HEXUS Recommends Thecus N5200PRO “You're going to like this…the by zhangyun


									                     HEXUS Recommends Thecus N5200PRO
         “You’re going to like this…the best NAS we’ve reviewed so far”
                                      08/10/2007 – The Thecus N5200PRO is quickly becoming a classic in the
                                      network-attached storage world. With a huge 5TB capacity, advanced RAID
                                      options, and iSCSI support, hardware enthusiasts are clamoring for this five-
                                      bay storage device. Recently, HEXUS took the N5200PRO for a spin, and
                                      were so impressed, they saw fit to award it with their Executive
                                      Recommended Award, stating that it was the “best NAS reviewed so far”!

                       iSCSI support on the N5200PRO literally “wowed” Hexus editors:
“Sometimes, bumping up the speed a little, or adding a couple more features, edges the product
out in front of the competition. Other times, however, the additions create a magic formula that
takes a product from "nice" all the way up to "wow". Thecus has recently applied the "make it
better" methodology to its five-disk N5200 NAS device. It's taken the original and sped it up,
added some features and come up with a cunning name, the N5200 Pro. Question is, has Thecus
added the extra "wow"? We've got five letters for you, dear readers: i-S-C-S-I. What it actually
does, is implement SCSI-3 over TCP/IP networking. The aim is to give the features and feel of
having a SCSI disk-array inside your server/workstation, when, in reality, the drives are sat on
the end of a network cable somewhere. Now that really is something.”

The performance of the N5200PRO was astounding: “The N5200 Pro delivered under 10MiB/s
reads over SMB when dealing with a 1GiB file. Using iSCSI, that jumps to a ninja 35.64MiB/s.
As the file sizes shrink, so too does the performance difference. But whichever way you look at it,
iSCSI delivers a throughput boost. Win!”

The verdict? “If you've got servers in need of extra storage
but don't have any space left in them, iSCSI might well be
the answer - and the N5200 Pro the device to turn to…So
there you are, we've laid it out for you, plain as day. The
N5200 Pro is quick and iSCSI rocks but watch out for disk
compatibility. With such a small price difference between
Pro and non-Pro, we really can't find a reason not to
recommend the N5200 Pro. It's the best NAS we've
reviewed so far....”
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