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									                     THE BPW BEACON
                                 O N A FROM Y M E N / J U P
                                          WOW, the year 2010 is almost here! So now is the time for our New
                                          Year‟s Resolution decisions– what will yours be?
                                          2009 has proved to be a challenging & eventful year for many of us
                                          which all too often causes us to lose focus on the basics. This year I
                                          challenge you to think beyond your traditional resolutions and think
                                          about ways to help yourself as well as those around you.
                                          Remember the following as you go into the New Year: Do unto others
                                          as you would have them do unto you.
                                          Give an extra smile to the person you pass on the street; you have no
                                          idea what their day has been like.
        Nicole Payne, President
 BPW/Jupiter - Building Powerful Women    Schedule time for yourself - on the calendar and in ink!!! Time for
                                          yourself can be as simple as reading a book, enjoying our beautiful
                                          beaches or watching your favorite movie. If you watch the news
     MONTHLY MEETINGS                     constantly, try limiting yourself to only an hour a day.

Location                                  Don‟t Sweat the Small Stuff!! I often hear parents saying they have to
                                          choose their battles with their children. The same can be said in your
Mangrove Bay, Jupiter
                                          relationships with family, friends and colleagues at work.
US Hwy 1 (South of
                                          Go back to your childhood craft days and make a “Dream Board” for
Indiantown Rd)
                                          what you‟d like to happen in 2010. It could become a family dream
                                          board – so, get out the crayons, magazines, scissors, & glue sticks!!
  4th Monday of each month                Whatever you want to achieve, whatever makes you smile needs to go
                                          on your board. I look at mine for 2009 & it makes me smile every day.
Next meeting is January 25th,
                                          Start each morning with meditation. Also consider meditation for
                                          when you start to feel stressed – take time for yourself!
5:30 – 6:00 pm Sign In &
                                          These are just a few things I try to practice in my everyday life. We
Networking                                need to focus on getting back to the basics and taking care of our
6:00 – 8:00 pm Buffet Dinner              mental health - the physical will follow right behind.
& Program
                                          Very best wishes for peace & happiness in 2010. See you all in 2010!

Cost:     $23 Members - $28 Guests        Nicole
                                          BPW/Jupiter President
Please RSVP to:         Candy
Koester                    Next Meeting: January 25, 2010
                         Don’t Miss it! Social Media Networking

Or reserve & pay through our             with Jennifer Hampton
web site:
eetings      1
                   THE BPW BEACON
                                            FROM OUR SUNSHINE CHAIR
                                        D E C 0 9 ARABEE JOHNSON

    OFFICERS 2009 – 2010
                                                 BIRTHDAY WISHES
PRESIDENT                                           December 2009
NICOLE PAYNE        (561) 693-8631             Nancy Albertz, April Hicks
                                                     Lynne Spears
1st VICE PRESIDENT – Programs                       Nancy Albertz
ANGELA VAGELL     (561) 301-1095

                                                 Happy Birthday Ladies!
2nd VICE PRESIDENT – Membership
                                       SUNSHINE REPORT
CANDY KOESTER (561) 744-6661
                                       We have some special news to report this month. First we have
                                       Peggy Sutton’s news about her son and wife announcing the start
RECORDING SECRETARY                    of adoption process for a boy and girl perhaps brother & sister.
IRENE SOLTIS   (772) 634-5695          We hope that they will succeed and we are glad to report their
                                       arrival. Second piece of news from Peggy is her other daughter-in-
TREASURER                              law is expecting a son, Mathew, in April 2010. Congratulations to all
TERRY PHILLIPS      (561) 746-3101     the Sutton Family.

                                       Lucky, Dave, Julie and Tony had a special Thanksgiving in
                                       Charleston, SC. They shared a house with another Illinois family of
                                       friends, 11 all together. On the beach, enjoying fresh fish,
Business and Professional Women is     watching shrimpers come in and out. Charleston offers many
an organization of individuals         sightseeing opportunities and side trips.” Even though it was cold
dedicated to improving the             for “Floridians” it was a great trip and blessed with wonderful
professional, personal, economic and   friends, Lucky said.
educational outlook for women.
                                       What a fabulous Holiday Party we had, great food and wonderful
Please contact our Newsletter Editor   friends. Thank you Lucky and Julie and the committee for their
with suggestions and ideas regarding   hard work, it was a great success!
                                       I wish all my BPW sisters and their families a very Merry
MARION SURO     (561) 310-6120
                                       Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a Happy, Healthy New Year.
                                       Remember to let me know if anyone needs a card or a call.


