Raegene Castle Raegene Castle

Raegene Castle
Breaks the Silence
Breaks the Silence
Is mail voting a good idea
Is mail voting a good idea
in “As I was saying .. .. .”
in “As I was saying .”

Does Downtown
Does Downtown
need a sign
need a sign
or two?
or two?

Sequoia High
Sequoia High
celebrates sports
celebrates sports
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                                            Welcome to the Seventh Edition!                                                     Table of Contents

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                                                   s we welcome you to the seventh edition of The
 Redwood City's Monthly Magazine                   Spectrum Magazine, we want to thank you for the
                                                   overwhelming response we got from our last issue. It                  Community News . . . . . . .Page 5, 6
                                            seems you enjoyed the story and photos of Bennett Roth-
                                            Newell. By coincidence he was on the front page of the San                   “Waiting for a Sign” . . . . . . . .Page 7
    March 2005                              Mateo County Times and in the Country Almanac the same
                                            week – he isloving life right now – isn’t it great to make a youth
                                                                                                                         Cultural Events . . . . . . . . . . .Page 8
       Vol 1, No. 7                         feel so appreciated!

                                            Last month we had the largest distribution of the Spectrum to                “As I Was Saying” by Steve Penna . .
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       Valerie Harris                       way there.                                                                   Cover Story: “Saved for a Reason,”
                                                                                                                         Reagene Castle . . . . . . . . .Page12, 13
     Contributing Writer                    This month was have a fascinating story of pure willingness to
  spectrumtext@yahoo.com                    live and make a difference with our cover story on Raegene
                                                                                                                         Youth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 16
                                            Castle. You may not need her now, but if you should, she will
                                            be there.
       Judy Buchan                                                                                                       Business Spotlight: 1-800-DryClean .
    Contributing Writer                     Our business profile this month is not only on the great                      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 14, 21
  Redexcom@earthlink.net                    service 1-800-Dry-Clean is providing our community but also
                                            on how the owners participate in our community by
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Inside The Spectrum:                                                                                     sure there were plenty of copies of The Spectrum available for users
                                                                                                         of our award-winning library.

Our cover photo shoot                                                                                    The Spectrum’s special assignment photographer James R. Kaspar was
                                                                                                         the next to arrive and the two of them started scouting spots with
                                                                                                         great lighting. We were going to originally use the Community Room
                                                                                                         but it was set-up for a meeting and the lighting was not good so we
                                                                                                         went to the stairwell and low-and-behold – it was perfect.

                                                                                                         Raegene arrived with her friend Sally Edwards and Senior Library
                                                                                                         Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator Jim Boyson and we started shooting.
                                                                                                         The camaraderie between the three of them was magical and we all
                                                                                                         found ourselves chatting throughout the entire shoot.

                                                                                                         After finishing there, we decided to go out into the park area just
                                                                                                         south of the Library to get some natural lighting photos, one of which
             Spectrum photographer James Kaspar and cover subject Raegene Castle                         was used for our cover.
                                                                              Photo by Steve Penna

       he photo shoot was scheduled for Tuesday March 8 at 2:00                                          It just does not get any better than meeting one of our community
       p.m. We thought that since our cover subject Raegene Castle                                       members who takes a devastating personal illness and turns it into a
       had been instrumental in securing grants that equipped the                                        positive thing for not only herself but her community. We have one of
Community Room at the main Library with an audio loop, that would                                        those persons in Raegene Castle.
be the perfect place.
                                                                                                         When one is given a second chance at a long life and takes it and
Spectrum Publisher Steve Penna was the first to arrive, and quickly got                                  moves mountains to improve their life and the life of others, one can
a call from Reagene letting him know she was running a little late due                                   only be in awe of watching them. We salute Raegene for doing just
to a doctors appointment. That gave Penna the opportunity to make                                        that!

                                                     The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine

                                                                                         REDWOOD CITY RESIDENCES TO
                                                                                         RECEIVE FREE FIRE ALARMS
A mysterious Fed Ex box recently left at an empty home in Redwood City con-
tained 13 pounds of hashish, the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force                   The Menlo Park Fire District reports that it
reported. Golan Yakobey, 36, of Redwood City, was arrested at his residence in           is visiting homes in southern unincorporat-
the 700 block Esther Lane. A mysterious package found to contain drugs was               ed Redwood City today to test and install
linked to him, Cmdr. Mark Wyss reported. San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies             smoke detectors, and change batteries in
received a report of a suspicious package at a residence on Don Court in unin-           existing detectors free of charge. According
corporated Redwood City, Wyss reported. The package was a large Fed Ex deliv-            to the district, volunteers will visit homes
ery box that had been left at a vacant house. A note on the door instructed the          between 9 a.m. and noon on the southeast
deliverer to leave the box outside, according to Wyss. While the deputies were           side of Middlefield Road, between First and
investigating the box, a suspicious vehicle drove by the house, Wyss reported.           Fifth streets. Approximately 130 resi-
When deputies questioned the driver, identified as Yakobey, he claimed he was            dences will be visited. This is the sixth
lost. deputies obtained his identification and let him go. Sheriff’s deputies took       smoke detector install day performed by
possession of the package as found property and opened it to discover a large            the Menlo Park Fire District, after a fire-
suitcase, according to Wyss. Inside a false compartment in the suitcase,                 related death of two children in East Palo
deputies found the 13 pounds of hashish with an estimated street value of                Alto on Christmas Day inspired the district
$60,000 to $100,000. An investigation led back to the suspicious vehicle seen            to begin a pro-active approach.
in the area, Wyss reported. The note left on the door of the Don Court residence
had left a telephone number that matched that of the suspicious vehicle’s                          TEACHER HELD TO ANSWER FOR SEX WITH TEEN
driver. Based on the information, a search warrant was issued for a residence in
the 700 block of Esther Lane. When the Narcotics Task Force served the                   Rebecca Ann Boicelli, a former Redwood City teacher who had a baby with a
warrant, they arrested Yakobey for attempting to escape. A search of his resi-           teenage former student, was held to answer on three counts of lewd acts upon
dence also turned up more hashish and $12,960. Yakobey was charged with                  a child and one count of unlawful intercourse with a minor. San Mateo County
possession of concentrated cannabis for sale, importation of concentrated                Superior Court Judge John Grandsaert found reasonable and probable cause to
cannabis, and maintaining a place for the sale of concentrated cannabis. The             believe that Boicelli, 33, is guilty of the allegations of kissing, holding hands with
package originated out of Anjuna, India, according to Wyss, but the hashish was          and ultimately having intercourse with the boy, who was 16 when the infant was
made in the Middle East. Details of the investigation have been forwarded to the         conceived. Boicelli was arrested Jan. 20 after an extensive investigation and
FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.                                                          DNA paternity testing confirmed that the teen fathered the baby born in June.
                                                                                         According to evidence presented in court, Boicelli first met the boy identified in
                 www.spectrummagazine.net                                                court as John Doe when he was 14 and she was his teacher at a Redwood City
                                                                                         school. The following year, when the boy was 15 and no longer Boicelli’s student,
                                                                                         witnesses reported seeing her and the boy together “in what appeared to be in
                                                                                         an intimate relationship,’’ Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth Raffaelli said. The
                                                                                         San Mateo County district attorney’s office investigated the case for about two
                                                                                         years before filing charges. In the 2002-03 and 2003-04 school years, Boicelli
                                                                                         worked at Redwood City’s Roy Cloud School, teaching math, science and physi-
                                                                                         cal education, and co-teaching sex education to eighth-grade students.
                                                                                         According to the testimony of Redwood City police Detective Carmine Galotta,
                                                                                         the boy was a “frequent visitor’’ around Roy Cloud School, both during and out-
                                                                                         side of school hours. Boicelli often had her classroom drapes closed, Galotta
                                                                                         said. Boicelli introduced the boy to colleagues and students as her 21-year-old
                                                                                         cousin, Galotta said. However, she admitted to a coworker that the boy was a for-
                                                                                         mer student, whom she described as a “troubled kid.’’ Boicelli was also a “con-
                                                                                         stant visitor’’ at the boy’s apartment complex when his mother was not home,
                                                                                         according to Galotta. The teen’s mother reportedly told Galotta that Boicelli
                                                                                         would often keep her son out very late. The boy claimed he was helping his
                                                                                         teacher paint, his mother told police. When questioned about the relationship,
                                                                                         the boy initially claimed that he never had intercourse with Boicelli. When con-
                                                                                         fronted with the DNA evidence about the child, the boy told Galotta he had sex
                                                                                         with Boicelli only once, in Reno or Lake Tahoe, Nev. Boicelli’s defense attorney
                                                                                         questioned the court’s jurisdiction to prosecute Boicelli on the unlawful inter-
                                                                                         course charge. “There is no evidence of any sex act occurring in California,’’
                                                                                         attorney Terry Bowman said. Grandsaert sided with Raffaelli’s argument that
                                                                                         the defendant’s alleged behavior in this state establishes jurisdiction to prose-
                                                                                         cute the crime here. Bowman also asked to reduce Boicelli’s bail. Raffaelli
                                                                                         objected, calling the defendant “a predator.’’ Grandsaert denied the request.
                                                                                         Boicelli remains in custody on $500,000 bail. She was to return to court for
                                                                                         arraignment on March 16 at 8:30 a.m.

