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									                m o m e n t u m

                                                                                  r a n s p o

b i c y c l e t r a n s p o r tat i o n a l l i a n c e

                                                                                                t a
                                                              c y c l

                                                                                                    t i o n

             annual report 2001
                                                          b i

                                                                          a               e
                                                                              l l
                                                                                  i a n c
                       b u i l d i n g                    m o m e n t u m

                                              Dear Friend:                                              that they understand that prioritizing bicycling
                                                 The past year has been an exciting time                isn’t just good for Oregon’s national image, but
                                              for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and               that it’s good for Oregon – for our environ-
                                              for bicycling in Oregon. From passing a                   ment, our neighborhoods, our businesses and
                                                          Safe Routes to School bill in the             our health.
                                                          state legislature to helping secure the           From my view here at the BTA, we’re well-
                                                          most bicycle-friendly federal funding         positioned for the challenge. I am privileged
                                                          package ever in the Portland metro            to work with a talented staff and a committed
                                                          region, the BTA has been a vocal              Board of Directors – but the BTA’s greatest
                                                          advocate for policies and projects            strength rests with our diverse, vibrant mem-
                                                          that integrate bicycling into the             bership. I am reminded of this every day as
                                                          everyday lives of Oregonians. Our             I cross the Willamette River with dozens of
                                                          programs have grown exponentially             other cyclists on my daily commute to work. In
photo by matt giraud

                                                          as well, getting thousands of kids            those cyclists, I see people who are healthy
                                                          on bikes through our Bicycle Safety           and independent – people who are in touch
                                                          Education program and encouraging             with the landscape, the weather, and their com-
                                                          hundreds of adults to dust off their          munity. It’s no accident that hundreds and
                                              bikes and ride to work during the Bike Com-               hundreds of those cyclists have made their
                                              mute Challenge.                                           voice heard at some time during the past year.
                                                 We’ve seen our efforts pay off, as the rest            They’ve written a letter, made a phone call,
                                              of the country looks to Oregon as a leader in             attended a hearing, or helped out in the BTA
                                              policies and practices that make it safer, easier,        office. It doesn’t surprise me that so many
                                              more accessible and more convenient to ride               cyclists are advocates in one way or another,
                                              a bike. The League of American Bicyclists hon-            because bicycling itself is a bold, positive and
                                              ored Oregon with its Bicycle Leadership Award,            empowering act.
                                              and Bicycling Magazine declared Portland the                  So I look back on the year with pride, and
                                              best bicycling city in North America. While               I look forward with anticipation to the coming
                                              we don’t need national awards to tell us that             challenges. The BTA will continue to represent
                                              Oregon is a great place for bicycling, it’s gratify-      citizens coming together to say “this is how I
                                              ing to see the rest of the country taking notice.         want my community to be.” It won’t necessarily
                                                 As we look to the future, however, we see a            be easy and success isn’t guaranteed. But in
                                              growing need for broad, strong advocacy sup-              today’s world, I believe it is ever more impor-
                                              port of bicycling in Oregon. As state and local           tant that each of us is connected to our com-
                                              agencies face tightening budgets, their commit-           munity, and that those communities nurture
                                              ment to bicycling is already faltering. Increas-          what is healthy and strong and positive in
                                              ingly, funding bicycle projects and upholding             all of us.
                                              bicycle-friendly policies is going to require dif-
                                              ficult choices and political will. It will be up to
                                              us as citizens and cyclists to hold our leaders to                                            Catherine Ciarlo
                                              the standard that’s been set, and to make sure                                               Executive Director