                THE BPW BEACON
                                          D E C 0 9Dear BPW Members:
   Dues for Active Regular membership are
         $124.00 for the first year and              Below is our dinner reservation policy.
              $109.00 to renew.
                                                     For those of you who do not know, we do
       Seniors 65 & older– your renewal              not make any money from the $23 cost of
                will be just $99!                    our dinners; we do earn $5 from the guest
                                                     cost of $28 which just covers our costs.
     This includes your Membership in the
                     Local                           BPW/Jupiter is charged for meals for
                and State BPW.                       members & guests who have reserved but
                                                     do not attend - this money comes directly
        OUR MISSION STATEMENT                        out of our BPW funds which are used for
                                                     local scholarships, helping women, etc.
To support women and families by fostering
equity in the workplace and community, building      All dinner RSVP's and or cancellations must
strong relationships among women, supporting         be made to the VP of Membership by 12
local charities, sponsoring scholarships and         noon on the Friday prior to the Monday
creating empowered women who have a positive         meeting. If you RSVP and don‟t attend, you
impact on our local communities                      will still need to pay for your meal.

                                                     The only exceptions that can be made are
                                                     extreme family emergencies. We appreciate
                                                     your understanding since we are charged
                                                     for your reservation regardless of whether
                                                     you attend or not. We feel this is the fairest
                                                     way to avoid using scholarship money for
                                                     missed meals.

                 RENEWALS                            We may be able to take last minute
                                                     reservations immediately prior to the
                                                     Monday of the meeting but this cannot be
    CLICK ON MEMBERSHIP WHERE YOU CAN SEE ALL        guaranteed so please call 2nd VP, Candy
  THE INFORMATION YOU’LL NEED. NEXT JUST CLICK ON    Koester to confirm - (561) 744-6661.
             CARD. NICE AND SIMPLE!

               THE BPW BEACON

                         Policy and Action Day 2010: Registration Now Open!
    Come to Washington, DC in March and tell Congress to take action to improve the
    workplace for women and families. Join Business and Professional Women's Foundation
    and working women advocates as we lobby for changes to improve today's
    workplace. Registration for BPW Foundation’s Policy and Action Day 2010 is now
    Click here to Register Online | Click here to Download a Registration Form to mail or fax
    When: Tuesday, March 2, 2010 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
    Where: AARP Brickfield Center 601 E Street, NW, Washington, DC
    How much: $250 for Members / $275 for Non-Members / $50 for Students

                                                       Register Online

    Monday, March 1st

                            Young Women Misbehavin’
    6:00 pm – 8:00 pm                                            TBD
                            Happy Hour

    Tuesday, March 2nd
                            Policy Update and Lobby
                            Training (breakfast, lunch,
    8:00 am – 12:30 pm      transportation to Capitol Hill and
                            Congressional Reception included
                            in registration fee)
                            Meet with your Representatives
    1:00 pm – 5:00 pm                                      Capitol Hill
                            and Senators
                            BPW Foundation Congressional
    5:30 pm                                              TBD
                            Cocktail Reception

    Are you concerned about balancing your work and family responsibilities...flexible work
    arrangement...growing the green care...time off to take care of a sick
    child or family member...having enough money when you retire...the persistent gap
    between men’s and women’s wages...then do something about it! Register for Policy
    and Action Day today!

                    THE BPW BEACON
                                 BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL WOMEN/JUPITER
                                          D RSHI 0 PP
                                      MEMBEE CP A9LICATION
Name:           _________________________________________________________________________________
Address         _________________________________________________________________________________
Phone (H)       _________________ (W): _________________ (C): ___________________________________
E-Mail:         __________________________________Occupation: ___________________________________
Employer:       _________________________________________________________________________________
Bus. Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
Are you a former member of BPW? Yes                        No
If so, what was the name of the BPW and Location: ________________________________________________
Other Organizations you belong to: _____________________________________________________________
Date of Birth (year optional): ________________________     Place of Birth (State): __________________
Hobbies/Interests:             ___________________________________________________________________

Please circle the talents you can share with our Club:
Leadership experience                  Computer knowledge
Organizational skills                  Writing skills
Financial experience                   Ideas person
Fundraising experience                 Backup person
Speaking experience                    Party planner
Artistic talents                       Legislation interests
Love to be on the telephone            Other (explain)

