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                SPRING 1978
                                             UW-La Crosse, alumni
                                             welcome Roger Hughes
                                                 The University has announced the
                                              appointment of Roger Hughes as coor-
                                             dinator of Alumni Affairs. Hughes
                                              joined the Development Division staff
                                              March 1, replacing Tom Macgillivray
                                              Who is hoW With St. Cloud State Univer-
CONTENTS                                         A 1966 English graduate of the
                                              University of Iowa, Hughes received a
 2    Alumni Activities                      master's degree in English/creative
 4    Campus Update                          writing from Iowa the following year
 7    Special Features:                      and earned a Ph.D. in philosophy of
        School of HPER                       education from Indiana University in
10    Alumni Newsmakers                      1977.
16    Alumni Calendar                          • His career background includes a
                                             position as an English teacher in an
Roger Hughes                                 Iowa community college; two years in
                                             U.S. Army public information; and four
Coordinator of Alumni Affairs                years as a musician and independent
Eleanor M. Kennedy, '64 & '76                record producer. Most recently,
Alumni Secretary                             Hughes served as assistant to the dean
Chris Koukola                                of the School of Education at Indiana
Editor                                       University where he worked in relations
                                             with external pUblics, programs and in-
Mary McLaughlin, '75, and                    stitutional research.
    Mary Fran Winrich                            In his new position, Hughes will be
Associate Editors                            responsible for maintaining and                "I'll be looking into thewhole area of
Susan Bahn, Beth Bahnson,                    strengthening the linkages built uP'        alumni programming to better serve
    Kenneth Dischler and Patricia            over the years between the University       the needs of alumni and other publics,"
    Heinlen                                  and its alumni; scheduling functions        Hughes explained. "I hope I'll be able
Student Contributors                         throughout the country; and working         to articulate the broader dimensions of
                                             closely with Development and the UW-        university support and service to alum-
Patricia Heinlen, Don Suter and              L Foundation in university support ac-      ni during the time when their support is
    Paul Currier                             tivities.                                   most critical," he added.
Bert Sasse

                                             Nominations invited for
ASSOCIATION                                  distinguished alum award
                                                UW-La Crosse invites nominations         including the names of two persons
H. Allan Poser, '69 & '73, President         for the second annual Maurice O. Graff      with whom the committee could cor-
Patricia Heim, '71, 1st Vice                 Distinguished Alumnus Award.                respond for further information about
    President                                Because it is impossible for members        the nominee. Deadline is May 1, 1978.
Gail Cleary, '55, 2nd Vice President         of the selection committee to know all
Eleanor M. Kennedy, '64 & '76,               the achievements of alumni, they ask
    Executive Director                       that you assist them in their efforts.
Willis Berzinski, '56
Mavis Carlsson, '62 & '68
                                                The Distinguished Alumnus Awards
                                             program honors former UW-L students         Reu nion set for
Janet Hoeschler, '40
Roger Hughes
                                             who have distinguished themselves by
                                             their lives and work, thereby bringing      queens and courts
Joan Markos, '72                             great credit and distinction to their
Richard Mahlum, '68                          alma mater. Candidates need not have           Homecoming '78, October 21, will
William Otto, '57                            graduated, merely attended. The             feature a reunion of all past Homecom-
Anna Thomas, '32                             awards are intended for living alumni,      ing queens and their courts. Alumnae
Gary Stuhr, '77                              and previous nominees are eligible.         so honored over the years are asked to
                                                Your nomination should be sent to        contact the UW-L Alumni Office with
                                             the Alumnus Award Committee, Alum-          their year(s) of participation (records
Cover: Do you recognize this face? See       ni Office, UW-La Crosse, La Crosse, WI      are not complete). They will then
story page 5. (Photo by Patricia Heinlen.)   54601, accompanied by a letter stating      receive special information regarding
                                             why the person should be, chosen and        the reunion.

                                                                                                      ALUMNUS--SPRING '78
                                                                      .._._-.-......   ·_""·~c~w~_""'i- -......_ _. . .              d
Trips for fun, adventure
and education offered
  A ho~t of travel trips and tours is be-     Reservations must be made as soon
ing offered in the coming months. The       as possible. Contact Dr. Margaret S.
destinations, costs, times, and sign-up     Chew, Geography Department, for
deadlines vary. The following is a sum-     details.
mary of the various offerings and the                       Wisconsin
person to contact for each.                    The course, Geography of Wiscon·
          Bavarian Holiday                  sin, will be offered this summer, July
   This holiday is based in the small       17 - 29, for two credits.
Alpine village of Inzell in the Bavarian      The first week will be spent in class
area of Germany. Travelers will depart      and research. For six days the group
from Milwaukee to Germany July 22 for       will tour Wisconsin with overnight
eight days and seven nights.                stops in Superior, Oshkosh,                  The reception following the UW-La Crosse
   This trip is called a holiday because    Whitewater and Platteville.                  vs. UW·Oshkosh basket~. 18
                                                                                         was the first time JQffi!Knispel,'51, (ce~j),
no formal sightseeing jaunts are               Dr. Margaret S. Chew, UW-L                enjoyed a reunion' WTf1'IhTs former class-
planned. Travelers are given free use of    Geography Department, has details.           mates and teammates.
a rental car with unlimited mileage                      British Isles
allowance for their own individually-          This three-week trip, June 16 to July
designed tours.
   The tour package, including round-
                                            7, is offered by the Departments of          AKA plans annual
                                            Elementary Education and Physical
trip air transportation, accomodation,
breakfast and dinner daily, is $689 per
                                            Education. The London-based tour in-         spring weekend
                                            cludes visits to Scotland and Ireland.
person.                                        The trip is available for course credit      Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity
   This travel adventure is available to    or audit and includes observation of         alumni are invited to attend the annual
all Alumni Association members and          the British open primary schools.            Spring Weekend, May 5 - 7. Activities
their families, friends and neighbors.         The estimated cost including air          will include a Mississippi River boat
Interested persons should contact the       fare, lodging, most meals, sightseeing       ride, a dinner-dance and golfing. Reser-
UW-L Alumni Office by May 15.               and UW-L fees is less than $995.             vations should be sent to Alpha Kappa
           Bavarian· Scenic                    Burt Altman and Lane Goodwin at           Lambda, 1534 Vine Street, La Crosse,
   The other UW-L Alumni Association-       UW-L have more details. Register now.        WI 54601.
sponsored tour, Bavarian Scenic, in-
cludes guided bus tours of not only
Bavaria, but Austria, Switzerland and
Leichtenstei n.
                                            AI Poser elected president
   The trip includes round-trip transpor-
tation from Milwaukee, eight days and
seven nights, breakfast and dinner dai-
                                            of UW-L altlmhiboatd
ly, and all tours for $769 per person.         Allan Poser, '69 and '73, is the newly    Russell, S.C. Cleary, an active member
This tour is also July 22 - 30.             elected president of the UW-L Alumni         of the La Crosse community, has
   Highlights begin with a two-day stop     Association Board of Directors. The          served as president of the Riverland
in Munich, visits to Oberammergau           new slate of officers began their two-       Girl Scouts and as chairperson for the
-home of the Passion Play, Lake Con-        year terms Jan. 1.                           1976 Cancer Crusade.
stance, baroque palaces, castles,              Poser, director of marketing and
medieval villages and majestic              advertising. for Gateway Foods, La
cathedrals.                                 Crosse, is joined by Patricia
   Interested persons should contact        (Maslowski) Heim, '71, first vice-
the UW-L Alumni Office by May 15.           president, and Gail Cleary, '55, second
         Greece and Egypt
   The UW-L Geography Department is
sponsoring a 19-day field trip to Greece
and Egypt June 19 - July 7. The trip in-
cludes a three-day luxury cruise on the
Aegean Sea, a four-day Nile River
Cruise from Luxor to Aswan and visits
to Cairo, the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx,
Abu Simbel, and King Tutankhamun's                                                          Gail Cleary             Gary Stuhr
   Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Corinth,
Nauplia and Epidauros will be visited in                                                   Gary Stuhr, '77, an accountant with
Greece.                                          AI Poser              Pat Heim          Alexander Grant Accounting Firm, La
   The price of the tour including first                                                 Crosse, was appointed by Chancellor
class twin bed hotel rooms is $2,365          Heim is an attorney with the firm of       Kenneth Lindner to a one-year term
per person.                                 Hafner, McDonald, Thompson and               representing the class of 1977.

