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 Vegetarian eating is on the rise nationwide,
 so it should come as no surprise that
 Baltimore is home to a variety of restaurants
 and cafés catering to this increasing demand.

 Choosing meat-free foods helps protect our
 health, the planet and animals—so whatever
 your reason for exploring vegetarian eating,
                                                  Discover these online vegetarian resources
 we hope you’ll find this Vegetarian Guide to
 Baltimore useful and your dining experiences
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 delightful. It’s never been easier or more
 delicious to savor vegetarian cuisine in         •                      •
 Charm City!
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   Compassion Over Killing (COK) is a                                      to request your free
   nonprofit animal advocacy organization
                                                                           Vegetarian Starter Guide
   based in Washington, D.C. Working to end
   animal abuse since 1995, COK exposes
   cruelty to animals in agriculture and
   promotes vegetarian eating as a way
   to build a kinder world for us all.
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                                                         P.O. Box 9773 • Washington, DC 20016 •
                                               • T: 301-891-2458 • F: 301-891-6815
                                                 Visit for even more listings!
innER HaRBoR                                     Sticky Rice                                     CHaRLEs ViLLagE/                                 Sweet Sin Café                                    Great Sage                                     Panda King
                                                 1634 Aliceanna St. • Baltimore, Md.             HaMPdEn                                          123 W. 27th St. • Baltimore, Md.                  5809 Clarksville square Dr.                    1770 York Rd. • Lutherville-Timonium, Md.
Camden Yards                                     443-682-8243 •                                                                   410-464-7211 •                 Clarksville, Md. • 443-535-9400                410-561-5888 •
Oriole Park • Baltimore, Md.                     Specializing in American and Pan-Asian                                                           Offers a wide variety of vegan breads, pies,                                  offers delicious fried tofu with mixed
                                                                                                 Bohemian Coffee House                                  cuisine. Vegan dishes, clearly labeled,         1821 N. Charles St. • Baltimore, Md.             cakes, and cupcakes. Items are available at       all-vegan, organic restaurant offering many    vegetables plus a separate mock meat
Don’t go hungry at the next Baltimore            include the “mock chicken szechuan” and         410-400-0022 •                 its new retail location in Charles Village or     raw and gluten-free options. Also serves       section.
orioles baseball game—the stadium                “the hot hippy.”                                Offers many vegan options in a funky, friendly   through pre-order.                                organic beer, wine, cocktails & smoothies.
serves veggie dogs!                                                                              setting. Try the Vegan “Chick’n” and “Egg”                                                         Live music & drink specials every Thursday     Scittino’s Italian Market Place
                                                 Van Gough Café                                  salad sandwich or vegan desserts from Dirty      The Yabba Pot                                     night and a delicious brunch every sunday.     1701 Edmondson Ave. • Catonsville, Md.
Pizzazz Tuscan Grille                            300 S. Ann St. • Baltimore, Md.                 Carrot Bakery.                                   2431 St. Paul St.• Baltimore, Md.                                                                410-788-2369 •
711 Eastern Ave. • Baltimore, Md.                410-558-1958                                                                                     410-662-8638 •                    Jesse Wong’s Asean Bistro                      A family-owned deli located inside an
410-528-7772 •           substitute teese vegan cheese at this                                                            Home of Empress Catering, the Yabba Pot           8775 Centre Park Dr. • Columbia, Md.           italian grocery story, serving homemade
                                                                                                 Café Hon
offers a separate vegan menu including           family-owned café for vegan quesadillas,        1002 W. 36th St. • Baltimore, Md.                offers all-vegan international cuisine, raw       410-772-5300 •                 pizzas with Daiya vegan cheese.
appetizers and entrées. Try the “Chicken”        vegan nachos, and more.they also offer          410-243-1230 •                       foods, and a juice bar. try its customer          asian restaurant offering several vegetarian
Parmigiana or create your own pizza              tofutti for bagels and soy milk for coffee.     Fun, quirky restaurant that offers veg options   favorite: Chik-UN Pasta Salad!                    dishes including vegetarian “chicken” in a     Thai Aroma
topped with Daiya vegan cheese.                                                                  such as hummus and portobello sandwiches                                                           variety of sauces.                             8815 Baltimore Nat’l Pike Ste D
                                                                                                 as well as a vegan burger.                                                                                                                        Ellicott City, Md.• 410-480-5100
Thai Arroy                                       Mt. VERnon                                                                                       outsidE oF BaLtiMoRE                              Jesse Wong’s Kitchen                           traditional thai cuisine feauturing a variety
1019 Light St. • Baltimore, Md.                                                                                                                                                                     118 Shawan Rd. , Ste EE • Hunt Valley, Md.     of meat substitutions. most
410-385-8587 •                     The Land of Kush                                2601 N. Howard St. • Baltimore, Md.              Asian Kitchen                                     410-329-1088 •           meat dishes can be made vegan
thai cuisine featuring mock duck and tofu.       840 N. Eutaw St. • Baltimore, Md.               410-235-5004                                     9351 Lakeside Blvd. #102                          asian cuisine with a variety of vegan dishes   upon request.
some dishes, such as the curry, can be           410-225-KUSH•                              Owings Mills, Md. • 443-394-2650                  including “chicken” in your choice of sauce.
served without fish sauce.                       Newly-open all-vegan restaurant! Be sure        Coffeeshop with vegan sandwiches, soups,                                                                          Tov Pizza
                                                 to try the delicious “Curry Chikun,” Vegan      homemade hummus, and at                          Reasonably priced Chinese and Thai cuisine        The Judge’s Bench                              6313 Reisterstown Rd. • Baltimore, Md.
