upholds an
                        emergency expulsion, the student shall remain out of school during the appeal
                        process. The board will schedule and hold a hearing within fifteen (15) school days
                        after receipt of the appeal.
                        The student and his/her parent(s) and/or guardian(s) may appeal the decision of the
                        School Board to the Superior Court within thirty (30) days of the Board's decision.
                        Any student who has been placed on long-term suspension or on expulsion may
                        make a written application to the principal, who shall recommend admission or
                        non-admission. If a student wishes admission to another school, he/she shall
                        submit the written application to the superintendent. The application shall include:
                        A. Reasons the student wants to return and why the request should be considered;
                        B. Evidence which supports the request; and
                        C. A supporting statement from the parent or others who may have assisted the student.
                        The superintendent shall, in writing, advise the parent and student of the decision
                        within seven (7) school days of the receipt of such application.

                              CRHS GENERAL INFORMATION

ASB Cards
Most student activities are financed by the Associated Student Body fund. The greatest single source
of revenue for this is the sale of Associated Student Body Cards. Students can save money in many
ways with an ASB card. It provides free admittance to all regular season athletic events and the
students can also participate in countless other events at a discount. All students participating in an
activity sanctioned by the Associated Student Body must purchase an ASB card to be eligible to
participate in those activities
Students are expected to adhere to the policies and conditions of the Athletic Code as well as the rules
established by the coach.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                   Page 9

All students involved in representing our schools in sports or activities must purchase an ASB card.
The established ASB card for the high school student athlete is $25.00 per sport season.
Attendance Policy
Students are expected to attend all assigned classes each day. Absences shall be classified as excused
or unexcused.
Excused Absences (School Day and Individual Class)
Absence from school will be excused for:
          Participation in an alternative school-approved activity such as participating in sporting and
          academic events or Running Start
          Emergency family matter (at principal’s discretion)
          Death in the family
          Dental and medical appointment when appointment at another time is not possible (must be
          accompanied by a note from the doctor/dentist confirming date and time)
          Court appearance
          An absence that requires an extended amount of time, such as travel out of the city or
          religious observances, when arrangements have been made in advance by completing the
          “prearranged absence” form. (Prearranged family trips may be excused at the discretion of
          the principal.) Students must be passing all subjects, have fewer than six absences and no
          unexcused absences.
          Absence resulting from disciplinary actions or short-term suspension: As required by law,
          students who are removed from a class or classes as a disciplinary measure or students who
          have been placed on short-term suspension shall have the right to make up assignments or
          exams missed during the time they are denied entry to the classroom if the effect of the
          missed assignments shall be a substantial lowering of the course grade.
          Excused absences must be verified by a telephone call or a note from the parents within 2
          days of the students return. Please call the office at 501-2930 before 9 a.m. if your student is
          going to be absent. For prearranged absences, teachers of classes from which the student will
          be absent must be contacted for appropriate assignments within a reasonable time prior to the
          absence. This is taken care of by the student bringing a note to the office prior to the absence
          and then taking a prearranged absence slip around to all of his/her teachers to gather
          assignments. All absences which can reasonably be foreseen are to be approved by the use of
          the prearranged absence form from the office.
Absences from school for any reason other than the above will not be excused by the school unless
cleared in advance.
Unexcused Absences (School Day and Individual Class)
Unexcused absences fall into two categories: submitting a signed excuse which does not constitute an
excused absence as defined previously, or failing to submit any type of excuse statement signed by
the parent or guardian. This type of absence is also defined as truancy. Absence is defined as non-
attendance for a majority (three periods or more) of a school day.
     1. Each unexcused absence shall be followed by a warning letter or telephone call to the
        student’s parent.
     2. After two (2) unexcused absences within any month, a conference shall be held between the
        parent, student and principal/designee. At the conference, all parties shall consider: adjusting
        the student’s program, providing more individualized instruction, preparing the student for
        employment with specific vocational experience, transferring the student to another school,
Castle Rock School District                 Castle Rock High School                                   Page 10

          assisting the student to obtain supplementary services that might eliminate the causes of
          absence, or imposing other corrective actions that are deemed to be appropriate.
     3. Not later than the student’s fifth (5th) unexcused absence in a month, the district shall enter into
        an agreement with the student and parents that establishes school attendance requirements, or
        file a petition and affidavit with the juvenile court alleging a violation of RCW 28A.225.010.
        Additional types of remediation such as peer counseling and/or school discipline may
        be attempted.
     4. No later than the seventh (7th) unexcused absence within any month or upon the tenth (10th)
        unexcused absence during the current school year, the district shall file a petition and
        affidavit with the juvenile court alleging a violation of RCW 28A.225.010 by the parent,
        student, or parent and student. The petition consists of written notification to the court
        alleging that:
                     The student has at least five (5) or more unexcused absences within any month
                     during the current school year or ten (10) or more unexcused absences in the current
                     school year;
                     Actions taken by the school district have not been successful in substantially
                     reducing the student’s absences from school; and
                     Court intervention and supervision are necessary to assist the school district to reduce
                     the student’s absences from school.
                     Additionally, the petition shall include the student’s name, age, school and residence,
                     and the names and residences of the student’s parent(s).
Tardiness and Individual Class Absences
Unless properly excused, students are required to be in class each assigned class period and on time.
Consequences for tardiness are progressive, beginning at the level of the classroom teacher. A tardy
becomes an absence if the student arrives more than ten (10) minutes late per instructional hour. When
a student’s tardiness becomes frequent or disruptive, the student shall be referred to administration. If
guidance counseling, parent conferencing, or disciplinary action is ineffective in changing the student’s
attendance behavior, he/she may be assigned to in-house suspension or receive a modified schedule.
Partial Day Absences
Students who must leave the school during the school day must be properly checked out through the
Attendance Office prior to leaving school. Leaving school grounds without prior approval and
without properly signing out will be cause for disciplinary action.
Class Absence Limit Before the Loss of Credit
     1. In any semester, when a student accumulates the equivalent loss of eleven (11) instructional
        hours in a class, excluding absences for religious observances, the student and parent/ guardian
        will be notified that there has been a loss of credit. The student will remain in class during this
        time to allow for continued learning and the right to an appeal. School-approved activities and
        discipline suspensions which require a student to miss class do not count as one of these eleven
        absences. Pre-arranged and all other absences, excused and unexcused, are included. If these
        eleven absences have been caused by long-term extenuating circumstances or an extended
        chronic health condition, the parent should directly contact the appropriate administrator.
     2. Students have the right to appeal loss of credit. Each appellant must appear before the
        Attendance Appeals Committee to account for his/her absences, and appeal for reinstatement
        of credit. The Attendance Appeals Committee will thoughtfully consider the appropriateness
        and circumstances of each absence. The committee will notify the student of its decision
        within three (3) days of the hearing. Committee decisions will not be reconsidered.
        Acceptable absences are those defined in district policy as excused.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                     Page 11

The Attendance Appeals Committee shall be composed of the following members: two (2) students,
one (1) parent, two (2) teachers and one (1) administrator each serving one year terms.
If credit is denied, a “N.C.” grade will be assigned if the student comes to class and is productive.
An “F” grade will be assigned if the student does not come to class and act in a productive manner.
A “N.C.” grade will not be factored into a student G.P.A., whereas an “F” grade will be included.
Upon a teacher or student request, the student may be removed from class due to disruptive or
nonproductive conduct. The student will then be assigned to in-house suspension or receive a
modified schedule.
Make-up Work
If an absence is excused, school related, or the result of a suspension, the student shall be permitted to
make up missed assignments outside of class and earn credit under reasonable conditions and time
limits established by the teacher.
Teachers are not required to give credit for make-up work for an unexcused absence. Teachers must,
however, provide make-up work upon request if, in the teacher’s opinion, that work is crucial for
future learning.
Parents/students may appeal the assignment of an excused/unexcused absence to the Attendance
Appeals Committee. The appeal must either be based upon process or to ask consideration based
upon special need or circumstance.
Special Notes
          Unless an absence is prearranged beforehand, students must be in attendance for one-half of
          the day to be allowed to attend or participate in any extra/co-curricular event.
          Parents are encouraged to call the school by 9:00 a.m. if a student cannot attend.
          References: RCW 13.34.300, RCW 28Z.225, WAC 180-40; Board Policy 3121 and
          Procedure 3121P
Bicycles at school are to be parked and locked in the front or other designated areas. The school
assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of bicycles. Once students have arrived at school on a
bike, they may not ride it during the school day. Violations of this rule may result in discipline from
short-term to long-term suspension, emergency expulsion, or expulsion.
Class Change Policy
Students are expected to select their classes in a serious and responsible manner and great effort goes into
this process. Schedule change requests will not be allowed after the semester begins unless and error in
course placement has been made. In extraordinary circumstances a late request may be made in writing to
the principal.
Flag Salute
All students are encouraged to participate in saluting the flag and/or the Pledge of Allegiance.
Hazardous Weather Procedures
Bus service may be limited during hazardous weather. If it is necessary to close school early or cancel
school due to inclement weather or an unforeseen emergency, announcements will be made on:
Radio stations: KEDO–1500 AM; KLOG–1490 AM; KBAM–1270 AM; KZOE–90.3 FM; KRQT –
107.1 FM; KLYK–105.5 FM; KUKN–94.5 FM; KELA–103 FM; KXXO–96 FM; KEX–1190 FM;
Castle Rock School District                Castle Rock High School                                    Page 12

Television Stations: KLTV Channels 11 and 44 Longview; KATU Channel 2 Portland; KOIN
Channel 6 Portland; KGW Channel 8 Portland.
In order to protect children against a number of childhood diseases, Washington Law (RCW
28A.210.060) requires that all children admitted to public and nonpublic schools be immunized
against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, rubella, mumps, and Hepatitis B, as appropriate.
Students may be excluded if they do not meet the requirements of this law. See Board Policy 3413.
Interview by Law Enforcement
Law enforcement authorities may interview a student at the school with permission of building
administration. Representatives of the Department of Social and Health Services, upon receiving
reports of abuse or neglect, shall be allowed to interview students on school premises with permission
of the building administration. School representative(s) will be present for the interview.
Medication Administration at School
All medications are to be brought to the office for dispensing. Medication is defined as all drugs,
whether prescription or over the counter. Under state guidelines, students must have on file a
Medication Authorization Form signed by the parent/guardian and physician, before the school can
administer any medication.
Please Note: Aspirin, Tylenol and other over the counter medications must have a medical
authorization form signed by the parent.
Nurse–Health Care
(Health Services) A nurse is assigned to Castle Rock Schools. If you are not feeling well or are
injured, the office or your present teacher should be notified at the earliest opportunity. When you are
ill, do not leave the school grounds until permission has been given by the main office.
Parent Access
Parent Access is available to all parents so they may view their student’s grades online. Please
contact the Media Center to access your parent password.
Report Cards
Report cards are sent home at the end of each quarter of the school year (9 weeks). They are mailed at the
end of the semester (18 weeks). A quarter grade is not transcripted; only the semester grade is transcripted.
Grades and what they mean:
A      Certification of superior performance, extraordinary class preparation and application of
       subject matter. It indicates a very high degree of initiative and originality. Four grade points.
B         Certification of high performance with better than average preparation. It indicates that the
          student can work successfully and independently of others. Three grade points.
C         Certification of average performance with average class preparation. It indicates that the
          student has a concept of material covered and with some suggestion can apply basic
          principles of the course. Two grade points.
D         Certification minimum performance. It indicates the student cannot apply general principles of
          the course without constant assistance, or will not provide work to verify such. One grade point.
F         Certification that the student has not completed work sufficiently in this subject. No grade point.
I         Incomplete: The grade may be made up or completed within two weeks. No grade point until
          completed. Automatically reverts to F if course requirements not completed.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                     Page 13

