Certificate of Conformity - Castle Toy by chenmeixiu


									                                           Certificate of Conformity

Item 10:          9790                               Description:       Sand Set

Style:            Beach Toys                         uPC:               7 14116 59790 2

Importer:         Castle Toy, Inc.                   Contact Name:      Head of Compliance
                  7250 Radford Avenue                Contact Phone:     (818) 765-5362
                  North Hollywood, CA. 91605         Email:             compliance@castletoyinc.com

Place of Manufacture:          Guangdong, China

Date of Manufacture:           01/2010

Testing     Laboratory                               Product Safety Regulation     to which this
                                                     product is being certified.

Intertek Testing Sevices Hong Kong Ltd.              U.S. ASTM F963-08
576 Castle Peak Road                                 Physical & Mechanical
Kowloon, Hong Kong                                   Flammability Test of Materials other than Textile
Phone: (852) 2173 8888                               Materials
Test Date:      2/19/2010                            Toxic Elements Test: Since no scrapable surface
Report No.      HKGH00969235                         coating was found on the submitted sample sets, the
                                                     testing scope of ATM F963-08 for Toxic Elements test
                                                     was not applicable to the submitted sample sets.
Intertek Testing Sevices Hong Kong Ltd.              European Commission Directive 2005/84/EC
576 Castle Peak Road                                 Requirements on Phthalate
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2173 8888
Test Date:      1/3/2009
Report No.      HKGH00804249

Intertek Testing Sevices Hong Kong Ltd.              U.S Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
576 Castle Peak Road                                 2008 Title I, Section 101 for total Lead content in
Kowloon, Hong Kong                                   Non-Surface coating materials (Substrate)
Phone: (852) 2173 8888
Test Date:      2/19/2010
Report No.      HKGH00969245

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