ALUMNUS--SPRING '78                                                                                                                 3

                                              Alum answers questions
UPDATE                                        in new Information Center
   It's official -- UW·La Crosse is the          Back in the days when UW-La Crosse       Called "University Information," it's for
fastest-growing university in Wiscon-         was Main Hall and everyone knew             alumni, area citizens, and students
sin! "The 24th Annual Report of Open-         everyone else, questions about the          who have questions about programs or
ing Fall Enrollments in Wisconsin In-         school were easily answered. But since      activities on the campus.
stitutions of Higher Education" re-           UW-L now involves over 8,500 students          Hedy Otto, '72, helps callers and
leased by the Wisconsin Association           and nearly 1,000 employees in hun-          visitors at the campus Information
of Collegiate Registrars and Ad-              dreds of programs, answering ques-          Center. Her position is federally funded
missions Officers cites UW-L's 10.3           tions has gotten more complex.              as a pilot project to offer easier access
percent enrollment increase last fall as      Sometimes callers or visitors have had      to the University. The University Infor-
the year's largest among all public and       to contact several sources to find their    mation phone number is (608) 785-8900.
private universities in the state. The fall   answers.                                      The Information Center, pictured
enrollment was a record high 8,554               Now there's a new service designed       above, also houses campus security
students. The current enrollment,             to answer all questions about the           and the switchboard. The address is
7,780, is a spring semester record.           university at one convenient location.      525 East Ave. N.

   Dallas and Nancy Arganbright
Weekley, husband-wife piano duettists
in residence at UW-L, released their
                                              New master's degrees in recreation,
first album in December. Under the
Gold Crest label, New York, the album
                                              adult fitness to be Wisconsin firsts
includes original works for one piano-           UW-La Crosse has been authorized         fered this summer. Interested persons
four hands by Poulenc, Liszt, Schubert        to grant two new master's degrees.          may contact Dr. Otto for complete in-
and others recorded by the Weekleys           Each will be the first of its kind in       formation.
on tour.                                      Wisconsin.                                     The second new program, the M.S. in
                                                 Courses leading to a Master of           Adult Fitness-Cardiac Rehabilitation,
   "Listen for the new WLSU - It's com-       Science in Recreation will be offered       will be offered in cooperation with the
ing this year!" is the campus-based           beginning this summer. The program          La Crosse Exercise Program in the
radio station's slogan for 1978. Three        will have no specific "area of concen-      Physical Education Department.
major changes are planned for the             tration" as such, but will be tailored to   Students will spend 15 months gaining
facility, according to Station Manager        the professional needs of each stu-         academic and practical experiences in
Jim Conway.                                   dent. Dr. William O. Otto, '57, chair-      all aspects of adult fitness and cardiac
   WLSU has had a power increase              person of the Department of Recrea-         rehabilitation. Two tracks, one for "ex-
from 690 to 8,300 watts. The station is       tion and Parks, said students' interests    ercise specialists" to work with dis-
now installing all new studio and             will generally be in recreation and park    eased and high risk patients, and one
transmitter equipment which will              administration and in therapeutic           for those who will work with fitness
enable WLSU to broadcast in stereo.           recreation. Specialties in recreation       programs in recreation centers, will be
The equipment and accompanying                program leadership and outdoor and          available.
studio remodeling are funded by a             commercial recreation may be im-               A three-month internship in adult
grant from the Department of Health,          plemented.                                  fitness, cardiac rehabilitation, or in-
Education and Welfare.                           Candidates will need 30 semester         dustrial fitness will conclude each
   Finally, a new satellite receiver          credits of course work including a          student's studies.
financed by the Corporation for Public        thesis or seminar and research paper           Classes in this program will begin
Broadcasting will link WLSU directly          to earn the M.S. in recreation.             next fall. Enrollment is limited and has
with National Public Radio by Westar             Two of the required courses,             been closed for fall semester.
satellite.                                    "Creative Concepts in Recreation               Dr. Philip Wilson, director of the La
   Work on all projects is to be com-         Leadership" and "Recreation Planning        Crosse Exercise Program, will also
pleted by the end of this year.               and Facility Development," will be of-      direct the master's degree program.

4                                                                                                      ALUMNUS--SPRING '78

      Sixth minority conference
      preceded by symposiums
         "Minority Women and Ethnicity" is        Medicine, an advanced opportunity
      the theme for the sixth annual Con-         fellow at UW-Madison; and Patrick
      ference on Ethnic and Minority Studies      Montgomery, secretary of the Anti-
      to be held at UW-La Crosse. This year's     Slavery Society for the Protection of
      gathering is set for April 19 - 22.         Human Rights, London.
         Angela Davis heads the list of na-          Planners have set pre-conference
      tionally known speakers and enter-          sessions for April 19 with a plenary
      tainers who will appear during the con-     session April 20. Saturday papers and
      ference. Currently a guest faculty          presentations will be of special in-
      member at Stanford University and           terest to elementary and secondary
      Claremont College, Davis is also co-        teachers.
      chairperson of the National Alliance           The Institute for Minority Studies,
      Against Racist and Political Repres-        host for the conference, sponsored a
      sion and a member of the Central Com-       series of symposiums to examine the       Olympic gold medal winner Wilma Rudolph
      mittee of the U.S. Communist Party.         status and roles of minority women        spoke on campus during Black Culture
                                                                                            Week in February.
      She will speak the evening of April 21.     throughout the semester. Guest
         Other featured speakers will include     speakers, commentators and par-
      Helen Rodriquez, M.D., a South Bronx        ticipants discussed minority women in     a Colville Indian whose conviction for
      pediatrician and member of the na-          education and the professions, in         the murder of a known child molester is
      tional board of the Committee to End        employment and labor organizing, in       being appealed; and Vel R. Phillips, the
      Sterilization Abuse; anthropologist Bea     the criminal justice system, and in the   Milwaukee attorney who chaired
                                                  women's movement.                         Wisconsin's delegation to the 1977 Na-
                                                     Yolanda Ayubi, chairperson of the      tional Women's Conference in
                                                  Wisconsin Association of Latin Profes-    Houston, were among the speakers
      UW-L to host                                sional Women; Sylvia Woods, a retired
                                                  UAW union organizer; Yvonne Wanrow,
                                                                                            who came to the campus for the sym-
      state games for
      Special Olympics                            University artifacts found
         The Wisconsin Special Olympics
      Board of Directors has selected UW-La
      Crosse as the site of the 1978 Summer
      State Games scheduled for June 9 and
         An estimated 1,600-1,800 mentally
      retarded state athletes representing
      local schools, agencies and workshops
      will compete in a variety of sports
      events and clinics. CQ,mpetition will in-
      clude track and field; swimming, and
      clinics offered in tennis, frisbee,
      baseball, soccer, art and many more.
         Special Olympics is a program of
      physical education, sports training,
      athletic competition, education and ad-
      vocacy for mentally retarded indivi-
      duals eight years of age and older.
         The state level meet begins Friday
      morning with registration of athletes
      and coaches followed by the traditional
      Olympics ceremony, parade of
      athletes, lighting of the Olympics torch       This frieze and two similar" Works,    tOUW-L by the Class Of 1923. Ohe is
      and raising the official Olympics flag.     each measuring four feet in height,       located on the second floor near the
      Competition will run Friday afternoon       were discovered in the attic of Main      west entrance; the other is in the ceil-
      and Saturday morning and will be            Hall during a search for university ar-   ing alcove of the State Street second
      followed by the closing ceremonies.         tifacts. The three are now being pieced   floor landing. Anyone with information
         Sponsors of the event are UW-La          together where broken, reinforced in      about the friezes found in the attic is
      Crosse, the UW-L Special Population         back and repaired and refinished.         asked to contact the Alumni Office.
      Programs, the La Crosse Department             The history of these friezes is           All of the plaster of paris panels will
      of Parks and Recreation, and Wiscon-        unknown. Two other types of friezes       be included in the renovation of Main
      sin Special Olympics, Inc.                  hanging in the building were donated      Hall.

      ALUMNUS--SPRING '78                                                                                                            5
  Don Wille: He kept the faith
     "Keep the faith." Hundreds of          a fraternity event, or when Don was
  students were given that admonition       perhaps at his happiest, hosting his
  by Dr. Don Wille during the 20 years he   favorite musician, Duke Ellington. He
  taught at UW-La Crosse. The faith to      also served as president of the La
  which Don referred was a faith in peo-    Crosse Jazz Club and of the Board of
  ple.                      .               Directors of the Boys' Club of La
     Don died Feb. 18in Brooksville, Fla.   Crosse.
  He and his wife Claire had moved there       Rollo Taylor, assistant professor of
  in 1973 after his retirement fromlhe      physical education, was a student of
  University.                               Don's from 1953 to 1956 and a col-
     A professor of health education from   league at UW-L from 1965 to 1973. He
  1953 to 1973, Don was voted by the        and others are in contact with Claire
  students to receive the Murphy Foun-      and Don's son Mike to set up a
  dation "Excellence in Teaching" award     memorial scholarship. Alumni in-
  in 1968 and 1973.                         terested in helping to "keep the faith"
     Many students will remember being      by donating to the scholarship fund
  at his French Island home. He and         may contact Rollo at 144 Mitchell Hall,
  Claire opened their doors to students     UW-La Crosse.
  for many occasions: the end of a class,                                                          Dr. Don Wille