P         Indicates credit earned for course work, but does not count in cumulative grade point
          average. The student is putting forth a good effort, but shouldn't be compared to other
          students or pre-established standards for grading purposes. No grade points. In certain
          courses, only a pass/fail grade is given.
The following number values are used to determine the grade point average:
A           =        4.0         95-100%                             C         =      2.0           73-76%
A–          =        3.7         90-94                               C–        =      1.7           70-72
B+          =        3.3         87-89                               D+        =      1.3           65-69
B           =        3.0         83-86                               D         =      1.0           60-64
B–          =        2.7         80-82                               F         =      .0            0-59%
C+          =        2.3         77-79
School Hours
Students are to leave grounds after school hours, unless they are receiving instruction, are serving
detention, are working or involved I school activities. Students may not be in the building unsupervised.
Search and Seizure
School authorities may seize any contraband substance or object, the possession of which is illegal, or any
material or object that violates a school rule or poses a hazard to the safety and good order of the school.
Any student, who refuses a reasonable search by school authorities as defined as follows, will be
subject to disciplinary action and/or suspension or expulsion. School authorities may detain the
student pending notification and arrival of the student’s parent(s) and/or guardian(s) and/or law
officials as appropriate.
     1. Authority to Conduct a Search (RCW 28A.600.210)
          The law allows school authorities to search students, their lockers, their motor vehicles and
          personal property when they have reasonable suspicion that a particular student is in
          possession of something prohibited by school rules or by law.
     2. General Inspections
          School authorities may make general inspections of lockers or desks for purposes including,
          but not limited to, safety, cleanliness, retrieval of school material, and maintenance. Such
          general inspections shall not include searching personal items stored in lockers or desks such
          as clothing, bags or purses, unless reasonable particularized suspicion exists.
     3. Locker/Desk/Storage Area Inspections
          All lockers and other storage areas provided for student use on school premises remain the
          property of the school district and are subject to inspection, access for maintenance, and
          search. No student shall lock or otherwise impede access to any locker or storage area except
          with a lock provided by or approved by school authorities. Unapproved locks shall be
          removed and destroyed.
     4. Personal Searches
          A student’s person and/or personal effects (e.g., purse, book bag, etc.) may be searched when
          a school authority has reasonable suspicion to believe that the student is in possession of
          illegal, unauthorized or contraband items. Breathalyzer or Alco Strips may be used when the
          administration has a reasonable suspicion a student is under the influence of an illegal or
          prohibited substance.
     5. Motor Vehicle Searches
          Motor vehicles, driven by students and parked on or near school property during regular school
          hours or during school activities, are subject to search when school officials have reasonable
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Signs, Bulletin Boards, Etc.
The distribution of information, placement of materials on bulletin boards, or the placement of signs
throughout the building must have prior administrative approval. Please see Student and Parent
Rights and Responsibilities.
Student Property
Students should not bring any items of value to school. Castle Rock School District assumes no
responsibility for loss or damage to students’ personal property. Any item(s) that create a disruption
to the educational process may be confiscated. Articles of value for class display should be locked in
a teacher’s cabinet or checked in at the office.
Transfers and Releases
Any student wishing to attend school in another school district must obtain a release from the School
District Superintendent or his/her designee. Students wishing to transfer from another school district
must obtain permission from the Superintendent or designee of his or her residential school district.
Vehicle Rules
          After arriving at school, a student shall remain on the school grounds unless given permission
          to leave the grounds as provided in these rules. At the close of the school day, the student
          shall leave the school grounds promptly unless under the supervision of a staff member.
          The student shall park a car driven to school in the area designated for student parking.
          Each student who parks a vehicle on a school campus is presumed to know what is contained
          in the vehicle and will be held accountable for any weapons, drugs, or contraband which may
          be found in the vehicle.
          No student shall loiter in or around the parking area or areas.
          Adjacent streets and highway are considered an extension of school parking lot and campus,
          and are therefore subject to search and seizure.
          Students shall not occupy cars during class hours, between classes, or before or after school
          except as they arrive and leave for the school day and travel to and from approved programs
          at other locations.
          Students must follow the school policies on driving and parking. Violation of the school
          parking/driving policies or Student Conduct policies may result in loss of privileges,
          suspension, or expulsion from school.
          Student vehicles driven to school must be registered with the school office.
          Unsafe and/or hazardous driving will be dealt with as a discipline issue.
All visitors at Castle Rock High School during the school day, whether student or adult, must report
to the school office. Visitors not on approved business are not permitted to loiter on school property.
Students from other schools are not permitted to visit Castle Rock High School classes.
Withdrawal from School
A student withdrawing from school must bring written permission from his/her parent(s) or
guardian(s) and/or student services office. All fees and fines must be paid before a transcript will be
given. This request is to be presented to the counseling or student services office. The student will
then be given a withdrawal slip that will be used in checking out. The withdrawal slip is to be brought
back to the counseling office to be forwarded with student records to the school where the student
enrolls following withdrawal from Castle Rock High School.
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                            Castle Rock High School
                Progressive Discipline Procedures and Definitions

The goal of the school system is to provide a learning experience that allows all students to develop skills,
competencies and attitudes that are fundamental to achievement as a responsible, contributing citizen. In order
to achieve that goal, it is the responsibility of each student to study, comply with the written rules and submit
to reasonable corrective action imposed for violating the rules. The purpose of the progressive discipline
policy is for remediation and improvement of student behavior and for the protection of all students.
All forms of corrective action or punishment other than suspension and expulsion, and shall include the
exclusion of a student from a class or activity by a teacher or administrator for a period of time not exceeding
the balance of the immediate class, subject, or activity period. The student shall be under the supervision of a
school district employee for the remainder of such period and may be placed in a semi-private, alternative
space that can be observed by staff. Discipline shall also include the exclusion of a student from any other
activity conducted by or in behalf of the District, such as athletics or other non-credit programs.
A denial of attendance (other than for the balance of the immediate class, subject or activity period
for discipline purposes) at any single subject or class, or full schedule of classes or subjects, or at any
other type of activity conducted by or in behalf of the school district and any combination of the
foregoing for a stated period of time. The building administrator may elect to suspend a student “in
school.” In such cases, the student shall be placed in a semi-private, alternative space that can be
observed by staff. Suspension also may include a denial of admission to or entry upon real and
personal property that is owned, leased, rented, or controlled by the school district.
Short-term Suspension
A suspension for any portion of a school day up to and not exceeding ten (10) consecutive school
days. Students will have the opportunity to complete work missed while suspended.
Long-term Suspension
A suspension, which exceeds a short-term suspension as defined above. Students will have the
opportunity to complete work missed during the appeal process.
A denial of attendance at any single subject or class or at any full schedule of subjects or classes for
an indefinite period of time. An expulsion also may include a denial of admission to or entry upon
real and personal property that is owned, leased, rented, or controlled by the school district.
Emergency Expulsion
An immediate expulsion (see above) of a student when the superintendent or his designee believes that the
student's presence poses an immediate and continuing danger to the student, other students, or school
personnel, or an immediate and continuing threat of substantial disruption of the educational process.
Exceptional Misconduct
Misconduct other than absenteeism which a school district had judged to be so serious in nature
and/or so serious in terms of the disruptive effect upon the operation of the schools as to warrant an
immediate resort to short-term or long-term suspension (for example, misconduct judged by a school
district to be the same or the same nature as a violation of the state's drug or controlled substances
laws or extortion). In this handbook, any discipline offense marked with an asterisk (*) has been
determined to be an exceptional misconduct offense by the District and its Ad Hoc Citizens’
committee pursuant to WAC 180-40-245(2) and 265(2).
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In School Suspension (ISS)
Students are placed in a supervised environment away from other students to work on their
assignments for from one period to the duration of the day.
Reflection Center
Students are placed in a supervised environment away from other students to work on their
assignments from one period up to the duration of the day(s).

                Progressive Discipline Procedures and Definitions
                  Repeated offenses can result in long-term suspension or expulsion

* Indicates Exceptional Misconduct

Offense                                       Definition                            Discipline
Controlled Substances

Possession, use or distribution     A student shall not possess, use,     1st
of controlled substance (drugs)     transmit, be under the influence            Emergency expulsion
and/or alcohol*                     of or show evidence of having               (pending an intervention
                                    used any alcoholic beverage or              plan presented to the
                                    other illegal drugs or substances.          school board, inclusive of
                                                                                random testing,
                                                                                assessment, and
                                                                                appropriate treatment).
                                                                                School Board will
                                                                                determine length of
                                                                                suspension with a
                                                                                minimum of 5 days and in
                                                                                some cases expulsion may
                                                                                be the consequence.
                                                                                Referral to law enforcement
                                                                                may be made.
                                                                                Emergency expulsion
                                                                                (pending review of
                                                                                students plan). Long-term
                                                                                suspension or expulsion
                                                                                may be the consequence.
                                                                                Referral to law enforcement
                                                                                may be made.
                                                                         This procedure clarifies actions
                                                                         to be taken in accordance with
                                                                         Policy 3241 & Procedure 3241P

Possession, use or distribution     A student shall not possess,         Same as above
of controlled substance (drugs)     use or distribute look-alike
and/or alcohol look-alike*          controlled substance and/or
Castle Rock School District       Castle Rock High School                                        Page 17

Offense                                 Definition                              Discipline
Controlled substance          Possession and/or use of               Same as above
paraphernalia*                paraphernalia will be treated the
                              same as possession, use, and/or
                              distribution of a controlled

