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									C A L L A W A Y               G O L F         P G A     J U N I O R         S E R I E S


                              Dear Junior Golfer:

                              Thank you for applying to compete in the Callaway Golf PGA Junior
                              Series Event #7 at Air Force Academy’s Blue Course. This year marks
                              our 11th year of the PGA Junior Series program and our fifth event in the
P. O. BO X109601              Enclosed in your downloadable player portfolio are the following
                              documents: Callaway Golf Welcome letter, Air Force Welcome letter,
                              PGA/ PGM Overview and Accredited Universities, The PGA of America
FLORIDA 33410-9601
                              Mission, Fact & Information document, Getting Around Colo. Springs,
                              Rules of Play Hard Card, a Contestant Profile sheet and Tee Times (round
TELEPHONE: (561) 624-7614     one and alpha). The profile sheet should be completed and brought to the
FAX: (561) 624-8580           on-site registration area at the course for proper media exposure.
                              There are thirty one states being represented in this event. Junior
                              golfers are coming from the following states:

⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯                         Arkansas                   Louisiana                  New York
                              Arizona                    Massachusetts              Ohio
CHASE BRANNON                 California                 Michigan                   Oklahoma
Tournament Official
                              Colorado                   Minnesota                  Oregon
CHRIS CHILDERS                Florida                    Missouri                   Pennsylvania
Junior Golf Manager
                              Hawaii                     Montana                    South Dakota
JENNIFER FISCHENICH           Illinois                   Nebraska                   Texas
Tournament Coordinator
                              Indiana                    Nevada                     Utah
DERRICK HART                  Iowa                       New Jersey                 Washington
Scoreboard Operator
                              Kansas                     New Mexico                 Wisconsin
MIKE MILLIKEN                 Kentucky
Tournament Manager

MIKE PERRY                    We are delighted to have you in the field of talented young players.
Tournament Official           Please enjoy the outstanding conditions of the Blue Course, Eisenhower
                              Golf Club at the Air Force Academy. We look forward to meeting you.
Media Official
                              Best Regards,
Tournament Official

                              Chris Childers                                     Mike Milliken
                              Junior Golf Manager                                Tournament Manager
                              PGA Junior Series                                  PGA Junior Series
Dear Contestant,

On behalf of all of the employees within the Callaway Golf family, including the
Odyssey, Top-Flite, and Ben Hogan brands, I would like to extend a warm
welcome to the 2006 Callaway Golf PGA Junior Series.

It is both an honor and a privilege for our company to sponsor this tournament
series for the fourth consecutive year. We believe in supporting the efforts of
young players as they compete at this high level and grow their skills and

We recognize and applaud the efforts of the PGA of America and the many
parents who support their children as they learn valuable lessons about golf and
life through competition. Best wishes to you as you showcase the sportsmanship
and competitive spirit embodied by both Callaway Golf and the PGA of America.

Warmest regards,

George Fellows
President and CEO

             Due to the United States Level of Security, the
  Security Check Point on the Base MUST have the names of ALL
         people entering the U.S. Air Force Academy Grounds.

       If your name is not submitted in writing to Jennifer Fischenich by
    Thursday, July 6, 2006, you will NOT be granted access to the grounds.
                         NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

 Please e-mail Jennifer the name of the player and the names of all
family members and friends that will be attending the event for any
                            and all days.

                                     Callaway Golf
                               PGA Junior Series - Event # 7
                           Eisenhower Golf Club – Blue Course
                           Tuesday-Thursday, July 11-13, 2006

                Important Facts and Contestant Information
Upon arriving at the Air Force Academy you, your guardian and any guests must register for
the week at the Pass and Registration Office located just outside the South Gate of the Academy.
The Pass you receive will authorize your access onto the Air Force Academy for the entire week.
Additionally, you or your guardian must register on Monday, July 10th, between the hours of 12pm-
4pm. Registration will be located down below the clubhouse, by the scoreboard. You will not be
called to the tee. It is the competitor’s responsibility to be on the tee at your specified time.

54-hole Stroke Play competition. The Rules Committee may reduce the competition to fewer holes
due to weather constraints, provided all players in the age division have completed the same holes.