                       contributors           department of             peacehealth           $1000-$1999             portland general         $500-$999
                       october 1, 2000 -        environmental           providence            ashland community         electric               alta transportation
                       september 30, 2001       quality                   bridge pedal          food store            portland wheelmen          consulting
                                              eugene tdm program        providence health     bicycle repair            touring club           asante
                       $2000+                 grapheon                    systems               collective            rotary club of           astoria school
                       ashland community        communications          river city bicycles   brightstone macintosh     ashland                  district
                         hospital               design                  safeco                  consulting & sales    russell development co   burley design
                       bike gallery           kgw-tv                    st. charles medical   city of eugene          salem bicycle club         cooperative
                       bike-n-hike            mid-valley bicycle club     center              eugene bicycle          vancouver bicycle        burlingame pizza
                       city of bend           nature’s northwest        susan rosenthal         coalition               club                   chris ho,
                       city of portland       oregon department of                            greater eugene area                                photographer
                       cycle oregon fund of     environmental                                   riders (gears)                                 coventry cycle works
                         the oregon             quality                                       green gear, inc.                                 fremont family vision
                         community            oregon department of                            melvin mark companies                            gales creek insurance
                         foundation             transportation
   b t a             p r o g r a m s                       a n d             a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s

                            Alice B. Toeclips Awards Party                             Active Community Environment Breakfasts
                            February 3, 2001                                           May-June, 2001
                               Metro Presiding Officer David Bragdon                       Over 100 participants in five communities
                            emceed a spirited party where 325 attendees                attended these breakfasts to highlight the con-
                                                   applauded the eight                 nections between transportation and commu-
                                                   recipients of Alice                 nity health.
                                                   awards for bicycle                  Bicycle Safety and Awareness Program
                                                   advocacy in 2000. In                   The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA)
                                                   celebration of the 30th             completed its third year of the Bicycle Safety
                                                   anniversary of Oregon’s             and Awareness Program, teaching almost 4,000
                                                   landmark Bicycle Bill,              children in 15 cities, 30 schools and 140 class-
                                                   the bill’s sponsors Don             rooms across Oregon.
                                                   Stathos and Sam Oak-
                                                                                       TV Campaign
   the bta’s karen          land were each awarded a Bud Clark Lifetime                June- Sept 2001
   frost, emcee             Achievement Award.
   david bragdon,                                                                         In partnership with Grapheon Design, KGW
   and ellen                Office Move                                                 Channel 8, and the Oregon Department of
   vanderslice at
   the toeclips             February 2001                                              Transportation, the BTA produced and aired
   awards                      After a long search and hours of sorting,               6 humorous yet hard-hitting “commercials” to
                            packing, cleaning and painting, the BTA took               encourage cyclists and motorists to share the
                            up official residence at a new office location               road safely.
                            in downtown Portland. Our new space offers
                                                                                       The Bike Gallery’s Midsummer Night
                            a warmer (literally!) welcome to visitors, and             City Bike Tour
                            better accommodates our growing staff.                     June 30, 2001
   oregon                   Bicycle Bill Relay and Rally                                  The BTA recruited 70 volunteers to support
   governor john            April 12-20, 2001                                          the 2nd annual midnight ride, a fundraiser for
   re-signs the                BTA staff and enthusiastic members and                  the BTA which drew 2200 riders.
   bicycle bill             supporters rode 340 miles through 40 cities,               B.A.S.E. Camp
                                                       ending with a rally             July - August, 2001
                                                       on the Capitol steps               This four-week summer rides program
                                                       where more than 200             reached youths ages 9-12 in the North, North-
                                                       cyclists celebrated the         east, and Southeast Portland neighborhoods.
                                                       30th Anniversary of             Each ride reinforced lessons from the man-
                                                       the Bicycle Bill and            datory pre-ride bike safety and environmental
                                                       showed support for              awareness trainings.
                                                       the BTA’s Safe Routes           Providence Bridge Pedal
                                                       to School Legislation.          August 12, 2001
                                                       Gov. Kitzhaber was                 The BTA recruited 460 volunteers to make
photos by chris ho
                                                       there to re-sign the            this popular ride’s 6th annual run a success;
                            Bicycle Bill on a seat of a shiny new Trek.                17,500 cyclists rode the bridges and helped
                                                                                       raise funds for the BTA.                                  more >