Fire and False Threats

Arson*                        Intentionally setting a fire or         1st
                              causing an explosion.                         Emergency expulsion
                                                                            Long-term suspension to
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                                                                            Threat assessment
                                                                            Emergency expulsion
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement

False alarm*                  Activating a fire alarm or              1st
                              calling 911 for other than the                Referral to law enforcement
                              intended purpose of the alarm.                Short-term suspension
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                                                                            Long-term suspension
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement

False threats*                Falsely reporting any type of           1st
                              bomb or person with a firearm                 Referral to law enforcement
                              in any school building or                     Short-term suspension
                              structure, on grounds, on
                              school-provided transportation
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                              or at school sponsored events.
                                                                            Long-term suspension
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement


Malicious harassment*         Maliciously and intentionally           1st
                              committing one of the following               Referral to law enforcement
                              acts because of perception of that            Short-term suspension
                              person’s race, color, religion,
                              ancestry, national origin, gender,
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                              sexual orientation, gender
                                                                            Emergency expulsion
                              identification, or mental, physical,
                                                                            Long-term suspension to
                              or sensory handicap:
Castle Rock School District        Castle Rock High School                                       Page 18

Offense                                 Definition                              Discipline
Harassment, cont                     Causing physical injury                expulsion
                                     to the victim or another               Threat assessment
                                     Causing physical damage
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                                     to or destruction of the
                                                                            Emergency expulsion
                                     property of the victim or
                                     another person.
                                     Threatening a specific
                                     person or group of persons
                                     such that the persons or
                                     members of the specific
                                     group of persons are in
                                     reasonable fear or harm to
                                     themselves or their property.
                              Violations of this offense must
                              rise to the level of state definition
                              of malicious harassment.
                              Malicious harassment is not
                              personal, but occurs solely
                              because the victim is a member
                              of a group identified above.
                              RCW 9A.36.080
                              Board Policies 3207, 6590

Gang/hate group activity*     Belonging to an organized gang,         1st
                              hate group, or similar organization           Referral to law enforcement
                              or group and knowingly engaging               Short-term suspension
                              in gang/hate group activity on
                              school grounds or during school
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                              activities or functions. Gang/hate
                                                                            Emergency expulsion
                              group activity includes, but is not
                                                                            Long-term suspension to
                              limited to:
                                     Advocating discrimination,
                                                                            Threat assessment
                                     intimidating others,
                                     soliciting or recruiting         3rd
                                     members to the group.                  Referral to law enforcement
                                     Using grfiti, gesture,                 Emergency expulsion
                                     language, colors, or codes             Expulsion
                                     that provoke violence or
                                     seek to advocate the purpose
                                     and objective of such
                                     groups, including using
                                     electronic means for this
                                     purpose that affects school
                                     or the educational processes.
                              Gang or hate group is defined as a
                              group of three or more persons
                              with identifiable leadership who
                              regularly conspire and act in
                              concert mainly for criminal
Castle Rock School District       Castle Rock High School                                    Page 19

Offense                                Definition                            Discipline
Intimidation and Interference With School Employees

Intimidation of school        Interfering or attempting to         1st
authorities*                  interfere with the discharge of            Referral to law enforcement
                              the official duties of district            Long-term suspension
                              personnel by using direct,
                              deliberate, or focused threats,
                                                                         Referral to law enforcement
                              force, or violence, such as that
                              the staff believes his or her
                              safety or well being of his or her
                              property is in danger.

Interference with school      Interfering with the discharge       1st
authorities*                  of the official duties of district         Referral to law enforcement
                              staff by:                                  Short-term suspension
                                    Using force or violence
                                    that is non-deliberate and
                                                                         Referral to law enforcement
                                    not focused on the staff
                                                                         Long-term suspension
                                    Disobeying the orders of       3rd
                                    school officials to leave            Referral to law enforcement
                                    school property or                   Expulsion
                                    disperse as instructed
                                    Heckling or harassing
                                    school authorities
                                    engaged in any lawful
                                    task, function, process or
                                    procedure of the school
                                    district such that it
                                    interferes with their
                                    ability to maintain order
                                    or complete their lawful
                                    duties including use of
                                    abusive or foul language
                                    directed at a school
                                    district employee or use
                                    of any electronic means
                                    that has a purpose of
                                    denigrating or demeaning
                                    school staff.
                                    Hindering the
                                    investigation of an
                                    incident by school staff
                                    by deliberately lying
                                    about or encouraging
                                    others to lie deliberately
                                    about the facts of an
Castle Rock School District          Castle Rock High School                                    Page 20

Offense                                   Definition                            Discipline
Theft and Vandalism

Robbery*                         Taking another’s property by         1st
                                 force or threat of force                   Referral to law enforcement
                                                                            Long-term suspension
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement

Theft*                           Stealing school district property    1st
                                 or the property of a staff member,         Referral to law enforcement
                                 student or school visitor.                 Short-term suspension
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                                                                            Long-term suspension
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement

Burglary*                        Forced entry or remaining            1st
                                 unlawfully in a district building          Referral to law enforcement
                                 or room in the building for the            Long-term suspension
                                 purpose of taking property.
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement

Possession of stolen property*   Knowingly receiving, retaining,      1st
                                 possessing, concealing or                  Referral to law enforcement
                                 disposing of stolen property.              Short-term suspension
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                                                                            Long-term suspension
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement

Malicious mischief*              Intentionally causing damage to      1st
                                 any school property, staff                 Referral to law enforcement
                                 property or school buses. Also,            Short-term suspension
                                 writing, painting, drawing or
                                 otherwise marking graffiti on
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                                 any school property, staff
                                                                            Long-term suspension
                                 property or school bus that is so
                                 extensive that the cost of           3rd
                                 removing it exceeds $100.                  Referral to law enforcement
Castle Rock School District        Castle Rock High School                                      Page 21

Offense                                  Definition                            Discipline

Trespass*                      Entering or remaining                 1st
                               unlawfully in a school building             Referral to law enforcement
                               or on any part of school grounds            Short-term suspension
                               or property for any purpose
                               excluding theft of property. This
                                                                           Referral to law enforcement
                               includes entering any school
                                                                           Long-term suspension
                               district property or attending
                               any school activity at any            3rd
                               location while suspended or                 Referral to law enforcement
                               expelled from school.                       Expulsion

Computer trespass, tampering   Violating the district computer       1st
and misuse*                    system or database. This                    In-school suspension (ISS)
                               includes, but is not limited to,            to short-term suspension
                               the following activities:                   Possible loss of computer
                                     Any vandalism                         use
                                     (destroying or changing               Possible restitution for
                                     files, illegal copying, etc.)         damages
                                     Intentional copyright                 Possible referral to law
                                     violations or attempted               enforcement
                                     access to unauthorized data
                                     Possession or distribution
                                                                           Long-term suspension
                                     of passwords other than
                                                                           Loss of computer use for
                                     the students’ own
                                                                           school year
                                     Distribution of knowledge
                                                                           Possible restitution for
                                     that may assist another
                                     person in damaging the
                                                                           Possible referral to law
                                     network or inappropriately
                                     accessing material
                               Inappropriate use of the              3rd
                               Internet connection, District               Expulsion
                               network, or an individual.                  Possible referral to law
                               Examples of inappropriate                   enforcement
                               behavior include the accessing,
                               downloading and distributing
                               of inappropriate materials,
                               materials that belong to another
                               person, vandalism, or any other
                               use incompatible with District
                               or individual school policies.


Assault/threat of assault*     A student shall not threaten          1st
                               injury, intentionally cause or              Referral to law enforcement
                               attempt to cause physical injury            Long-term suspension
                               or intentionally behave in such a
                               way, as could reasonably cause
                                                                           Referral to law enforcement
                               physical injury to any person.
                                                                           Long-term suspension
Castle Rock School District            Castle Rock High School                                         Page 22

Offense                                      Definition                               Discipline
Violence, cont                                                                    Threat assessment
                                                                                  Referral to law enforcement

Contributing to conflict between   Encouraging others to fight,          1st
others                             either directly or indirectly by               Short-term suspension
                                   cheering fighters on, or                  nd
                                   spreading inappropriate rumors
                                                                                  Short-term suspension
                                   hurtful to others.
                                                                                  Parent conference
                                                                                  Long-term suspension
                                                                                  Parent conference
                                                                                  Referral to counseling

Hazing*                            Students shall not participate        1st
                                   or conspire for others to                      Short-term suspension
                                   participate in harassing acts                  Referral to law enforcement
                                   that may injure, degrade,                      may be made
                                   disgrace or put others at risk in
                                   any way.
                                                                                  Long-term suspension
                                                                                  Referral to law enforcement
                                                                                  may be made
                                                                                  Referral to law enforcement
                                                                                  may be made


Firearm*                           Carrying a firearm onto or            1st
                                   possessing a firearm on school                 Referral to law enforcement
                                   property, school-provided                      Expulsion for one year
                                   transportation, areas f facilities             (mandatory)
                                   being used exclusively as school
                                                                        RCW 28A.600.420; 9.41.010
                                   district property or at school
                                                                        Board Policy 4210
                                   sponsored events or activities is
                                   not allowed.

Dangerous weapon*                  No person is allowed to carry         1st
                                   on to school premises, school-                 Referral to law enforcement
                                   provided transportation, or other              Emergency expulsion
                                   facilities being used for school               May result in expulsion
                                   activities:                                    Threat assessment
                                          any firearm; or
                                          any dangerous instrument
                                                                                  Referral to law enforcement
                                          or weapon of any kind such
                                          as, but not limited to, a
                                          sling shot, sand club,         RCW 9.41.250
Castle Rock School District   Castle Rock High School                             Page 23

Offense                            Definition                        Discipline
Weapons, cont.                 blackjack, billy club, metal   Board Policy 4210
                               knuckles, any pocket knife,
                               any double-sided knife, any
                               spring or mechanically
                               loaded knife such as a
                               switch-blade, any knife
                               having a blade which opens
                               by force of gravity or
                               centrifugal thrust such as a
                               butterfly knife, any knife
                               with a fixed blade of any
                               length, or any saber-sword
                               dagger or dirk; or
                               any device commonly
                               known as “Nunchaku
                               sticks” consisting of a
                               length of wood, metal,
                               plastic, or similar
                               substance attached to wire,
                               rope, or other means; or
                               any device commonly
                               known as “throwing stars”
                               which are multi-pointed
                               objects designed to embed
                               upon impact from any
                               aspect; or
                               any air gun, including any
                               air pistol or air rifle
                               designed to propel a BB,
                               pellet, or other projectile
                               by the discharge of
                               compressed air, carbon
                               dioxide, or other gas;
                               any disabling or
                               incapacitating items such
                               as electronic stunning/
                               shocking devices; or any
                               object used in a threatening
                               manner and/or used as a
                               weapon which could
                               reasonably be perceived,
                               given the circumstances, as
                               having the ability to cause
                               bodily harm even though
                               not commonly thought of
                               as a deadly or dangerous
                               weapon, such as a starter
                               pistol, flare gun, cayenne
                               pepper, mace, pepper
                               spray, ice pick, elongated
                               scissors, straight razor, or
Castle Rock School District        Castle Rock High School                                       Page 24

Offense                                 Definition                               Discipline
Weapons, cont.                       other disabling agents; or
                                     any object which looks
                                     like a weapon, such as a
                                     toy or “dummy” gun,
                                     knife or grenade.