                                                                                                             Picnic Site Reservations Started March 1

                                                                                         The official picnic season has begun in Redwood City, and park visitors can
                                                                                         make reservations to ensure their place in the sun. Eight beautiful Redwood City
                                                                                         parks have picnic areas available to reserve now and
                                                                                                                                                   (continued on page 6)

S                                                     The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine

continuing through October 31st (the Parks Department’s designated picnic                  tims in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Stanford, Redwood City and other areas. More
season). The parks where picnic reservations may be made are: Red Morton,                  than 200 items remain to be linked to their rightful owners, according to police.
Stulsaft, Stafford, Mezes, Spinas, Hoover, Marlin, and Shorebird. All of these City        Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Detective Scott Sweezey
parks have bathrooms, tables, and other great park amenities to ensure a won-              at (650) 947-2770.
derful picnic with family and friends.
It only costs $10 to reserve a picnic spot (non-residents pay an additional $10                                                       F
                                                                                                  PRESENTATION ON MAKING A PEDESTRIAN-FRIENDLY
fee), and reservation requests may be made by calling 780-7327 or by sending                                      COMMUNITY
an e-mail to picnics@redwoodcity.org. For more information on the great variety
of Redwood City parks and their amenities, please visit www.redwoodcity.org/               Mr. Dan Burden is a nationally-acclaimed pedestrian, bicycle, traffic
parks.                                                                                     calming, and livable communities expert, and he’s coming to
                                                                                           Redwood City to discuss how to provide healthy streets in our
          COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT GRANTS AVAILABLE                                           communities.
                                                                                           His presentation will cover how to do a complete checkup, diagnosis, and
Grants of up to $300 from the city of Redwood City are available for community             overall health analysis of neighborhood and town center streets to
engagement projects, beautification, neighborhood participation activities, or             restore them to health by utilizing the latest innovations in street
other projects that bring people together and build community.                             design and new approaches to creating more pedestrian-friendly
The purpose of this grant program is to help people to implement their own cre-            communities. The goal is to help provide neighborhoods with the
ative ideas for making their street, block, neighborhood, or community a better            tools to bring back full and vital health to neighborhood and town
place to live and work. Eligible projects will have a positive impact and will offer       center streets.
an opportunity for neighbors to get to know one another and work together                  This will be a workshop presentation at the City Council meeting on
toward a common goal of community improvement and engagement.                              Monday, March 28, 2005, starting at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers in
This program is one way the City is helping people to strengthen the foundation            City Hall (1017 Middlefield Road).
of the entire community. More information and applications are available at the            Mr. Burden is the current Director of Walkable Communities, Inc., a
Office of the City Manager at 1017 Middlefield Road, by sending an email to                current National Advisory Board Member of Active Living By Design, and
mail@redwoodcity.org, or by calling the City Manager’s office at 650-780-7300.             the former Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the State of Florida
You can also get information and an application online. Applications will be               Department of Transportation. He has taught bicycle and pedestrian
reviewed once a month and applicants can expect to hear from the City within               facility design in hundreds of different communities throughout the
45 days of receipt of the application. Developing a community garden, publish-             nation and has personally photographed and examined walking and
ing a neighborhood newsletter, organizing a block-wide beautification project,             bicycling conditions in over 200 cities in the U.S. and abroad. As a
holding an annual block party or monthly pot luck dinners are just a few ideas -           consultant, planner, expert witness, author, and a nationally-recognized
bring your own creative, fun, community-building ideas to the table and let the            authority on bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs.
City help with some of the cost. This grant program is for small projects - but
many small projects together can offer big, positive changes for our community.
Anyone with an idea for a community-building neighborhood project is urged to
apply for a Redwood City Community Improvement Grant.


A man accused of raping a woman he lived with at a Redwood City homeless
shelter was released from custody pending further investigation. James Loesch,
42, was arrested at the Maple Street Shelter after police were alerted that a
rape possibly occurred at a nearby location. However, “The evidence on Mr.
Loesch did not warrant the filing of charges,” said San Mateo County Chief
Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. The district attorney’s office has asked
the Redwood City Police Department to continue investigating the case to deter-
mine whether there is evidence to corroborate the woman’s story, Wagstaffe
said. This is the second recent case in which a Redwood City rape suspect was
arrested and released with insufficient evidence. Last week, the district attor-
ney’s office formally dropped the charges against Raul Orellana, 21, who was
accused of raping a former girlfriend. The alleged victim in that crime originally
claimed that she was kidnapped while jogging and raped by a stranger, but later
changed her story and claimed that Orellana committed the crime. In that case,
“The evidence is insufficient to prosecute,” Wagstaffe said.


Los Altos police continue to investigate a case that has already netted hundreds
of items of apparently stolen merchandise recovered from a Redwood City ware-
house. On March 4, police from Los Altos, Mountain View and Redwood City exe-
cuted a search warrant on a warehouse located in the 1700 block of E.
Bayshore Road in Redwood City. Investigators from Los Altos reportedly had
obtained information that linked the warehouse to a Los Altos burglary case.
During the search, officers recovered hundreds of items including computers,
routers, peripherals and other equipment and tools. Mountain View police inves-
tigators located property allegedly stolen from residents in their city and 30
additional items were later determined to have been allegedly stolen from vic-

                                                 The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine
Waiting for a Sign
                                                          by W.M.B. Riggen

        ime was when it was pretty easy to find your way around town.
        Five Points really was Five Points -not an expressway. The Peanut
        Farm was one of the best dining establishments around - not a
car lot. Frank’s Tannery, well, the smoke from the fire at Frank’s Tannery
more than 30 years ago could be seen for miles . And City Hall was easy
to find, there at the corner of Jefferson and Middlefield.

Those times, when everyone knew where everything was, are pretty well

Now there are more folks making their way to downtown Redwood City
to do business, for entertainment, for holding criminal trials (no, there is
no relation between the two), to dine, and more. They need information,
and they don’t have time to wander around searching for their destina-

A while back I was walking past the History Museum on Broadway in
downtown when I saw a young woman run to the steps to the old annex
in front of the Museum and then suddenly stop. She looked like she was
ready to scream. When I offered my assistance, she told me that she was
trying to find City Hall. I gave her directions to City Hall and assured her
it would be but a few minutes walk. She thanked me and ran on her way.

                                                                                   As I thought about that encounter later, I realized that this young
                                                                                   woman probably saw the old Courthouse and figured it looked like a
                                                                                   City Hall might look - stately, historic, and right smack in the middle of
                                                                                   Broadway. It also occurred to me that there was no sign anywhere that
                                                                                   gave directions to City Hall, much less the parking garage on Marshall
                                                                                   Street, the Fox Theatre, the County buildings, or the Caltrain station for
                                                                                   that matter.

                                                                                                                             So maybe it’s time to be the
                                                                                                                             city that knows how to help its
                                                                                                                             visitors, especially when they
                                                                                                                             are frantic or just plain lost. It’s
                                                                                                                             time for a sign or two.