Practice Rounds
Contestants only - practice rounds are available on Saturday, Sunday, July 8th – 9th after 12:00p.m. and
Monday, July 10th all day. The contestant practice round fee is $30 and parents can play space
available for $55. Call the Eisenhower Golf Shop (719) 333-2606 to reserve starting times. Please let
the golf shop reservations service know you are with the Callaway Golf PGA Junior Series.

Caddies are NOT permitted. You must carry your own bag during competition.

Golf Cars
Players are not permitted to ride in golf cars during competition except where golf car shuttles are
designated by the PGA Rules Committee.

Practice Range
There is no charge for practice balls for tournament day warm-up. The range will open at 6:00am and
close at dusk each evening. Eisenhower will charge a nominal fee of $2.50 per token for after play.

Par 72                    Yardage         Club Tee Markers                Event Tee Markers
Boys 16-18                7,150 yards       Blue                                 Black
Boys 13-15                6,587 yards       White                                White
All Girls                 6,062 yards       Yellow                               Yellow

Pace of Play
The Rules of Golf require that a player shall at all times play without undue delay. PGA Officials
will use discretion concerning the Pace of Play of early groups. All groups will be expected to play at
a reasonably fast pace, 14 minutes per hole. Any group falling a hole (par 4 or par 5) behind and is
over the 14 minute-per-hole pace is subject to being timed. A group will be warned when they are out
of position and about to be timed.

The timing of a player’s stroke will begin when the player has had a reasonable opportunity to
reach his/her ball; it is the player’s turn to play and the player can play without interference or
distraction. Except on the putting green, if a player has reached his/her ball, it is his/her turn to play
                                  EISENHOWER GOLF CLUB—BLUE COURSE
                                             Building 3170
                                          USAFA, CO 80840
                                            (719) 333-2606

                                        **Soft Spike Policy in Effect**
and there are no distractions, timing will begin after he/she has had reasonable time to select a club.
Time spent walking backward or forward for determining yardage will count as part of the time taken
for the next stroke.

On the putting green, timing will begin after a player has been allowed a reasonable amount of time to
lift, clean and replace the ball, repair his/her ball mark and other ball marks on the putting line, and
remove loose impediments on the line of the putt.

A player will be allowed a maximum of 40 seconds to complete his/her stroke. Note: An additional
10 seconds will be allowed for; a) the first to play from the teeing ground at a par 3 hole; b) the first to
play a second stroke on a par 4 or par 5 hole; c) the first to play a third stroke on a par 5 hole; or d) the
first to play on or around the putting green.

If a player exceeds the time limit on one (1) occasion, he/she will then be cautioned that if he/she
exceeds the time limit on one more occasion, (total of 2), he/she will automatically incur a penalty of
one stroke, under Rule 6-7. If the player exceeds the time limit on one more occasion, (total of 3),
he/she will incur an additional two stroke penalty. If the player exceeds the time limit a total of four
(4) times, the penalty is disqualification.

Note: If the group in question regains its proper position, any bad timings will be carried over for the
remainder of that round in the event that group requires additional monitoring.

Please call 561-624-8528 if you must withdraw before the competition so we may contact the next
alternate to participate. If you need to withdraw 3 days or less before the opening round, please call

Scoring Areas
At the conclusion of your round, please go to the scoring tent behind # 9 and # 18 greens to check
scores and return your scorecard. You are only responsible for the correct hole-by-hole scores and two
signatures (i.e., your markers and your own).

Suspension of Play
A suspension for a dangerous situation (i.e.: lightning or tornado) shall be signaled by one long siren
or horn blast. Players shall discontinue play immediately and seek shelter. All other types of
suspensions shall be signaled by three short blasts. All practice areas shall be closed during suspension
for a dangerous situation until the committee has declared them open for use.

All ties for first place only will be decided by a sudden death play-off on a hole to be determined by
the committee. All other ties will be decided by a scorecard play-off, the winner being determined on
the basis of the total score of the last nine (holes 10-18). If the players have the same score for the last
nine holes, the winner will be determined on the basis of the last six (13-18), last three (16-18), and
finally last hole (18th).

Awards will be presented to the top three places in each age division. The presentation of these prizes
will take place by the scoreboard immediately following conclusion of play for each age group.

