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					4 Things That Make You Snore

There are always going to be things that we do in our life that cause
negative effects. One thing that we need to watch out for, however, is
that they don't become such a negative influence on our life that they
are affect our health to our detriment. Although many of us do not
consider snoring to be something that is life-threatening, it actually
can be in the case of sleep apnea. For that reason, you might want to
consider these four things that tend to cause snoring in individuals and
cut them out of your life if at all possible.

The first two are typically lumped together but they can also be included
individually as well. Cigarettes and drinking alcohol both cause us to
snore more, especially if we have a difficult time with it in the first
place. Cigarettes do affect our breathing and very few people are going
to deny that fact. Drinking alcohol can relax the muscles in your throat
along with doing other things that make your snoring worse. If you're at
all able, cut down on the amount of smoking that you do or perhaps quit
altogether. If you enjoy drinking, try to avoid drinking right before
bedtime as this will make the most impact as far as your snoring is

Another thing that causes snoring is having excess weight on our body.
It is thought that if we are able to lose only 10% of our body weight in
fat, we would be able to effectively stop snoring or cut it down to the
point where it would not be a problem. Although it is not easy to lose
weight, if you are snoring, you may actually be putting weight on your
body. Sleep deprivation that is caused by snoring makes it difficult for
us to lose weight. If we really put our minds to it and follow a good
program of diet and exercise, we can be successful with weight loss and
notice a large impact on the amount of silent sleep that we get.

Finally, you might want to consider your position while you are sleeping.
If you sleep on your back, the muscles in the throat will be constricted
more and this will make you snore more. If you want to cut down on your
snoring, learn how to sleep on your side or on your stomach. You might
have to put some pillows behind your back in order to keep yourself from
rolling over at night but this does tend to help your snoring