Robert Bosch GmbH_ Stuttgart_ Germany Introduction to Bosch The by yaofenjin


									            Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Introduction to Bosch:
The Robert Bosch GmbH is an independent manufacturer of
automotive equipment and supplies the automobile industry with
necessary parts and subsystems. Its activities include the
development, manufacturing and maintenance of e.g. fuel injection
systems for gasoline and diesel engines, systems for passive safety,
electric machines and mobile communications. Bosch's repair shops
are everywhere in Europe the places for diagnosing and repairing
(not only Bosch's) automotive subsystems and for supplying cars
with spare parts. In addition, many independent workshops use test
equipment of Bosch's division for industrial equipment.

Introduction to Bosch's research group:
An application-centred research group in FV/FLI has collected many
years of experience in knowledge-based methods and tools. It has
gained broad knowledge about function, behaviour and structure of
mechatronic subsystems like EDC (electronic diesel control), ABS
(antilock braking system) and close familiarity with modelling
techniques of such automotive components. The team cooperates
with the department responsible for implementing manuals for fault
detection, as well as with people developing test equipment for
repair shops. Furthermore, an essential working area of the
department is the computer support of quality assurance methods
as QFD, FTA, FAST and especially FMEA. Areas of interest and
industrial research: QR & MBR in design, prediction, quality
assurance and diagnosis for mechatronic (automotive) subsystems

List of projects and related publications:

•   ESPRIT II project 5246 "Prolog Integrated with Constraints and
    Environment for industrial and financial applications (PRINCE)",
    1991-1995 [Weber 94] R.Weber - Validation of PRINCE Prolog by
    Applications in the Domain of Industrial Systems Engineering:
    Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Simulation of Dynamical
    Systems, Final Report, Stuttgart 1994
•   BRITE/EURAM III project BE95-2128 "Vehicle Model-Based
    Diagnosis (VMBD)", 1996-1999 partners: Daimler-Benz AG,
    Centro Ricerche Fiat, AB Volvo, GenRad Ltd, Magneti Marelli,
    Thomson Detexis, Uni Torino, Uni Wales, Uni Paris Nord, OCC'M -
    Final Report, June 1999
•   German BMBF project "Intelligent Diagnosis in Application
    (INDIA)", German government funded project, 1995-1999
    partners: FhG-IITB Karlsruhe (H.W.Fruechtenicht), LKI Hamburg
    (B.Neumann), ServiceXpert Hamburg (R.Cunis), TU Munich
Staff members of the division:
• Dr.Wolf-Dieter Haecker, FV/L, President
• Dr.Fridolin Piwonka, FV/FL2, General Manager
• Dr.Reinhard Weber, FV/FLI, Project Leader

Bosch's contact address:
Dr.Reinhard Weber
Robert Bosch GmbH
Dept.FV/FLI Postfach 106050
D 70049
fax: +49 711 811 7165

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