Junior Ryder Cup & Player of the Year Points Breakdown
1st – 375                 6th – 100
2 – 180                   7th – 80
3 – 160                   8th – 60
4 – 140                   9th – 40
5 – 120                   10th – 20
                                   EISENHOWER GOLF CLUB—BLUE COURSE
                                              Building 3170
                                           USAFA, CO 80840
                                             (719) 333-2606

                                        **Soft Spike Policy in Effect**
Westfield Junior PGA Championship
Each Boys’ 16-18 age division winner and Girls’ overall winner from the Callaway Golf PGA Junior
Series events earn berths in The PGA of America’s premiere Junior showcase event – The Westfield
Junior PGA Championship, August 10-13, at Westfield Center, Ohio.

Personal Appearance and Conduct
Players must be neat in appearance with respect to personal grooming and clothing. Players may not
wear denim shorts. Boys are to wear collared shirts or designer-collared shirts. Hats must be worn
forwards and shirts tucked in. Any conduct unbecoming a junior golfer shall be subject to one warning
by an official then immediate disqualification at any time thereafter. Such conduct shall include, but
is not limited to; abusive language, club throwing, profanity, showing disrespect to volunteers or
officials, littering or leaving trash on the course, or abuse of the golf course facility. Players must be
willing to comply with club rules with respect to dress code and spike policy.

Parents & Guardians
We appreciate spectator support of our event. Please walk on cart paths only. It would be a good idea
to wear comfortable shoes due to the long walk. Under no condition are you allowed to offer any
advice to a contestant during the round. Please be mindful of the high level of concentration needed by
the participants to achieve their best. It is OK to help look for balls or carry umbrellas. Please do not
interfere or distract players with the use of cameras, cell phones or beepers.

Spectator Carts
Spectators who request relief under the Americans with Disabilities Act and seek a reasonable
accommodation for their disability by the use of a motorized golf car during the event competition
shall be required to submit a request in writing with state authorized handicap number to the PGA
Tournament Department one week prior to the tournament date for review and determination.

Breakfast / Lunch
Meals are not provided. The Food & Beverage facility is located in the Clubhouse and a hotdog stand
outside. Cash and Visa, MasterCard Credit Cards are accepted.

Final Round
You will be re-grouped according to your first round score. For final round starting times service you
may call (719) 333-2606 between 7:00-8:00 p.m. on Wednesday. The times will be posted on all doors
of the golf shop. The only “Official” Times will be posted on the public scoreboard. We will use
the “reverse horseshoe” (just like PGA and LPGA TOUR) for Boys 16-18, which means low scores
teeing off last off tee #1, with the middle of the pack teeing off early on both tees, and the higher
scores last off tee #10.
                                                     Times           Times
                            Age Group        Tee
                                                     Beginning       Until
                          BOYS 16-18
                                           #1       7:00 a.m.            8:48 a.m.
                          BOYS 16-18
                          (Reverse         #10      7:00 a.m.            8:48 a.m.

                          BOYS 13-15       #1       11:30 a.m.           12:42 p.m.

                          GIRLS 16-18      #10      11:30 a.m.           12:42 p.m.

                          GIRLS 13-15      #10      12:51 p.m.           1:09 p.m.

                                  EISENHOWER GOLF CLUB—BLUE COURSE
                                             Building 3170
                                          USAFA, CO 80840
                                            (719) 333-2606

                                       **Soft Spike Policy in Effect**
                   Getting Around Colorado Springs / USAFA
                                Please visit

Callaway Golf PGA Junior Series Event # 7                   Directions
            July 11-13, 2006                                From Colorado Springs Airport (only one way out):
                                                            Go to the 3rd light leaving the airport. Left on Academy,
                                                            which will take you to I-25 North. Take I-25 North to
   Eisenhower Golf Club – Blue Course
                                                            Exit 156 B (North Entrance to the Academy). Proceed
              Building 3170                                 thru the guard post to the big B52 Bomber coming up on
           USAFA, CO 80840                                  the left. Turn left, this is Stadium. Go 1/3 of a mile,
             (719) 333-4735                                 follow the signs, turn right and then left.
                                                                                                                                       Exit 156B
Eisenhower Golf Club                                                                    HUGE

Home of the Air Force Academy’s Falcon Men’s golf                                     AIRPLANE

team, the Blue Course was designed and established in
1959 by Robert Trent Jones Sr. The Blue was host to
Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf, two Junior America’s

