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									Strengthen Your Breath and Weaken Your Snore

If you have a difficult time with snoring at night, it may be because
you're not breathing enough during the day. Most people fail to
recognize the connection between these two things. The fact of the
matter is, there are many different reasons why we might be snoring but
if we are not breathing properly during the day and exercising this part
of our body, we may have a difficult time with snoring at night. At the
very least, exercising our breathing patterns during the day is going to
help us with our snoring if not eliminate it entirely.

The first thing that you should do is to practice deep breathing
exercises every day. Whenever you are relaxed, breathe normally and take
note of how you are breathing. If you are breathing is shallow and your
chest is moving in and out, you're not breathing properly. If you are
using your diaphragm and you notice that your stomach is going in and out
while you are breathing, you are breathing properly. Regardless of how
you breathe, shallow or deeply, you should work on consciously improving
this regularly. Remember, breath is life and if you're able to get more
breath into your body, your life will improve in many different ways.

You may also want to work on improving your breathing by doing specific
breathing exercises. For example, spend a few minutes several times a
day breathing in very deeply through your nose and then exhaling slowly
through your mouth. Not only will this help to exercise this part of
your body and may reduce your snoring considerably, it will also help you
to get additional oxygen which will raise your level of alertness and may
actually help you to lose some weight. Schedule two or three times
during the day in order to do this and you will notice some changes in
how well you sleep at night.

There are also some other specific deep breathing exercises that you may
want to try. Starting out slowly, however, will allow your body to
acclimate to the new type of breathing that you are doing. Most people
recognize differences within a day or two and sometimes immediately after
starting these types of exercises. Try them for yourself and see if they
don't improve the amount and type of snoring that you do on a nightly

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