                                            Katharine Martindale library
                                            preserved in UW-L archives
                                               The library of Katharine Martindale    works by many prominent 19th century
                                            has been given to the Murphy Library      poets and authors including Long-
                                            Area Research Center at the University.   fellow, Twain and Oliver Wendell
                                            Miss Martindale, who died Oct. 13, was    Holmes. Many are "beautifully bound,"
                                            the granddaughter of a prominent, ear-    he noted.
                                            ly La Crosse lumberman.                     The family papers and business
                                               The gift from the Martindale estate    records contain some items dating
                                            was made by Dr. Adolph Gundersen,         back to the 17th century, Hill said. The
                                            Miss Martindale's personal represen-      photographs, including daguer-
                                            tative, who worked with a committee of    reotypes and ambrotypes, are mostly
                                            her friends including Robert C. Voight,   of the family but do include some La
                                            dean of the UW-L College of Arts, Let-    Crosse scenes, he noted.
                                            ters and Sciences.                           "My survey of the Martindale
                                               The Martindale family home at 237 S.   materials makes clear that there are
                                            10th Street has since been listed with    many significant items. We are pleased
                                            the Register of State Historic P,Iaces    and honored to undertake the proper
                                            and the National Register of Historic     management of this collection," Hill
             Russel Wartinbee               Places.                                   stated.
                                               The Martindale library contains over
                                            1,500 volumes plus papers, letters and
  Wartinbee family                          diaries totaling about 20 cubic feet,
                                            some family business records, 1,400
  establ ishes UW-L                         photographs, and maps. The Area
                                                                                      Foundation offers
                                            Research Center (ARC) is now doing a
  scholarship                               complete inventory of the collection;     assistance
                                            preserving the items; indexing them for
     A scholarship in the memory of         researchers; and marking the materials
  Russel Wartinbee, '23, has been given     with a special bookplate. Materials          The UW-La Crosse Foundation offers
  to the University by members of his       with special importance orvalue will be   alumni and friends consultation ser-
  family.                                   maintained in the Special Collections     vices in estate planning free of charge.
    The award, which was donated by his     Room as part of the rare book section     Various materials on financial manage-
  brother, William Wartinbee, Pittsburg,    of the ARC. The facilities are open to    ment are also available: "Tax Reform
  Pa., and his widow, Helen (Rawlinson)     the public during regularly scheduled     Act of 1976"; "Planned Income Tax Sav-
  Wartinbee, '25, is for students seeking   hours.                                    ings"; "Planning Your Estate--After Tax
  a career in teaching.                        Edwin L. Hill, curator of the ARC,     Reform"; "The Pooled Income Fund";
    "Doc" Wartinbee taught music,           said the largest portion of the Martin-   and Illumine, a financial planning
  social studies and civics in the La       dale library consists of American first   quarterly.
  Crosse and Clintonville schools for       editions, "the kind of books that well-      Those interested should contact the
  nearly 40 years. He also served eight     educated families would have ac-          UW-L Foundation, 1725 State St., La
  years in the Wisconsin Assembly.          quired." The first editions include       Crosse, WI 54601, (608/785-8487).

  6                                                                                               ALUMNUS--SPRING '78

------------~----~------------                             --                                                                    «

        Special Features: School of HPER
        "The skilled professional is the ideal"                                              ~~Dr. Ernest Gershon

           It has been 65 years since La Crosse was designated              which his teams won 20 championships. He has been
        the state's school for training physical education                  WSUC Conference and NAIA District 14 Coach of the
        teachers.                                    '                      Year and won UW-L's Excellence in Teaching Award in
           The Normal School's first president, Fassett Cotton,             1971.
        insisted that every person should be developed both                    Commitment to the value of a general education has
        physically and mentally. That philosophy has remained               not prevented HPER from changing when sound
        strong as the original School of Physical Education has             evidence demands. The School was one of the first in the
        grown to the School of Health, Physical Education and               country to meet the laws for the integration of programs
        Recreation.                                                         for men and women. Recent programs in such areas as
           "Early, the School gave its support to the University            cardiac rehabilitation, adult fitness, therapeutic recrea-
        plan of basic studies; La Crosse graduates repeatedly               tion and physical education for the handicapped attest to
        have been in demand to assume tasks which require                   the School's willingness to meet society's needs.
        broad educational backgrounds and thorough founda-                     Undergraduates and grad students in all the School's
        tions in skilled activities," says Dr. Ernest Gershon, '37.         departments use such modern tools as computers,
           "The skilled professional dedicated to excellence in             videotaping equipment, the 'Human Performance
        scholarship and research is the ideal we try to give our            Laboratory and a Cognitive Learning Center in their
        students," he added.                                                research.
           "Dr. Gershon's own thinking and career in physical                  The following pages of the Alumnus offer glimpses of
        education reflect the philosophy ingrained here since the           some current directions in the School. These include an
        School's earliest days," noted HPER Dean Glenn Smith.               effort to preserve its past, a growing emphasis on
           Gershon returned to UW-L as a faculty member in 1946             athletic training, and a look at some alumni who carryon
        and served as gymnastics coach for 18 seasons during                the tradition of the skilled professional.

        Physical education: preserving a proud tradition
           "Students appreciate their own education a great deal               Each film takes two months to complete, explained
        more if they know who, why and how it came about,"                  Richard Snowberg of AV SE!fvices. Snowberg and Anna L.
        says Anna Beth Culver, M.S. '67, a physical education in-           Thomas, who taught women's phy ed from 1944 to 19'i'O,
        structor whose idea has germinated a unique campus                  ar€Tl'ieTiTIer'l!ewersfor each filili. They plepale qtJes~)
        project.                                                            t1onswlftr111ehelpoLCulverand Wayne S. Kaufman, the
           Physical education faculty emeriti, many of whom were            current department chairman. The actual interviews are
        an active part of the University for 30 or 40 years, are            informal and unrehearsed. Photos and available film clips
        now interview subjects for a series of videotapes re-               are shown during the taping so the former faculty
        cording the "History of Physical Education--Our Local               members can explain methods of teaching during their
        Heritage." A series of twelve 30-minute films is planned.           tenure.
                                                                              The programs detail how students were prepared and
                                                                            what was expected of them. They will be used in a
                                                                            course and are also available to alumni and other groups
                                                                            wishing to use them.
                                                                              Snowberg thinks that UW-L is the only university in the
                                                                            country making these documentaries. "It seems the
                                                                            natural thing to do; we have a strong physical education
                                                                            program with a lot of history in it," he said.
                                                                               Four of the films are completed; three more are being
                                                                            done this semester. Toe first film on Emma Lou Wilder,
                                                                            who taught from 1921 -                       I    ar wng t,
                                                                            dE!an of women rom 1941 - 1969 and a close frien a
                                                                                        . Reuter. a mE;lmber of the department from
                                                                            1920..: 1956, is the subject OHhesecOrltfandlhirdnrms,
                                                                            one on his profeSSional contnbutions and inventions and
                                                                            tf.iiLoffierhlS personal recolrnctTo':r''is oftils,","y.ears ~
                                                                               The fourth film features FJ9yd H. Gautsch, director of
                                                                            intercollegiate athletics from 1939 -196nhe current
                                                                            director, E._~y, is a guest in this film.
                                                                                Programs to be produced this semester will feature
                                                                            Miss Thowas; I eQoW.Miller, a department member from
        Hans Reuter during the filming of "History of Physical Education'   1926 - 1967; and 6,eatricE;! A-:-Saird, who taught here from
        Our Local Heritage."                                                1946·1974.                                .

        ALUMNUS--SPRING '78                                                                                                              7

John Eggart supervises as student trainer Cindy Pollock wraps a bandage. Eggart, who
directs the University's Athletic Tralillil?iProgiairl; hasstlidfil1ts master "the busy work"
before he assigns them to athletic teams.

Students volunteer hours
as athletic trainers

                                                             Judy Bourbeau, left, head women's gymnastics trainer, wraps an athlete for a
                                                             meet. Above, Jeff Jasurda readies Ed Uhlenhake for a basketball game while
                                                             Pat Peterson works with Dave Wahlers at the far table.

