World's Best Wallpaper Stripper_ by liuhongmei




WP Chomp uses New
Technology that
penetrates wallpaper
faster than traditional
                                                              World’s Best
                                           WP CHOMP!
products; is free of
dyes, gels and harsh
chemicals making it                                        Wallpaper Stripper!
easy to apply and safe
to use. WP Chomp will
quickly remove                                              “This product is a miracle”
wallpaper leaving a                                                        Betty, customer in
                                                                            Orlando, Florida
clean and undamaged
surface ready for paint
                                                            “I’ve tried every other wall-
or new wallpaper.                      Super Concentrate
                                                            paper stripper…nothing else
Four out of five professional wallpaper                     comes close to WP CHOMP!”
                                                                            Stan, customer in
installers recommend against scoring                                         Hinsdale, Illinois
wallpaper for removal as it may damage
the subsurface. In most cases, scoring is
not necessary with WP Chomp.
                  making powerful                                                           to love
           1261 N. Raddant Road, Batavia, IL 60510                                  Faster • Safer • Easier
Why is WP Chomp                                          It Works!
Different?                                               Faster, Safer, Easier
Free of dyes, gels, harsh chemicals and                  Getting Started: Try to pull off the wallpaper
artificial scents, WP Chomp is lab tested less           facing (paper or vinyl) exposing the backing. If
toxic than baby shampoo. Safer for you and               you cannot pull off the facing, score the paper
your home, WP Chomp’s micro-enzymatic                    using light pressure to minimize damage to the
formula quickly penetrates and loosens wall-             wall surface.
paper making removal quick and easy. WP
Chomp has no gels so it applies quickly and
easily with excellent coverage. And because it
is pH neutral with no artificial dyes it will not
damage surroundings.

STEP 1                 STEP 2                               STEP 3                             STEP 4
Pull off wallpaper     Apply with                           Pull off backing.                  Sponge clean.
to expose              roller, brush
backing.               or sprayer.
                       Spray exposed backing
                       working from top down and
                       wait 1-5 minutes.*

Directions: Using a roller, brush or sprayer, apply WP Chomp thoroughly soaking wall-
paper. Wait 1-5 minutes and pull or scrape off paper. (Stubborn areas, unsized or
unprimed walls may require additional time and/or applications.) After paper is removed
wipe clean with a damp sponge and clean water. If excessive glue remains, apply
additional WP Chomp and wipe clean.

*For larger rooms you can use WP Chomp Ultra Concentrate and apply with a roller or sprayer.

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