S                                                       The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine

                                                                                              were named MVP: Saul Chavez, Andre Belion, Dominic Stewart and Darryl Ragland.

Senior Activities March 2005                                                                  Most Inspirational went to Marseilles Stewart and Carlos Chorro and Most Improved
                                                                                              went to Travis Sinfield and Nick James. In addition awards were given to Vince Hart:
                                                                                              Best Hustler; Franky Castaneda: Shooter; Derek Standart: Defensive Player of the Year
                                                                                              and Maurice Le-Grandsawyer: Best Shot Blocker.
The Veterans Memorial Senior Center, 1455 Madison Avenue, Redwood City, offers
the following programs, and the public is invited to attend:                                  This season the Joe Mann award went to Marco Ocegueda on the Boy’s Varsity Soccer
                                                                                              team and Mercedes Marchbanks on the Girl’s Varsity Basketball team.
Continental Breakfast with Bill McKenna: Saturday, March 19, 2005, 9:00 a.m. to
11:00 a.m., Redwood Room, $4.00. The topic is Vintage Music Theater. Tickets can be           The Ray Dimick award went to Eric Powers on the Boy’s Varsity Basketball team. The
purchased in advance by calling 780-7270 or will be available at the door.                    Ray Dimick award is given in honor of a former teacher and coach at Sequoia. The
                                                                                              award is given to a Boy’s Varsity Basketball player, from any grade, who shows team-
AARP Driver Safety Class: Saturday, March 26 and April 2, 2005, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00             work, leadership, and sportsmanship.
p.m., Goldstar Room, $10.00. To register, call 780-7270.
                                                                                              Brittany Philpart was named MVP on the Drill Team, and Veronica Patino was named
Computer Education Spring 2005 Registration: Wednesday, March 30, 9:30 a.m. to                Most Inspirational and Shanika Badoya-Mulkerin was Most Improved.
11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sequoia Room. Classes are from April 11 until
June 17.                                                                                      On Sequoia’s Spirit Squad, Katie Faulknor received Most Versatile, Elyse Smith was
                                                                                              recognized for Best Attitude, the team ‘Can’t Stunt Without’ award went to both
Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department provides recre-              Kristina Filippi and Kari Regnier. Sam Breault received Best Leadership.
ational facilities and activities for all ages and interests, and supplies building and       This has been a very exciting and action packed season. Boys Soccer and both Girls
custodial services for City buildings. Redwood City Parks also operates the Veterans          and Boys Varsity Basketball teams made it to CCS.
Memorial Senior Center and the Fair Oaks Community Center, providing social,
educational, and cultural activities, as well as information, referral, and counseling        The Boys Basketball team traveled farther in CCS then they have in the history of
services to persons living in Redwood City and neighboring communities. Its website           Sequoia. Who knows? Did the boys have a little good luck added to their skill because
is located at www.redwoodcity.org/parks.                                                      former Sequoia player, Charles Johnson, 1967 grad, visited Sequoia earlier in the
                                                                                              basketball season to have his jersey number retired? Darryl Ragland, who shares the
Visit Redwood City’s website at www.redwoodcity.org for information about the City            same number as Johnson, number 11, was allowed to carry out the season wearing his
and its services, the community, recreation programs, education, City government, and         number. It could have brought the boys good luck! Congratulations!
local business.                                                                               The spring sports season is off to a start with swimming, baseball, softball, badminton
                                                                                              and track. The boy’s baseball team has a pre season record of 1-4, after games against
Sequoia honors winter athletes                                                                Woodside and Carlmont. Senior outfielder, Brad Becker says the team has a good
                                                                                              chance of winning the Lake Division this year; “We have a very confident team, and
                                                                      By Katherine Ehat       we all do our jobs to help us win”.
                                                                         Student Writer
                                                                                              The girl’s softball team has a pre- season record of 1-2. The swim team won their first
Once again as one sport season ends and another begins at Sequoia High School, it’s           meet, against Jefferson. The track team participated in the PAL relay meet this week.
time for a Sports Awards night to honor the athletes for each sport.                          Stay tuned for further updates on the spring sports at Sequoia!

On Wednesday March 9, the athletes of boys and girls Varsity and Frosh-Soph soccer,           Also this spring, Sequoia’s Advanced Dance class will be presenting their dance
basketball, wrestling and the Spirit Squad and Drill teams were honored and the Most          showcase; “Dance 2005”. It will be held on Friday and Saturday May 21st and 22nd in
Valuable Players (MVP), Most Inspirational and Most Improved Players were                     Carrington Hall at Sequoia. Tickets will be available through the dancers and at the
awarded.                                                                                      school. Save these dates and come see the hard work these students have put in all year!

On the Wrestling team, Bill Morton was named the MVP, Kawaika Kaeha, Most                     Editors note: Katherine Ehat is a 16-year old Junior at Sequoia High School. She is
Inspirational and Garrett Bergren was named Most Improved.                                    one of the student writers for The Spectrum this year.

For Varsity Girls soccer, Lizette Farias received MVP, Irene Gonzales, Most
Inspirational and Cory Martinez, Most Improved. For Frosh-Soph Girls soccer,
Sarah      Zmay     received    MVP,     Monica      Ceron  received   Most
Inspirational and Most Improved went to Kathyrn Enriquez.

For the CCS level Varsity Boy’s Soccer team, Jose Garcia received MVP, Marcos
Cisneros got Most Inspirational and Cesar Perez received Most Improved. On the
Frosh-Soph Boy’s Soccer team, Alan Juarez was named MVP, Sebastian Rosales was
Most Inspirational and Byron Mayen received Most Improved.

On the Varsity Girl’s Basketball team, also involved in CCS play, Mercedes Marchbanks
was named MVP, Most Inspirational, Heather Hoeft and Margaret Pupunu was Most
Improved. Frosh-Soph girls had Marissa Christensen as MVP, Ashley Biederman was
Most Inspirational and Gloria Delgado was named Most Improved.

The Frosh-Soph Boy’s Basketball MVP award went to James Palu, Most Inspirational
went to Gustavo Moreno and Most Improved went to Tyler Page. The Varsity Boy’s
Basketball team made history this year. The team qualified for CCS for the first time
since 1967, and won not one but 2 rounds for the first time in history! Four players

                 The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine
          As I was saying...
                                                                            San Mateo County, the turnout rates for absentee vot-

                            y now you all know that the Redwood City        ers (those who choose to always vote by mail every
                            School District is asking residents to          election) is 87%. The State of Oregon has adopted all-
                            approve a parcel tax (Measure V) in May. I      mail elections for every election and their turnout
                      just have one question, why would they choose to      rates are 85%, among the highest in the nation.
                      do a mail in ballot campaign?
                     The election will be wholly conducted by mail.         In my opinion, all that does is set the parcel tax up for
                     Every eligible registered voter in the Redwood City    defeat. Think about it – if you hold a special election
                    Elementary School District will receive a packet in     those supporting a parcel tax would take the time to
                  the mail, beginning April 5, to include a voter infor-    go the polls and vote and urge others to do the same.
                 mation pamphlet, the official ballot, voting instruc-      Those who are not so jolly about paying an additional
                 tions and a postage-paid return envelope to vote by        $85 per year, they might not do the same. So giving
                 mail. Voters may also drop off their voted ballots at      all the naysayers the opportunity to vote by mail is not
                 the Election Section of 555 County Center (1 St floor      the best way to victory if you ask me.
                                                                            Remember a two-thirds approval or 66 2/3 percent of
By               of the Assessor/Clerk/Recorder & Chief Elections
                 Officer) in Redwood City or at the main Elections          the returned ballots is needed for passage.
                 Division Office at 40 Tower Road in San Mateo. No

Steve Penna      polling places will be open on Election Day. All votes
                 will come through the mail or at the drop off boxes in
                 the Elections Offices from April 4 until 8:00 pm
                                                                            The mail in ballot process will cost the District about
                                                                            $125,000, $45,000 less then having us vote at the
                                                                            ballot box.

