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									Case Scenario: Abramson’s Jewelers.

Copyright: Taranjeet Gill MBA

Abramson’s Jewelers has established a strong niche market in the upscale jewelry store
segment. Abramson's was founded in 1871, and its current single-store location is owned and
operated by John Wickersham, who bought the firm from its namesake founders in 1985.
Over the last 15 years, Mr. Wickersham has narrowed the company’s product offering
considerably to focus only on high-end watches like Rolex and Piaget, custom jewelry, and
estate jewelry. Mr. Wickersham stresses that this is an appropriate focus for his business
since each of the products lends itself to relationship selling, and price rarely comes into the
discussion. Despite the narrower offering, Abramson’s floor space has doubled, and clients
are intensely loyal to the good taste, design skills, and personal service level provided by Mr.
Wickersham. After evaluating several expansion options, Mr. Wickersham has decided to
open another store in a neighboring city. While it is likely that some of his existing customers
may begin doing business at the other location, thus lowering sales volume at the original
store, Mr. Wickersham sees this as a desirable increase in the level of service and
convenience he
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