                                                 BBQ Ribs, or choose from a wide variety         least one vegan baked good daily. its            with mock meat options including “chicken”        8385 Main St. • Ellicott City, Md.             410-358-5238 •
FELLs Point                                      of desserts.                                    vegetarian Powerhouse plate can easily be        with cashews and tangerine “chicken.”             410-465-3497 •              Kosher restaurant serving pizza and pasta
                                                                                                 made vegan.                                      entrées in the vegetarian section are cooked      Family-owned pub offering many vegan           dishes, falafel and hummus, veggie
Brick Oven Pizza                                 Red Emma’s Bookstore                                                                             without fish sauce or meat broth.                 entrées including Housemade Lentil             meatballs and burgers. request no cheese
800 S. Broadway • Baltimore, Md.                 Coffeehouse                                     Gertrude’s Café                                                                                    Burger, Tofurky beer brat, Asian tofu          to make items vegan.
410-563-1600 •                      800 St. Paul St. • Baltimore, Md.               10 Art Museum Dr. • Baltimore, Md.               China Legend                                      sandwich, and spicy black bean burrito.
Popular restaurant dishing out delicious         410-230-0450 •                     410-889-3399 •            10040 Baltimore Nat’l Pike • Ellicott City, Md.                                                  Zia’s
brick oven pizzas. Create your own with          this all-vegetarian worker-owned                In this funky, eclectic restaurant you’ll find   410-750-8880 •          Mango Grove                                    13 Allegheny Ave. • Towson, Md.
vegan cheese and a variety of veggie             bookstore and coffeehouse offers a variety of   several vegan options including a spicy black    this Chinese eatery offers a variety of           6365-B Dobbin Center• Columbia, Md.            410-296-0799 •
toppings. Try the vegan wraps and pasta          vegan food including soy “chicken” salad,       bean burger and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not        vegetable, tofu and mock chicken dishes.          410-884-3426                                   Café, juice bar, and catering company.
dishes, too.                                     tofurky melt, and a wide selection of vegan     Crab” cakes.                                                                                       all-vegetarian indian restaurant. Priced       menu changes daily offering an incredible
                                                 desserts.                                                                                        EN Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar                       under $9.95. Not open daily, so be sure to     variety of fresh juices and smoothies as
Johnny Rad’s                                                                                     One World Café                                   19833 Century Blvd. • Germantown, Md.             call for hours.                                well as vegan sandwiches and desserts.
2108 Eastern Ave. • Baltimore, Md.               Soup’s On Baltimore                             100 W. University Pkwy. • Baltimore, Md.         301-916-2258 •
443-759-6464 •                    11 W. Preston St. • Baltimore, Md.              410-235-5777 •                Chinese cuisine featuring an extensive            Mr. Chan’s
Pizzeria offering a variety of clearly-labeled   410-528-1003 •                 serving a nearly all-vegetarian menu for         veggie menu including dishes made with            1000 Reisterstown Rd. • Pikesville, Md.        VEgan BaKERiEs
vegan options. Substitute Teese vegan            Menu changes daily, though you’ll always        breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Specialities       vegan “chicken,” “beef” and “shrimp.”             410-484-1100
cheese on any pizza and many other               find three gourmet vegan soups, such as         include vegan pancakes and the Philly                                                              szechuan Chinese cuisine with an               Dirty Carrots
menu items for an animal-friendly meal!          Yucatan Black Bean, Pumpkin Stew, and           cheese “steak-less” as well as a variety of      Flying Avocado Café                               incredible vegan section of the menu  • 410-868-4430
                                                 Russian Borscht. Sandwiches and salads          vegan desserts.                                  10210 S. Dolfield Rd. • Owings Mills, Md.         featuring orange seitan, mock Citrus
Liquid Earth                                     are also offered.                                                                                443-471-2600 •                  Ribs, plus many tofu, yuba, and tempeh         Brunie’s Bakery
1626 Aliceanna St. • Baltimore, Md.                                                                                                               Specializing in natural foods, this café          delights. a local favorite.           • 443-470-1487
                                                                                                 Paul Chen’s Hong Kong
410-276-6606 •                   Sweet Bakery                                    2426 N. Charles St. • Baltimore, Md.             offers a variety of delicious vegan fare
a local favorite, this all-vegetarian            239 Read St. • Baltimore, Md.                   410-235-8745 •            including grilled tofu wraps, fresh salads,       The Natural Brothers’ Deli                     Emily’s Desserts
restaurant and juice bar offers many vegan       410-728-2253 •              extensive vegan section of the menu              and fruit smoothies.                              and Café                              • 443-858-7045
options including the vegan reuben and           Popular bakery offering vegan baked             includes mock beef, chicken, and pork.                                                             2149 York Rd. • Timonium, Md.
the “fake bacon” BLT.                            goods daily, such as pumpkin chocolate          Also try the Crispy Eggplant and Steamed                                                           410-560-3133 •          Goody, Goody Gumdrops
                                                 chip muffins and chocolate chip cookies!        Vegetable Dumplings.                                                                               this all-vegetarian café (with a second
                                                 selections change regularly.                                                                        = all-vegetarian establishments                location in monkton) offers vegan              443-670-4529
                                                                                                                                                                                                    sandwiches, salads and wraps. Popular
                                                                                                                                                                                                    items include the Veggie BBQ Wrap and
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the Famous Lentil Burger.
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