Common knives*                 Carrying onto or possessing a        1st
                               knife on school property,                     Referral to law enforcement
                               school-provided transportation                may be made
                               or at school sponsored events is              Emergency expulsion
                               not allowed. The following                    Long-term suspension to
                               instances knives will be treated              expulsion
                               as a dangerous weapon:
                                      Knives with blades over
                                                                             Referral to law enforcement
                                      2½ inches long are
                                                                             may be made
                                      presumed to be able to
                                                                             Emergency expulsion
                                      cause serious bodily harm.
                                                                             Long-term suspension to
                                      Using any knife in a
                                      threatening manner
                                                                             Threat assessment
                                      toward self and/or others.
                                      Bringing a knife with the
                                      intent to intimidate others
                                                                             Referral to law enforcement
                                      or for the stated reason of
                                                                             may be made
                                                                             Emergency expulsion

Toys used as weapons*          Possessing and using in a            1st
                               threatening manner, objects that              Referral to law enforcement
                               appear to be capable of causing               may be made
                               bodily harm such that a person                Emergency expulsion
                               believes his or her safety is in              Long-term suspension to
                               danger, including toys that                   expulsion
                               appear to be weapons.                2nd
                                                                             Referral to law enforcement
                                                                             may be made
                                                                             Emergency expulsion

Other Offenses

Backpacks, book bags, purses   Backpacks and book bags are not      1st
                               allowed in the classrooms                     Warning
                               because they present a safety            nd
                               hazard. Please remember that
                               backpacks and book bags must be
                                                                             Parent conference
                               small enough to fit inside a
                               locker. Purses small enough to fit
                               under the chair are permissible.
Castle Rock School District           Castle Rock High School                                       Page 25

Offense                                    Definition                               Discipline
Cell phones, iPods, cameras and   Castle Rock High School              1st
other similar devices             recognizes the need for students              Warning
                                  to use cell phones and iPods.                 Parent must pick up cell
                                  However, the potential for                    phone or electronic device
                                  school disruption is a concern.
                                  Therefore, cell phone and iPod
                                                                                In-school suspension.
                                  use will be limited to times
                                                                                Parent must pick up cell
                                  before school, after school, and
                                                                                phone or electronic device
                                  during lunch. Cell phones and
                                  iPods will not be allowed during     3rd
                                  class time or passing time. Cell              Short-term suspension
                                  phones and iPods are not to be                Parent must pick up cell
                                  out while in classes or hallways.             phone or electronic device

Cheating                          The following list of situations     1st
                                  that would be considered                      “0” grade on assignment
                                  cheating, but cheating is not                 of one or both students or
                                  limited to this list only:                    all in group
                                        Copying off someone’s                   Principal will be notified
                                        giving answers to
                                                                                “0” grade on assignment
                                        another student
                                                                                At the end of the quarter
                                        writing another student’s
                                                                                the grade will be dropped
                                                                                one full letter grade
                                        falsifying a score or
                                                                                Parent conference with
                                        answers on another
                                                                                teacher and principal
                                        student’s paper
                                                                                “F” grade for the quarter
                                                                                in the class the cheating
                                                                                took place
                                                                                Short-term suspension

Closed campus                     Castle Rock High School has a        1st
                                  closed campus. Permission in                  ISS for ½ day to full day
                                  writing from the office must be          nd
                                  obtained in order to leave the
                                                                                Short-term suspension
                                  campus at any time after arriving
                                                                                Parent conference
                                  on school grounds. No student
                                  may leave during the day or at       3rd
                                  the lunch periods without parent              Short-term suspension
                                  permission and office approval/               Parent conference
                                  notification. Leaving campus for
                                  lunch is restricted. A student
                                  who goes home ill during the
                                  day must notify the nurse's office
                                  before doing so. Students who
                                  fail to check out may be
                                  considered as skipping.
Castle Rock School District       Castle Rock High School                                       Page 26

Offense                                 Definition                             Discipline
Dress code                    The following items have               1st
                              potential to cause disruption or             Student will be asked to
                              threat to a safe and positive school         change
                              environment and are prohibited:              Parent may be notified
                                     Decorations, symbols,
                                     mottos, or designs
                                                                           Student will be asked
                                     imprinted or attached to
                                                                           to change
                                     the body or clothing which
                                                                           Parent conference
                                     are offensive to good taste
                                     or the maintenance of good      3rd
                                     decorum. This includes,               Student will be asked
                                     but is not limited to,                to change
                                     wearing advertisements                ISS
                                     of commodities, such as
                                     alcoholic beverages, drugs,
                                     tobacco, and symbols or
                                     writings that have sexual
                                     or racial connotation, gang
                                     references, or profane
                                     Bare midriff clothing
                                     that allows any area of
                                     the midriff

False accusations             Untrue charges of wrong doing.         1st
                                                                           Short-term suspension
                                                                           Long-term suspension
                                                                           Parent conference

Forgery                       The forging of parent/guardian,        1st
                              teacher, or another student’s                ISS to short-term suspension
                              signature on any letter to the               Parent conference
                              school or on any school
                              document. Falsely representing
                                                                           Short-term suspension
                              a parent/guardian, teacher’s
                                                                           Parent conference
                              signature in any way.
                                                                           Short-term to long-term

Gambling                      Gambling on school grounds is          1st
                              not permitted unless sanctioned              ISS to short-term suspension
                              by state law.                                Parent conference
                                                                           Short-term suspension
                                                                           Parent conference
Castle Rock School District              Castle Rock High School                                           Page 27

Offense                                        Definition                                 Discipline
Other Offenses, cont.
                                                                                      Short-term to long-term

Hall passes                         Hall passes are issued by the            1st
                                    teacher during class time. Students               Warning
                                    are required to have a pass to go to         nd
                                    the library, Guidance Center,
                                                                                      Loss of privilege during
                                    restroom, office or other areas of
                                                                                      class time
                                    the building. Abuse of a hall pass
                                    will result in loss of this privilege.   3rd
                                    Repeated offenses will result in                  ISS
                                    disciplinary action.                              Parent conference

Hands-on behavior/ horseplay        Shoving, kicking, tripping,              1st
                                    spitting at another person,                       ISS to short-term
                                    putting hands on another person                   suspension
                                    (including “goofing around”
                                    behavior and inappropriate
                                                                                      Short-term suspension
                                    display of affection)
                                                                                      Parent conference
                                                                                      Short-term to long-term

Hats                                Hat may be worn to school but            1st
                                    must be removed when entering                     Warning
                                    the building during regular                       Possible confiscation of hat
                                    school hours. Students may
                                    wear hats in the building after
                                                                                      Confiscation of hat
                                    the dismissal bell for the day.
                                                                                      (student may pick up at the
                                    This prohibition includes hoods,
                                                                                      end of the school day)
                                    hoodies, headbands and other
                                    similar accessories.                     3rd
                                                                                      Confiscation of hat (parent
                                                                                      must pick up hat)

Inappropriate language, verbal or   The use of vulgar or profane             1st
written, and/or abuse of others     language by students on school                    ISS to short-term
                                    property, whether spoken,                         suspension
                                    written, mouthed or gestured or
                                    used in any other way
                                                                                      Short-term suspension
                                                                                      Parent conference
                                                                                      Short-term to long-term

Insubordination, disrespectful,     Students shall identify themselves       1st
defiance, refusal to follow         when asked by school personnel.                   ISS to short-term
directions*                         Students must comply with                         suspension
Castle Rock School District       Castle Rock High School                                      Page 28

Offense                                 Definition                            Discipline
Other Offenses, cont.         reasonable requests or directions
                              from school personnel. Students
                                                                          Short-term suspension
                              must treat staff, students, parents
                              and visitors with respect. Students   3rd
                              must not display open disregard             Short-term to long-term
                              for school authority.                       suspension

Insults or abuse*             Incidents of insults or abuse         1st
                              between students. Students                  ISS to short-term
                              are required to show respect                suspension
                              for authority.
                              RCW28A.635.100                              Short-term suspension
                              Board Policy 3205                           Parent conference
                              Board Policy 3240
                                                                          Short-term to long-term

Lewd conduct*                 Engaging in inappropriate             1st
                              sexual acts, either singly or               Referral to law enforcement
                              consensually with another                   Short-term suspension
                              person, including sexual
                              intercourse, oral sex, sexual
                                                                          Referral to law enforcement
                              touching, indecent exposure.
                                                                          Long-term suspension
                                                                          Referral to law enforcement

Loitering                     Present in hallways or on             1st
                              campus during day or after                  ISS to short- term
                              school hours when not                       suspension
                                                                          Short-term suspension
                                                                          Long-term suspension

Matches/lighters              Possession of matches and             1st
                              lighters is not allowed.                    Confiscation of
                                                                          matches/ lighter
                                                                          Confiscation of
                                                                          Short-term suspension
                                                                          Confiscation of
                                                                          Short-term suspension
                                                                          Parent conference
Castle Rock School District           Castle Rock High School                                           Page 29

Offense                                     Definition                               Discipline
Misconduct/ behavior general      Students are expected to behave       1st
*See note for seniors             in a manner that is conducive to               ISS to short-term suspension
                                  a learning environment.                   nd
                                  Behavior detrimental to
                                                                                 Short-term suspension
                                  obtaining a positive learning
                                                                                 Parent conference
                                  environment is not allowed.
                                  *During the last month of
                                                                                 Short-term to long-term
                                  school, seniors involved in
                                  incidents which are considered
                                  poor citizenship while under
                                  school jurisdiction or involving
                                  school property may be denied
                                  participation in school activities
                                  such as Commencement.

