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    April                                                                                                Vol. 25

    2006                                                                                                  No. 4

   IT’S SPRING! (finally!)                           Potluck a Big Hit
              April 15                On Thursday, March 23, GRO             Nobody went hungry. We went without
         Easter Egg Hunt              celebrated the theoretical com-        boring speeches and visiting politicians,
          Giddings Plaza              ing of spring with its annual          concentrating on welcoming many
 Meet the Easter Bunny at 10 am       potluck dinner. This year’s ver-       new faces. Raffle prizes were gener-
in the plaza (4731 N. Lincoln) and    sion was a particularly big suc-       ously donated by Bloom Yoga, Lake
           the hunt is on!            cess. There was a big turnout with     Claremont Press, Inside Publications,
                                      over sixty people showing up, and      Maria Bappert and Bea Tersch, and for
            April 27                  live entertainment in the form of      the third year in a row, beautiful plant
  Greening of Ravenswood              GRO’s unofficial house band, the       decorations were given away. There was
 19th Annual Arbor Day Party          Old Town School of Folk Music’s        a real sense of community and comfort.
Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro       jug band class, the Hump Night         GRO wants to give special thanks to
Enjoy good food & entertainment       Thumpers.                              Luther Memorial Church for the use
and support the beautification of                                            of the premises and facilities. Another
        our community!                The biggest hit of all was the food.   good neighbor.
Contact (773) 784-0400 for more       GRO people absolutely knocked
          information.                themselves out baking and cooking
                                      dozens of home-made items, from
              April 30                garlic linguini to blackberry cob-             Monday, April 24
   10th Annual Ravenswood             bler, with freshly-made bread and          GRO NIGHT at the GRILL
              5K Run                  many exotic appetizers. The high           Dine with your neighbors
    A great neighborhood 5K           quality was matched by bounteous                   7:00 p.m.
    benefitting local charities.      quantity.                                      Rockwell’s Grill
  Register at (773) 271-3338 or                                                   Rockwell & Eastwood
                 Fresh from the Farm to Your Table                                    Free Home Repairs for Seniors
Community Supported Agricul-              Home Grown Wisconsin                       The Ravenswood Community
ture (CSA) is a unique approach                  Council offers the H-RAIL pro-
to growing, selling, buying, and          (608) 333-1227                             gram (Home Repairs for Assisted
consuming food which allows               Drop point: Luther Memorial                and Independent Living) to eli-
consumers to consciously place            Church, 2500 W. Wilson, Tuesdays           gible Chicago residents of the 47th
their food dollars directly in the                                                   and 40th Wards. These repairs pro-
hands of family farms. CSA farm-          Angelic Organics                           vide much-needed support for se-
ers grow a wide variety of flavorful,                    niors who have increasing health or
nutritional produce and provide           (815) 389-2746                             mobility issues at no cost to them.
members with a weekly bounty.             Drop point: 2800 W. Leland,                In order to be eligible, you must be
Many CSA members realize                  Wednesdays or Saturdays                    60 or older and meet the program
significant financial savings, as the                                                criteria. To learn more about this
hidden costs of retail produce are        The Family Patch                           program or to apply, contact Chris
eliminated.                               (815) 693-5997                             Shickles at (773) 784-0400.
                                          Drop point: Lincoln Square, Foster
The CSA summer season is twenty           Avenue, and Western Avenue
                                                                                      Carpet cleaning ad
weeks long, from mid June to late
October. We are fortunate to have         And vist the Local Harvest website
three CSAs with drop points in            ( for a
our neighborhood: Home Grown              complete listing of CSAs both locally
Wisconsin, Angelic Organics, and          and nationally.
The Family Patch. For more infor-
mation on prices, offerings, and
drop point days and locations:                   This month’s editor is
                                                  Tracy Bartholomew

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                                                                                                                                    Keeping Our Neighborhood Clean, Beautiful & Safe—GRO Residents Chime In!
                                                                                                                                        Pet Courtesy                             Graffiti—Threat or Annoyance?