     Publisher   Election Day, Tuesday, May 3, 2005.
                                                                            Having said that, as you know I am not a fan of new
                 State law permits school districts to call for a special   taxes, but each issue should be taken separately and
                 election to be conducted by all-mail ballots. The          evaluated to form an opinion and vote. I will be eager-
                 turnout for all-mail elections is typically greater. In    ly waiting to read all the arguments for and against
                                                                                                           (continued on page 15)

S                                                     The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine

                                        Redwood City businesses
                                         here to serve you now!

There are a lot of Redwood City businesses that invite our residents and                OK Maguey: 2616 Broadway –Redwood City’s newest and best Mexican
visitors to come and see what they have to offer. Restaurants, Retail Shops,            restaurant has a full dinner menu of reasonably priced selections that will keep
Auto Care facilities, Financial Groups, and Dry Cleaners, all say, “we are the          you coming back for more. They now featuring a lunch menu starting at $5.95
best!” The Spectrum’s has been out there looking for you and here is our Best           and up, and they also feature live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
of the Best selections.                                                                 evening to enhance your eating experience.

Redwood General Tire: 1630 Broadway - Isn’t it time to start your family                Bluefin Sushi & Teriyaki Grill: 2327 Broadway – Whether you dine in or
tradition of great auto care? Whether you are looking for a new set of tires, or        take out you will find out their sashimi, nigiri sushi, donburi, and bento
need to tune your vehicle, this Redwood City institution has been providing             dishes are irresistible! No MSG/no chemical additives added. Low in
quality vehicle services since 1957. They proudly serve the third generation of         cholesterol. Low in calories. Low in sodium. Their sushi is made fresh daily by
many of their first Redwood City customers. Their business was founded on               experienced sushi chefs which has made this restaurant a favorite Downtown
the premise that good customer service and quality products at fair prices will         eating spot, this restaurant is a must try!
succeed in the marketplace. They continue to follow this philosophy today and
expect it to guide them into a successful future. Many of their satisfied               American Capital Financial: 2317 Broadway #200 – Treat yourself to the
customers have been with them since their founding and continue to do                   ultimate gift – a new home! They make it easy for you to bid on a house by
business with them today. If you look on Page 23, they are offering some great          having your pre-approval letter with you. These friendly professionals have the
coupons to get you started on the road to a safe vehicle. Use them!                     right home loan for you and your family! Competitive Rates: They work quick-
                                                                                        ly to get you the best rates and explore all the options that fit your needs. Fast
Mulligan’s Pub & Grill: 2650 Broadway – They featureburgers, salads, and                Pre-Approvals: They can have your pre-approval ready for you in 48 hours or
gourmet pizzas and also have 24 Beers on tap, a full bar and Live Music on              less. So when do you want to close?
Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. They are now accepting large and small
private party reservations, so if you are planning a get together with a small or       Little India: 917 Main Street – This stylish Indian cuisine restaurant features
large group, call Jerry at 650.364.5600 and he will make sure you are taken care        reasonable priced All You Can Eat buffets for both lunch and dinner. Their
of! Mulligan’s is a favorite spot for anyone wanting quality large portion meals        buffets feature home-style Indian food. Basically, the menu is from the north-
and we mean LARGE! at reasonable prices. Check out and use their coupons                west region of India. Items from other regions of India are featured also. The
in this month’s Spectrum.                                                               food is low in fat and sodium. You can dine in or take out. Senior citizens
                                                                                        receive $1.00 off and Children (below 12 years old) dine at half price. Bring
Edward Jones: 702 Marshall Street #515 - For decades, Edward Jones                      your appetite because you will want to try everything! Try their catering menu
believed in building relationships through face-to-face interaction, and                for any occasion, your guests will be talking about it for months. You will not
adhering to a strategy of recommending quality investments that have proven             be disappointed.
themselves over time. They understand that this approach might be considered
unfashionable. But if it means helping their clients achieve their goals, whether       Re:Juvenate Skin Care: 805 Veterans Blvd., Suite 140 - RE:JUVENATE’s
for retirement, education, or just financial security, it’s an approach they plan to    medical staff is experienced in all of the known non-surgical aesthetic
stick to. So does Investment Representative David Amann who manages their               procedures including: Thermage, Botox, Restalyne, sclerotherapy, laser
Redwood City office.                                                                    treatments for hair, vein, brown spot removal and skin resurfacing, medical
                                                                                        microdermabrasion and skin peels. Their aim is to assist you in choosing the
City Pub: 2623 Broadway – A long time favorite of the brewery type beer                 very best options that will find you smiling each and every time you look in the
crowd, City Pub features a wide range of American flare items on its menu               mirror. You can have a complimentary consultation by calling 650.261.0500
including: starters & soups, burgers & sandwiches, pastas & entrees, and of             and mentioning The Spectrum Magazine. Treat yourself!
course 24 beers on tap, beverages & wine. City Pub also has a Kids menu and
serves Breakfast on Saturday and Sundays from 11: a.m. to 2:00 p.m. They offer          1-800-DRY-CLEAN: The Spectrum staff knows that your time is the most
daily specials and feature Fish and Chips on Fridays.                                   important commodity you posses. Taking your time to drop off dry cleaning at
                                                                                        an out of the way business is just another errand that takes you away from your
First National Bank: 700 El Camino Real - In the ever merging world of                  family, friends and life pleasures. 1-800-DRY-CLEAN solves that problem by
the banking industry it’s hard to find places where the consumer or small               offering door to door pick up and return delivery service at reasonable prices.
business owner’s voice still matters. Independent banks and small local                 What more could you ask for? More quality time for you!
banking chains, which would take the time to listen, are slowly becoming a              Hair It Is! at Flirts Salon: 2072 Broadway – For over 20 years, Mary
thing of the past. This is not the case luckily at First National Bank of               Mortenson has been styling hair for all occasions.Mary owned the Hair It Is!
Northern California. Playing a true community bank role is important to First           Salon on Broadway but moved to Flirts Salon last year. She is now accepting
National. It is truly in a place like this where long term relationships are made       new clients that are looking for a new image or looking to keep their current
and respected. It’s banking the old -fashioned way.                                     beautiful style? Treat yourself to the gift of beauty! Give her a call today.

                                               The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine
Spring Cleanup Day                                                              graffiti, and make the city shine! Volunteers met at 8:30 am at the City’s
                                                                                Public Works Services building and after a complimentary
                                                                                continental breakfast, cleanup teams moved out and descend on the
                                                                                Spruce Street Pedestrian Overcrossing and Hoover School Park with
                                                                                trash bags in hand, to upgrade the look of these well-used city spots.

                                                                                At noon, volunteers met for a special free lunch as a ‘thank you’ for
                                                                                showing their civic pride. Both the continental breakfast and the lunch
                                                                                were generously donated by the San Mateo Credit Union, and other
                                                                                materials were provided by Norcal Waste Systems of San Mateo County.

Redwood City’s annual Spring Cleanup was held on Saturday March 12
and focused on making the Spruce Street Pedestrian Overcrossing (over
the railroad tracks) more inviting and attractive for the neighbors who
use it every day.

Spring Clean up day is a great opportunity for volunteers to show their
civic pride by joining others to get rid of trash, remove weeds, cleanup

                                                                                                             Saved to H
       assers-by watching the woman smartly dressed in turquoise and
       black stride purposefully to complete an errand at Sequoia Station
       on a Saturday afternoon could not have known her secret. What
looked like a beautiful black necklace was in fact an assistive listening
device. She has no hearing in her left ear and partial hearing in her right

Felled by meningitis four years ago, Redwood City’s Raegene Castle
spent seven days in a coma, hovering between life and death for three of
those days. While it might have been easy to give in to the inevitable, she
came out of the coma choosing to fight off not being able to walk, eat,
or hear. Her 37-day stay at Sequoia Hospital, where she became known
as the “miracle patient,” was the prelude to her next mission in life”