Misuse of equipment, supplies     Using school facilities, supplies,    1st
or facility                       books or equipment for                         ISS to short- term
                                  unintended purposes                            suspension
                                                                                 Possible restitution
                                                                                 Short-term suspension
                                                                                 Possible restitution
                                                                        Long-term suspension

Multiple offenses in the same     Repeated offenses in the same         1st
day/week                          day or same week                               ISS to short-term suspension
                                                                                 Short-term suspension
                                                                                 Short-term to long-term

Obscene or disruptive material*   Publishing or distributing on         1st
                                  school grounds libelous, tasteless,            Short-term suspension
                                  obscene or disruptive materials.          nd
                                                                                 Short-term suspension
                                                                                 Parent conference
                                                                                 Long-term suspension

Occupation of school property     Occupying school property, or         1st
or unauthorized areas             school grounds to deprive                      ISS to short-term
                                  others of its use, block normal                suspension
                                  pedestrian or vehicle traffic on
                                  school property or adjacent
                                                                                 Short-term suspension
                                  property; or being present in
                                  unauthorized areas without
Castle Rock School District          Castle Rock High School                                        Page 30

Offense                                    Definition                               Discipline
Other Offenses, cont.            permission of school
                                                                       Long-term suspension

Other exceptional misconduct*    Engaging in any other activity that   1st
                                 would constitute a felony, gross               Referral to law enforcement
                                 misdemeanor or misdemeanor.                    Emergency expulsion

Parking/driving                  Parking in student lots is a          1st
                                 privilege and requires each                    Warning
                                 vehicle to be registered with the         nd
                                 school. Unregistered vehicles,
                                 vehicles inappropriately or
                                                                                Parent conference
                                 illegally parked, or vehicles
                                                                                Denial of parking or
                                 creating a safety hazard (such, as
                                                                                driving on school grounds
                                 but not limited to, speeding,
                                                                                Possible towing
                                 reckless driving, etc.) may be
                                 denied access or may be subject
                                 to towing.
                                 A search of a motor vehicle may
                                 be made based on reasonable
                                 suspicion when related to a
                                 possible school violation.
                                 Adjacent streets and the highway
                                 are considered an extension of the
                                 school parking lot and campus
                                 and are therefore subject to the
                                 Search and Seizure Policy
                                 when related to a possible
                                 school violation as stated in
                                 this handbook.

PDA (Public display of           Inappropriate display of              1st
affection)                       affection include, but are not                 Warning
                                 limited to, the following:
                                       holding hands
                                                                                Short-term suspension
                                       arm around the waist
                                                                                Parent conference
                                       sitting on laps                 3rd
                                       making out/kissing                       Short-term suspension
                                                                                Possible schedule

Public exposure of self and/or   Deliberately exposing portions        1st
others*                          of the body or bodies generally                Referral to law enforcement
                                 considered private. Removing                   Emergency expulsion
                                 others’ clothing, “pantsing”                   Short-term suspension to
                                 and/or other sexually explicit or              expulsion
                                 abusive actions.
                                                                                Referral to law enforcement
                                                                                Emergency expulsion
Castle Rock School District       Castle Rock High School                                       Page 31

Offense                                 Definition                                Discipline
Other Offenses, cont.                                                       Long-term suspension to
                                                                            Threat assessment
                                                                            Referral to law enforcement
                                                                            Emergency expulsion

Scams                         Attempts to make others believe      1st
                              something that is not true                    ISS
                                                                            Short-term suspension
                                                                            Long-term suspension

Selling items at school       Conducting private business or       1st
                              selling unauthorized items is                 Property confiscated
                                                                            Long-term suspension

Skates/skateboards, in-line   Students are prohibited from         1st
skates and scooters           riding skates/in-line skates,                 Warning
                              skateboards and scooters at
                              school or school activities.
                                                                            Possible confiscation
                              These items may be disruptive
                              and present a potential safety
                                                                            Parent conference
                                                                            Short-term suspension
                                                                            Parent conference

Skipping                      Missing a portion or a full class    1st
                              period without proper                         Make up 60 minutes
                              permission                               nd
                                                                            Make up 120 minutes
                                                                            ISS to short-term

Spitting                      Spitting (gleeking) on other         1st
                              students and /or on school                    Warning
                              facilities poses a health risk for            Student must clean area
                              everyone.                                     he/she spit on
                                                                            Short-term suspension
Castle Rock School District              Castle Rock High School                                         Page 32

Offense                                        Definition                               Discipline
Other Offenses, cont.
                                                                                     Short-term suspension
                                                                                     Parent conference

Throwing objects                     Throwing or propelling objects        1st
                                     with rubber band, hollow tube                  Detention
                                     or other device                           nd
                                                                                    ISS to short-term
                                                                                    Short-term to long-term

Tobacco possession and/or use*       Possession or use of tobacco in       1st
                                     the school or on school grounds                Short-term suspension
                                     or adjacent property or at school              Complete tobacco
                                     activities is prohibited. Tobacco              cessation class
                                     look-alike substances may be
                                     treated as a tobacco violation.
                                                                                    Short-term suspension
                                                                                    Complete tobacco
                                                                                    cessation class
                                                                                    Long-term suspension

Unauthorized gatherings*             The assembly or meeting of            1st
                                     students and/or non-students on                Warning
                                     school property without                   nd
                                     permission of school
                                                                                    Short term suspension
                                                                                    Possible referral to law
                                                                                    Long-term suspension
                                                                                    Referral to law enforcement

                              ANNUAL NOTIFICATIONS
Acceptable Use Policies for Information Systems
The intent of this policy is to promote responsible and ethical use of the network resources provided
by Castle Rock School District.
     1. All use of the system must be in support of education and research and consistent with the
        mission of the district. The District reserves the right to prioritize uses and access to the system.
     2. Any use of the system must be in conformity to State and Federal law, network provider
        policies and licenses, and District policy.
     3. The Superintendent or designee must approve use of the system for charitable purposes in advance.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                      Page 33

     4. Use of the system for commercial solicitation is prohibited.
     5. The system constitutes public facilities and may not be used to support or oppose political
        candidates or ballot measures.
Account Security
You are responsible for all activity that occurs with your account.
You are not permitted to use another individual’s account, and should never allow anyone else to
access your account. If, at any time, you feel that your password may have been compromised, see the
system administrator immediately to have your password changed.
     1. Log out correctly when you leave your computer.
     2. Logged on computers should never be left unattended. Lock your computer with your
        password if you leave but intend to return shortly.
Good network security practices will require passwords to be changed for all accounts at regular
intervals. Users should avoid easily guessed passwords. Password length must be 7 characters
minimum on our system.
Security on any computer system is a high priority, especially when the system involves many
users. If you can identify a security problem on the network, notify your teacher, the system
administrator, or the principal. Do not purposely seek to identify security problems without consent
from the System administrator.
Student Computer Accounts
Students are expected to use network resources responsibly. Computer accounts and network storage
are intended for classroom assignments and files created for educational purposes only.
     1. Storage of unauthorized games, computer programs, and media downloads, or copyrighted
        materials are not permitted. (Category B to C infraction)
     2. Use school appropriate file and folder names. (Category B infraction and file removal)
     3. Never attempt to conceal or encrypt files on the network. (Category C infraction)
System administrators have complete access to the content of all student folders. Students are granted
access to their assigned file storage space only. Teachers are given read access to student’s folder space.
System administrators reserve the right to remove any material stored in computer files which they, in
their sole discretion, believe may be unlawful, obscene, in violation of copyright, or otherwise
unrelated to the teaching and laboratory mission of the school. For example; games, unauthorized
programs, and media downloads.
     1. Excessive printing without permission of a teacher or staff member is a violation of this
        policy. Permission is required for color printing.
     2. Wasteful printing may result in disciplinary actions and a fee to replace resources.
     3. Purposely using printers to send messages or harass will result in disciplinary actions.
System Care
Students are responsible for proper care and maintenance of computer equipment and peripherals.
          1. No food or drinks are allowed at any of the computer workstations.
          2. Students must avoid any activity around their workstation that may result in damage to
             the computer, printer, software, or information.
          3. No computer hardware, peripherals, or cables may be moved or removed from their current
             location without specific authorization by the System administrator (Category B infraction).
          4. No student will attempt to service any hardware without authorization from the System
             administrator (Category B infraction).
          5. Do not change system or display settings on computers without permission from the
             network manager.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                    Page 34

Students should report any problems with the equipment immediately.
Appropriate Use of Computer System
     1. Use of the system to disrupt others or the normal operation of the system will not be
        tolerated; this includes illegal tampering, destruction of system hardware, altering system
        software, and unauthorized entry into computers. This kind of activity is a crime under state
        and federal laws.
     2. Students must not engage in any activity intended to circumvent computer security controls.
        Students must not attempt to crack passwords, discover unprotected files, or decode
        encrypted files; this also includes creating, modifying, or executing programs that are
        designed to hack computer systems (Category C infraction).
     3. Attempts to login to the network as a system administrator or gain unauthorized access will
        result in the cancellation of computer privileges.
     4. Using viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or any other invasive software is expressly forbidden
        (Category C infraction). Punishable by federal law.
     5. Students may not use the school's voice/data connections to harass anyone.
     6. Impersonating other users by using their accounts or login names will result in the restriction
        of the offended and offender accounts. The impersonator will face review for discipline.
     7. While in classroom instruction or in a lab setting, computer and technology privileges are
        limited by the instructor or lab monitor. Each student is expected to use the technology in
        compliance with the instructor. No use of e-mail or Internet activity is allowed unless the
        instructor has authorized such use in the classroom. Each academic lab may impose
        additional rules, not explicitly covered in this Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to comply will
        be considered an infraction of the Computer Use Policy (Category B infraction).
     8. No personally owned computer devices are allowed to connect to the network without prior
        authorization and security inspection from the system administrator. CRSD is not responsible
        for any damage or theft from non-district owned equipment.
Internet Acceptable Use
Students should have a specific reason to use the Internet. The internet is provided for educational not
recreational purposes.
     1. Never attempt to download or install software programs on school computers. This includes
        browser plug-ins, media players, messaging software, ad-ware, games, or file-sharing utilities.
     2. Use of the system to access, store or distribute obscene or pornographic material is prohibited.
     3. Sites that are gang-related or contain illegal or degrading information are not permitted.
If a student or staff member misuses the Internet as described in this Policy, the final decision on
action taken will be at the discretion of the school administration.
Internet monitoring and filtering
Our schools utilize software to monitor and filter inappropriate web sites. No system can filter all
inappropriate sites %100 of the time. This system is intended to help shield students from
accidentally accessing inappropriate sites. Students should report inappropriate sites accessed or not
filtered immediately.
Site Review Requests – The filtering systems block page provides a means to request a review of a
site for the purpose of unblocking it. The system administrator has sole discretion to allow or
disallow sites on our school network. Decision will be made based on site appropriateness and
educational merit.
High priority requests:
     •    Teacher originated requests with return email.
     •    Respectfully written student requests.
     •    Obvious falsely blocked sites.
     •    Sites with exclusive information. Often the same information can be found on other sites.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                    Page 35