8                                                                                                          ALUMNUS--SPRING '78

    The Hagermans: another Olympic team

         Few people regularly check Olympic
      distance runner Frank Shorter's blood
      pressure or measure the lung capacity
      of speed skater Eric Heiden. However,
      Fritz Hagerman, '57, and his brother,

      Gene "Topper" Hagerman, '68, find
      these activities commonplace.
         The brothers are two of the top
      sports physiologists in the United
      States. Topper is the first sports
      physiologist to be employed by the
      U.S. Olympic Committee. He is the
      director of the research laboratory at
      the U.S. Olympic Training Center in
      Squaw Valley, Calif., a center which the
      Hagermans set up last summer.
         "We're not trying to replace the
      coach," explains Fritz. "The most im·
      portant thing we consider is what we
     can offer, how we can best contribute       Gene (standing left) and Fritz (seated right) Hagerman conduct physiological studies at the
      to the improvement of the athlete's per·   U.S. Olympic Training Center in Squaw Valley, Calif.     Photo courtesy of AI Bourdet-U.S.
      formance. We also consider what types      Olympics.
     of tests we can do to predict potential,
     to help determine what the status is in      with time. "Many athletes ask us ques-           The Hagerman brothers have several
     their training regimens, and what            tions about nutrition and drugs that we       things in common, besides their work
     things can help the athletes with their      can't answer because we've never con-         and physiology. Both Fritz and Topper
     actual performances."                        ducted valid studies on these topics,"        graduated from UW·La Crosse and
        Topper says that the center is            Fritz explained.                               received their advanced degrees from
     establishing physiological profiles on          The biggest breakthrough has come          Ohio State University. They also did
     athletes. He is hoping to establish a        in determining the basis for selecting         research together in Switzerland.
     longitudinal data bank which would be        Olympic athletes.                                Fritz taught physical education at
     used to help start training programs.           "In a group of homogeneous interna-        Stevens Point following graduation
     The efforts at the new medical               tional class oarsmen, we can deter-           from OSU. In 1965 he went to New
     research facility have focused on three      mine those who have the potential and         Zealand and developed a human perfor-
     areas: body composition, determining         should continue to row at the expert        . mance laboratory at the University of
     the percent of body fat; muscular            level. For those who don't meet our           Otago. He returned to Ohio University,
     strength, determining the power and          test criteria we may suggest a rowing         where he is presently a professor. He
     endurance of an athlete; and                 club," says Fritz. "The quicker we do         and his wife Marjorie have three
     metabolics, determining how the heart        this, the faster we find our best             children, twin sons Erik and Kristof, 13,
     and lungs react to stress.                   people."                                      and a daughter Bonnie, eight.
        The center's work is comparable to           He added that as physiologists they           Topper served in the Army for two
     that of the UW-La Crosse Human Per·          only give the coaches scientific data.        years and taught in Waukesha and at
     formance Laboratory in Mitchell Hall.        "The basic selection criteria, whether        Syracuse University before joining the
     "It's the same identical process," says      the athletes are in condition or not, is      Squaw Valley staff in the summer of
    Topper, "except, obviously, we stress        valuable," Fritz explains. The final           1977. He is married to the former Karen
    the athletes a bit harder."                  selection rests with the coaching staff.       Lynne Post, '69.
        According to Fritz, the extent of            Topper is interested in replacing             Both Fritz and Topper value their
    physiological testing is relatively new      some of the mystique of the laboratory         UW-La Crosse educations. "If I had to
    in the United States. Other countries        with a little informality. "We're very in-     do it all over again, I wouldn't do it any
    have been conducting the experiments         formal," Topper said. "You won't see           other way," Fritz says. "In fact,
    longer, but are not pooling their infor-     any white coats. In fact, it's sometimes       wherever I go, it's been my experience
j   mation, for political reasons.               difficult to tell us apart from the            to meet with administrators and
        The Olympic program is an educa-         athletes. We're here as a service to the       graduate committee chairmen who say
1   tional one for the physiologists as well
    as for the athletes. "For every answer
                                                 athletes and coaches, but there is also
                                                 a lot of personal interaction. We want
                                                                                                only favorable things about the UW-La
                                                                                                Crosse physical education program
    we attempt to get, we ask ten more           the athletes to know that we are here          when viewing credentials. They say
    questions," says Fritz. "For example,        because we are interested in them."           they will always take a chance with a
    we're trying to determine the                   The Squaw Valley Center is the only        graduate from La Crosse because of
    physiological profile of a high class,       one of its kind in the United States.         their preparation and background. I've
    world class oarsman. We look for dif-        Another center is under construction in       heard this wherever I've been."
    ferent things that run consistently          Colorado Springs, Colo. Topper hopes              The parents of Fritz and Topper, Mr.
    throughout a series ot tests."               there will be regional centers nation-        and Mrs. Sam Hagerman, live in
        Some of the answers will only come       wide.                                         Holmen.

    ALUMNUS-·SPRING 78                                                                                                                   9
                                   alumni newsmakers
                         alulUui                              ue~slUakers
            alumni newsmakers
                  1911·1920                                         1956·1960                           Bruce Jacobson, '64, is assistant vice
                                                                                                     president of Continental Insurance Co. He
  Hazel (Hansen) Ryan, '17, is a resident at          Richard Iglar, '57, is principal of Franklin   resides in Cary, IL.
the Morrow Home in Sparta.                         Junior High, Janesville. He and his wife             Dave McDonald, '64, is director of parks,
  Oranda Bangsberg, '19, is chairman of the        Mary Ann have four daughters.                     recreation and forestry in Stevens Point.
Winnebago County Committee on Aging.                  Bernie Domke, '58, who resides in Ran-            Art Feldman, '65, is assistant junior high
She resides in Oshkosh.                            dom Lake with his wife and two children,          principal in the Owen-Withee School Dis-
                                                   has been selected as a Wisconsin Teacher          trict. He and his wife Alice reside in Owen
                                                   of the Year for 1977-78. He teaches physical      with their two daughters.
                  1921·1930                        education and health in the Random Lake              Harlan Hein, '65 & '76, is employed by
                                                   School District where he also is grade            Hein-Eilertson Realty Co. He resides in
   Pearl (Frieberg) Cronquist, '24, has retired    school athletic director, coaches eighth          Marshfield.
in Cleveland Heights, OH, after 32 years of        grade boys' basketball, and is in charge of          John K.B. Mwaura,
teaching.                                         the district's perceptual motor program.           '65, resides in Bad
                                                     John Jax, '58, resides in Menomonie with        Godesberg, West
                                                  his wife and two children. He is library direc-    Germany, where he is
                                                  tor and coaching assistant in basketball at        Kenya's ambassador
                  1931·1940                       UW-Stout and also serves as president of           to     the   Federal
                                                  the Menomonie City Council.                        Republic of Germany
   Joseph Kukor, '31, is enjoying his retire-        Rod Kowalczyk, '58, is assistant basket-        and accredited to the
ment in Clearwater, FL.                           ball coach at De Pere High School.                 Netherlands and
   Evelyn (Thompson) Pribbenow, '32, of              Robert Jacobson, '59, resides in Cuper-         Austria.
Greendale has completed three years of            tino,CA,where he is manager of data                   Veronica (Bishop) Tortorici, '65, resides in
membership on the Women's Club Scholar-           systems for Western Development Labora-            Janesville with her husband Jim and one
ship Committee. She is enjoying her retire-       tories of Ford Aerospace and Communica-            son. She is currently president of the
ment, golfing, fishing and visiting friends.      tions Corp.                                        Wisconsin Jaycettes and vice-chairman of
   Larry Coon, '33, has retired and moved            Garrett, '60, and Mary (Kaempfer) Deckert,      the Wisconsin Easter Seal Society-House of
from Norwich, NY, to Clearwater, FL.              '61, Richland Center, visited relatives in         Delegates.
   Harold Mayer, '35, has retired and is living   Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, over the Christmas
in Phillips.                                      holiday. They have two sons.
   William "Eggs" and Kate (Krause)                  John Grunwald, '60 & '67, resides in Lake
Schwoegler, both '35, reside in Clearwater,       Geneva where he is a real estate broker with
FL, during the winter and spend summers at        Bob Keefe and Assoc., Inc.                                           1966·1969
their home in Minocqua.                              Kathleen (Swetland) Kaempfer, '60, is
                                                  residing in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where               James Hartzheim, '66, is the 19th ward
                                                  her husband is an officer in the Navy. They        alderman on the Appleton City Council.
                  1941-1950                       have three children.                                  Sue (Manthei) Pucci, '66, resides in St.
                                                     Robert Schulz, '60, resides in Lake Mills       Germain with her husband Dave and two
   Helen (Buelke) Bhend, '41, resides with        with his wife Jennifer and three children. He      children. She is an artist and Dave teaches
her husband Marcel in Indianapolis, IN, and       is a teacher in the Lake Mills School              science in Eagle River.
reports that their daughter Phyllis is com-       System.                                               Gerald Braza, '67, lives in Salt Lake City,
pleting her master's degree in child de-                                                             UT, where he is chairperson of the Health
velopment and family studies at Purdue.                                                              Science Dept. at the University of Utah. He
The three of them are anticipating a vaca-                          1961·1965                        also teaches.
tion to Europe in May.                                                                                                ulver, '67, an instructor
   Edgar, '47, and Evelyn (Zietlow) Pieper,          Larry Tippery, '61, is assistant principal        ealth and physical education at UW-L, was
'41, '46, '50 & '72, reside in Watertown.         and athletic director at Prairie du Chien          the recipient of the Award of Merit from the
Edgar is currently in his 18th year of            High School.                                       Wisconsin Association for Health, Physical
teaching and coaching at Northwestern Col-           Robert, '62, and Gayle (Luebke) Garfield,         ducation and Recreation.
lege and Evie is teaching English at River-       '61, have three children. Robert is principal          a riC   Ie and,    ,    I es in La Crosse
side Junior High.                                 at Chilton Public Elementary School as well        with his wife and three children. He is
                                                  as the school system's assistant superin-          unitary credit manager for the Commercial
                                                  tendent.                                           Air Conditioning Division of Trane Com-
                                                     William Hegge, '62, Greendale, is presi-        pany.
                  1951·1955                       dent of the Wisconsin Telecommunications              Arthur Sullivan, '67, is a general educa-
                                                  Association. He is employed as telecom-            tion instructor and supervisor at the Rice
   C. Fred LaPointe, '52, is executive secre-     munications administrator for North-               Lake Vocational School.
tary of the Prairie du Chien Chamber of           western Mutual Life Insurance Co.                     Navy Lt. Michael Lauermann, '68, has
Commerce. He also has been named to the              James Henley, '62 & '71, received his doc-      reported for duty aboard the aircraft carrier
board and elected treasurer of the Wiscon-        tor of chiropractic degree in December from        USS Midway, operating from Yokosuka,
sin Eastern Star Foundation, Inc., which he       Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport,         Japan.
also serves as grand trustee.                     IA.                                                   Donald Meister, '68, resides in White Bear
   Capt. Don Primeau, '53, has assumed               Gerald Gilbertson, '63, teaches math and        Lake, MN, with his wife and two children. He
command of the combat store ship USS San          coaches track at Prairie du Chien High             is manager of taxes, controller division for
Diego, homeported in Norfolk, VA.                 School. He is married and has two children.        Burlington Northern, Inc., St. Paul.