                                             Photo by Steve Penna              Raegene uses an Assisted Listening Device to hear Sally Edwards and Jim Boysen speak

becoming an advocate for people with hearing loss.                             over the country, from chapter heads to representatives from companies
                                                                               that manufacture devices for the hard of hearing. “Everyone is helping
She has charged ahead into the world of SHHH Self Help for Hard of             everyone else,” Raegene said. “They are doing as much as they can.”
Hearing People (SHHH), and currently serves as president of the
Peninsula Chapter based in Redwood City. SHHH provides encourage-              Her experience at Bethesda helped Raegene to see the big picture about
ment and education for those who are hard of hearing and family mem-           hearing loss. She learned that one in every ten (28 million) Americans
bers as well. Meeting programs have featured telephones and items avail-       has hearing loss, making that condition the “largest disability” in the
able through CTAP (the California Telephone Access Program) and dis-           country. As the baby-boom generation reaches retirement, this number
cussions of the psychological effects of hearing loss with suggestions on      is expected to grow and nearly double by the year 2030.
how to avoid them. Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month,
1:30 p.m., at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center; the first Wednesday         Closer to home, 15% of the Redwood City population is hard of hear-
of the month, 10:30 a.m., at the Main Library; and the fourth Tuesday          ing. Healing loss is the “silent disability,” Raegene added. Research
of the month from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. at the Main Library. All meeting rooms         reveals that it takes people seven to ten years to even admit they have a
are provided with Assistive Listening Devices so that everyone can hear.       hearing loss. In another study conducted by the National Center on
                                                                               Hearing Assessment and Management, 33% of respondents denied or
SHHH is “fabulous,” according to Raegene. “Everyone helps everyone             hid their hearing loss.
else.” She has also taken leadership training at SHHH headquarters in
Bethesda, Maryland. The training allowed her to meet people from all           Losing one’s hearing is not the stereotypical “old age disease.” Raegene

Help Others                                                          By Judy Buchan
                                                                                               treatment, insurance companies do not pay for hearing aids because “it’s
                                                                                               not a medical problem.” SHHH is “trying to get insurance companies to
                                                                                               pay up to $1,000 of the cost,” she said. Another suggestion has been to
                                                                                               give people over 55 a tax credit of $500 for the purchase of hearing aid.

                                                                                               In addition to hearing aids, assistive listening devices can also provide
                                                                                               help for the hard of hearing. These devices, referred to as “binoculars
                                                                                               for the ears,” may benefit people with residual hearing. ALDs can aug-
                                                                                               ment standard public address and audio systems by sending signals that
                                                                                               can be received directly by people with special receivers or their own
                                                                                               hearing aids.

                                                                                               “Doctors and audiologists don’t have enough time to tell you anything
                                                                                               but hearing aid,” Raegene said, noting that “you need a lot more devices
                                                                                               in order to hear.”

                                                                                               Those devices will soon be on display at the Main Library, thanks to
                                                                                               Raegene’s persistence. She lobbied the Redwood City Library
                                                                                               Foundation and received $3,000 to install an audio loop in one of the
                                                                                               rooms at the Library as well as buying books and tapes on hearing loss.
                                                                                               But she needed $4,000 more to purchase assistive listening devices for
                                                                                               the room and that donation came from the Danforth Foundation.
                                                                                               Finally, a company that manufactures hearing loss products donated
                                                                                               $1,497 worth of 11 different items.

                                                                                               All this will be on display at the Redwood City Library on May 16. The
                                                                                               open house runs from 5 p.m.-7 p.m., and is sponsored by SHHH and
                                                                                               the Library.

                                                                                               Raegene believes that “God saved me for a reason.”

                                                                                               She’s right.

                                                               Photo by James Kaspar
                          Raegene is holding the Pocketalker and wearing The Array ALD.

  explained that 60% of those with hearing loss in the United State are                          For more information: On SHHH in Redwood City:
  below 54 years of age.
                                                                                                 Raegene Castle by e-mail at Raegeneandjack@aol.com.
  Raegene is adamant that people shouldn’t wait to admit they have a hear-                       Peninsula SHHH Chapter Web site:
  ing loss. “People are scared to death of having a hearing aid,” she said.                      www.shhhca.org/html/chapters/peninsula/html. SHHH
  “I want people to know that I’m hard of hearing; I don’t want them to
  think I’m rude or dumb if I don’t respond to what they’re saying.”
                                                                                                 national Web site: www.hearingloss.org

  “Hearing loss affects people more than any other disease,” she added.                          Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and
  “But there are all kinds of devices (for the hard of hearing) to help
  everywhere; the devices allow me to participate in life.” Many of those
                                                                                                 Hard of Hearing Web site: www.agbell.org
  who don’t admit hearing loss can suffer from depression, isolation, and                        American Academy of Audiology Web site: www.audiolo-
  won’t let people help them.                                                                    gy.org
  Seeking help for hearing loss can be a daunting task. The average cost of
                                                                                                 Deafness Research Foundation Web site: www.hear-
  a hearing aid is approximately $1,700; a “good digital hearing aid” can                        inghealth.net
  cost between $2,600 or $2,700. As Raegene’s husband Jack discovered                            Hearing Industries Association Web site: www.hearing.org
  when he submitted her insurance claims for her hospitalization and

S                                                         The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine

By: Valerie Harris
Special to the Spectrum

The following scene has been played out in many households in Silicon Valley: “Honey,
did you pick up my suit from the cleaners? You KNOW I need it for my presentation
on Monday. WHAT? NO? On no, what time is it? On no, they’re closed!” You both
stare at each other knowing there is no way out of this predicament. The stress-o-meter
rises until the mercury bursts. Now what?

The answer is simple and easy to remember: 1-800-DRY-CLEAN.COM. This gem of
a business lies right in the heart of Redwood City and may be dialed or easily accessed
on the web. Thanks to owners Nina and Keith Kadera, and through their business,
Redwood City residents, as well as households and businesses in Atherton, Portola
Valley, Woodside, Stanford, Redwood Shores, Belmont, and San Carlos, service is as
quick as a phone call. This is a service-based business which encompasses pick-up and        Penney, and a couple of years with Wells Fargo Bank until a merger moved her posi-
delivery of dry-cleaning, laundry, bedding, linen, curtains, area rugs and even cobbler      tion to Minnesota. After a stint with a venture capital firm, and as a personal manager,
services. All the customer has to do is leave the bagged items and instructions on their     Nina and Keith decided to become their own bosses.
doorstep, and in three days, all the products are returned cleaned and/or repaired. The
advantage is that the customer does not have to be present for the transactions to           About a year ago, business was slow and jobs were hard to find, so Nina and Keith
occur. All this at no extra cost!                                                            contacted a franchise-consulting agency, FranChoice, which matches life skills and per-
                                                                                             sonalities to a variety of companies. Since Keith had a dry cleaning background, Nina
Keith is from the Midwest, and ended up in California working as a Senior Business           and Keith were off to the parent company, Service Brands International, in Ann Arbor,
Development Manager at Hitachi, in Santa Clara. Towards the end of the 1990’s the            Michigan. The couple liked the parent company, so they bought a franchise and start-
high tech boom was in high gear, so Keith left his job to hit pay dirt in a new start-up.    ed up on June 7, 2004.
The start-up failed, but fortunately another opportunity was presented as general man-
ager of a dry-cleaning conversion company. Nina is native Californian, who was born          This business was a perfect fit for Nina’s and Keith’s business and marketing skills.
and raised in San Francisco. Nina hails from the banking industry: seventeen years with      Keith had developed strong community ties, serving as the PTA President of Kennedy
Bank of America, Hitachi Data Systems as a field marketing person; a buyer with JC           (continued on page 21)