Request Refusals:
     •    Requests with no return email. Ask a teacher to submit a request if you have no email account.
     •    Any request written with disrespect in any way. Disrespectful communications may be
          subject to referral.
     •    Requests ignoring proper writing conventions.
     •    Requests for known banned sites. For Example;”Myspace”
     •    Any site that may distract from subject being taught in the classroom.
     •    Sites without educational merit. For Example; “ SouthPark,, and etc.”
Attempts to bypass the schools filtering system is considered a form of hacking and will result in
disciplinary actions. For Example; “anonymous proxies, keyloggers, programs on USB storage
devices, and etc.”
It is the student’s responsibility to not access sites in categories deemed inappropriate to the school
setting. Just because a site is not blocked by the filtering system does not mean access is allowed.
Electronic Communications
     1. Never use e-mail without permission during class time. Category A infraction for the first
        offense and a Category B infraction for all subsequent offenses.
     2. Students must not send any electronic mail or other form of electronic communication by
        forging another's identity or attempting to conceal the origin of the message in any way.
     3. Students are prohibited from transmitting or forwarding chain letters, mass mailings, or
        SPAMMING. (Category B infraction).
     4. Students may not access or attempt to access another person’s e-mail. (Category B infraction).
     5. Do not open any Email that is from someone you do not already know.
     6. Never open e-mail attachments or download files that could contain viruses.
     7. Students are not to access chat rooms at school.
     8. Do not use command-line utilities to send messages to other users on the network.
     9. For reasons of system and personal security, each system account holder must authorize
        district review of e-mail messages.
You are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette.
     1. No use of obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful
     2. Deliberate accessing, downloading and disseminating any material deemed offensive,
        obscene, racist, antisocial, homophobic or violent are expressly prohibited.
     3. Knowingly or recklessly post false or defamatory information about a person or organization.
     4. Do not engage in harassment of another person. Harassment is persistently acting in a manner
        that distresses or annoys another person. Immediately cease any activity causing a person to
        feel harassed upon notification from that person.
You are a representative of your school and your district on a public system.
     •    Students should never post personal information about self or others on the internet
          (address, telephone, school, school address, work address, parents name, etc.).
     •    Students should never make appointments to meet people in person that they have contacted
          on online without district and parent permission.
     •    Students should promptly disclose to a teacher or to other school staff any message received
          that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.
     •    Immediately report any personal attacks made by others to responsible school personal.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                    Page 36

Copyrighted Materials
Users of the system must respect all copyright laws. Legal authorization must be obtained for the transfer,
use, or duplication of copyrighted materials. Some examples of material that may be copyrighted are
intellectual property, clip art, images, photo, video, sound, as well as software packages.
     1. Students must not plagiarize works that are found on the Internet. Plagiarism is taking the
        ideas or writings of others and presenting them as if they were yours.
     2. Students will not access, read, delete, or tamper with any file that is not theirs.
     3. Copying of any software, network or otherwise, is strictly prohibited. It is against the law and
        is punishable.
     4. Outside software is not permitted in any computer area; no software is to be downloaded,
        stored, or installed on any computer or in any computer account.
     5. Material posted on the Internet through the district's system is not protected for individual
        copyright. Staff work is usually a work for hire with the copyright belonging to the district,
        but all users must waive their copyright interest in their materials posted on-line through the
        district's system.
School Web Sites
     1. The school's computer system may be used to create, revise, and house home pages for
        the school, departments, school organizations/clubs, and personal home pages for the
        students, faculty, staff, administration, and board members. No other home page can be
        housed on the school's system without specific permission from the System administrator.
        (Category B infraction).
     2. Students who post, create, or build any web site linked to CRSD without the school’s knowledge
        or express permission will be subject to investigation by the System administrator and possible
        disciplinary action. All such sites will be reviewed for purpose, nature and content.
The use of school computers and the use of the Internet are privileges, and unacceptable use may
result in the cancellation of those privileges. The system administrator may revoke privileges as
required. The administration, faculty, and staff of Castle Rock School District may request that the
system administrator deny, revoke, or suspend specific user privileges and that appropriate school
disciplinary action be taken. Depending on the severity of the violation (to be determined by the
system administrator and/or administration), computer privileges may be revoked for an extended
period of time. A student who has his/her computer privileges revoked is not allowed to use any
computer at her/his school site. Legal action and/or dismissal from school may result from violations
of state or federal laws.
Any misuse will result in loss of computer privileges, disciplinary action, or possible legal referral.
Misuse is defined as any malicious attempt to physically deface, disable, or destroy computers,
peripherals, or other network hardware, to harm or destroy data of another user or any other agencies
or networks that are connected to the system, to gain access or attempt to gain access to unauthorized
systems, or to access inappropriate materials from school computers. Misuse is not restricted to this
definition. The school administration may require restitution from offending students for all damage,
labor resulting from damage, or loss due to computer misuse or damage.
Penalties for computer infractions:
Category A infringements (non-malicious): warning. Student may be given verbal warning.
Category B infringements: Subsequent offenses, suspension of one or more network privileges.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                    Page 37

Examples (but not limited to):
     •    Use of chat rooms, newsgroups, Instant Messenger
     •    Continual use of non-school related sites after being warned
     •    Unauthorized use of Email after being warned
     •    Use of other student and staff logon information to access a computer
     •    Continued failure to log off when finishing use of a computer
Loss of Internet privileges (still may use computer for other uses). The Infringement and consequence
will be reported to all staff. All staff will then provide consistency and follow through. Parents/Legal
Guardians will be notified.
Category C infringements: Indefinite suspension of one or more network privileges and probation.
Examples (but not limited to):
     •    Accidentally access offensive material and not exiting site immediately
     •    Using the Web for transactions that involve money
     •    Deliberately corrupting or destroying others data, violating privacy of others
     •    Third offense of the above infringements
Loss of computer and Internet privileges for the semester or a period of time deemed appropriate by
staff members involved. The Infringement and consequence will be reported to all staff. All staff will
then provide consistency and follow through. Parents/Legal Guardians will be notified and a
discipline referral will be made. Referrals for category 3 violations may result in from, short term
suspension, long term suspension, to expulsion.
Any time student’s misuse or damage computers, law enforcement agencies may be notified.
Although the System administrators will try to meet users’ needs and requests, there is no guarantee
that they will be able to do so, nor that Network services will be error free or uninterrupted. System
administrators reserve the right to add, delete, edit and reconfigure files, accounts, software and
services as necessary to maintain and upgrade the Network and its computers. The System
administrators will not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages
(including lost data.) sustained in connection with the use, operation, or inability to use the Network.
I will abide by such rules and regulations of Network use as may be added from time to time by the system
administrators. These rules will be posted on public display in the computer laboratories and online.
Annual School District Report Card – CRSD Policy No. 2004
This notice is made in compliance to the current Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA),
also known as the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, to advise school district patrons of
the availability of information related to student progress, staffing information, and expenditures.
The data for the annual report is collected by the State and can be viewed by visiting the Office of
Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website at The annual report is found
at the Washington State Report Card page, by choosing the ‘Search by School’ option, entering Castle Rock
in the search field, and selecting the Castle Rock school you are specifically interested in seeing. If you do
not have Internet access, contact your child’s school office, and a hard copy can be provided.
Asbestos Hazard (AHERA)
Uncontrolled asbestos contamination in buildings can be a significant environmental and public
health problem. Both the public and private sectors have been dealing with the asbestos issue for
many years. In 1986, Congress enacted the Asbestos Emergency Response Act primarily to require
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                      Page 38

school districts to identify asbestos containing materials (ACM) in their school buildings and take
appropriate actions to control the release of asbestos fibers.
In 1987, the U.S. Environmental Protection Act (EPA) finalized a regulatory program which enforces the
AHERA. In compliance with the AHERA regulations, Castle Rock School District facilities were inspected
by an EPA accredited building inspector. During the inspection, samples were taken of building materials
suspected of containing asbestos. The results of the inspection and laboratory analysis of the samples have
confirmed the presence of ACM in portions of the school facilities. It is important to note that these materials
are in a form and condition that does not pose an imminent health threat to students, faculty or employees.
With confirmation of the presence of an ACM, an Asbestos Management Plan was developed for
our schools by an EPA accredited management planner. The Asbestos Management Plan includes
inspection and physical assessment reports, a training program for our custodial and maintenance
personnel, plans and procedures to be followed to minimize disturbance of the ACM's and a
program for regular surveillance of the ACM. Every three (3) years, a re-inspection by an
accredited inspector must be conducted on all friable or non-friable known or assumed asbestos-
containing building materials (ACBM) to determine whether the condition of the ACBM has
changed and to make recommendations on managing or removing the ACBM. Since 1994, we have
conducted periodic surveillance inspections every six (6) months to check the condition of the
remaining asbestos and to determine if any action is needed.
For further details on the locations of the remaining ACBM or the asbestos-related activities, you are
welcome to review a copy of the Asbestos Management Plan in our administrative offices during
regular business hours. Chad Perdue is our designated asbestos program coordinator and all inquiries
regarding the plan should be directed to him at (360) 501-2940.
Child Nutrition Program – CRSD Policy No. 6700
Castle Rock School District has developed a policy for free and reduced-price lunches/snacks and/or
free or reduced-price breakfasts for children who qualify according to the eligibility standards, for
meals under the National School Lunch and/or School Breakfast Programs. Each school and the
central office have a copy of the policy, which may be reviewed by any interested party. Applications
are available at each school building.
Confidentiality (FERPA) – CRSD Policy No. 3231
This annual notice is to inform parents or eligible students of Castle Rock School District of their
rights in accordance with Section 99.7 of the Federal Regulations titled Family Education Rights and
Privacy Act (FERPA). If the parents or eligible students have a primary or home language other than
English, the district will effectively notify them of their rights under this Section. Parents and eligible
students will also be notified of their FERPA rights annually by publication in the local newspaper at
the beginning of each school year.
The parent or eligible student has the right to: 1) inspect and review student's education records; 2)
request an amendment of the student's education records to ensure that they are not inaccurate,
misleading or otherwise in violation of the student's privacy rights; 3) consent to disclosures of
personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records except to the extent
that the Act and the Regulations in this part authorize disclosures without consent; 4) file with the
U.S. Department of Education a complaint under Section 99.64 concerning alleged failures by the
agency to comply with the requirements of the act and this part; 5) obtain a copy of the policy
adopted under Section 99.6.
A copy of this policy is available by request at the Castle Rock School District Administration Office
located at 600 Huntington Avenue South, Castle Rock WA 98611. This notice is intended to comply
with the applicable requirements in 34 CFR Part 300, 34 CR Part 99 and WAC 392-172-404.
Directory Information – CRSD Policy No. 3232
The federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows school districts to release
“directory information,” and/or a child’s photo, to the media and others unless a parent or guardian
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                     Page 39

