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									                    Stud ent Bulletin
                                                                              Nov. 22-26
                           THIS WEEK AT BSS

Junior Whalers on to BC                                     Fire Boot Camp 2011
Provincial Semi-Finals!                                     The Qualicum Beach Fire Department
The Junior Football team won 40-13                          will be holding it’s annual Fire Boot
over previously undefeated Hands-                           Camp for students in Gr. 10 – 12 dur-
worth and are off to the BC Provin-                         ing Spring Break, March 12-19, 2011.
cial Semi-Finals!! They will be playing Barsby this         Students will spend an entire week
Wed., Nov. 24th on the new Ladysmith Artificial Turf        (24/7) learning many of the skills used
Field located at the extreme north end of 4th Ave. in       by firefighters, such as Basic fire
Ladysmith. Kick-off is 2:00pm!!                             safety, Basic CPR, Wildland (forest) fire
                                                            fighting, and much more. It’s a great
Marine Conservation                                         time and you will earn full Gr. 12 Work
Youth Forum                                                                      Experience credits
March 27-31, 2011                                                                as well. Please con-
                                                                                 tact Ms. Gibson at
Celebrate and protect our                                                        the Career Centre
ocean! Explore conservation
issues threatening marine species and habitats
through field trips, labs and workshops. You will work                   Samantha McLean
closely with marine biologists while gaining valuable                    Student of the
skills and Work Experience hours. Available to Gr.                       Month
11&12 students. Enrollment is limited. Applications
are due Feb. 21, 2011 and the cost is $600. For more                     October 2010
information, contact the Career Centre.                                   Sammy, despite not being
                                                            in the Yearbook course, has given up
                                                            her time to attend various school
RDN Recreation and Parks                                    events to take pictures for the year-
Programs - Register online and view                         book. Her pictures can be seen in this
program details at                           year’s edition of the Whaler. For her
Public skating is back! Schedules                           effort, Samantha will receive a person-
are available at FREE Family Skate            alized copy of this year’s yearbook.
sessions -Sundays, 12:15-1:45pm. Try our Cheap
Skate Wednesdays, 3:45-5:15pm - Child/student               Dates to Remember
$1.25.                                                      November
After School Drop-in Shinny Hockey is back! Fri-            23   Report Cards Issued
days, 3:45-4:45pm for 8-11yrs. Full gear is required.       26   Pro-D Day (school not in session)
Foundation of Improvisation 13-18yrs—For stu-               December
dents familiar with improv. To review the basics of im-     3-4  Sr. Girls Basketball Tournament
provisation & expand on the fundamentals. Perfect for       7    Gr. 9 Speech Competition
                                                                 Ballenas Winter Evening of Music
those with some previous experience and is also great
                                                            17   Last day of classes before Winter
for beginners willing to go for it. Fast and funny is the
name of the game. Qualicum Beach Middle School Fri.              Locker clean-out AM
Nov. 26 Pro-D Day 9:00am-3:00pm $30.
  Nov. 22-26                                                         Student Bulletin

Ballenas Pride Clothing                              Stolen
Order forms are available in
                                                     A pink iPod Nano was taken from the
the office for this year’s selec-                    girls changeroom. It has a dent in
tion of Ballenas clothing. All                       the lower left hand side and black
orders should be returned to                         and blue earbuds, no case. If found,
Mr. Seidel in room 202 with payment.                 please return to office.

The Hand                                                       Climbing Wall
Nov. 26 at the YAM there will be a free din-                   Every Wednesday from 7:00-
ner and social for all youth interested in                     9:00pm in the Gym. Come
speaking out and having fun. Come out at                       on out and see what you can
3:30 to learn more.                                            do.

The Hand will be putting on a Youth Forum          Yearbooks will be on sale this week
on Nov. 27 in the form of a free afternoon         at lunch in the main hallway. Books
fieldtrip. Do you want a larger mall? Better       are only $40 or $45 if you
buses? A movie theatre? Speak out! Call            want to have it personal-
752-7202.                                          ized with your name on it.

Australia-New-Zealand 2012                          Whalers Football Clothing
If you’re interested in
visiting Australia and                              Shirts, hoodies, shorts, sweats, tow-
                                                    els, and blankets. Pick up and return
New Zealand in 2012,
                                                    order forms to the office. Please in-
please see Mr. Chap-
                                                    clude cash or cheques made out to
delaine in Rm. 402.                                 Whalers Support Society.

                Badminton and Indoor Soccer for everybody. Come and play badminton
                in the gym and play indoor soccer in the MPR for fun every Wednesday from
                6:30 to 8:30pm. Possible Badminton tournaments for those who want to
                compete. See you there! For more info see Mr. Pintal, room 405.

      $2.50                 Ballenas Lunch Program
     RM. 803       In Rm. 803 during lunch hour on Tuesdays & Thursdays.
                     Tues., Nov. 23—Pulled Pork on a Bun
                     Thurs., Nov. 25—Pizza Wrap
                      See Sheila in Rm. 803 for more information.
     Nov. 22-26                                                              Student Bulletin

                       Christmas Fair at Parksville Elementary School
                There will be lots of great gift ideas from local crafters and home based
                businesses. Saturday, December 4th from 10 am to 3 pm. If you are inter-
                ested in booking a table or volunteering, please call Chrissy at 250‐752‐9891
                or email
                           Please help us FILL UP THE CHRISTMAS TRAIN with
                           donations, food or new toys for local families in need.

 Movies at PCCC                                                Trip to Spain—
 November 26-29                                                Summer 2011
                                                                 Interested in improving your
                                                                 Spanish? Would you like to
 November 26                                                     visit Spain and Morocco dur-
       Happy Feet 3pm                                            ing the summer of 2011? For
       The Switch 1pm, 8pm                                       more information, visit the
       The American 6pm                                          website: http://
 November 27                          and click on the Spain
       Happy Feet 2pm                          link, or talk to Mr. Preston.
       The Switch 8pm
       The American 6pm
 November 28
       To be announced                                Learn How to Draw & Paint
 November 29                                              Children/Teens/Adults
       The American 1pm, 8pm                              Beginners & Advanced
       The Switch 3pm                          Instructions are on-going and you can join a
       Happy Feet 6pm                          class right away.
 Please check our event calendar at
                                               Saturday Classes start at 10:00, 1:00 & or call (250)
 248-6234 for movie times.                     For more information, call Kelly Ulrich at
 Admission $5.00                               250-468-7011 or check out
          Concession Available.      

Career Centre Corner
 Interested in doing some Work Experience?
 •   Job opportunities available at the Gardens at Qualicum Beach for students with Food
 Safe. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Gibson in the Career Centre.
 • Craig Heritage Museum currently seeking volunterrs to assist with winter closing and
 set up in the spring. Many hours required—earn full Work Experience credits.
 Please contact the Career Centre if you have interest in any of the above.
     Congratulations to the following students who successfully completed their
                     “Basic Food Safe” Course held in October:
                      Marla Catherall, Wylie Muise, Kelsey Siemens

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