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									       STARTERS /MEZELER                                                     MAIN COURSES                                                             PASTA:
Soup of the day                                       £3.80      All main courses come served with vegetables                 Penne Bolognesse                                    £6.00
Please ask for details                                                      or salad & Turkish rice                           Tender minced lamb combined with mixed herbs, onion and
Humous √                                              £3.80   Tavuk Izgara /Chicken on Skewer                         £7.90
Puree of chick peas, tahini, lemon and garlic, served with                                                                    Pasta Vegeterian √                                  £6.00
                                                              Marinated pieces of chicken llets threaded on to skewer and     Speciality vegetarian pasta dish
pitta bread
Sarma √                                               £3.80                                                                   Penne Al Bosco                                      £6.00
                                                              Kuzu Izgara /Lamb On Skewer                             £8.60   Comes with delicious chicken breast & mixed vegetables,
Stu ed vine leaves, served with salad
                                                              Marinated pieces of lamb llets threaded on to skewer and        herbs and tomato
Cacik √                                               £3.80   grilled
Yogurt & Cucumber with/ without garlic
                                                                                                                              Penne Pepperoni                                     £6.40
                                                              Kuzu Kofte / Kofte Lamb                                 £7.80   Comes with Turkish pepperoni, -slightly spiced- and tomato
Halloumi Cheese √                                     £3.80   Grilled seasoned lamb patties
Pan fried and Grilled Cyprus cheese, served with salad
                                                              Kuzu Pirzola /Lamb Cutlets                            £10.90
Kalamar                                               £3.80   Grilled and served with potato wedges                                             KID’S MENU
Marinated squid, served with tartare sauce
                                                              Karisik Izgara/ Special Mixed Grill                   £14.90
Cheesy Pepper √                                       £3.80   Selection of lamb patties. Marinated chicken & lamb on          Half a portion of any                               £3.50
Jalenpo peppers stu ed with a mature cheddar cheese, served   skewer                                                          pasta dish on the menu
with salad
                                                              Sea Bass                                              £11.50
Falafel √                                             £3.80   Served with sauteed potatoes                                    Chicken Nuggets & Chips                             £3.50
Broad beans, chickpeas, fritter, served with salad
                                                              Succulent Marinated King Prawns (8)                     £9.40
Borek ( Feta & Spinach) √                             £3.80   Served with salad and sauteed potatoes                          Fish Fingers & Chips                                £3.50
Filo pastry parcels lled with Spincach & Feta cheese
                                                              Tavuk Sote/ Chicken Saute                               £9.60
Sucuk / Grilled Spicy Sausage                         £3.80   Spiced chicken, roasted tomato, onion & roasted pepper
Grilled sausages on skewer, served with pitta bread           sauce
Prawn Cocktail                                        £4.50   Meatballs                                               £8.50
Prawns served with salad and a seafood sauce                  Spicy lamb meatballs with tomato & black olive sauce

STARTER PLATTER                                       £7.45   Side Dishes & Rice                                      £1.95
humous, cacik, felafel, kalamar, borek, sarma                 Choose from: Turkish rice, grilled pepper and tomato,
all 6 dishes served on a platter with salad and pitta bread   potato wedges, vegetables (boiled or stir fried) or chips
(Ideal for 2 people)
                                                              Turkish Salad                                           £3.50
        √= Suitable for vegetarians

                                                                                                                                        Ephesus Restaurant,
                                                                                                                                             4 Rodley Lane,
    Tel: 01132 561 668                                                                                                                           LS13 1HU
                   DESSERTS                          HOT DRINKS
Chocolate Fudge Cake             £3.00   Espresso                    £1.50
Served with cream or ice cream

                                         Co ee (Americano)           £1.75
Cheese Cake                      £3.50   Latte                       £1.85
Baklava                          £3.90   Cappuccino                  £1.85
Pro terole                       £3.50   Hot Chocolate               £1.85   TURKISH & MEDITERRANEAN
Ice cream                        £2.50                                             STYLE BISTRO
                                         Mocca                       £2.00
Revani                           £3.00
Turkish sweet semolina cake
                                         Turkish Co ee               £1.50
                                         Turkish Tea                 £1.00

J2O Orange & Passion fruit       £1.80
Coke / Diet Coke- Bottle         £1.50    Ephesus Restaurant,
Fanta- Bottle                    £1.75      4 Rodley Lane,                                             MENU
Sprite - Bottle                  £1.75
                                               LS13 1HU
Orange Juice                     £1.75
                                           Tel: 01132 561 668                   10% OFF TAKEAWAY FOOD
Sparkling Mineral Water          £1.50
Still Mineral Water              £1.50                        EPHESUS
                                                                              Ephesus Restaurant,
                                                                                4 Rodley Lane,
                                                                                   LS13 1HU
                                                                               Tel: 01132 561 668
                                                                              Ephesus Restaurant is pleased to o er you the tradi-
                                                                              tional tastes of Turkish Cuisine which is one of the
                                                                               most famous in the world. All our ingredients are
                                                                                 freshly selected and prepared with great care.

                                                                                                                        Opening Hours:
                                                                                                                 Tuesday - Saturday 5pm till 11pm

    Tel: 01132 561 668                                                       We accept all major credit cards.        Sunday 12pm till 8pm
                                                                                                                        Mondays - Closed
                                                                              No personal cheques, please.

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