requests that information not be released. If a parent or guardian checks NO for an item on the
Directory Information form, we cannot and will not release the information specified by the parent or
guardian. When we are asked for “directory information” about a student, we release only the
information needed for the particular story or purpose and never release information for commercial
purposes. Unless the student is on a sports team, we usually only release the student’s name, which
school he/she attends, and date attended.
Education of Homeless Children and Youth – CRSD Policy No. 3115
Homeless children and youth have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education and
comparable services as provided to other children residing in the district. The District will
disseminate the educational rights of homeless children and youth to places where homeless services
are provided (family shelters, etc.).
Excused and Unexcused Absence Notification – CRSD Policy No. 3122
Regular school attendance is necessary for mastery of the educational program provided to students
of the district. Students are expected to attend all assigned classes each day. Teachers keep a record of
student absence and tardiness.
Students may appropriately be absent from class at times:
     A. Absences are excused due to illness or a health condition; a religious observance, when
        requested by a student’s parent(s); school-approved activities; family emergencies; and, as
        required by law, disciplinary actions or short-term suspensions. The principal may, upon
        request by a parent, grant permission in advance for a student’s absence providing the
        absence will not adversely affect the student’s educational progress. At a parent’s request, a
        student may be excused for a portion of a school day to participate in religious instruction,
        provided such is not conducted on school property or involves the school to any degree.
     B. If an absence is excused, the student is permitted to make up all missed assignments outside
        of class under reasonable conditions and time limits established by the teacher, except that in
        participation-type classes a student’s grade may be affected because of the student’s inability
        to make up the activities conducted during a class period.
     C. An excused absence must be verified by the parent; adult, emancipated or appropriately aged
        student; or school authority responsible for the absence. If a student is to be released for health
        care related to family planning or abortion, the student may require that the district keep the
        information confidential. Students thirteen and older have the right to keep information about
        drug, alcohol or mental health treatment confidential. Students fourteen and older have the
        same confidentiality rights regarding HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
A student subject to unexcused absence will experience consequences of his/her absence:
     A. A student’s grade shall be affected if a graded activity or assignment occurs during the period
        of time when the student is absent.
     B. The school will notify a student’s parent or guardian in writing or by telephone whenever the
        student has failed to attend school after one unexcused absence within any single month
        during the school year. The notification includes the potential consequences of additional
        unexcused absences.
     C. A conference with the parent or guardian will be held after two unexcused absences within
        any month during the school year.
     D. A student may be suspended or expelled for habitual truancy. Prior to suspension or
        expulsion, the parent will be notified in writing in his/her primary language that the student
        has unexcused absences.
Castle Rock School District              Castle Rock High School                                    Page 40

A conference shall be scheduled to determine corrective measures to remedy the cause for the
student’s absences from school. If the parent does not attend the conference, the parent shall be
notified of the steps the district has decided to take to reduce the student’s absences.
Not later than the student’s fifth unexcused absence in a month the district shall enter into an agreement
with the student and parents that establishes school attendance requirements, refer the student to a
community truancy board or file a petition and affidavit with the juvenile court alleging a violation of
RCW 28A.225.010. If the agreement is not successful in reestablishing the student’s regular attendance,
the district shall file a petition and affidavit with the juvenile court alleging a violation of RCW
28A.225.010 by the parent, student or parent and student no later than the seventh unexcused absence
within any single month, or the tenth unexcused absence during the current school year.
All suspensions or expulsions are reported in writing to the superintendent within 24 hours after
imposition. The superintendent enforces the district’s attendance policies and procedures, which are
disseminated broadly and made available to parents and students annually.
Fee Waivers and Reductions
The district’s superintendent, by Board delegation, establishes appropriate fees and collection
procedures and makes annual reports to the board regarding fee schedules. Class fees for the use of
supplementary supplies and materials and for rental of musical instruments are waived or reduced for
students whose families, by reason of income, would have difficulty paying the full fee. The USDA
Child Nutrition Program guidelines are used to determine qualification for waiver.
Integrated Pest Management – CRSD Policy No. 6895
All pesticide application (includes insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, and fungicides) made to
Castle Rock School District sites will be under the direction of a Washington State Department of
Agriculture (WSDA) licensed pest control applicator or operator (PCO) or a licensed public agency
operator. Unauthorized faculty and staff are not permitted to use their own pesticide products at any
school site or facility. No applications will be made at times that buildings are occupied. Applications
will only be made on weekends or vacation periods when schools are unoccupied.
Each site has a registration system to notify parents, staff and students who express an interest of
proposed pesticide applications. Notice will be given to registered individuals; either 48 hours in
advance of application, or on the day preceding application during a weekend or vacation period. No
notices will be sent when tamper-resistant insect or rodent bait stations crack or crevice treatments are
used. Pre-notification requirements do not apply to any emergency application for control of any pest
that poses an immediate human health or safety threat, such as an application to control stinging insects.
When an emergency application is made, notification consistent with the registration system shall
occur as soon as possible after the application. For further details on IPM you are welcome to review
a copy of the Integrated Pest Management Policy in our administrative offices during regular business
hours. Chad Perdue is the designated district IPM coordinator and all inquiries regarding the plan
should be directed to him at (360) 501-2940.
Internet Access
In the past few years our district has been able to add many computers to our schools, and is using
them for student learning activities such as going to an Internet site that has extra math learning
materials; completing research projects; and finding materials in our library card catalog located on
our district server. If a parent or guardian checks NO in section 3, the child will not be able to use the
Internet for learning activities.
Military & Institutions of Higher Learning
The military and institutions of higher learning request high school students’ directory information.
We provide that information after October 1 to those groups. If a parent or guardian checks NO in
section 2 on the release form and we receive the form by October 1, we will not release the student’s
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                     Page 41

directory information. If the student’s form is returned after October 1, be aware that we may have
already released the student’s information.
Because of a recent federal law, we must also release a high school student’s telephone number and
address to military recruiters and institutions of higher learning unless a parent or guardian tells us
not to by checking NO in the appropriate box of section 2 on the release form.
Parent and Student Rights in Administration of Surveys, Analysis or Evaluations:
Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) – CRSD Policy No. 3232
The district is committed to protecting students’ personal information, and makes arrangements to
protect student privacy during the administration of surveys and the collection, disclosure or use of
personal information for marketing, sales or other distribution purposes.
All instructional materials, including supplementary materials and teachers manuals, used with any
survey, analysis or evaluation in a program or project supported by federal funds are available for
inspection by parents and guardians.
No student participating in any project or program supported by federal funds is required to submit to
survey, analysis or evaluation that reveals information concerning:
     1. Political affiliations;
     2. Potentially embarrassing mental or psychological problems;
     3. Sexual behavior and attitudes;
     4. Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating or demeaning behavior;
     5. Critical appraisals of close family members;
     6. Privileged or similar relationships;
     7. Religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or student’s parent; or
     8. Income other than information necessary to establish eligibility for a program
without the prior consent of adult or emancipated students, or written permission of parents.
The Board of Directors of Castle Rock School District has developed and adopted policies regarding
these rights, as well as assured arrangements to protect student privacy in the administration of
protected information. The district will provide an opportunity for the parents of students scheduled
to participate in the specific activities noted below to opt his or her child out of participation. Parents
will also be provided an opportunity to review any pertinent surveys.
Specific activities and surveys covered under this requirement are:
     •    Collection, disclosure or use of personal information for marketing, sales or other distribution
     •    Administration of any protected information survey not funded in whole or in part by the US
          Department of Education.
     •    Any non-emergency, invasive physical examination or screening as described above.
Parents’ Right to Teacher Qualification Information – CRSD Policy No. 4130
This notice is made in accord with the current Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA),
also known as the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, to advise parents of their right to
teacher qualification information.
School districts receiving Title I funds must notify all parents of children attending Title I schools
that they may request information about the qualifications of their children’s teachers and
paraprofessionals. The law states that parents have the right to request the following information on
the professional qualifications of their children’s teachers:
Castle Rock School District                Castle Rock High School                                       Page 42

     1. Whether the teacher has met state qualifications and has a license for the grade level and the
        subject he or she teaches;
     2. Whether the teacher has an emergency or provisional license;
     3. What degrees the teacher holds and the field of discipline of his or her certification or degree;
     4. Whether the child is being provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their
If you would like to receive any of this information, please call the Castle Rock School District office
at (360) 501-2940. As per Title I, individual schools receiving Title I funds will notify parents of
children being taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not “highly qualified.”
For additional information contact Human Resources at (360) 501-2940.
Photo & Directory Information
Directory information is defined as the student’s name, date of birth, major field of study,
participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of athletic team
members, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and the most recent previous educational
agency or institution attended.
When a child wins an honor or is working on an exciting project, we may want to write about it and
use the child’s photo or show the child’s work in some of our district publications and/or tell the news
media about the child’s achievements. We never knowingly release information about a student to
anyone who wants to use it for commercial purposes, and we do not give out students’ addresses or
phone numbers unless the request comes from the military or an institution of higher learning.
Though the names of faculty, staff, and administration will regularly be used, it is our policy that the
full names of students will not. Occasionally, it might be necessary to use the first name of a student,
but no last names, addresses, and/or telephone numbers will ever be used.
Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying – CRSD Policy No. 4130
The District is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees,
volunteers and patrons; free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. “Harassment, intimidation or
bullying” means any intentional written message or image, including those that are electronically
transmitted, a verbal, or physical act, including but not limited to one shown to be motivated by any
characteristic in RCW 9A.36.080(3), (race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual
orientation or mental or physical disability), or other distinguishing characteristics, when an act:
     •    Physically harms a student or damages the student’s property; or
     •    Has the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s education; or
     •    Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational
          environment; or
     •    Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.
Nothing in this section requires the affected student to actually possess a characteristic that is a basis for
the harassment, intimidation, or bullying. “Other distinguishing characteristics” can include but are not
limited to: physical appearance, clothing or other apparel, socioeconomic status, gender identity, and
marital status. Harassment, intimidation or bullying can take many forms including: slurs, rumors, jokes,
innuendos, demeaning comments, drawings, cartoons, pranks, gestures, physical attacks, threats, or other
written, oral, physical or electronically transmitted messages or images. “Intentional acts” refers to the
individual’s choice to engage in the act rather than the ultimate impact of the action(s).
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                      Page 43