10                                                                                                                  ALUMNUS··SPRING '78

   Harold, '68, and Aurora Warriner, '71,
reside in West Salem where he is the high
school guidance counselor. They have a
son, Adam.
   Arlyce (Schultz) Anderson, '69, is a junior
high teacher in Sharon.
   Dr. Gary Blomquist, '69, resides with his
wife and two children in Reno, NV, where he
is involved in research and teaching in the
Biochemistry Dept. at the University of
   David Sprehn, '69, is a UW-Extension
resource agent for Monroe County. He is
married and has two daughters.
   Jim, '70, and Nancy (Jung) Zuckermandel,
'69, reside in Randolph. Jim is employed by
J.W. Jung Seed Co.


   Capt. Roger A. Bailey, '70, has earned the
U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal. He is
serving with a unit of the Strategic Air Com-
mand, Castle AFB, CA.
   Thomas Harstad, '70, received his doc-
torate degree in veterinary medicine from           Florence (Betlach) Fike, '30, is pictured with her prize black Arabian stallion Beltez. Alum-
the University of Minnesota and has started      ni who watched the 1978 Tournament of Roses Parade may remember seeing this famous
a practice in Colfax.                            pair, along with three other riders mounted on sons of Beltez.
   Richard and Maxine (Oblak) Keesey, both          Florence and her husband Ben, owners of The Bronze Bell Arabian Horse Ranch, Warner
'70, reside in Brodhead where they are           Springs, Calif., have been breeding, training and showing Arabians for the past 20 years.
owners of All-Weather Enterprises, Inc., a       Watch for the black stallions at next year's Rose Parade -- they've already been invited
foam insulation corporation. They have two       back!
children, Rachel and Shawn.
   Charles Moore, '70 & '75, is a school            Carolyn Madsen, '71, resides in Green             Claire Morse, '71, is employed in the Red-
psychologist and director of pupil services      Bay where she is assistant principal at Pre-      wood City Tribune office of Peninsula
in Mauston. He and his wife Mary reside in       ble High School.                                  Newspapers as an advertising representa-
Wilton with their two daughters.                    Paul Mueller, '71, led the Coleman High        tive. He is also president of Peninsula
   Richard, '70, arid Linda (McFadden)           School football team to a number one rank-        Advertising Club, secretaryltreasurer of the
Schultz, '72, reside in Sparta Where Rick is     ing among state class "C" schools. He is        . 14th district of the American Advertising
assistant principal at the senior high           married, has one son and resides in Water-        Federation and a member of the Board of
school. Linda is a classified postal worker      ford.                                             Directors of Quota Club of San Carlos, CA.
at the Sparta Post Office and a performer           Dennis Eberhardt,                              He resides in Palo Alto.
and instructor of Middle Eastern music and       '71, completed his ini-                              Colleen (Curran) Raterman, '71, lives in
dance.                                           tial training at Delta                            Gibsonia,PA,with her husband Michael and
                                                 Air Lines Training                                daughter Jennifer. Michael is employed by
                                                 School, Hartsfield                                Gulf Science & Technology Co. as a process
  Thomas Tronick,                                Atlanta International                             design engineer.
'70,  is associate                               Airport, and is as-
director of student                              signed to the airline's
residences at Drake                              Chicago pilot base as                                                 1972
University,    Des                               a second officer. He
Moines,IA.                                       and his wife Deborah                                Andrew Blaha, '72, U.S. Air Force first
                                                 have two children.                               lieutenant, graduated from the Strategic Air
  William Turnquist, '70, is a 1977 recipient
of the Green Bay News-Chronicle football
award. He coaches at West De Pere High                                                      MARCHING CHIEFS
  Edmund Wafle, '70, is assistant manager                                                 ORANGE BOWL REUNION
of the Federal Land Bank Association of                                          It's been five years since the Chiefs went south for the
Fond Du Lac. He is manager of the Lakeside                                    winter. Remember the Everglades? Remember Anita Bryant?
Branch.                                                                       Remember T.J. Kelley? Remember it all Saturday, September 9,
  Lynn (Reichgelt) Weigel, '70, is teaching                                   1978.
special education in Portland, OR.                                               Possible activities include a pre-game brunch, polka party,
                                                                              Marching Chiefs half-time show, dinner-dance -- any sugges-
                    1971                                                         Complete details in Summer Alumnus.
   Richard Abegglen, '71, teaches fourth                                      I would like to attend                No. in party'           _
through eighth grade physical education at
                                                                              Name                                                          _
Dickason Junior High School, Columbus. A
resident of Fall River, he is married and has
                                                                              Address                                                       _
one son.
   Michelle Kegel, '71, is recreation director
for the City of Ashland, as well as coach of
the freshman girls' basketball team at                                        Return to: Orange Bowl, clo Alumni Office, UW-La Crosse, La
Ashland High School.              .                                           Crosse, WI 54601.