                                                                                                             Have you ever noticed that com-               Where there are city walls and writing material, from charcoal to spray paint, there
                                                                                                             mon courtesy is not so common                 will be graffiti. Whether it’s political, personal or aesthetic expression, there has
                                                                                                             any more, or is it just me? One               always been graffiti, from ancient Athens to retro-modern Greater Rockwell. When
                                                                                                             very discourteous practice I have             I was in Rome last year, a wall was spray-painted “Hendrix Lives.” A recent multi-
                                                                                                             seen as I walk to and from work               unit condo in our neighborhood was tagged “Yuppie Roach Motel” last month.
                                                                                                             every day is that dog owners do
                                                                                                             not clean up after their pets. I see          Usually, however, it’s gang insignia or just sheer vandalism. A simple call to the
                                                                                                             it on sidewalks and on our park-              Alderman’s office (773-348-8400), and the Graffiti-Busters are on the job to remove
                                                                                                             ways. It’s like our streets are public        graffiti very quickly. The theory is that if the tagger has his work wiped out right
                                                                                                             pet toilets, and it is the ultimate           away, he will be demoralized that his production is so short-lived and will give up.
                                                                                                             discourtesy to the community.                 The theory seems to work and the city’s rapid-response team has been pretty suc-
                                                                                                                                                           cessful. So if you see any strange markings, or even coherent slogans, call it in right
                                                                                                             This is not only an aesthetic issue           away. One less blight in the neighborhood.
                                                                                                             but a health issue as well. Hook-
                                                                                                             worm and roundworm parasites                                                                                         Abbey Botkin
                                                                                                             flourish in dog waste, and some
                                                                                                             can even live in the soil for years.
                                                                                                             With warm weather right around
                                                                                                             the corner, more children will be                           I’m down the street, or around the corner. Tell me
                                                                                                             out, and children who contract                              your story, and together we’ll write the next chapter!
                                                                                                             these parasites while playing on
                                                                                                             contaminated ground are at risk                                  Chuck Woodring                      773-418-1822
                                                                                                             of rashes or even organ damage;                                    Agent
                                                                                                             anyone picnicking or playing with
                                                                                                             a contaminated frisbee can get sick.                   
                                                                                                             Roundworms alone infect about
                                                                                                             10,000 people in the U.S. each
                                                                                                             year. Many vets advise giving dogs
                                                                                                             a monthly heartworm pill. For
                                                                                                             more information, visit

                                                                                                             With more and more children in
                                                                                                             the neighborhood, we need to be
                                                                                                             aware of issues like this. Picking up          Walk away the Rockwell station clos-
                                                                                                             after your dog and keeping it on a             ing blues and get fit at the same time
                                                                                                             leash are important to the safety of           with the Rockwell Crossing Fitness
                                                                                                             the kids in the area. And it’s the             Challenge! From now through the
                                                                                                             law.                                           station re-opening, join Alderman
                                                                                                                                                            Schulter and fellow neighbors every
                                                                                                             Maria Bappert                                  Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. at
                                                                                                             & Friends                                      Bloom Yoga Studio at 4663 N. Rock-
                                                                                                                                                            well St. and then set out on a walking
                                                                                                                                                            or running route along the Chicago
                                                                                                                                                            River with distances from 1 to 6 miles.
                                                                                                                                                            Free seminars will be 4ll lll u82(w thr)6(oock)]TJoEToBTo/T1_0 1 Tfo11 0 0 112.2319225