For a Regular Active membership (ages 18-64), please submit dues in the amount of $124.00 for membership.
Renewal dues are $109.00. For a Senior Active membership (65 or older), please submit dues in the amount of
$114.00 (renewals are $99.00). Individuals enrolled in college or university or other accredited educational
institutions above the high school level (full-time) $26.00 student membership. Membership dues include:
dues for local, state and national. You will receive yearly subscriptions to National Business Woman and
Florida Business Women magazines and BPW/Jupiter‟s monthly newsletter. Visit our websites at,

Please return this completed application with your check made payable to BPW/Jupiter. Mail to Candy
Koester, 6191 Sand Pine Court, Jupiter FL 33458 or give it any officer at our meeting. Renewals will come
automatically to you in the mail.


Sponsored By ____________________

                      THE BPW BEACON
Following are lists of our Standing and Special Committees. Circle those that interest you and a Chair will inform you what that
committee does and invite you to a meeting. This is one of the best ways to learn about BPW and our commitment to “helping
women”. It‟s also one of the best ways to get to know fellow members.

Standing Committees:
Membership: Retention of current members and new applicants. Work with the 2 nd VP to promote, expand, stabilize and orient the
membership and govern the Individual Development sub-committee. It is the duty of the Individual Development sub-committee to
organize and coordinate an Individual Development program for the membership.

Education: Promote interest in and support for the BPW Foundation and the local scholarship program. The local scholarship
committee shall award a scholarship(s) to a local applicant(s) who has met all requirements and been selected by the committee and
approved by the Executive Board.

Finance: Prepare an annual budget for the local organization, assist the organization in developing a sound financial policy, govern
the Fundraising Committee. Present ongoing reports to the Board of Directors, present a final accounting report to the Finance Chair
and Treasurer.

Programs: Help the 1st VP plan and implement a well-coordinated annual speaker program based on BPW objectives.

Public Policy: Carry out the public policy programs adopted by BPW/FL and BPW Foundation. Study local legislative needs in
order to make recommendations to the Local Organization.

Public Relations: Publicize national, state and local programs and activities through available news media. Responsible for updating
the website and publishing local and state news.

Special Committees:
Fundraising: Plan and organize all fundraising events for the year, keep membership aware of ongoing event plans, help with the
culmination of the events as they occur, secure event reports.

Bylaws: Review and make changes as needed of all bylaws on an annual basis.

Audit: Review Treasurer‟s books, prepare a year-end reconciliation and recommendation or corrections report to the President.

Sunshine: Send cards to members on their birthdays, special occasions, get well, care/concern, sympathy, congratulations. Keep in
contact with members by phone, email or note. Report monthly to the Newsletter regarding members‟ activities.

Telephone/Email: work with Sunshine Committee and Executive Board to start „phone chain or email to all members when needed
for meetings, special events, etc.

Hospitality: Greeting and making sure all new members and guests are welcomed and feel at home at all monthly meetings.

Community Outreach: Search and find out as much as possible about local/state organizations in our area that provide support for
women and children. Educate our members about these organizations in order to provide them with appropriate support with
volunteers, education, information and funding towards their programs.

Women Who Dine: Bi-monthly events at individual members‟ homes to help meet membership and fundraising goals. Monies raised
will be for Community Outreach programs. Plan and organize all Women Who Dine events, schedule dates, locations and find
volunteers to host and or prepare and bring food items for the dinners.

              THE BPW BEACON
                               A New Life Experience
                                        by Joyce Segers

  Joyous greetings to my friends at Jupiter BPW. I apologize for my long absence and I will
  make no excuses, however I promise it has been quite a journey.

  I have traveled to Tahiti, Spain and Egypt and I will be heading to Mexico and South
  America shortly. All of this has been with the intention of promoting planetary healing,
  both spiritually and ecologically. I never expected to experience the depth of learning and
  sharing I found in each of these places. I have traveled with people from more than 20
  countries and our common language was love.

  On a different matter, at the end of October, I completed a course in Women‟s Leadership
  in Northern California. At the end of nine days, Jane Willhite, the owner of PSI, gave a talk
  with the fifty-seven women who were about to graduate. She challenged us to step up and
  run for political office as the representation of women in the federal government is only
  17%. I laugh at my story, but when she finished speaking, my body stood up.

  Well, this has now become a reality and I am proud to announce I will be running for the
  U.S. Congress Seat, 2nd District, Oregon. The election will be during the mid-terms in
  November of 2010, however, we are already gearing up.