Cups, two PGA Junior Series, The Cannon Cup, USGA
Amateur Qualifier, and annually, the top NCAA Teams         EISENHOWER
                                                                                                                   EXIT 151
during the Falcon Invitational. Always in top condition,    CLUB                                                  GARDEN INN

this championship layout, surrounded by foothills and                                 EXIT 150
mountains, with tree-lined fairways and Bentgrass                                                     RADISSON
greens, will test every part of your game.                                                              INN

PGA Travel and Transportation                                                                                      3

You are responsible for your own transportation to the
course. For ground transportation, please call
800-283-4653. Please identify yourself as a contestant,       N            EXIT 137
                                                                                                 ACADEMY                              τAIRPORT

parent or guardian with the PGA Junior Series, to
receive quotes with National Car Rental.
                                                            Radio Stations
Lodging                                                     The Edge       99.9
Hilton Garden Inn                                           Classic Rock 103.9
1810 Briargate Parkway (Exit 151 on I-25)                   Top 40       103.3
(719) 598-6866                                              Country        96.9
$99.00 plus tax per night (nicest hotel near USAFA)
Continental Breakfast buffet included, Wireless Internet.   Restaurants (All located at I-25 & Woodmen)
This hotel is awesome!                                      Outback                             590-6283
                                                            TGI Friday’s                        599-4135
Drury Inn                                                   Carraba’s                           264-0401
8155 N. Academy Blvd. (Exit 150A)
(719) 598-2500                                              Restaurants (Located at 1-25 & Briargate
Wireless Internet                                           Parkway) (across the street from Hilton)
$99.99 plus tax per night                                   Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano              262-9500
                                                            California Pizza Kitchen                  260-8054
Emergency                                                   Champs Americana                          548-0113
Academy Hospital                                            PF Changs China Bistro                    593-8580
On property                                                 There are a lot also located near the South entrance of
911 or 333-5000                                             the Academy as well.

                                                            Tiffany Square 6 Movie Theater                                       598-5200
The Hilton Garden Inn offers spacious guest rooms full of
thoughtful amenities, complimented by friendly service, and a
relaxed atmosphere. By focusing precisely on guest’s needs
and wants, we deliver the highest degree of service and cost
savings to both business and leisure travelers without sacrificing
the quality associated with the Hilton name.

The Hilton Garden Inn is located beneath the shadow of Pikes
Peak, off exit 151 of I-25. The hotel is adjacent to the US Air Force
Academy, minutes from Chapel Hills Mall, across the street from
the Shops at Briargate , including many fine stores and three
restaurants, such as Champp’s, Biaggis, and PF Changs and only
minutes from many tourist attractions.

Features and amenities include:

  • Complimentary hi speed wireless internet access with
    remote print
  • Full service restaurant and lounge
  • Evening room service
  • 24-hour Pavilion Panty convenience mart
  • Heated indoor pool and whirlpool
  • Fitness center
  • Complimentary 24 hour business center
  • Refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker in each room
  • Hair dryer, iron and board in each room
  • Electronic door locks
  • Two telephones with two lines voice mail and data ports
  • Spacious work desk with desk-level outlets, adjustable
    lighting and ergonomic chair
  • 25” cable TV with on-command movies and free HBO
  • AM/FM alarm clock radio

                  What is The PGA of America’s PGM Program?
The PGA/Professional Golf Management™ (PGM) program, a four-and-one-half year college curriculum for aspiring
           PGA Professionals, is a structured educational program endorsed by The PGA of America.

                    In addition to classroom studies, each student is required to complete an
                    internship of at least 16 months at approved golf facilities. Students also are
                    required to complete all requirements of The PGA of America’s Professional Golf
                    Management Program, including passing the Playing Ability Test.

  Students attending one of the PGA/PGM™ programs can graduate with the following
  Baccalaureate degree:

      PGA/PGM™ SCHOOL                                           DEGREE OFFERED
 Arizona State University                     BS in Agribusiness w/PGM concentration
 Campbell University                          BBA in Professional Golf Management
 Clemson University                           BS in Park, Recreation & Tourism Management
                                              w/concentration in Golf Management
 Coastal Carolina University                  BS in Business Marketing
 Ferris State University                      BS in Business w/Marketing major
 Florida Gulf Coast University                BS in Resort & Hospitality Mgmt with concentration in Professional
                                              Golf Management
 Florida State University                     BS in Hospitality Administration
 Methodist College                            BS in Business Administration or Marketing
 Mississippi State University                 BBA in Marketing
 New Mexico State University                  BBA w/major in Marketing
 North Carolina State University              BS in Professional Golf Management w/Business minor
 Penn State University                        BS in Recreation & Park Management w/PGM option
 Sam Houston State University                 BS in Business Administration with Specialty Certification in
                                              Professional Golf Management
 University of Colorado, Colorado Springs     BS in Business with emphasis in Marketing/Professional Golf
 University of Idaho                          BS in Business Marketing w/PGM option
 University of Nebraska, Lincoln              BS in Agricultural Sciences
 University of Nevada-Las Vegas               BS in Recreation w/concentration in PGM