he Crossing Fitnes1mo[(Challe )]T
well ao[
- - Rockwell Log joenouat
Rivock Yoga Crossing Fitneo[(B)ucks,uat
FM[(S)1y 6). Stud(A[(B)pril 1)(t. ang )]TJoEToBTo/T1_ 1 Tfo11 0 402225 220.0251 Tmshoe/appa lll ulioninic p lll usentu82bthryge!r
Bloom (B)12(loom )15(Y)94(oat )47JoEToBTo/T1_0 10Tfo11 0 00402225 114.4251 Tmga S)24(tu)16(. J)3r
         cuRRENt EatS                         April Calendar
This month, we welcome a new monthly             1	     Saturday,	9	a.m.	Rockwell	Crossing	Fitness	Challenge	(also	April	8,	15,	22	&	29)
column by Amy and Reed Current,                  2	     Sunday, 1 p.m. GRO Spring Gardening Tea
residents of GRO (3½ years) and former           	      Daylight	savings	time	begins
undercover restaurant raters. The Cur-           3	     Monday,	7	p.m.	Horner	Park	Advisory	Council.	Horner	Park	Fieldhouse,	Montrose	&
rents love to try new restaurants, and           	      California
their English Bulldog Truman loves the           4		    Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. GRO Monthly Meeting.	Luther	Memorial		Church,	Campbell	&	
leftovers!                                       	      Wilson
                                                 11	    Tuesday,	6	p.m.	Gross	Park	Advisory	Council.	Gross	Park	Fieldhouse,	Lawrence	&
          BLOCK 44:                              	      Washtenaw
    NEW KID ON THE BLOCK                         15		   Saturday,	10	a.m.	Easter	Egg	Hunt.	Giddings	Plaza,	4731	N.	Lincoln	Ave.
                                                 	      10	a.m.	3rd	Annual	Doggie	Egg	Hunt.	Horner	Park,	2741	W.	Montrose	Ave.
The busy corner of Lincoln and                   16		   Easter	Sunday
                                                 17		   Monday,	7:30	p.m.	Manor	Garden	Club.	Horner	Park,	2741	W.	Montrose	Ave.
Montrose, most recently anchored by
                                                 19		   Wednesday,	Local	School	Council	Elections.	Waters	Elementary,	4540	N.	Campbell	Ave.
Acqualina, now hosts a new restaurant.           	      Wednesday,	7	p.m.	Ravenswood	Garden	Club.	Sulzer	Library	,	4445	N.	Lincoln	Ave.
Block 44 opened Thursday March 2                 22	    Earth	Day
and hopes to become a destination loca-          24	    Monday,7 p.m. GRO Night at the Grill. Rockwell’s	Grill,	Rockwell	&	Eastwood
tion featuring food and wine pairings—           25	    No	CAPS	meeting	in	April
diners are encouraged to pick from meal          27 	   Thursday,	5:30	p.m.	Greening	of	Ravenswood	Fundraiser.	Mrs.	Murphy	&	Sons	Irish	Bistro,	
selections offered on a separate menu,           	      3905	N.	Lincoln	Ave.
with glasses of wine matched per plate.          29	    Saturday,	1	p.m.	Annual	Earth	Day	Walk.	Chicago	Botanic	Garden,	Glencoe	IL
                                                 30 	   Sunday,	8	a.m.	Ravenswood	5K	Run,	4550	N.	Hermitage	Avenue
We’re unsure how this concept will fly,
                                                                             COMING	UP:		May	13:	City-Wide	Spring	Clean	Up
as the menu itself needs some tweaking
                                                                                 June	10	&	11:	GRO	Yard/Garage	Sales
(we chose not to indulge in the wine
pairings during this visit). The mussels,
while accompanied by a chorizo tomato                    Gross Park Selling Second Brick Round
sauce, lacked punch. The mushroom           It has been an exciting year for Gross Park. We hope you have had a chance to visit
and blue cheese turnover was equally        our new playground and see the beautiful forest-green slides, climbing equipment,
bland. Things improved when the main        and Donors’ Circle of engraved bricks near the field house.
courses arrived. The flat iron steak was
cooked perfectly—a robust cut of meat       We are happy to announce that we are planning a second round of brick instal-
accompanied by a sizable lump of garlic     lations this summer. If you didn’t get a chance to buy a brick, we hope you will
mashed potatoes. The pappardelle dish       consider becoming a part of Gross Park history. Brick orders received before May
was a noble effort. The noodles—broad       31 are slated to be added to the park this summer.
with scalloped edges and studded
with chicken and peas—were just like        The first brick round, installed last fall, was donated by neighbors and businesses
Grandma would make if Grandma were          from our community. The donations helped make the new playground possible.
Italian. However, the pasta was a tad       The new round will help support upkeep, programs, and ongoing improvements
undercooked and somewhat starchy.           at the park.
Desserts are limited, but the shared
bread pudding put smiles on our faces.      Bricks are available in a range of prices starting at a $30 shared brick up to a $150
We should have ordered two. Our             double brick. Go to to download a brick form or stop by
server was eager to please, although we     the fieldhouse at 2708 W. Lawrence Ave. For more information contact Gross Park
sensed some opening night jitters.          Supervisor Gary Kuzmanic at (312) 742-7528.
Appetizers are priced between $5–$8
and entrees between $15–$25.                We also welcome volunteers for a day of spring cleaning on May 13. As part of the
                                            Mayor’s Clean & Green Day initiative, we’ll be sprucing up the park from 9:30
Give Block 44 a few weeks to work out       a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Additionally, mark your calendars for Gross Park’s 3rd Annual
the kinks. If you are looking for a dif-    Party in the Park in September.
ferent way to enjoy wine and food, this
may be the ticket for you.                                                Maura Webber Sandovi, Gross Park Advisory Council

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