  I feel very excited and sense this is going to be a very interesting campaign. Peter Buckley,
  the State Representative who urged me on, told me that my life will never be the same.
  That has been true for quite a while.

  I tell you this with the intention of thanking all of you for the opportunity I was given
  when I became a member of this group. I then progressed from Vice President to President
  and I have no doubt in my heart that, if it not been for this experience and support, I could
  not be writing this letter.

  I love each of you and hope you will continue this support as the election nears. I wish each
  and everyone a joyous and peaceful holiday and I am with you in my heart.

  With much love and gratitude, Joyce

               THE BPW BEACON
                                    D EN 9
                                   E VE C 0T S


   Please visit our web site at for more                              2009 - 2010
   information on these events:                        PROGRAM SCHEDULE

         December 2009                            January 25, 2010
          Note: No Monthly Meeting this            Social Networking
                                                   – Jennifer Hampton

          12th   Saturday                          February 22, 2010
                                                   How to Protect Yourself from
          Happy Hanukkah!
                                                   Criminal Threat
          20th   Sunday      6pm                   – Lee Freeman
          Bright Nights Evening at Roger           March 22, 2010
          Dean Stadium                             What the Suffragettes Can Teach
                                                   Us – Finding Our Voice
          25th   Friday
                                                   - Minx Boren
          Merry Christmas!
                                                   April 26, 2010
                                                   Installation of New Officers
         January 2010

          13th    Wednesday (Date
          Women Who Dine 5:30 - 8:00
          pm                                       CHAMBER OF COMMERCE EVENTS
          25th    Monday                         Business Before Hours
          Monthly Meeting 5:30 - 8:00 pm         Friday, December 18,
                                                 2009Registration: 7am, Program:
         February 2010                          Speaker: Alex Sink, CFO &
                                                 Gubernatorial Candidate
          6th Saturday
                                                 Member: $30, Non-Member: $50
          Share the Power/Young Careerist
                                                 PBG Marriott, RCA Blvd.
          16th    Tuesday
               DEC09                     MARION SURO
                                          Broker Associate



                        Advertise in the Beacon!
                        Our rates are very reasonable!!

                           Business card: $10 per month
                           Business card for a year (12
                             issues) with or without 5 minute
                             spotlight at meeting: $75
                           Half page ad with 5 minute
                             spotlight at one meeting: $25
                           Full page ad with 5 minute
                             spotlight at one meeting: $50

                           Business card: $15 per month
                           Business card for a year: $100
                           Half page ad: $50
                           Full page ad: $75

                        Remember you’re supporting women in
                        our community!

              THE BPW BEACON
                          RE-GIFT! RE-GIFT! RE-GIFT!
     [Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can
     position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Text Box Tools tab to change
     the formatting of the pull for us to use in
     Please donate new items quote text box.]the gift baskets that we give as prizes at our
     events throughout the year: Women Who Dine, State Conferences, Young Careerists,

     The Holidays are the perfect time to re-gift those new unwanted items that you
     receive. Please bring any re-gifts or other new items (wine, glassware, kitchen gadgets,
     entertaining items, etc.) to our January meeting. Anyone who brings an item will have
     their name entered into a drawing for an “herb garden” that we will give away at that

     Thanks so much for your continued generosity!!!

     Your Basket Case ... Candy Koester

                     HELP!            I need you desperately!
   We need people to help in the following positions for the BPW Florida State Convention
   which will be held May 21-23, 2010 right here at the Airport Hilton in West Palm Beach!
   Vendors, Exhibitors
   Pages, Doorkeepers
   Printed Program
   Non-Denominational Service on Sunday morning
   Time is getting short and I really need your help. Please contact me if you can help in any
   way. (561-758-3127 or email
   Thanks! Peggy

                     D E C 0 9 Meeting Minutes
                            Mangrove Bay - November 16, 2009
                  Submitted by Peggy Sutton, Pro-Tem Recording Secretary

             The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM by President, Nicole
             Payne. The Collect and Pledge of Allegiance were recited.

             Nicole explained BPW‟s purpose and the mission statement of

             Nicole introduced Programs Chair, Angela Vagell, who asked each
             attendee to introduce themselves and tell us something that
             happened to them this year they were grateful for.

             Judy Leiser reported on the November Women Who Dine (WWD)
             event thanking everyone who made this fundraiser so successful.
             The event was held at Candy Martin‟s home and netted $330 with
             a donation of $40 from the basket raffle. $230 was donated to the
             Wounded Warrior Project and $185 to the Jupiter BPW Scholarship
             Fund. The next WWD is January 13th with details to follow.