   hoyt street properties   bike central            grace space              nacco materials          retina & vitreous       deb robertson
   nike, inc.               the bike peddler        hotlips pizza              handling group inc       center of s. oregon   galen seitz &
   oregon country fair      bob’s bicycle center    ipsolon llp              new seasons market       rose city bike tours      jacqueline villnave
   swan island cycling      boora architects        islamic jihad of love    opportunity center       scott’s cycling &       rebecca slak & jeff
     classic                bridgeport brewing      kaiser foundation        oregon food bank           fitness                 cole
   wellmed, inc.            downtown                  health plan            oregon screen            sellwood cycle repair   william spisak md
                              chiropractic clinic   kool stop/everett          impressions            south salem             tom van raalte
   $250-$499                environmental             manufacturing          pge/enron cycling club     cycleworks            joan vanderkooy
   abandon magazine           building supply       lakeside bicycles        portland manual          team       jeff & diane wills
   abr inc                  eye benefit northwest   lampros steel inc          lymph drainage         truedisk
   agape cycle & fitness    flashpro event          logo sapiens german-       clinic                 charles chesney
   amazing online             photography             english translations   regence bluecross        kasandra griffin
     marketing              flexcar portland                   blueshield of          dan & gail nelson
   the bardy company        fred meyer              miller safety & health     oregon                 doug parrow
m o r e                 a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s

    Bike Commute Challenge                                      schools and communities to
    September 1-30, 2001                                        work together to identify haz-
       A record 195 businesses competed for the                 ards that keep kids from walk-
    most bike commutes in September – a 32%                     ing and biking to school safely.
    increase over last year – as employees tallied up           While the BTA’s original leg-
    more than 39,000 bike commutes.                             islative concept would have
    Bike To School Challenge                                    designated state funds to fix
    September - October, 2001                                   these problems, the bill is an
       Students in four Portland middle schools                 important first step toward cre-
    tallied the number of days that they rode to                ating safer walking and bicy-
    school, competing for prizes donated by local               cling routes to schools around
    bike dealers and businesses.                                the state.
    Bicyclists Legal Clinic                                     Regional Transportation
       The BTA and Portland bike lawyer Ray                     Funding
    Thomas distributed Pedal Power: A Legal                     Shaped by the testimony of
    Guide for Oregon Bicyclists to more than                    BTA staff, other transportation
    150 cyclists during these engaging, bi-monthly              groups and hundreds of citizens, the Portland
    presentations.                                              Metro Regional Government’s 2001 trans-
    Bike Lockers                                                portation funding package included more
       The BTA managed 180 lockers at Portland                  money for bicycle facilities than any previous
    area light rail stations, adding 30 lockers in the          funding package. Projects included portions of
    summer of 2001 to meet increasing demand.                   the Springwater Corridor, Fanno Creek and
                                                                Gresham-Fairview Trails, as well as bicycle and
    Safe Routes to School Legislation
                                                                pedestrian access over the Morrison Bridge into
       With support from hundreds of committed
                                                                downtown Portland.
    parents, cyclists, and health professionals, the
    BTA succeeded in passing a Safe Routes                      Interstate MAX
    to Schools bill. This unique law requires                      The BTA worked to assure good bicycle
                                                                access in Portland’s Interstate Avenue Corridor
                                                                during the development phase of the new
                                                                light rail project.
                                                                The BTA’s work in partnership with City
                                                                officials, staff and community members earned
                                                                Portland two prestigious awards:
                                                                   •     “BestBicyclingCityinNorthAmerica”
                                                                  (Bicycling magazine)
                                                                   •     ”BicycleFriendlyCity”(LeagueofAmerican