       Each university has specific entrance requirements, and you should contact the
                  university of your choice to become familiar with those.
                      More information is available in your players’ packet or by visiting
                                  ACCREDITED UNIVERSITIES
            Universities endorsed by The PGA of America for their PGA/PGM™ programs.
Arizona State Univ. East (1999)         Florida State University (1999)       Penn State University (1990)
Mr. Curt Hudek, Director                Mr. Jim Riscigno, Director            Mr. Burch Wilkes, Professor in Charge
7001 East Williams Field Road           Hospitality Department                201 Mateer Building
Building 20                             Professional Golf Mgmt. Program       University Park, PA 16802
Mesa, AZ 85212                          2550 Pottsdamer Street                (814) 863-8987
(480) 727-1912                          Tallahassee, FL 32306-2881            (814) 863-8992 - fax
(480) 727-1186 - fax                    (850) 644-9494                                    (850) 644-1581 - fax
                                                Sam Houston State Univ. (2005)
Campbell University (1999)                                                    Mr. Rich Ballinger, Director
Mr. Ken Jones, Director                 Methodist College (1999)              Box 2056
P.O. Box 218                            Mr. Jerry Hogge, Director             1821 Avenue I
Lundy-Fetterman Bldg.                   5400 Ramsey Street                    Huntsville, TX 77340
165 Dr. McKoy Road                      Fayetteville, NC 28311-1420           (936)-294-4810
Buies Creek, NC 27506                   (910) 630-7144                        (936)-294-3612 – fax
(910) 893-1395                          (910) 630-7254 - fax        
(800) 334-4111 ext. 1395      
(910) 893-1392 - fax
                                                                              University of Colorado, Colorado          Mississippi State University (1985)   Springs (2003)
                                        Dr. Stephen LeMay, Director           Mr. Doug Wert, Director
Clemson University (2001)
                                        P.O. Box 6217                         University of Colorado at Colorado
Mr. Rick Lucas, Director
                                        350 McCool Hall                       Springs
263 Lehotsky Hall
                                        Mississippi State, MS 39762-5513      1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Clemson, SC 29634-0701
                                        (662) 325-3161                        P.O. Box 7150
(864) 656-0112
                                        (662) 325-1779 - fax                  Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150
(864) 656-2226 - fax
                                                                              (719)-262-3494- fax
Coastal Carolina University (1999)      New Mexico State Univ. (1987)         e-mail:
Col. Charles Thrash, Director           Mr. Pat Gavin, Director
E. Craig Wall, Sr. School of Business   P.O. Box 30001/Dept. PGM              University of Idaho (2002)
P.O. Box 261954                         University Ave., Business Complex     Mr. Dawes Marlatt, Director
Conway, SC 29528-6054                   #206                                  Box 443161
(843) 349-2639                          Las Cruces, NM 88003 - 8001           Moscow, ID 83844-2380
(843) 349-2455 - fax                    (505) 646-7686                        (208) 885-9772                     (505) 646-1467 - fax                  (208) 885-0558 - fax
Ferris State University (1975)
Mr. Matt Pinter, Coordinator            North Carolina State Univ. (2002)     University of Nebraska, Lincoln (2004)
1506 Knollview Drive                    Dr. Michael A. Kanters, Director      Dr. Terry Riordan, Director
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2290               Department of Parks, Recreation &     225 Keim Hall
(231) 591-2380                          Tourism Management                    Lincoln, NE 68583-0953
(231) 591-2839 - fax                    Campus Box 8004                       (402)-472-4101                      4023 Biltmore Hall                    (402)-472-4104 –fax
                                        NC State University         
Florida Gulf Coast Univ. (2005)
                                        Raleigh, NC 27695-8004
Dr. Steve Eisenberg
                                        (919) 515-8792
10501 FGCU Blvd. South, Modular 2                                             University Nevada-Las Vegas (2002)
                                        (919) 513-7219 - fax
Ft. Myers, FL 33965                                                           Mr. Chris Cain, Director
(239)-590-7717                                                                William F. Harrah College of Hotel
(239)-590-7697 – fax                                                          Administration                                                             4505 Maryland Parkway Box 456023
                                                                              Las Vegas, NV 89154-6023
                                                                              (702) 895-3865
                                                                              (702)-774-8994 - fax
           The PGA of America Mission
       he PGA of America was founded Jan. 17, 1916, when a group of golf professionals
T     in the New York City area, accompanied by several prominent amateur golfers, met
      to discuss forming a professional association. Since that informal gathering, The
PGA of America has grown into the world's largest working sports organization with
more than 28,000 members and apprentices. As the leaders in the game, The PGA of
America is dedicated to promoting interest in the game of golf to everyone, everywhere.
It strives to establish and maintain professional standards of practice for the golf
profession and enhance the well-being of its members.

