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					Gm Hybrid Cars<+>General Motors and Hybrid Cars<+><+><+><br>General
Motors has long been bludgeoned into backing the supporting hybrid car
technology.<br><br>The car making company has already suffered blows not
from pro-hybrid fanatics or not even from environmentalists but mostly
from the market itself.<br><br>Almost all news article and analyses that
tackle GM’s softening financial performance mention GM’s missteps
regarding hybrid cars. For instance, CBS News tagged GM as road kill amid
the rising hybrid cars demand.<br><br>But much to credits, GM has been
taking lumps, has been humble in admitting miscalculations, and finally
has been abruptly and surely jumping on the bandwagon for
hybrid.<br><br>Queue from competitor<br><br>At the end of the year 2004,
incidentally also the year when rival Toyota’s Toyota Prius created a
wave in the market, GM had announced an alliance with another major car
maker, DaimlerChrysler in a joint effort to build and assemble hybrid
cars of the future.<br><br>At the time, GM humbly admitted and apologized
for its past lax treatment for need to ramp up development of hybrid
cars. Now, the apology translates to missed revenues, because GM is still
not on top in terms of developing and selling hybrid cars.<br><br>When
oil and gasoline prices started rising in 2005, GM admittedly made the
mistake of not taking as seriously the potential opportunities posed by
the times.<br><br>No one has foreseen that oil prices would continue to
sky rocket then, because apparently, the situation in the Middle East
then seemed to be greatly improving.<br><br>High standards<br><br>By the
summer of 2005, GM’s hybrid car version was almost complete. GM then
started a strategy to greatly and strongly focus on car hybrids, whether
mild hybrids, full-massive hybrids or intermediate hybrids.<br><br>GM
boasted at the time that it was the only car manufacturing firm that
passionately pursue manufacturing of ultra-mild hybrid car systems, like
the high-standard Belt Alternator Starters or BAS.<br><br>GM said by
being so, its hybrids in the future would be less expensive but will
surely generate much savings for the consumers’ or users’ gasoline
consumption bills.<br><br>By that time, GM was already quick to assert
that its forthcoming 2007 Saturn VUE hybrid would be the first and
pioneering hybrid car that would be using the ultra and high-standard
BAS.<br><br>Another hybrid system<br><br>GM is understood to also be
actively pursuing developing and adopting a full hybrid system that would
be a significant and major breakthrough in the emerging hybrid car
technology.<br><br>The ‘two-mode hybrid’ system is expected to lead GM
into once again dominating not just the local but also the global car
manufacturing and distributing industry.<br><br>The hybrid system would
be a part of GM’s scheme to assemble hybrid cars that would have improved
fuel economy. The more interesting feature to come up with GM’s future
hybrid cars using the new system is the speed capacity.<br><br>GM is
apparently and undoubtedly a believer in hybrid cars. By that, it is
expected that the company’s future car products will be able to make
believers out of the ever-insatiable American public.<br><br>GM plans to
further deliver superior and quality hybrid vehicles in the future. The
company plans to roll out hybrid car products that boast of fuel
efficiency, performance and impressive gains.<br><br>GM’s
strategy<br><br>GM’s strategy of rolling out more powerful hybrid cars in
the future is tipped at the company’s response to rising need to finally
snatch up again its leadership in the car industry.<br><br>Through the
years, the company has shed its position in favour of Japanese car makers
Toyota and Honda. However, analysts and experts expect GM to make use of
its superior hybrid cars to get into the top spot once again.<br><br>The
strategy may seem to obvious and apparent, but it is one that would
surely get things done. Wait for a few more years and let history and
hybrid reception decide on GM’s future.

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