                                                                photos by brita johnson

$100-$249                michael becker &        larry & marilyn          jim gambrell             greg haun               ed kushner
northwest tandem           susan c hay             cooper                 karen garber & john f.   alex howard             cathy & loran lamb-
  rally                  bonnie berneck &        martin cranswick            desmarais             mike huntington           mullin
inca expeditions           family                john cunningham          kevin gorman             noah iliinsky           keith larson
friends                  joe & lavonne blowers   bob & ellen currey-      laura graser             linda johns & phil      david levine
standard insurance       earl blumenauer           wilson                 joel & barbara grover      biehl                 evan manvel
  company                jenn bond & jon hall    katy daily               philip gruwell           al johnson              terry & willy moore
anonymous                jann brown              sarah doll               peter gutmann &          stg 3 lonnie johnson jr michael & margo
steve apotheker &        hugh & ann bynum        brendan dummigan            kenan smith           ron kernan                nelson & sarah
  diane miesenhelter     jeff chochon            glenn fenske             steve gutmann &          bruce kindler             nelson
kristi & gerald auvil    catherine ciarlo        bob fisch                   amanda potter         jon kirshbaum           jerry norquist &
  & family               minot cleveland         matt forsyth             william & barbara        lynn krupa                victoria graves
lynn bauer               elizabeth coker         sarah & roger friedel       harris                tom kuffner & ervin     erik osborn &
jay & tina beattie       nancy conover           robert fulton            joshua hatch & family      czimskey                marjolein schat
f i n a n c i a l                       s u m m a r y

                                         revenues                                                             board of directors
                                         membership & individual donations                  $84,633           kasandra griffin, chair
                                                                                                              portland, or
                                         corporate support                                   84,018
                                                                                                              evan manvel, vice-chair
                                         bicycle safety education grant - odot                   96,401       portland, or
                                         tv campaign grant - odot*                          168,472           jane eichenberger, secretary
                                         foundation grants                                   25,000           portland, or
                                         merchandise sales                                   11,681           jay graves, treasurer
                                                                                                              portland, or
                                         fees for services                                       58,636
                                                                                                              hal ballard
                                         other                                                      704       beaverton, or
                                           total                                           $529,544           tom fahsbender
                                                                                                              portland, or
                                         expenses                                                             steve gutmann
                                                                                                              portland, or
                                         bicycle safety education program                  $126,000
                                                                                                              bruce kilgore
                                         tv campaign*                                       169,000           portland, or
                                         education & promotion                               66,300           david levine
                                         advocacy                                            72,100           portland, or
                                         management & fundraising                            70,700           sheila lyons
                                                                                                              corvallis, or
                                         merchandise purchase                                15,300
                                                                                                              tom miller
                                           total                                           $519,400           portland, or
                                         *includes $160,000 in contract payments for production               jerry norquist
                                         and broadcast time                                                   sisters, or
                                                                                                              doug parrow
                                         bta membership                                                       salem, or
                                         bta membership in 2001 continued the steady                          amanda potter
                                                                                                              portland, or
                                         increase we’ve seen in the last 3 years (see
                                                                                                              cat samson
                                         graph). members are our ears and eyes in the com-                    portland, or
                                         munity, the source of energy behind our advocacy,
                                         and a vital financial support. members are truly                     outgoing
     membership in motion                the power behind the bta’s influence in oregon                       board members
  dec    dec     dec    dec              communities.                                                         mark ginsberg
                                                                                                              portland, or
 1998   1999 2000 2001                     increase in membership in 2001:                        23%
                                           renewal rate:                                          59%         tom van raalte
                             2447                                                                             portland, or
                                           cycletter circulation:                                 4000
                                           weekly e-mail digest circulation:                       950        curtis roth
                                                                                                              portland, or
                                                                                                              brian runyan
          1550                                                                                                portland, or


