Kindergarten and First Grade Word Wall Words by ColleenPatton


									         By: Colleen Patton
  To use these words, I printed them out on regular computer paper,
then backed each word with a different color of scrapbook paper. This
   set of words includes High Frequency Words, school words, math
words, social studies words, and winter words. Each type of word had a
  different paper backing it to help students to use the words easily.
After I backed each word with scrapbook paper, I laminated them and
put a magnet on the back of each. Then, they were ready to put on my
                     board for my students to use.

                Here is my board without the words:

                  Here is my board with the words:
  all     am
  and     are
  ask      at
   a      back
 ball      be
because   best
  but      by
  call    came
can      car
class   come
dad      did
 do      dog
down    father
find    first
for     friend
from    game
get    go
good   got
had    hand
has    have
 he    help
her    here
him    his
home    I
 if     in
into     is
 it    just
know    let
like   little
long   look
love   made
make   man
 me      mom
more     most
mother   much
 my       no
 not      of
 off     old
  on     one
  or     our
part     play
pretty   ran
 run     said
 see     she
small     so
some     start
stop     take
 tell    that
the     them
then    these
they    thing
think   this
time     to
told    two
 up      us
very    want
was    way
we     went
were   when
will   with
you    your
 addition       add
subtraction   subtract
  equals      same as
 greater        less
  more        number
   plus        minus
 pencil      crayon
marker     backpack
teacher      school
 paper        math
science    social studies

reading      writing
spelling   workshop
specials      desk
  goods         services
  needs           wants
   map          compass
inventor           key
   then            now
 symbol        United States

Liberty Bell     pledge
   flag          motto
ornament    reindeer
 Rudolph      tree
Christmas    Santa
 sleigh      mitten
  snow       frosty
snowman     presents
  cold       wrap
  scarf       ice
   I hope that you enjoy this

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           Colleen Patton

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