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									Cover Letter Examples To Win You Your Dream Job

Cover letter examples are generalized samples that can be used by anyone requiring a
cover letter. It is therefore important to keep in mind that it is just an example and that it
needs alterations before being sent out to companies to give it that personal touch and
competitive edge. When using a cover letter example without modifications you greatly
reduce your chances of your resume getting noticed as your employer would have seen
the same format a thousand times over.

First off the obvious, you need to mention the name of the person who will be reading the
cover letter. This is one of the basic things that applicants often forget yet it speaks
volumes about your interest in securing the job and sets you apart from the competition.
Find out the person who will be scrutinizing your letter and write his/her name. This will
enable your cover letter to get noticed from the bunch of other letters that use generalized

Most of the cover letter examples are generalized and don’t take into consideration the
particular needs of each individual job application. To get noticed you need to customize
your cover letter for each situation targeting each company’s specific needs.

Brevity is important. When listing your skills and qualifications, keep it short and to the
point, avoid being longwinded. Going on about yourself is only a turn off to employers
and will only get your cover letter tossed. One paragraph should suffice. This section of
the letter should be brief and should address the requirements of the prospective
employer. Your cover letter is a good place to highlight why the company you’re
applying to should recruit you. Don’t feel restricted by the guidelines set forth by the
cover letter example and express yourself freely outlining all of your best and relevant
traits to help you get the job.

Another point that your cover letter example should make is why you want to apply for
the job in the first place. Employers are interested in this because they want to see
dedication in your cover letter rather than just to be another application in a series of
many. In a few sentences detail the reasons why you wish to be employed in the
organization. Researching the company and what they stand for will give you the
advantage and the upper hand when it comes to your competition. This shows you’ve
done your homework and will get you remembered. Most of the example cover letters
contain only a generalized version of what to write, however if you really want to be
successful, edit your cover letter example so that it reflects you and make it as individual
as possible.

Also your cover letter example should have an assertive tone and not be passive. It
should be framed in a manner that it gets the attention of the employer and gets you that
interview. An enthusiastic and confident cover letter is more likely to get all the attention
and have a lesser chance of getting overlooked so it’s important that the tone of your
letter be positive and close with a request for an interview.

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