ALUMNUS--SPRING '78                                                                                                                             11
                                                 Command's combat crew training course at             thern Savings and Loan, Green Bay. He is
                                                 Castle Air Force Base, CA. He is assigned            married and has one child.
                                                 to the 128th Air Refueling Group, General              Jeffrey Blakely, '74, an ordained minister,
                                                 Mitchell Field, Milwaukee.                           is a graduate of Wartburg Theological
                                                    David and Judith (Krueger) Becker, both          Seminary, Dubuque, IA. He is pastor of the
                                                 '72, reside in Delavan with their son. David        Northwood, NO, congregations.
                                                 is a physical education instructor in the              Glen and Karen Copper, both '74, pur-
                                                 Sharon School District.                             chased a home in Racine. They manage twin
                                                    Charles Fischer, '72, is a part-time             movie theaters there for the Marcus Cor-
                                                physical education instructor at St. Mary            poration.
                                                School, Brillion.                                       Steven Eichman, '74, resides with his
                                                    Gary and Christine (Pasch) Larson, both          family in Turtle Lake where he teaches ele-
                                                '73, reside in Culver City, CA. Gary is              mentary, junior high and senior high
                                                ernployed at Ampex Corporation, EI Segun-            coeducational physical education, swim-
                                                do, as junior buyer and purchasing agent             ming and health.
                                                and Chris is working at Travel Data, a                  Ron Flaherty, '74, is physical education
                                                management service for travel agencies.              instructor at Caulfield School, an inner-city
                                                   Liz (Mullarkey) Nerby, '72, is Prairie du         school in Melbourne, Australia. He spent
                                                Chien High School girls' physical education          the Christmas holiday with his family in Ke-
                                                instructor. In her career as coach with              waunee, since the Australian school year
                                                Prairie, Liz's teams claimed three state             begins in February and ends in December.
                                                track and field titles, one state cross coun-           John Forsythe, '74, teaches social
                                                try title, and two conference gymnastics             studies at Waupun High School where he
                                                championships.                                       has been named head football coach for
                                                   Tim, '72, and Pat (Lange) Tully, '73, reside      1978.
                                                in New Berlin. Pat is teaching 7th grade                Robert Ofsdahl, '74, is assistant loan of-
                                                math at Glen Park Middle School and Tim is          ficer of the Ettrick State Bank.
                                                recreation supervisor for the City of New               Diane (Ruskell) Schumacher, '74, works in
                                                Berlin.                                             the UW-L registrar's office and is pursuing a
                                                   Mary (Murray) Woods, '72, is a free-lance        master's degree in college student person-
                                                photographer-reporter in the Melrose-Black          nel. She resides in Onalaska.
                                                River Falls area. She and her husband Curt              Odell Solverson, '74, a graduate of Palmer
                                                have one child.                                     College of Chiropractic, Davenport, lA, has
                                                   Stanley Yarnot, '72, is a December               opened an office in Viroqua.
                                                graduate of Life Chiropractic College,                  Howard and Candace (Gates) Sorenson,
                                                Marietta, GA.                                       both '74, reside in St. Louis, MO, where she
                                                                                                    is a biology instructor and coach for the
                                                                    1973                          . Lindberg School District and he is district
                                                   Robert Bittner, '73, is a graduate student     , manager for G. Heileman Brewing Co.
                                                at Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR,              William Til'T1ken, Jr., '74, is audio visual
                                                 pursuing a master's degree in civil engineer-      technician at Gogebic Community College
                                                ing.                                                and resides in Hurley.
                                                   Norman Brown, '73, is a senior lecturer in           Michael Torud, '74, is assistant forest and
                                                physical education at La Sainte Union Col-          park administrator for Eau Claire County.
                                                lege of Higher Education, Southampton,              He resides in Fall Creek with his wife
                                                 England.                                           Rachel.
                                                   Mary Coughlin, '73, taught physical                  Gretchen Zachel, '74, is a graduate stu-
                                                education for four years at Butte des Morts         dent at UW-L and cross country ski instruc-
                                                Junior High in Menasha before accepting             tor at Mt. La Crosse.
                                                her present position at West Bend East
                                                High School.                                                            1975
                                                   Sharon Johnson, '73, is head basketball
                                                coach at Siren High School.                          Lorrie (Miller) Blankavage, '75, was award·
                                                   Marie McMurtagh, '73, formerly financial       ed the master of international management
                                                aid administrator at Marquette University, is     degree by the American Graduate School of
                                                currently assistant director of financial aid     International Management, Glendale, AZ.
                                                at the University of Illinois Medical Center,        Lt. David Jankowski, '75, is currently servo
                                                Chicago.                                          ing with the U.S. Marine Corps at Kaneohe,
                                                   Daniel Medinger, '73, is editor of the         HI. He is working with Brigade Special Sup-
      La CrosseRACaUET                          Times Review, the official Catholic               port Group as a motor transport officer.
                                                newspaper in the Diocese of La Crosse. He            Anne Kienitz, '75, is living in Sitka, AK,
        October 20, 1939                        resides in Onalaska with his wife Pat and         where she recently completed nurse's train-
                                                their daughter.                                   ing and is employed by the community col·
   Newspaper donated to Alumni
                                                   Dr. Patrick O'Connor, '73, is a practicing     lege there. Anne also is a member of the
Museum by Lois (Dahlby) Kathan, '64 &           chiropractor in Viroqua. He is a June
'68, of Onalaska. Persons wishing to                                                              city's rescue squad and is teaching emer-
                                                graduate from Palmer College of Chiroprac-        gency first aid classes.
make donations to the museum may                tic, Davenport, IA.                                  Terri Palmberg, '75, is park and recreation
contact the UW-L Alumni Office.                    Stephen Pratt, '73, is an assistant cashier    superintendent for Owatonna, MN.
                                                at Farmers and Merchants Union Bank,                 Lois Peterson, '75, had a one person
                                                Friesland. He lives in Columbus.                  weaving and soft sculpture exhibit during
Our apologies ••.                                  Richard Schamens, '73, resides in              November at UW-Center, Richland Center.
  to Sister Michaela O'Brien, C.S.A. (Mary      Oshkosh where he is assistant director of         She resides in Sparta.
O'Brien, '41), for incorrectly listing her as   the Oshkosh Recreation Department.                   Glenda Pommerich, '75, resides in South
deceased in the Summer Alumnus. Sister                                                            Bend, IN. She is a professional racquetball
Michaela is very much alive and can be con·                                                       player, traveling across the U.S. while play-
tacted at Sisters qf St. Agnes, 475 Gillett,      John Anderson, '74, is assistant vice-          ing on the National Racquetball Club pro
Fond du Lac, WI 54935.                          president, savings manager of First Nor-          tour. Glenda is also on the advisory board in

12                                                                                                                 ALUMNUS--SPRING '78

                                                                                               Artis (Torgerson) Aasen, '76, resides with
                                                                                            her husband and family in Onalaska, where
                                                                                            she is a substitute elementary teacher. She
                                                                                            celebrated her birthday with her twin sister
                                                                                            from Miami Beach, FL, in December.
                                                                                               Stephen Barone, '76, is employed by
                                                                                            CESA 14 as school psychologist for the
                                                                                            Benton and Potosi School Districts. He
                                                                                            resides in Dubuque, IA.
                                                                                               Carrie Bartz, '76, is teaching physical
                                                                                            education and biology while also coaching
                                                                                            JV basketball and volleyball in Hustisford,
                                                                                            where she resides.
                                                                                               Brad Catura, '76, is distribution manager
                                                                                            of the Coulee Gazette. He resides in La
                                                                                            Crescent, MN.
                                                                                               Robert Eierman, '76, is working on his
                                                                                            master's degree in chemistry at the Univer-
                                                                                            sity of Oregon in Corvallis. He is a teacher's
                                                                                            assistant with six class sections.
                                                                                               Art Fahey, '76, vacationed in California,
                                                                                            Mexico and Las Vegas during December. He
                                                                                            recently joined WBCS in Milwaukee as a
                                                                                            sales representative.
                                                                                               Linda Fystrom, '76, is dean of students at
                                                                                            Waldorf College, Forest City, IA.
                                                                                               Fred Hauser, '76, is assistant director of
                                                                                            the aquatic program and adult and youth
                                                                                            physical programs at the La Crosse YMCA.
                                                                                               Ray Heideman, '76, is manager of
                                                                                            Memorial Pool in Union Grove. He and his
                                                                                            wife reside in Greenfield.
                                                                                               Bob Huff, '76, is assistant executive
                                                                                            director in charge of programming, with em-
                                                                                            phasis on the adult physical education pro-
                                                                                            grams at the La Crosse YMCA.
                                                                                               Roger Jaeger, '76, is a student services
                                                                                            intern at Nicolet College, Rhinelander, as a
                                                                                            final step towards hisUW-L master's degree
   That La Crosse, Wisconsin, t-shirt that was seen in the TV movie, "See How She Runs,"    in college student personnel.
was worn by Capt. Loren C. Wardwell Jr., '66 & '76. Wardwell was among several Boston          Alison Koelsch, '76, is assistant recrea-
Marathon runners caught by the movie's film crews last April.                               tion director at a treatment center for men-
   "I was aware the movie was being made," explained Wardwell, "paul NevvTT/an. and         tallyJII and delinquent teenage girls. She
Joanne Woodward (who starred in the movie) were there with the film crews." Despite a       resides in Green Bay.
ground camera and another mounted on a truck, Wardwell was unaware that he was in any          Linda (Schleiter) Kramer, '76, resides in
of the shots. "In fact, I was more concerned about the race than about the actors and       La Crosse where she is head librarian of the
cameras."                                                                                   South Branch Library.
   Wardwell, a veteran of nine marathons and a 931-mile, two-week trek from La Crosse to       Deanna Lutz, '76, is part-owner of a real
Ft. Riley, Kan., is currently stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. (Photo courtesy Mr. and Mrs.   estate business, Land-Turn Realty, Shell
Loren C. Wardwell, Sr., La Crosse.)                                                         Lake.
                                                                                               Mary Meyer, '76, is director of Nypum and
                                                                                            youth programs at the La Crosse YMCA.
 the racquetball division at Ajay Corp.,
 Delavan, WI.
   Chris Preisinger, '74, teaches and
 coaches swimming at Penn High School,
 South Bend, IN.
   Dan Roeglin, '75, is recreation director for
 the Sycamore Park District, Sycamore, IL.
   Ken Schmocker, '75, vacationed in Cali-
fornia, Mexico and Las Vegas during
 December. He resides in La Crosse.
   Wayne Sidie, '75, is a lieutenant junior
grade, serving with Attack Squadron 128,
Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Oak Har-
bor, WA.
   Martha Wolf, '75, is an intern pastor at
First Lutheran Church, Portland, ME.
   Our apologies to B. Diane Bogart, '75,
whom we failed to identify as a grad when
her name appeared in winter "News-
makers." Diane is married to Steve Flaten,
'71 & '75, and is employed as a research
assistant at Stanford University while com-
pleting her master's in administration of
justice. The couple resides in Campbell, CA.