             Lucky Doolittle, Fundraising Chair, announced the Holiday Party
             to be held Dec 6 from 3:00 to 7:00 at the Sugar Cane Bistro in
             Jupiter. There will be music, karaoke, games and prizes. Lucky
             announced that every member would receive 2 tickets and we
             were asked to invite friends.

             Lucky gave an update on the “Change Containers” fundraiser
             asking that those who placed them check and collect any funds in

             Web Mistress, Patricia Persante reported on the Macy‟s Charity
             Day which netted $553 which will go to the Scholarship Fund.
             Patricia stated that she is organizing a BPW evening at Roger Dean
             Stadium for the Bright Nights event on Dec 20th. Tickets are $6.00
             for adults & $3.00 for children aged 3-12. The show will be 20
             minutes including 45 Christmas trees and 100 lbs of real snow.

             (continued on page 12)

             (continued from page 11)

             Marion Suro asked for articles pertinent to women‟s issues be sent
             to her for the Newsletter. She also asked new members to submit a
             brief bio for the Member Spotlight section. Marion, as PR Chair,
             stated that she sent out articles to various publications but if
             members know other publications they let her know so she can to
             add them to our list for media releases.

             As Community Outreach Committee Chair, Marion proudly
             announced that the WWD project just celebrated its first
             anniversary and the distribution of proceeds throughout the year
             was as follows:

             Oct-08       $172.50       West Jupiter Tutorial Center (WJTC)
             Feb-09       $310.00       Harmony House
             Mar-09       $280          Healing Touch Buddies
             May-09       $170.50       Family & Friends Provision Center
             Jun-09       $279.50       Martha‟s House
             Aug-09       $268.00       Florida Resource Center for Women & Children
             Nov-09       $230          Wounded Warrior Project

             Marion also announced that the Board had approved donations of
             four $25 Publix Gift cards to the WJTC for food for the Thanksgiving
             holiday and four $50 Publix Gift cards to WJTC for four needy
             families in our community for the Christmas holidays.

             Nicole asked if there was any discussion or changes to the minutes
             as printed in the November Newsletter. Hearing none, she asked for
             a motion to accept the minutes as printed. Audrey Criado moved to
             accept the minutes as written. Patricia Persante seconded. The vote
             was called and all approved. Motion carried.

             The program was presented by Anne L. Morrissey, Personal Style
             Consultant regarding how to change your look from fair to fabulous
             by changing just one thing.
             50/50 drawing was held and Joanne McCormack received $40.50.

             The Emblem was recited and President, Nicole Payne, adjourned the
             meeting at 8:05 p.m.

           THE BPW BEACON
                             D E CC 9
                       BPW/JUPITER 0OMMITTEES

    Please ask for information about any you are interested in. You are welcome to
    attend a committee meeting or join a committee at any time. This is one of the
    best ways to learn about BPW and our commitment to “helping women” as well
    as getting to know your fellow members.


    Issues Management/Programs                       Angela Vagell
           (includes Young Careerist)
    Membership                                       Candy Koester
    Individual Development & Women in Transition     Nicole Payne
    National Foundation & Scholarships               Lynne Spears
    Finance                                          Nancy Robinson
    Public Policy                                    OPEN
    Public Relations                                 Marion Suro
           Newsletter                                Marion Suro
           Web Mistress                              Patricia Persante

           Fundraising Events Chair                  Lucky Doolittle
           Bye-Laws                                  Julie Heuer
           Audit                                     Julie Heuer/Larabee Johnson
           Sunshine                                  Larabee Johnson
           Telephone/Email                           OPEN
           Hospitality                               Deb Rasmussen
           Community Outreach                        Marion Suro
           Women Who Dine                            Judy Leiser

              THE BPW BEACON
                     WOMEN WHO DINE
             Come break bread with your community!
  Enjoy delicious soups, innovative salads, mouth-watering desserts while you network.
  mingle and meet really interesting women!

  We ask that you donate the amount you would spend if you were in a restaurant -
  $15? $25? $35? $50? - your cost of food with tax and tip. The proceeds collected
  are divided equally with half going to our BPW/Jupiter Education Fund and half going
  directly to the charity that you all vote on at the dinner that evening.

                        Hostess: to be announced
                   Space is limited so please RSVP now!

                 Reserve & donate online at
    E-mail or call Judy Leiser: or 561-602-4074


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