                                                       The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine
(As I Was Saying... continued from page 9)                                                   One of my favorite fundraisers of any year is the Optimist Clubs all-you-can-eat
the tax. After all, the schools need our support and attention to this issue is vital        Crab and Shrimp feed.
to our community. So read up folks!                                                          The sold-out event this year was held at the Community Activities Building on
                                      ****                                                   Roosevelt Avenue and in attendance was Vice-Mayor Barbara Pierce and
Shelly Masur who moved here from Mountain View in November 2004 was                          Planning Commissioner Ralph Garcia – also an Optimist. Local business owners
appointed by a 3-1 vote over 10 other applicants to serve the remainder of Alicia            and representatives were out in force as Paul Dazey (City Pub) and his daughter
Aguirre’s term as a Redwood City School District trustee. Aguirre was appointed              Kendell - who just got accepted to Vassar College, Tim Harrison (Canyon Inn),
to the Redwood City Council last month. While serving on the Mountain View                   Bob and Irene Bryant (Courthouse Coffee Shop), Janet Borgens (The Beauty
Education Foundation, Masur was instrumental in passing a parcel tax there.                  Wheel), Geri Mayers and Fred Ganji (Mayers Jewelers), John Butterfield
Welcome aboard.                                                                              (Butterfield Construction), George Habit and Gene Firpo (The Independent
                                      ****                                                   Newspaper Group), all got their stomachs filled. The annual event raises funds
Assemblyman Ira Ruskin (who just opened his new district office at 5050 El                   for the many community projects the Optimist’s support.
Camino Real in Los Altos), former Mayor and current councilman Jim Hartnett,                                                     ****
and current councilwoman Alicia Aguirre, and about 300 others joined in a                    The Redwood City Chamber of Commerce just wrapped up its annual member-
touching Memorial Service for legendary Pop Warner coach and longtime                        ship drive and is in the process of welcoming some 15 new members. Our
Redwood City resident Frank Guida. I had the extreme pleasure of knowing                     Chamber is the third largest Chamber in Northern California behind San
Frank and to say that his efforts with the youth in our community will be missed             Francisco and Oakland.
is grossly understated.                                                                                                          ****
                                      ****                                                   After last month’s Spectrum was sent to our subscribers and distributed
The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors unanimously renewed the $1-year-                   throughout our community, we received several letters from Caltrain officials
ly lease for the Maple Street Shelter – the County’s only homeless shelter serv-             and volunteers voicing their concern in seeing a youth glorified while “standing
ing the southern portion. On the fair market, the facility has a potential yearly            in the middle of the southbound lane”. As we learned, by getting citations worth
lease income of $99,000. Sometimes it is better to take less to get more!                    $347 each, trespassing on the tracks, walking along or standing on railroad
                                      ****                                                   tracks is against the law. Unfortunately, we were not aware of that at the time
Juvenile Court Judge Marta Diaz rejected the San Mateo County Counsel’s                      the photographs were taken, but we are now, and we hope you are too.
request to routinely open hearings for abused children. Had she approved the                                                     ****
request, San Mateo County would have been the first county in the state do to                Now how am I now going to get from one end of town to the other?
Officials and activists argued that by opening up traditionally closed court hear-
ings it would foster greater confidence in the county’s child welfare system,                As I was saying . . .
which has been seriously flawed for years.
Last year, legislators defeated a bill that would have created a pilot program to
study open hearings.
Current law holds that judges can admit the public to traditionally closed juve-
nile hearings if they believe there is an overriding interest.
Deputy County Counsel David Silberman, wants to set a state precedent by mak-
ing all hearings open unless an attorney or juvenile requests it be closed. He
argued it would make the agency more accountable and show the public just
how well the system works.
The Counsel had hoped the change would instill greater confidence in the child
welfare system and offer the general public some insight into how the process
works. What are they thinking?
Youths are mainly in the system because someone has victimized them, and to
open the courts and expose those details when that youth is vulnerable is just
unethical. Why punish a victim by exposing all of their dirty laundry, especially
when they most likely did not dirty it. How traumatizing would that be? Let’s just
humiliate the child more.
If they want to prove that the system is working, they should make sure their
administrators and case workers are given adequate funding to cover cases and
held accountable for not doing so.
Consider the case of 8-month-old Angelo Marinda who was fatally shaken by his
father during an unsupervised visit after a social service worker returned the
child to his parents despite a history of abuse. No one was held accountable
even after Judge Diaz reported there had been efforts to cover up the tragedy
and offered her condemnation of the agency’s practices and reports citing
numerous problems.
If the Counsel wants to install greater confidence in the system, just make sure
that a case like that is not repeated and we will all know how great a job they
are doing.
This is just another attempt by politicians, elected or not, using children to fur-
ther their own political careers, and for what? To try and prove they are all doing
their jobs?
What’s next? Giving the public ride-a-long access to social workers so residents
can make sure they are doing their jobs? I thought that was the responsibility of
supervisors, judges, and attorneys.

S                                             The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine

REDWOOD CITY POLICE ACTIVITIES LEAGUE UPDATE                               Basketball Season Ends with a Scare;
                                                                           Boys of Spring Lace up for Another Season
                                                                                                                                    By: Nick Mukhar

                                                                           Following a nail-biting loss to the Serra Padres in the CCS finals,
                                                                           Woodside’s Boys Basketball Team set their sights on a state champi-
                                                                           onship to make up for it. By winning their first game in the state tour-
                                                                           nament the boys set up a home game against a number eight seeded
                                                                           team. Woodside had a narrow lead in the fourth quarter of what was a
CALPAL State Basketball Tournament                                         very competitive and entertaining game until the end, when a Woodside
                                                                           player unexpectedly collapsed while running down court. When he did
Redwood City PAL was represented in the California PAL Northern            not get up, the game was stopped and team physicians came out to assist
California Basketball Tournament. Redwood City PAL took a 12-and-          him. After a trip to the hospital, it seemed as though he okay, only suf-
under girls and a 16 and under girls team to the tournament held in        fering from an asthma attack. The pause in the game did not only
Richmond Ca, Feb 18-21. The 16-and-under girls team took second            concern Woodside team for the health of their teammate, but took away
place. The 16 and under team included Gloria Delgado, Ashley               the momentum that they had building on their home floor. The Wildcats
Biederman, Brittney Hunter, Kendra Serrano, Marissa Christiansen,          came out cold and were attacked with a flurry of mid-range jumpers and
Nicole Bloom, Carolyn Gibson, and Rhianon Anderson, and Coach              drives to the basket that could not be stopped. Woodside lost the game
Taja Henderson. The 12 and under team included Rachel Rosas, Chelsea       by twelve, ending a season that many thought was their best chance in
Kolb, Amanda DeOliviera, Sophia Fries, Chloe Jury-Fogel, Mia               years to win a state title.
Manamea, and Stephanie Blake.
                                                                           After the stellar seasons showcased by the football and basketball teams
Upcoming Sports                                                            this year at Woodside, the baseball team will make an effort to follow
                                                                           suite and make the playoffs after missing them last season for the first
The 2nd and 3rd grade Jr. Dribbler Basketball league will be accepting     time in four years. Their preseason record of 2-3-1 may not be over-
                                                                           whelming, but coaches and players are not worried about their exhibi-
registrations from Mar 21st through April 15th . You can pick up a reg-    tion record, and say the wins will be there when it counts.
istration form at the Red Morton Community Center. The cost is $20.
                                                                           “We had a lot of changes this off-season and I think they were all for the
Redwood City PAL needs a few good stars, be a star and sponsor a           better,”said senior center-fielder James Crosby. The changes Crosby
team.                                                                      speaks of start at the top with a new coaching staff of head coach, Tim
                                                                           Faulkner, and assistant coaches Mike Faulkner and Nick Reewak. All of
                                                                           them played at Woodside not too long ago, and are set out to restore
                                                                           pride in a program that has seen its record slide the last two seasons
                                                                           under the old coaching staff. On the players’ side, the addition of junior
                                                                           first baseman Michael-Paul Stauffer adds speed and power to the top of
                                                                           the lineup. Stauffer has been playing for Waldorf High School in San
                                                                           Francisco for the first two years of his high school career and is excited
                                                                           about joining the Wildcats.

                                                                           “I have a lot of friends on this team that I knew even before I came to
                                                                           Woodside so I like playing here and I am ready to get this season start-
                                                                           ed,” said Stauffer. Many question the younger players stepping into
                                                                           starting roles such as freshmen second baseman John Bordy or
                                                                           Sophomore shortstop Ben Parnes who will be the starter after Julian
                                                                           Edelman suffered a season ending a back injury. However, both Bordy
                                                                           and Parnes have done well defensively and offensively this preseason
                                                                           and the Wildcats will be ready and confident with these younger players
Redwood City PAL invests in the youth of our community by providing        stepping up once league play commences.
positive sports programs and positive role models for thousands of
youth in Redwood City. You and your company can help by sponsoring         Editors note: Nick Mukhar is a Senior at Woodside High School. He is
a PAL sports program or team. If you are interested or would like more     one of the student writers for The Spectrum this year and will be writ-
information please contact Officer Chris Rasmussen at 556-1650.            ing articles about sports each month.