ALUMNUS--SPRING '78                                                                                                                    13
                                                                                                                                   Douglas Dengel, '77, is district scout ex-
I                                                                                                                               ecutive of the Mushkodany District of the
                                    BOARD CANDIDATES SOUGHT                                                                     Samoset Council for Boy Scouts, Wausau.
                                                                                                                                   Michael Farrell, '77, resides in Stoddard
    Dick Mahlum, '68, chairman of the 1978                                     able to attend monthly meetings and some         with his wife and two children. He is
    Nominating Committee, invites alumni to                                    Alumni Association activities. Candidates        manager of boiler products for the process
    volunteer their candidacy for membership                                   for a three-year term will be nominated by       division of Trane Company.
    on the Board of Directors of the UW-L Alum-                                May 1, 1978, for election at the annual             Gary Galle, '77, is Title I reading teacher
    ni Association. Interested alumni should be                                meeting at Homecoming, October 21.               of junior high students in the Darlington
                                                                                                                                Community Schools.
                                                                                                                                   Mary (Wilkenson) Goltz, '77, received the
                                                                                                                                American Society of Clinical Pathologists
    I am interested in serving on the UW-L Alumni Association Board of Directors for the                                        award for superior achievement.
    three-year term beginning January 1,1979.                                                                                      Debra Heise, '77, was commissioned a se-
                                                                                                                                cond lieutenant in the Army Signal Corps
    NAME                                                                                                                 _      through the four-year Army ROTC program.
                                                                                                                                She reported for active duty in Fort Gordon,
    ADDRESS                                                                                                              _      GA.
                                                                                                                                   Bruce Lehman, '77, is working on his
    TELEPHONE                                                                                                            _      master's degree in geography. He resides in
                                                                                                                                Seattle, WA.
    Please clip and return to Alumni Office, UW-La Crosse, La Crosse WI 54601.                                                     Larry Ostry, '77, is physical director at the
1---     --:::-::-::_:_:_:_:_:_:_:_:_:::_:::_:::_:':_:-:_::-:_=--__...,-;,:-::.=-----------                                     fr~~~m~~ ~:~kei:~~o:~h ~~IIStS M~~~
   Carol Prochaska, '76, is health educator                                                           1977                      Central High School, Neenah. He lives in
of Family Planning, Inc., Racine. She is also                                                                                   Appleton.
on the advisory board for Children's Ser-                                       Mike Briggs, '77, teaches math and is              Kim Pemble, '77, resides in Rochester,
    .       e .                                                               head wrestling coach and assistant football       MN, where she is employed by IBM.
  Mark Swarstad, '7, IS teaching in                                           and track coach at Plymouth High School.             Gary Skrove, '77, is an educational ser-
Australia.                                                                      Linda (Weibke) Cox, '77, is a Title I           vice intern in the UW-Center-Manitowoc
  William Taft, '76, is recreation director in                                teacher in the Darlington Community               County office of student services. He is
West Salem. He resides in La Crosse.                                          Schools.                                          married and has one daughter.

           A daughter, Jennifer Artn, to Betsy                                      (Dwyer) Aubert, '67, Nov. 6 in La              Elizabeth and Michael Moran, '69,
         and Glen Lasch, '69, July 3 in New                                         Crosse.                                        Dec. 23 in Whitefish Bay.
         Prague, MN.                                                                   A daughter to Sandra and Russel                A son to Jerome and Diane (Rump-
           A daughter, Tara Lynne, to Rich,                                          Lee, '72, Nov. 6 in La Crosse.                pe) Weibel, '77, Dec. 26 in Cashton.
        '70, and Judy (Radspinner) Ballard,                                            A daughter to Judy and John                    A son to Terry and Janice (Holtze)
        '71, July 8 in Rochester, MN. He                                             Lysaker, '50, Nov. 8 in La Crosse.            Smith, '67, Dec. 27 in Whitehall.
        teaches physical education and                                                 A daughter to Patricia and Robert              A son to Diane and James Engh,
        drivers training at John Marshall High                                       Formanek, '72, Nov. 3 in La Crosse.           '74, Dec. 28 in La Crosse.
        School and she teaches physical                                                A son, Ryan, to Debra and Douglas              A son to Gene and Christine (Howe)
        education in the junior high.                                                Bakken, '73, Nov. 11 in Rochester,            Ingham, '70, Dec. 30 in Onalaska.
           A son, Jacob, to Ralph and Claudia                                        MN.                                              A daughter to Thomas and Karen
        (Johnson) Ciolkosz, '72, July 15 in                                            A son to Dennis and Jeanine (Schu-          (Koski) Genisot, '74, Jan. 6 in
         Portage.                                                                   macher) Stancil, '73, Nov. 9 in Colum-         Onalaska.
           A daughter, Brooke Michelle, to                                          bia, SC.                                          A son to Pauline and Odean Han-
        Tim and Wanda (Gaard) Larsen, '74,                                             A son, Edward Eric, to Barbara and          son, '73, Jan. 6 in Viroqua.
        July 29 in Northfield, MN.                                                  Edward Beissel, '69, Nov. 11 in Bur-              A son to Thomas and Mary
           A son, Jay Alan, to Emil and Joan                                        ton, MI.                                       (Baumann) Mutz, '76, Jan. 9 in Dakota,
        (Schmidt) Roethlisberger, '67, Aug. 15                                         A son, Matthew Scott, to Roxann             MN.
        in Englewood, CO.                                                           and Greg Gullikson, '75, Nov. 20 in               A daughter to Mary and Robert
           A son to Leola and Howard Wett-                                          Appleton.                                      Swanson, '70, Jan. 9 in La Crosse.
        stein Jr., '69, Sept. 17 in La Crosse.                                         A son, Erik Michael, to Patricia and           A daughter to Kathryn and Richard
           A son, Bryan Jeffrey, to Carolyn                                         Timothy Holmgreen, '73, Nov. 22 in             Barclay, '71, Jan. 11 in Onalaska.
        and Timothy Proksch, '76, Sept. 17 in                                       Black River Falls.                                A daughter, Angela Marie, to Susan
        La Crescent, MN.                                                               A son, Andrew Nicholas, to Larry,           and Robert Pielhop, '74, Jan. 21 in
           A son, Daniel Charles, adopted by                                        '65 & '69, and Amelia (Lochner) Ditt-          Eau Claire.
        Jerome and Linda (Luoma) Ditlefson,                                         man, '73, Nov. 28 in La Crosse.                   A son to John, '71, and Ann (Sandy)
        both '72, Oct. 18 in Emporia, KS.                                              A daughter, Sarah Catherine, to             Haase, '73, Jan. 24 in La Crescent,
           A son to Richard and Kathleen                                            Robert, '69, and Cathleen (McGinniss)          MN.
        (Will) Thrower, '68, Oct. 29 in La                                          Nichols, '71, Nov. 29 in Edwardsville,            A son to Barbara and William Kep-
        Crosse.                                                                     IL. She has one brother, John.                 pen, '73, Jan. 24 in La Crosse.
           A son to Danny and Marianne                                                 A son to Mary and Albert Reider,               A son, William Edward, to Michael
        (Lyons) Weidenback, '68, Oct. 30 in                                         '73, Dec. 4 in La Crescent, MN.                and Susan (Switzky) Schroeder, '71,
        Viroqua.                                                                       A daughter, Julie Marie, adopted by         Jan. 25 in Eau Claire.
           A daughter to Larry Black and                                            Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Snyder, '72, Dec. 7           A daughter, Jamie Rebecca, to
        Christine Mayou, '77, Oct. 31 in La                                         in La Crosse.                                  Becky and John Meyers, '73, Jan. 9 in
        Crosse.                                                                        A son to Judith and Richard Young,          Belvidere, IL.
           A daughter to Jane and John                                              '69, Dec. 18 in West Salem.                       A daughter to Diana and David
        Clough, '72, Nov. 3 in La Crosse.                                              A son to Jane and Gregory Smith,            Prendergast, '76, Jan. 26 in Sparta.
           A daughter to James and Ruth                                             '77, Dec. 21 in La Crosse.                        A son to Phillip, '70, and Sharon
        (Olson) Rehrauer, '73, Nov. 3 in Viro-                                         A daughter to Dianne and Robert             (Ristow) De Rosa, '68 & '76, Jan. 26 in
        qua.                                                                        Fortney, '70, Dec. 23 in West Salem.           Holmen.
           A daughter to Gary and Bonnie                                               A daughter, Kelly Elizabeth, to

14                                                                                                                                             ALUMNUS--SPRING '78

                                                                                                _c    c                  •• ~                                                      _
                                   ORDER YOUR PERSONAL PLAQUE!                                                                                                                                   MOVING?
                                                $                                                        for                             plaques
                                                             (amount enclosed)                                          (no.)                                   New Address or Other Changes:

                                                Alumnus' Name:'                                                                                                 Name                                                         _

                                                                                                                                                                Street                                                       _
                                                 First          Maiden                               Last                           Year Grad.
                                                                                                                                                                City                             State            Zip,   _
                                                Mail Plaque To:
                                                Name                                                                                                            Please send us your new address two months in
                                                                                                                                                                advance, if possible. Make other necessary correc-
                                                Addressi                                                                                            _           tions, such as name change, too.