                                                                                                              photo by brita johnson

boyd & dorothy           marc san soucie         nick vance              lifetime members         mark ginsberg             susan rosenthal
  osgood                 eric sankey             ellen vanderslice &     aaron angel              jay graves                fred russell
doug parrow              alan scott                 scott parker         william berkshire, pc    julie gudmestad           donald & barbara
ken patton               wes shaw                william wessinger       candace bonner           charles holzweissig         stathos
edgar piper              bob & adrienne stacey   randi wexler &          tom brown                steve klausman            michael sylvester
pat rehberg & al levit   myles standish             malcolm j campbell   rex burkholder &         cal leong
pam reid                 bob storer              david whitaker &          lydia rich             jeff locke
jeffrey richard          doug strickler             kristin lensen       rober & jan buschman     john mcdougall
mary rowan               michael thomas          jim wilson & stephen    dale call                david & margaret
dick & jeanne roy                                   manning              edward chang               mesirow
                         ray thomas
leif running                                     lawrence woelfer        tom durkin               peter michaelson
                         rich & diane thomas
sam sadler                                       susan wolling           ruth & russell eng       bob mixon
                         daniel upper & nancy
nickolas & mary            jamieson              randy wooley            jeffrey foote            melanie moler & dave
  sammons                tom van raalte          jonny yeargers          linda ginenthal            eggleston
a b o u t                                              t h e                               b t a
                                                      the bta mission                                             staff                          tanya ignacio
                                                                                                                                                 bend bicycle safety education
                                                      in order to create safe,                                    catherine ciarlo
                                                                                                                  executive director
                                                      sane, and sustainable                                                                      cj davis
                                                                                                                  karen frost
                                                      communities, the bicycle                                    program director
                                                                                                                                                 bend bicycle safety education
                                                      transportation alliance                                     brita johnson
                                                                                                                                                 josh storer
                                                      • promotes bicycling as an                                  communications and volunteer
                                                                                                                                                 corvallis bicycle safety
                                                        accepted and viable mode                                                                 education instructor
                                                                                                                  jessica roberts
                                                        of transportation;                                        office manager and data
                                                                                                                                                 jason agar
                                                                                                                                                 eugene bicycle safety education
                                                      • advocates for cyclists                                    systems coordinator
                                                        and their rights; and                                     scott bricker
                                                                                                                  youth program director
                                                                                                                                                 alain letourneau
                                                      • educates current and                                                                     gresham bicycle safety
                                                                                                                  serra sermet                   education instructor
                                                        future cyclists about safe                                coordinator, bicycle safety
                                                                                                                                                 lynn mutrie
                                                        and responsible riding.                                   education
                                                                                                                                                 gresham bicycle safety
the bta office,                                                                                                   craig modisher                 education instructor
bottom to top:                                                                                                    coordinator, bicycle safety
catherine, karen,
                                                                                                                                                 alex mcfarland
brita, jessica, scott,                                                            t
                                                                                      r a
                                                                                          n s p
                                                                                                                                                 portland bicycle safety
cristina, pam, and

                                                                                                                  pam minty
                                                                i c y c l e

                                                                                                                                                 education instructor
                                                                                                    t a

craig (not pictured:
                                                                                                        t i o n

serra)                                                                                                            americorps member, bicycle
                                                                                                                  safety education

                                                                              a               e
                                                                                                                                                 allison wildman
                                                                                  l l       c
                                                                                      i a n
                                                                                                                  cristina marino
                                                                                                                                                 bicycle friendly report card
                                                                                                                  americorps member, bicycle
                                                          creating safe, sane and                                                                project
                                                                                                                  safety education
                                                          sustainable communities
                                                                                                                  carol lee rogers               zach vanderkooy
                                                             one bike at a time
                                                                                                                                                 downtown portland bike
                                                                                                                  ashland bicycle safety
                                                                                                                                                 parking compliance
                                                                                                                  education instructor

                                                      this report was designed by matt giraud / grapheon design /               •   cover photo by chris ho

                          r a n s p o
                      t                                                                                                                                                         non-profit
                                                      p.o. box 9072                                                                                                                 org.

                                        t a
      c y c l

                                                      portland or                                                                                                              u.s. postage
                                            t i o n
  b i

                  a               e
                                                      97207-9072                                                                                                               portland, or
                      l l
                          i a n c

b t a                                       a n n u a l                                               r e p o r t

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