                                                        The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine

                                                                                               generally play twice a week and practice once a week between games. The season runs
                                                                                               from March 3 through April 21. Coaches must complete a volunteer registration form
Since 1956 The Woodside Terrace A.M. Kiwanis Club has devoted itself to communi-               and be cleared through a fingerprinting process. For more information call (650) 556-
ty service and is one of three Kiwanis Clubs in Redwood City. Through the decades,             1650.
we have provided funds to help many worthy community programs. Some of our proj-
ects include:
                                                                                                       SUNRISE ROTARY FUNDS ECUADOR CLINIC
A College Scholarship Program which awards over $13,000 in college scholarships
each year at our Scholarship Breakfast.                                                        The Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club recently raised nearly $6,000 to purchase a new
                                                                                               motor for an ambulance canoe for the Mondana Medical Clinic in Ecuador. The
Kiwanis Special Games and Super Sports Day for Handicapped Youth                               Mondana Clinic, located in a remote region of the Amazon, serves indigenous people
                                                                                               who have no other access to medical help. The Clinic provides medical care to dozens
Trivia Bee for Project Read                                                                    of small villages in the Napo River basin and is only accessible to most of the villages
                                                                                               by travel on the river. The funds for the motor came from the Rotary International
Bike Rodeo/Safety Program providing a day of fun, education, and a helmet to                   Foundation, Rotary District 5150 and from the Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club. The
students of local schools                                                                      Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club raises money for local and international charitable
                                                                                               projects through its annual Irish Night dinner and auction. This year’s Irish Night is on
An Annual Canned Food Drive for local shelters.                                                March 19 at the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Redwood City.
Service League Christmas Package Wrapping for the Children of San Mateo
County Inmates                                                                                                  REDWOOD CITY WOMEN’S CLUB

Service League Cookie Wrap providing the only Christmas gift inmates will receive              We invite you to attend their monthy meeting at our beautiful clubhouse at 149 Clinton
                                                                                               St., R.C. April 7th at 11:30 AM for social, lunch ($10.) at noon. Reservations required
Christmas party for El Centro de Libertad Addictions Recovery                                  for lunch. Call 650-363-1266. Meeting after lunch.

Adopt a Family Christmas toy drive for selected family shelters
                                                                                                 SAN MATEO COUNTY SEEKS GRAND JURY APPLICANTS
Tour de Cure Bike Tour for the American Diabetes Association
                                                                                               San Mateo County Superior Court will be accepting applications for the 2005-06 grand
Total-K day where the full club volunteers on a work project which recently included           jury through March 31, Superior Court Judge Stephen Hall announced. Hall is the
Red Morton Park in Redwood City and Habitat for Humanity                                       appointed advisor for the next grand jury term, which begins July 1 and runs through
                                                                                               June 30, 2006. Any U.S. citizen who has lived in San Mateo County for more than one
Sponsoring children from the Boys and Girls Club on summer activities                          year and who is 18 or older, of ordinary intelligence, with sound judgment, good char-
                                                                                               acter, and sufficient knowledge of the English language is eligible for selection. Elected
Senior Tea honoring the seniors at Hopkins Manor with refreshments and live opera              public officials are not eligible. Nineteen people will be selected after interviews with
                                                                                               Hall. The selection process seeks to find grand jurors who will demonstrate
Toiletry Project is an ongoing program that assists women in their reentry into the            independence, vigor and investigatory presence, as well as represent a cross-section of
workforce with deliveries of individual bags of toiletries to the residents of homeless        the county’s population. Application forms can be obtained by writing to the Grand
shelters, transition shelters and recovery centers all over the Peninsula.                     Jury Clerk, Court Executive Office, 400 County Center, Redwood City, Calif., 94063 or
Their annual events that fund our programs:                                                    by calling (650) 599-1711.

The 4th of July Carnival Almost every member volunteers their time and hard work               Editors note: If you are connected with a non-profit organization and want your
to run our hot dog/popcorn stand at the Carnival for three days in downtown                    information printed in The Spectrum – email it to: spectrumtext@yahoo.com
Redwood City. We hire Butler Amusement to set up many fun rides and games for the
children in the community to enjoy every year.

Car Show An enormous classic and collectible car show held at Sequoia High School.                               Advertise with the Spectrum
Garage Sale Our infamous sale where many hidden treasures can be discovered.                                            650.368.2434

The Key Club of Sequoia High School, sponsored by The Woodside Terrace A.M.
Kiwanis Club was chartered in 1994 and has been actively involved in raising money
and donating time and effort to many of our programs such as the Special Game Day,
Christmas Wrap, Car Show and even taking pledges for KQED.

They currently meet every Thursday morning at the crack of dawn, 7:15 a.m. at The
Waterfront Restaurant, 1 Uccelli Drive. Come join them on Thursday mornings for
breakfast. Listen to interesting speakers from our community. Share in the fun, the
laughs, the strength, the drive, and the generosity that makes up the camaraderie of
The Woodside Terrace A.M. Kiwanis Club.

                 REDWOOD CITY PAL SEEKS

Volunteer basketball coaches are needed to work with seventh- and eighth-grade
players as part of the Police Activities League basketball program. Games and practices
will be held at Red Morton Community Center, Peninsula Boys and Girls Club, or
Garfield School, Monday through Thursday in the afternoon and early evening. Teams

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Take Advantage of                                                                                         ATTENTION: BACK PAIN SUFFERERS…
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You can contribute up to $3,000 - or $3,500 if you’re 50 or older - to either a tradi-
tional or Roth IRA for 2004. (For the 2005 tax year, you can put in up to $4,000 to your
IRA, or $4,500 if you’re 50 or older.) Your traditional IRA contributions may or may
not be tax-deductible, but in any case, your earnings grow on a tax-deferred basis.
Although Roth IRA contributions are not tax-deductible, your earnings will grow
totally tax-free, provided you meet certain conditions. (Keep in mind,
however, than if you take Roth or traditional IRA distributions before you reach 59
1/2, you may be subject to a 10 percent IRA penalty, along with ordinary income

Do whatever it takes to fully fund your IRA, every single year. If you find it hard to
come up with the entire amount in a lump sum, divide the contribution limit by 12 and
make monthly payments. To make it even easier on yourself, set up a bank authoriza-
tion, so that the money is taken directly from your checking or savings account and
placed into your IRA.

                               Consider a “rollover”
You have more than one way to fund an IRA. For example, if you are planning to leave
your job, you can roll over all or part of the taxable portion of your 401(k) distribu-
tion - pre-tax contributions, employer contributions, all earnings - into an existing tra-
ditional IRA. You can also roll over after-tax 401(k) salary deferrals, but transferring
these after-tax contributions could lead to taxable consequences.

If you roll your 401(k) over to a traditional IRA, you can build the value of your exist-
ing account, and you can continue to make contributions. And you could eventually
“convert” your traditional IRA into a tax-free Roth IRA, but you will have to pay the
taxes that this conversion would trigger.

When you roll over your 401(k), you’ll get some key advantages. First, you’ll avoid all
immediate taxes and penalties. Second, you’ll continue to benefit from tax deferral.
And third, your IRA may offer more investment options than a 401(k) plan.

While a rollover from a 401(k) to an IRA does offer some important benefits, it isn’t
your only choice when you depart a job. For example, you could leave your 401(k)
assets with your old employer, if the plan permits. Or, if you are taking a new job, you
might be able to move your 401(k) assets into a new plan. Also, you could just cash out
your 401(k) as a lump sum distribution, although you’d likely face a big tax hit, in addi-
tion to an immediate 20 percent withholding. Before deciding what to do with your
401(k), consult with your tax and financial professionals.