                                               City                                            State                          Zip                    _
                                                                                                                                                                             Attach Original Address Label Here
    The wood plaque with burnished metal photoengravings depicts historic Main Hall and is inscribed with
    your name, degree and year 01 graduation. Cost is $19.95 postpaid. Make check payable to UW·L Alumni
 ........................................................................................................................................................................................... _                           -        .
                                                                Clip and mail to: Alumni Office, UW·La Crosse, La Crosse, WI 54601.

                             MARRIAGES                                                pleton.                                                                                David is a carpenter for Dave Schroeder
                                                                                         Debra Heaton, '75, and Randall Wichinski                                            Construction Co., La Crosse.
    Robert Finley, '59, and Jo Anne Cooper                                            Oct. 15 in Sun Prairie. They live in Madison                                               Daniel Van Riper, '76, and Marcia
 Dec. 30 in Plymouth. She is teaching at St.                                          where Debra is employed in the transporta-                                             Reynolds July 30 in Dodgeville. They are liv-
 John's Lutheran School, Plymouth, and                                                tion department of Oscar Mayer and Co. and                                             ing in Oak Creek. Marcia is employed by
 Robert is in insurance.                                                              Randall is with the Internal Revenue Ser-                                              Milwaukee Children's Hospital and Dan is
    Patrick Lawrynk, '67, and Louise Sedevie,                                         vice.                                                                                  an activity therapist at Racine Residential
 '73. They reside in La Crosse.                                                          Steve Gamm, '75, and Sharon Wendt in                                                Care Center.
    Linda Betsinger, '71, and Jay Thurston                                            Milwaukee. Steve is co-owner of Metal                                                      Barbara Foley, '76, and Terrance Ryan
 Dec. 21. They reside in La Crosse. Linda is a                                        Finishing Supply Co., Brookfield, and                                                  Sept. 24. They live in Richland Center.
 kindergarten teacher at Hintgen Elementary                                           Sharon is a secretary at Milwaukee Madison                                                Jean Solverson, '76, and Michael Blaha
 School and Jay is principal of State Road                                            High School. They reside in Milwaukee.                                                 Sept. 3 in Viroqua. Jean is employed by the
 School.                                                                                 Wendy Lee Woodin, '75, and LeRoy Peche                                              University of Texas Medical Branch and
    Jerry West, '72, and Karen Malnory Oct. 1                                         Nov. 5 in Milwaukee. Wendy is a recreation                                             Michael is with Monsanto Chemical. They
 in Poy Sippi. They reside in Wild Rose                                               therapist at Sacred Heart Hospital and                                                 live in Galveston.
 where Jerry is alcoholism co-ordinator for                                           LeRoy is a child care counselor at St. Mary'S                                             Jill Hendricks, '76, and Daniel Coughlin
Waushara County.                                                                      Hospital, both in Milwaukee, where they                                                June 11 in Sparta. Jill is employed by Doer-
   Teri Kavanaugh, '72, and Steven Kapter                                             reside.                                                                                flingers; Daniel, by Aquinas High School, La
 May 28. They reside in La Crosse.                                                       David Pabst, '75, and Marcy Howell Oct. 1                                           Crosse.
   Charles Koehler, '73, and Susan                                                    in Glen Ellyn, IL. They reside in La Crosse                                               Marlea Hesselberg, '77, and Ricky Linse
 Rasmussen June 19 in Thiensville. They                                               and David is employed by Lakeview Health                                               Dec. 3. Marlea teaches at Miller Elementary
 reside in Los Angeles, CA, where Charles is                                          Center, West Salem.                                                                    School, Tomah.
attending law school at Pepperdine Univer-                                               Laura Hill, '75, and Michael DeMoss Oct.                                               Barl>ara l,asch c:lnd John Gaddo, both '77,
sity.                                                                                 15. They reside in Chicago where Laura is a                                            Aug. 13. They live in Plainview, MN.
   Mary Ruh, '74, and Scott Culver Nov. 26 in                                         claims examiner with the Social Security
 Kiel. She is a medical technologist at Hen-                                          Administration and Michael is an insurance
nepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis,                                             high risk manager.                                                                                                 DEATHS
 MN, and Scott is assistant manager of                                                   Jeffrey Stuhr, '76, and Cheryl Korczyk
Sound of Music, St. Paul.                                                             Dec. 3. They reside in La Crosse where Jeff                                            1914 - Daisy Bice, La Crosse
   Gerald Hibbler, '74, and Mary Beth Mit·                                            is employed by North Central Foods, Inc.,                                              1914 - Arthur Euler, St. Francis
chell, '76, Oct. 23 in Madison. They reside in                                       as the manager of Hardee's North.                                                       1915 - Ruth Boynton, Miami, FL
Marina, CA, where Gerald is stationed at                                                 Kelly Boettcher, '76, and Donald Murphy                                             1915 - Inga(Werket) Wetzel, Prairie du Chien
Fort Ord.                                                                             Nov. 5. They live in Baileys Harbor where                                              1916 ~¥:lv~lI(Prip~L!i'!l!~llerton, CA
   Merrill Jenkins, '74, and Mark Burnette                                            Donald is employed by Zettel Construction                                              ~16- ReTail-Reflly, WatertowJ))
Nov. 12 in Neillsville. They reside in                                               of Sturgeon Bay.                                                                        1917 - Ora Rabbitt, Pompano Beach, FL
Spokane, WA, where Merrill is employed as                                                Jeffrey Larson, '76, and, Linda Basche,                                             1922 - Reuben Childers, Miami, FL
a secretary and Mark by Northern Hard-                                               '77, Oct. 22. Jeff is employed as a general                                             1923 - Walter Barczewski, Wauwatosa
wood.                                                                                agent by Fidelity Union Life, while Linda is a                                          1930 - Floyd Valley, Minneapolis, MN
   Theresa Anderson, '75, and Kurt                                                   pharmaceautical sales representative for                                                1932 - Sam KosowskY,Long Beach, CA
Wernecke Dec. 10. They reside in La Porte,                                           the Upjohn Company. They reside in Manka-                                               1935 - Raymond Sieger, Ladysmith
IN.                                                                                  to, MN.                                                                                 1937 & 1940 - Phyllis (Moriarity) Lau,
   Greggory Garner, '75, and Lisa Kiehne                                                 Phyllis Mondloch, '76, and Paul Check                                                                      Cassville
Oct. 8 in La Crosse. They reside in                                                  Aug. 27. They reside in La Crosse where                                                 1953 - Clarence Carlson, West Salem
Rochester, MN, where Greggory is a field                                             Paul is employed by the G. Heileman Brew-                                               1963 - Everett Hoadley, Moose Lake, MN
supervisor for the Minnesota Green Thumb                                             ing Co.                                                                                 1965 - Marlene (Jaeke) Kuhl, Kenai, AK
Program.                                                                                Joseph Coakley, '76, and Martha Fechter                                                     Marlene died Jan. 19 in an auto acci-
   Mary Cossarek, '75, and Ross James Feb.                                           in Alverno. They reside in Houston, TX,                                                        dent. She is survived by her husband,
11. They reside in Melbourne, Australia,                                             where Joseph is employed by Union Oil Co.                                                      AI Kuhl, '65, and four children. Their
where Ross is an engineer and Mary is in                                             of California.                                                                                 address is Rt. 1, Box 122, Kenai, AK
her third year of teaching fifth graders. She                                           Richard Trautschold, '76, .and Suzanne                                                      99611. Friends wishing to contribute
also attends Monash University for                                                   Stake in Oshkosh. They reside in Oshkosh                                                       to the Marlene Kuhl Scholarship
graduate studies.                                                                    where Richard is a creative sales consultant                                                   Fund for a student in sociology may
   Patti Lawson, '75, and Thomas Butler Oct.                                         for radio stations WOSHIWYTL and                                                               send their donations c/o Robert
1. Patti is a teacher at Appleton East High                                          Suzanne is employed by the Oshkosh Care                                                        LeRoy, Registrar, UW-La Crosse.
School and Thomas is an electrical engineer                                          Center.                                                                                 Dr. Warren L. Kostroski, Washington, D.C.
with Wisconsin-Michigan Power Co., Ap-                                                  David Geisthardt, '76, and Jill Berghauer.                                           Political science instructor, 1968-70

ALUMNUS--SPRING '78                                                                                                                                                                                                          15
                                                          Non-Profit Org.
Alumni Office                                         U.S. POSTAGE
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse                         La Crosse, WI
                                                             P.1. 545
La Crosse WI 54601

         THIRD CLASS

                               ANNASTASIA BATIKIS
                               1023 CRABTREE LANE

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