The PGA of America devotes itself to assisting in the education and employment of
today’s PGA Professionals, and developing their knowledge, training and business

For the enjoyment of golf enthusiasts everywhere, the Association continues its
promotion of the game by conducting four major spectator events: The PGA
Championship, begun in 1916; the Ryder Cup Matches, which will be held at The K Club
in Dublin, Ireland. in September; the Senior PGA Championship; and the PGA Grand
Slam of Golf.

As part of its mission, The PGA of America dedicates itself to the development of the
next generation of golfers. The PGA Foundation promotes a variety of junior programs
through "First Swing," "Clubs For Kids," and "Kids On Course" programs. In addition,
The PGA of America conducts the Westfield PGA Junior Championship, one of the
major championships on the junior circuit, and the Callaway Golf PGA Junior Series.

The PGA of America continues to flourish by adhering to the principles that were set
down by its founders.

                         The Professional Golfers’ Association of America
                                  100 Avenue of the Champions
                                Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. 33418

                       2006 Callaway Golf PGA Junior Series,
                                                          PGA of America Junior Series
                                                           Supplemental Rules of Play

Play is governed by the current USGA Rules of Golf and where applicable, by the following Definitions, Conditions and Local Rules, subject
   to changes or amendments by the Committee. Appendix I refers to Appendix I in the current USGA Rules of Golf as approved by The
                                       United States Golf Association and R&A Rules Limited.

1.    GOLF BALLS: The ball the player plays must be named on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the USGA.
      PENALTY FOR BREACH: Disqualification.
2.    CADDIE: A player is prohibited from using a caddie during the stipulated round. See Penalty Statement in Appendix I.
3.    TRANSPORTATION: Except when permitted by the PGA of America Rules Committee, players must walk at all times during the
      stipulated round. See Penalty Statement in Appendix I.
4.    PACE OF PLAY: A player shall be subject to penalty if he/she unduly delays play. The PGA of America Junior Series Pace of Play
      Regulation is in effect and available at all tournaments.
5.    LATE TO TEE: The note under Rule 6-3 as prescribed in Appendix I is in effect. The PGA of America defines “start at the time laid
      down by the Committee” as on the starting tee, ready to play, when the group is announced. See Decision 6-3a/2.
6.    PRACTICE BETWEEN HOLES: In stroke play, a player must not play any practice stroke on or near the putting green of the hole last
      played. If a practice stroke is played on or near the putting green of the hole last played, the player shall incur a penalty of two strokes at
      the next hole, except in the case of the last hole of the round, he incurs the penalty at that hole.
                                    One prolonged air horn or siren blast – Suspension for Dangerous Situation
                                      Three consecutive air horn or siren blasts – All other types of Suspension
                                             Two consecutive air horn siren blasts – Resumption of Play
      SUSPENSION OF PLAY – DANGEROUS SITUATION: When play is suspended by the Committee for a dangerous situation
      (lightning, tornado, etc.), if the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they must not resume play until the
      Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they must discontinue play immediately and not
      resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, he is disqualified
      unless circumstances warrant waiving the penalty as provided in Rule 33-7. See Decision 6-8b/7
      SUSPENSION OF PLAY – NON DANGEROUS SITUATION: Proceed as prescribed in Rule 6-8.
7.    CLOSE OF THE COMPETITION: The competition is closed when the champion has been announced, all scores have been posted, and
      the Committee has approved the results.

