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                While Health Organizations Work to Understand and Prevent Avian Flu,
                      Credit Union Understands Demands of Diverse Membership

        August 8, 2006 – Memphis, Tennessee – The Pan American Health Organization and World Health
Organization are fighting some serious battles with the uncertainty of the Avian Flu and other diseases that
threaten to cripple families and even whole nations. While they work abroad to find causes and cures, their
credit union is working to find ways to meet their financial needs and deliver services that are relevant to
their membership.
        PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union ($146 million assets, over 3,900 members) located in
Washington D.C., has recently undertaken the overwhelming task of evaluating a new data processor to more
effectively meet the needs of an international membership. “Our members are geographically diverse and
many of them are not even on US soil,” states Miguel Boluda, Jr. CEO of PAHO/WHO Federal Credit
Union. “This presents a number of challenges for us in our quest to grow the credit union by providing not
only a breadth of services, but delivery channels that make sense for our membership.” The New Solutions
data processing system by Share One, Inc. is the system that the leadership team of the credit union has
chosen to take on this challenge.
        Existing technology was in place at the credit union to seamlessly run OFAC and ID verification.
“We wanted to make sure that PAHO/WHO FCU was not giving anything up to become a Share One client.
When we learned about this solution and the benefits to credit unions, we embraced it and became a reseller
of the EFUNDS product,” states Daryl Tanner, Chief Executive Officer for Share One, Inc. “Preventing
fraud by ID verification overseas is critical to the operational efficiency of this organization. These are tools
we can provide to protect their membership.”
        PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union has a unique business model, outsourcing many of its specialized
operations such as marketing and information technology. “The New Solutions system fits our strategic plan
quite well,” explains Mr. Boluda. “It is a robust system that was built from the ground up by credit unions.
The fact that the people who helped with the architecture are facing the same challenges we face gives me
confidence that the system is going to be intuitive to our needs. The combination of outsourcing specialized
operations as well as a system that efficiently serves our members allows our credit union to operate lean.”
        PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union converted to the Share One, Inc. system in March, 2006. “The
conversion process is so all-encompassing to an organization and it is critical that it is done with accuracy
and be transparent to the membership,” Mr. Boluda commented. “I was quite pleased with the entire process.
From start to finish, it was a clean conversion and the Share One team provided service that far exceeded our
hopes for this event.”
About Share One, Inc.
        Share One, Inc. has been a leading developer of credit union management software systems since
1974 providing a full range of supporting, training, consulting, and IT services to credit unions all over the
United States. A Credit Union Service Organization with a client base of 40 clients with assets up to $950
million, their core processing software, New Solutions, has proven to provide credit unions with leading edge
technology and advancements.

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