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					   IBM ThinkPad
Product Details
ThinkPad R40
Model TR3ELFI                At a glance...
Processor2                                 Mobile Intel Pentium   Audio          Sound Blaster
                                           4 processor - M                       Pro 16
                                           1900MHz                               compatible
                                                                                 sound system
Memory (std/max)                           256 MB   / 1024 MB     Fax/modem      56Kbps
                                                                  speeds         data/14.4Kbps
Disk capacity1                             40GB                   Network        Ethernet
Display                                    15" 1400x1050 --       Installed OS   Microsoft
                                           TFT                                   Windows XP
PCMCIA support                             1 Type II or 1 Type
Media Device8                              CD-RW/DVD-ROM

                              Unique       IBM Embedded
                              System       Security Subsystem
                              Features     2.0; IBM ThinkPad
                                           UltraNav; Wi-Fi
                                           wireless upgradable

   Lightweight notebooks for frequently mobile users who want affordable, ready-to-run
   computing, including a large display and modular side-bay for adding further functionality.

          • Travel weight starting at 2.4kg and 14" TFT display
          • Work securely with integrated Wi-Fi wireless and IBM Embedded Security
          Subsystem on select models
          • ThinkLight keyboard light for low light conditions
          • IBM Rapid Restore PC for creating a complete image backup in a protected partition
          on the hard drive
          • Ultrabay Plus modular bay for fast swapping of optional media and storage devices
          • The IBM ThinkPad UltraNav multi-pointing system on R40 models features a touch
          pad and TrackPoint pointing device, letting you work the way you want
          • Access IBM provides easy access to online and on-system information including
          self-diagnosis tools and IBM Service and Support

Part number                                       Description
TR3ELFI                                           TPR40 1.9G 512 256/40.0 15.0
Product category:                                            Mobile
Product family:                                              IBM ThinkPad
Product series:                                              ThinkPad R Series
Model name:                                                  ThinkPad R40
Worldwide part number:                                       2681ELG
Global model:                                                No
Workhorse model:                                             No
Type / Model:                                                2681-ELG
Standard pack quantity:                                      1
Announce status:                                             Announced
Availability status:                                         TopSeller
Announce date:                                               1 Mar 03
General availability date:                                   1 Mar 03
IBM announcement number:                                     ZA03-0103
Countries of origin:                                         Korea, United Kingdom, Japan, India, United States,
Ship group:                                                  System unit with country-specific keyboard,
                                                             Worldwide AC adapter, Country-specific line cord,
                                                             Telephone cable, Rechargeable battery pack,
                                                             TrackPoint caps, Publications Group, ThinkPad R40
                                                             Series Setup Guide, ThinkPad R40 Series
                                                             Troubleshooting Guide, Windows XP Pro Manual, or
                                                             Windows, XP Home Manual, depending on model
Special model designation:                                   TopSeller

         Limited Warranty period and        One year parts and labor (system battery: one year) Customer
         type :                             Carry-in Repair

         Form factor:                        Notebook
         Bus type/architecture:              PCI
         Expansion bus type:                 PC Card
         PC Card support:                    1 Type II or 1 Type III
         UltraBay:                           Ultrabay Plus
         Indicator light:                    Yes

>>>>>         Screen type description:           TFT
              Viewable image size                15
              Screen illumination:               Backlit
              Max resolution on built-in         1400x1050
              Max colors or grey shades:         16777216
              External display supported:        Yes
              Max resolution on external     2048x1536
              Simultaneous external display: Yes

          Processor (CPU) :                 Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor - M
          Processor internal clock          1900MHz
          speed :
          Front side bus:                   400MHz
          Processor manufacturer:           Intel
          L1 internal CPU cache:            --
        L2 external CPU cache               -- /
        Upgradable processor:               No
        Processor upgrade method:           None
        BIOS type:                          Flash ROM

        Memory (RAM) std/max:           256MB / 1024MB
        RAM speed:                      266MHz
        Optional RAM configuration:     64:128:256:512MB SODIMM
        RAM type:                       PC2100 DDR SDRAM
        RAM slots total (available):    2 SODIMM (1 SODIMM)