                          Hard to “overload” on IRAs
When it comes to investing in IRAs, it’s hard to get too much of a good thing. So take
full advantage of all your IRA opportunities - they could pay off nicely when you reach

Editor note: David Amann is one of the Redwood City community members who will
be contributing to The Spectrum. If you have any questions regarding investments
please send them to: spectrumtext@yahoo.com or The Spectrum Magazine – P.O. Box
862 – Redwood City – California – 94062

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  Barbara Pierce, Georgi LaBerge and Barbara Britchi bid on the same item.             Eric and RoseMar y Fisher enjoy a relzxing moment

                                                               “A Gala Celebration”
                                                               “A Gala Celebration”
of Art, Music and Wine was held Saturday March 5 at the History Museum on Hamilton Street. ..The San Mateo County History
of Art, Music and Wine was held Saturday March 5 at the History Museum on Hamilton Street. The San Mateo County History
 Museum, Peninsula Hills Women’ssClub and the Redwood City Cultural Commission jointly planned the Art Gala and Auction.
 Museum, Peninsula Hills Women’ Club and the Redwood City Cultural Commission jointly planned the Art Gala and Auction.

   A toast to a fantastic night fr om Geor gi LaBer ge , Jeri
            Jose ph, Mitch P ostel and musicians                                              Barbara Britschgi and Mitch Postel

                                                          The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine

The museum is located in the Old Courthouse with its historic dome. Its collections
include horse-drawn carriages, models, railroads from Caltrans and the Ocean Shore
Railroad, relics from San Mateo’s past, and lithographic art dating from 1875.

EXHIBITS — “Judge Louis B. Dematteis: An Italian-American Story,’’ ongoing.
An exhibit of photographs, video and legal memorabilia telling a story of his life.
In the Lower Rotunda and Hallways. “Walter Moore Badge Collection,’’ ongoing.
On display is the collection of over 300 badges of one of San Mateo County’s most
famous lawmen, Walter Moore, including rare badges like Ocean Shore Railroad and
the town of Lawndale. Moore began with the police department at the age of 28 as the
constable of Tunitas Creek. Other historical pieces belonging to the Sheriff ’s
Department will also be on display.
“Charles Parsons’ Ships of the World,’’ ongoing.
An exhibit of meticulous miniature recreations of 18 ships of historical note by
Charles Parsons including the San Carlos, the first ship to enter San Francisco Bay.
“Horse and Buggy Days,’’ ongoing.
The six carriages on display reflect the variety of vehicles used by upper-class residents
of the county. “Journey to Work,’’ ongoing.
The story of commuter transportation on the Peninsula, why this history was unique
in a variety of ways and how this history helped to shape the built environment of the
San Francisco Peninsula.
“The Lure of the Coast: 65 Years of Surfing in San Mateo County,’’ ongoing.
San Mateo County is the home of Maverick’s off the coast of Half Moon Bay, one of
the premier surfing locations on the planet. The museum’s new exhibit is a history of
the sport of surfing, its practitioners and their equipment. The exhibit also shows
developments in equipment technology and display artifacts representing seven
decades of surfing.
“Historical Lithographs from the Robert Desky Collection,’’ ongoing.
An exhibit of hand-painted lithographs depicting noted sites throughout San Mateo
County from the 1870s, including hotels, private homes and government buildings.
In the Rotunda and First Floor Halls. “Nature’s Bounty,’’ ongoing. Featuring murals of
how people used the local natural resources during California’s early history.

$4 general; $2 seniors and students; free children ages 5 and under. Tuesday through
Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 777 Hamilton St., Redwood City. (650) 299-0104, (650) 359
1462 or www.sanmateocountyhistory.com

The 467-acre preserve includes grasslands, chaparral, coastal scrub regions, foothill
woodlands and year-round seeps and springs offering hundreds of plant varieties,
many animal habitats and over 70 resident and migratory birds. Docent-Led
Wildflower Walks, through June 12. Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.Bird Walk,
ongoing. Audubon Society docent Lee Franks leads a monthly bird walk. Meet at the
kiosk in the Day Camp parking lot. Last Sunday of the month, 8 a.m. Free. Edgewood
Road and Interstate Highway 280, Redwood City. (866) 463-3439 or www.friend-
sofedgewood.org <http://www.friendsofedgewood.org>

“The Long Walk to Freedom,’’ March 2 through April 17. A civil rights exhibit featur-
ing stories from activists, historical and contemporary photographic portraits, archival
materials, rare historical photographs, a graphic timeline, student writing and a video
presentation. Free. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday,
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 1044 Middlefield Road, Redwood City. (650)
780-7026 or www.rcpl.info

                     Visit our new website:

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Middle School, where his kids attended, serving as an Ambassador for the Redwood
City Chamber of Commerce, and the Redwood City Business Development
                                                                                                                CD available
Keith states: “I knew enough about the dry cleaning business, and I knew it was a niche
market. People used to do this years ago. Businesses used to deliver to your door, and
then it all came back to the store. Now with people’s time being limited, it’s a luxury to
have things picked up and delivered. And the good thing is that they don’t have to be
home. The nice thing is, it’s a management service. We inspect, tag, mark the items, we
note spots to be cleaned on clothing, and we attend to special cleaning needs. We then
take it to a cleaners with whom we contract. Then we pick up, inventory, and deliver to
the homes or businesses.

Keith and Nina’s marketing strategy has been very low-key. The pick up and delivery
occurs on Monday through Saturday, and the rest of the weekend is spent going door-
to-door dropping off informational booklets with the dry-cleaning bag and 25% off
on the first order. Most of the business came from the doorstep advertisements, or by
word-of-mouth. The business boasts 400 regular customers in its nine months of oper-
ation. Dual-income families, mothers with small children, and the elderly find this serv-
ice a godsend.

After the dot-com bust, Nina and Keith found their niche. The transition from high-
tech to service industry can be challenging, but Nina and Keith’s enthusiasm is infec-
tious. If you’d like to give their service a try, their business location is:                     Woodside High School student Bennett Roth-Newell
                                                                                                  just released a Rap Music CD “The Unexpected” under
                         1-800-DryClean of the Mid-Peninsula                                      the stage name Big Murph. He was profiled in last
                                Keith and Nina Kadera                                             month’s Spectrum and due to the many requests for
                                    P.O Box 2711                                                  information on how to purchase the CD we are
                               Redwood City, CA 94064                                             publishing it for you.     If you are interested in
                              Local Phone: 650-679-9774                                           purchasing the CD for $10 please contact:
                                                                                                  650.868.7421 or email: rlroth@rcn.com
                                                                                                                                             Photo by J.Kaspar
                    or go to the website and put in your zip code:

Editors note: Valerie Harris was dubbed the “Queen of the Trial” for her attendance
and coverage of the Scott Peterson trial. She is currently writing a book about the
behind the scenes activities of the trial. You can visit her website: petersonblog.com –
to learn more about her and coverage of the Peterson trial.

S                                                        The Spectrum . Redwood City's Monthly Magazine

A Minute With...                                                                            Which living person do you most despise?
                                                                                            I don’t despise anyone.
                                                                                            Who are your heroes in real life?
Jim Hartnett                                                                                Lots of them - Ordinary people who do good things everyday.
                                                                                            What is your treasured possession?
Jim is a graduate of Sequoia High School. He has served on the Redwood City Council         My two sons.
                                                                                            Which talent would you most like to have?
for 11years, as Mayor for 2 of those years. His current term ends in November 2005.
He and his wife Etsuko have two son’s Jake and Josh. Jim is announcing for the first        Too many to list. I need a lot of them.
                                                                                            If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
time in this Question and Answer session his decision to run for re-election in this
November’s City Council race.                                                               Baseball bat.
                                                                                            What do you consider your greatest achievement?
What is the State of our City?                                                              Yet to be determined.
                                                                                            What is the love of your life?
Good, getting better!
Mayor Jeff Ira said you are running for re-election in November – True?
                                           e                                                To live freely!
Arnold or Gray?
Would choose neither of the two. We need better.
Hillary or Condi?
Joseph Biden Jr. (Senator from Delaware)
Nevin, Lee, or Papan?
Completed when- Downtown Cinema project?
Next year.
Courthouse square?
Before the Cinema
Favorite movie?
Three Days of the Condor.
“Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones.
Television show?
24 Hours.
What is your idea of perfect happiness?
I will have to get back to you on that.
Which living person do you most admire?
Larry Purcell – of the Catholic Worker House

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