This policy is not intended to prohibit expression of religious, philosophical, or political views,
provided that the expression does not substantially disrupt the educational environment. Many
behaviors that do not rise to the level of harassment, intimidation or bullying may still be prohibited
by other district policies or building, classroom, or program rules.
This policy is a component of the district’s responsibility to create and maintain a safe, civil,
respectful and inclusive learning community and is to be implemented in conjunction with
comprehensive training of staff and volunteers, including the education of students in partnership
with families and the community. The policy is to be implemented in conjunction with the
Comprehensive Safe Schools Plan that includes prevention, intervention, crisis response, recovery,
and annual review. Employees, in particular, are expected to support the dignity and safety of all
members of the school community.
Depending upon the frequency and severity of the conduct, intervention, counseling, correction,
discipline and/or referral to law enforcement will be used to remediate the impact on the victim and
the climate and change the behavior of the perpetrator. This includes appropriate intervention,
restoration of a positive climate, and support for victims and others impacted by the violation. False
reports or retaliation for harassment, intimidation or bullying also constitute violations of this policy.
The superintendent is authorized to direct the development and implementation of procedures
addressing the elements of this policy, consistent with the complaint and investigation components of
procedure 6590, Sexual Harassment.
Rental of Musical Instruments
The district purchases only those instruments which, because of cost and/or unsuitability as a solo
instrument, are not likely to be purchased by parents and yet are needed for full instrumentation of school
music groups. Such instruments are rented with the fee used to help cover maintenance costs, except when
the rental instrument is in addition to an instrument already owned or rented by the student.
Rental instruments shall be used only in preparation for and playing in school organizations. The user
shall be responsible for any damage to the instrument which might occur while it is in his/her care.
The superintendent establishes a rental fee for school-owned instruments.
Section 504 Education of Students with Disabilities Program
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a civil rights law that protects the rights of individuals
with disabilities in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance from the U.S.
Department of Education. A child is a “qualified disabled person” under Section 504 if he or she (1) has a
physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities (such as caring for
one’s self, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, and
working), has a record of such an impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment; and (2) is
between the ages of 3 and 21 years old.
The district ensures that students who are disabled within the definition of Section are identified,
evaluated, and provided with appropriate educational services. Students may be disabled under this
policy even if they are not eligible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education
(IDEA) legislation.
The district complies with federal policies that require free appropriate public education, child find,
equal educational opportunity, confidentiality of information, parent involvement, participation in
least restrictive environment, evaluations, placement, reevaluation, programming to meet individual
needs, placement procedures, nonacademic services, preschool and adult education programs,
disciplinary exclusion, transportation, procedural requirements, appropriate funding, accessibility,
special issues related to drug or alcohol addicted students, special considerations for students having
AIDS or HIV infection, and special issues related to ADD/ADHD students.
Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the district’s Title
IX/RCW 28A.640 officer Susan Barker and/or Section 504/ADA coordinator Henry Karnofski by
phone at (360) 501-2940, or fax at (360) 501-3140.
Castle Rock School District              Castle Rock High School                                     Page 44

Sexual Harassment – CRSD Policy No. 6590
This district is committed to a positive and productive educational and working environment free
from discrimination, including sexual harassment. The district prohibits sexual harassment of
students, employees and others involved in school district activities.
Sexual harassment occurs when: (1) submitting to the harasser’s sexual demands is a stated or
implied condition of obtaining an education or work opportunity or other benefit; (2) submission to or
rejection of sexual demands is a factor in an academic, work or other school-related decision
affecting an individual; or (3) unwelcome sexual or gender directed conduct or communication
interferes with an individual’s performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive
environment. Sexual harassment can occur adult to student, student to adult, student to student, adult
to adult, male to female, female to male, male to male and female to female.
The district will take prompt, equitable and remedial action within its authority on reports, complaints
and grievances alleging sexual harassment that comes to the attention of the district, either formally
or informally. Allegations of criminal misconduct will be reported to law enforcement and suspected
child abuse will be reported to law enforcement or Child Protective Services. Engaging in sexual
harassment will result in appropriate discipline or other appropriate sanctions against offending
students, staff and contractors. Anyone else who engages in sexual harassment on school property or
at school activities will have access to school property and activities restricted, as appropriate.
Retaliation against any person who makes or is a witness in a sexual harassment complaint is
prohibited and will result in appropriate discipline. It is a violation of this policy to knowingly report
false allegations of sexual harassment. Persons found to knowingly report or corroborate false
allegations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
The superintendent shall develop and implement formal and informal procedures for receiving,
investigating, and resolving complaints or reports of sexual harassment. The procedures will include
reasonable and prompt timelines and delineate staff responsibilities under this policy. All staff
members are responsible for receiving informal complaints and reports of sexual harassment and
informing appropriate district personnel of the complaint or report for investigation and resolution.
All staff members are also responsible for directing complainants to the formal complaint process.
The superintendent and/or his designated representative shall develop procedures to provide age-
appropriate information and education to district staff, students, parents and volunteers regarding this
policy and the recognition and prevention of sexual harassment. At a minimum, sexual harassment
recognition and prevention and the elements of this policy will be included in staff, student and
regular volunteer orientation.
This policy shall be posted in each district building in a place available to staff, students, parents,
volunteers and visitors. The policy shall be reproduced in each student, staff, volunteer and parent
handbook. The superintendent and/or his designated representative shall make an annual report
during the month of October to the board reviewing the use and efficacy of this policy and related
procedures. Recommendations for changes to this policy, if applicable, shall be included in the report.
The superintendent is encouraged to involve staff, students, volunteers and parents in the review
process. Legal References: RCW 28A.640.020 – Regulations, guidelines to eliminate discrimination
– Scope; WAC 392-190-056 to 058 – sexual harassment.
Student Fees – CRSD Policy Nos. 3520, 6113
The district provides educational programs for the students as free of costs as possible. The
superintendent may approve the use of supplementary supplies or materials for which the student will
be charged an amount equal only to the cost of the supplies or materials. Students are free to purchase
them elsewhere, or provide reasonable alternatives. A proper accounting is made of all moneys
received by staff for supplies and materials.
Castle Rock School District               Castle Rock High School                                     Page 45

Students are responsible for the cost of replacing materials or property which are lost or damaged due
to negligence. A student’s grades, transcripts or diploma may be withheld until restitution is made by
payment or equivalent voluntary work. The student or his/her parents may appeal the imposition of a
charge for damages to the superintendent and board of directors.
The student and his/her parents will be notified regarding the nature of the violation or damage, how
restitution may be made, and how an appeal may be made. When the damages or fines do not exceed
$100, the student or his/her parents have a right to an informal conference with the principal. The
principal’s decision may be appealed to the superintendent and to the board of directors. When damages
are in excess of $100, the appeal process for long-term suspension (Policy 3241) shall apply.
If a student having an outstanding fine or fee transfers to another school district, only records
pertaining to the student’s academic performance, special placement, immunization history, attendance,
history of violent behavior, violent offenses, sex offenses, inhaling toxic fumes, drug offenses, liquor
violations, assault, kidnapping, harassment, stalking or arson, and discipline actions shall be sent to the
enrolling school. The content of those records shall be communicated to the enrolling district within
two school days and copies of the records shall be sent as soon as possible. The student’s official
transcript will not be sent until the outstanding fee or fine is discharged. The enrolling school shall be
notified that the official transcript is being withheld due to an unpaid fee or fine.
Student Medical History – CRSD Policy No. 3414
The district requires that each student’s parent or guardian complete a medical history form for the student
at the beginning of each school year. The nurse or school physician may use the history to advise the
parent of the need for further medical attention and to plan for potential health problems in school.
Supplemental Services to Students –CRSD Policies No. 2190, 2410, 3114
Highly Capable Supplemental Services –Policy No. 2190:
In accordance with the philosophy to develop the special abilities of each student, the district offers
appropriate instructional programs to meet the needs of exceptionally gifted and talented students of
school age. Objectives for these programs encompass, but are not limited to:
     A. Expanding academic attainments and intellectual skills;
     B. Stimulating intellectual curiosity, independence and responsibility;
     C. Developing a positive attitude toward self and others; and
     D. Developing originality and creativity.
The superintendent establishes procedures consistent with state guidelines for nominating, assessing
and selecting children of demonstrated achievement or potential in terms of general intellectual
ability, academic aptitude and creative or productive thinking. For additional information contact
Wayne Heuett at (360) 501-2930 or
Running Start Program and other Alternative Course Work –Policy No. 2410:
The district superintendent develops procedures for implementing the policies setting forth
graduation requirements for students in Castle Rock School District. Procedures include granting
credit for correspondence, vocational-technical institutes and/or college courses for college or
university course work the district has agreed to accept for high school credit.
State law requires that the district award one high school credit for every five quarter hour credit or
three semester hour credit successfully earned through a college or university, except for community
college high school completion programs where the district awards the diploma.
Tenth and eleventh grade students and their parents are notified annually of the Running Start Program.
Castle Rock School District              Castle Rock High School                                     Page 46

Part-time, Home-Based or Off Campus Students – Policy No. 3114:
Part-time students are permitted to enroll and receive ancillary services, provided they are otherwise
eligible for full time enrollment in the school district and such courses or services are not available in
the student’s private school or an approved extension thereof. Part-time status also includes any
student not enrolled in a private school who receives home-based instruction and takes courses at or
receives ancillary services from the district or both; or any student involved in an approved work
training program.
Home-based instruction consists of instructional and related educational activities, including the basic
skills of occupational education, science, mathematics, language, social studies, history, health,
reading, writing, spelling, and the development of an appreciation of art and music. Such instruction
shall be equivalent, as liberally construed, to the total annual program hours per grade level as
established for public schools.
Home-based instruction may be provided by a parent who has filed a declaration of intent with the
superintendent by September 15, or within two (2) weeks of the beginning of any quarter, trimester or
semester. Parents may file their declaration of intent with the school district in which they reside or in
a school district that has accepted their student according to RCW 28A.225.225. All decisions
relating to philosophy or doctrine, selection of books, teaching materials and curriculum, and
methods, timing, place, and provision for the evaluation of home-based instruction are the
responsibility of the parent. Failure of a parent to comply with the standards as specified in the law
shall constitute a violation of the compulsory attendance law.
A student may be enrolled in an off-campus instruction program provided that such experiences have
been approved by the superintendent, or designee. The superintendent establishes procedures that
define the district’s responsibilities for home-based and off-campus instruction.
Title IX, Section 504 (Nondiscrimination) Notice – CRSD Policies No. 2162 and 3210
Castle Rock School District complies with all federal and state rules and regulations and does not
discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, families with children, marital
status, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, honorably discharged veteran or military status, or
the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service
animal by a person with a disability. This holds true for all district employment and student

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