         Hard disk controller:
         Hard disk size1:                   40GB
         Hard disk type:                    ATA-100 (Enhanced IDE)
         Average seek time:                 12ms
         Average latency:                   7.1ms
         Number of platters:                2
         Platter RPM:                       4200
         Sustained data trans rate          16MBps; 30MBps
         (low; high):

        Graphics chipset:               ATI Mobility RADEON 7500
        Graphics type:                  SXGA+
        Graphics data width:            64
        Video RAM std/max:              32MB / 32MB
        Video RAM type:                 DDR SDRAM
        Max resolution (with max        2048x1536 16777216 colors
        video RAM) NI:
        Max colors (with max video      16777216
        Graphics bus interface:         AGP 4X

            Media device type:                  CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo IV
>>>>>       Media speed :                       24X/10X/24X/8X Max
            Media interface type:               EIDE
            Media data transfer rate:           --
            Media average access                120ms
            Media transport type:               Side tray loading
            Audio features:                     Mute Button; Speakers (integrated); 16 bit

        Audio chipset make & model: Sound Blaster Pro 16 compatible sound system
        Audio data width:               16
        Number of integrated            2
        Speaker power rating:           1.0Watts
        Volume control buttons:         Yes

>>>>>      Fax/modem:                           56K V.92 designed modem
           Fax/modem speeds:                    56Kbps data/14.4Kbps fax
           Fax/modem manufacturer:              USI
           Infrared Port:                       Yes
           Infrared port speed:                 4Mbps
            Wireless Standard:                 Wi-Fi wireless upgradable

>>>>>       Network card:                     10/100 Ethernet
>>>>>       Network interface:                Ethernet
            Network speed:                    10Mbps, 100Mbps
            Network features:                 Built-in wireless antenna

>>>>>       A/C adapter:                       72 watt
            Worldwide A/C compatibility:       Yes
            Port replicator:                   Optional

        Pointing device type:                   IBM ThinkPad UltraNav
        Standard diskette size:                 --
        Optional diskette size:                 --
        Keyboard type standard:                 Full size
        Keyboard light:                         Yes
        Product approvals/certifications4:      MPR-II; NOM (Mexico); SASO; UL-1950; VCCI Class B; ACA;
                                                BSMI (Taiwan); CCIB/CCEE (China); CE MARK; CER; CISPR-22
                                                Class B; CSA C22.2 No. 950; FCC Class B - Part 15; IEC-950;

        Battery life - min/max:              3.58 Hrs
        Battery type(s):                     8 Cell Lithium-Ion
        Charge time - on/off:                3Hrs / 3Hrs
        Heat emissions:                      72W
        Sound emissions:                     40dB
        Power management features4:          Battery Power Status Display
                                             Hibernation mode
                                             Power management mode
                                             Standby mode
                                             Suspend mode
                                             Switching between display devices

>>>>>       Plug and play support:            Yes
            Parallel ports (type):            1 (EPP)
            Ports (type):                     2 (USB)
            Expansion ports:                  AC adapter jack, Display, Expansion connector, Infrared, Line in,
                                              RJ-11, RJ-45, S-Video out, Speaker/headphone (stereo), 2 USB

        Weight:                              3.1Kg
        Travel weight:                       2.8Kg
        Height:                              40.5mm
        Width:                               329mm
        Depth:                               267.5mm
        Operating Temperature (C)            10; 31
        (low; high):
        Relative Humidity (%) (low;          8; 80

        Tested operating systems:                    Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows XP Home
                                                     Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft
                                                     Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98
                                       Second Edition
Operating system provided:             Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Communication/networking               Access IBM, IBM Access Connections,IBM Update
applications:                          Connector, ThinkPad Configuration Utility
Device drivers/utilities:              IBM Drive Letter Access, IBM Rapid Restore PC, Norton
                                       AntiVirus 2003 OEM Version, PC Doctor Diagnostics
Other applications provided:           Adobe Acrobat Reader
Preloaded applications:                Yes

Universal management               Remote Deployment Manager
features:                          System Migration Assistant
                                   Universal Manageability (UM) Services
                                   Wake on LAN
Security features:                 Hard disk drive password
                                   IBM Embedded Security Subsystem 2.0
                                   IBM Security Slot
                                   Power-on password
                                   Supervisor password
Security Chip:                     IBM Embedded Security Subsystem 2.0

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