      ROADS: A ball which crosses a public road defined as out of bounds and comes to rest beyond that road is out of bounds,
      even though it may lie on another part of the course.
      DOUBLE STAKES: When used, the boundary for that hole(s), is deemed to extend indefinitely in the direction of the ‘squared off’ stake.
2.    GROUND UNDER REPAIR: (a) Areas enclosed by white lines (except ball drops);
      (b) French drains, which are trenches filled with rocks or stones;
      (c) Relief is provided for lie of the ball from open seams in newly sodded areas that are not otherwise marked.
3.    EMBEDDED BALL: Through the green, a ball that is embedded in it’s own pitch-mark in the ground, other than sand, may be lifted
      without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a
      part of the course through the green. Exception: A player not take relief under this Local Rule if it is clearly unreasonable for him to play
      a stroke because of interference by anything other than the condition covered by this Local Rule.
      PENALTY FOR BREACH: Match Play – Loss of hole; Stroke Play – Two Strokes.
4.    TURF PLUGS ON PUTTING GREENS: Turf plugs on putting greens are deemed to have the same status as hole plugs and thus may be
      repaired as prescribed in Rule 16-1c.
      (a) White lined areas tying into artificially surfaced roads, paths or other obstructions are deemed to be extensions of the obstruction and
      are not ground under repair.
      (b) Landscaped flowerbed areas completely encircled by an obstruction are part of the obstruction.
6.    RETAINING WALLS AND PILINGS: When located within water hazards or within and/or around bunkers, retaining walls and pilings
      are integral parts of the course. When located contiguous to cart paths (through the green), retaining walls and pilings are deemed to be
      part of the cart path.
7.    TREE STAKES: The stake and/or cable is an obstruction. No relief from the tree only.
8.    TREE WRAPPINGS, ELECTRICAL WIRES AND CABLES: Integral parts of the course – NO RELIEF.
      Tree wrappings, electrical wires, cables and other artificial objects closely attached to trees ARE NOT obstructions.
9.    PERMANENT ELEVATED POWER LINES: If a ball strikes a permanent elevated power line, the player must disregard the stroke,
      abandon the ball and play another ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was played in accordance with
      Rule 20-5 (Making Next Stroke from Where Previous Stroke Made).
10.   TEMPORARY IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: Those obstructions so deemed by the Committee.
      Proceed as prescribed in Appendix I.
                                             PGA of America Junior Series Rules Committee (5/06)
                          Contestant Profile Sheet
                    2006 Callaway Golf PGA Junior Series
The Contestant profile is a reference to assist any members of the Media and Golf Coaches Association
                                     of America covering the event.

1. Please fill out the Contestant Profile and                         2. Attach a school photo of yourself in the
   return to the on-site registration area.                              top right hand corner.

 Name: _____________________________________________                   Age / Birthdate: _______ / _____________

 Hometown and State: _________________________________ GPA _______ SAT & ACT Score___________

 Home Phone (for PGA of America use only): ______________________________________________________

 Name of School (include city, state):_____________________________________________________________

 Year in School (upcoming fall 2006):_____________         Projected HS Graduation date:____________________

 Who got you started in Golf?___________________________________________________________________

 At what age were you when you began playing golf? ________________

 Have you taken lessons from a PGA professional? __________________

 PGA Professional____________________________________                     Club ____________________________

 City_______________________________________________                      State ____________________________

 Player Achievements (please list name of event, finish, year):_________________________________________



 What is your goal in golf? (Please describe):_______________________________________________________

 If planning to attend college, please list:__________________________________________________________

 Where will you be staying
 during the event? ________________________________________ Telephone __________________________

 Hometown: _______________________ Fax: _______________ Sports or Golf E-mail: ______________________
 Newspaper       (This fax number and E-mail address are important for press releases and nightly results)

Thank you for your assistance, and good luck in the PGA Junior Series. Should you need further assistance or
would like to add to this contestant profile at a later date, please contact a member of the PGA of America staff.
If entering more than one event, you need to fill out one form per event (No additional photo needed.) If you
have any media-related questions, please contact Heidi Wegmueller at (561) 624-7672.
                                                                              2006 PGA Junior Series,

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