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					                                                                                                         JANUARY 2009

                                                                               INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
     THE     ALTIMA word
   THE ONLY WORD FOR THE CONNECTED                                                    ART ON HER SLEEVE
                                                                      KIMBERLY DU ROSS DEBUTS NATURE’S REVENGE

                                                                                                 IN GOOD TASTE
                                                                ZYR VODKA AND ATLANTICO RUM STIR UP PALM BEACH

                                                                   BEST BUDDIES HAS GOT SOUL
                                                                CHARITY GALA ANNOUNCES ENTERTAINMENT & SPONSORS

                                                                                  SHOW-STOPPING ART & PERFORMANCES

                                                                                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS

                  Sub-Polar Bear
         From the collection, Nature’s Revenge                 ART ON HER SLEEVE
The evening of January 17th, Paul Fisher Gallery will          The Paul Fisher Gallery is the first American showing of
host the opening reception of “Natures Revenge”— a             her new collection which will run from January 16th –
collection of figurative art paintings by celebrated artist,   February 11th. “This is the perfect place to show Nature’s
Kimberly Du Ross. The event will feature sixteen works         Revenge. The subject matter directly relates to the Palm
from Kimberly’s new collection inspired by nature and          Beach environment, embracing the creatures we are con-
focusing on the effects of global warming on both animal       tinuously seeking to preserve”, said Kimberly who will be
life and the natural environment.                              present for the opening reception.
Educated at Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Paris and with a             Du Ross’s works are included in the collections of
Bachelors Degree from the Rhode Island School of               Thyssen-Bornemiza, Goulandris, Carlos Fix, Howard
Design, Kimberly began her career in the East Village of       Gittis, Tony Shafrazi Raymond and Maria Floyd and Earle
New York. She continued to the acclaimed Royal College         Mack. Mack, who has been collecting Du Ross’s work for
of Art in London where she earned her Masters degree           over thirty years, calls the collection “Psychologically
and began showcasing her collections in the art capitals       compelling and thought provoking…A simple approach
of the world—Rome, London, New York City, Los Ange-            to complex issues.”
les, and now Palm Beach.                                       Special thanks to
“Kimberly Du Ross’s latest series demonstrates her             Distinctive Wines and
unique style and painterly sympathy towards the eco-geo        Atlantico Rum who will
political uncertainties of our time. She has seamlessly        provide fine wines and
orchestrated a virtual parade of exotic wildlife with a        cocktails for the opening
distinctive, masterful approach”, said curator and             reception.
celebrated collage artist Bruce Helander who showcased         For more information,
Kimberly’s earlier works at his gallery in 1987.               Please contact the Paul
Du Ross’s impressive repertoire includes dozens of pres-       Fisher Gallery at 561-
tigious art gallery shows, feature articles in international   832-5255
publications, a black comedy short-film titled “The
Obsessed” which she created during her studies at the
Royal College of Art, and a portfolio of photographs of              Artist, Kimberly Du Ross
                                                                     Photo by Johnny Pigozzi
Peru currently represented by Holden Luntz Gallery.
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       TASTE IS EVERYTHING                 truly delicious vodka.
 DAVID KATZ: THE MAN BEHIND AMER-          The choice vodka of Palm Beach,
     ICA’S BEST TASTING VODKA              Altima is proud to serve ZYR at this
                                           seasons highlighted events. Altima,
                                           along with top chefs including Daniel
                                           Boulud, Bobby Flay and Jean Georges
                                           Vongerichten are fans and followers
                                           of ZYR. We hear this vodka maker’s
                                           message: Taste is everything.

                                                                                      Richard Earl, Giovanni Polillo, Tirzah Roberts,
                                            MODERN DESIGN SERVED                      and Carlos Morrison at City Cellar
                                           WITH DOWNTOWN DELIGHTS
                                           CAFÉ SAPORI * CITY CELLAR * PISTACHE
                                                                                       RON    ATLANTICO PRIVATE CASK
                                                                                      Hand crafted rum from the Do-
                                                                                            minican republic
                                                                                      Aleco Azqueta and Brandon Lieb had
                                                                                      a vision to create an authentic pre-
                                                                                      mium rum for the connoisseur in
                                                                                      efforts to revive cocktail culture.
                                                                                      A descendent of the Fanjul & Azqueta
                                                                                      ‘sugar industry’ dynasty, Aleco
                                                                                      knows good business. With passion,
 What spirit could possibly be good                                                   family know-how and branding ex-
 enough to earn a rare five star rating                                               perience in tow, Aleco joined forces
 from the top Spirits critic Paul Pacult        Arvo Katajisto and Dawn Alba
                                                                                      with Brandon, a leading veteran of
 or a perfect ranking from the tough-                                                 the spirit industry, to form Atlantico
 est critics at Food & Wine Magazine?      Trinity development, owner of the
                                           hurricane damaged 1515 Tower on            Importing.
 Only one: ZYR Russian vodka.
                                           Flagler, recently received West Palm       True to their vision, Aleco and Bran-
 Crafted by a 35 year old American         Beach planning board approval for          don’s ‘hands-on’ production process
 who combined his love of all things       The Modern, an ultra-luxury land-          ensures the authenticity and quality
 Russian and his enthusiasm for what       mark condominium, to take its place.       of their product—each bottle receiv-
 he calls “creative challenges,” ZYR       In efforts to gain support for their       ing hand written initials as a symbol
 has become America’s highest              visionary project, the developers hit      of devotion to a product they truly
 ranked vodka.                             the town with a series of cocktail         believe in.
 ZYR, short for “zyrkalo mira”, means      events for downtown business
                                                                                      A Palm Beach favorite, Atlantico
 “reflection of the world.” In a way,      professionals and Flagler neighbors.
                                                                                      Importing has served their finest at
 ZYR is a reflection of Vodka Maker        Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres paired       recent events including the Paradise
 David Katz’s world. One-eighth            with fine wines and spirits at local hot   Fund Casino Night and New Hope
 Russian, he had always had a passion      spots Café Sapori, City Cellar, and
                                                                                      Charities Holiday Bazaar.
 for the country’s culture, language,      Pistache French Bistro, where they
 and even ice hockey.                      were given the opportunity to share        Atlantico Rum is also the spirit of
                                           their views on the proposed condo          choice for the Kimberly Du Ross
 Katz eventually moved to Russia to                                                   opening reception on January 17th.
 fulfill his dream: to create an ex-       amid their associates, friends and
 traordinary, ultra-smooth, luxury         neighbors.
 vodka emblematic of Modern Russia         The majestic 24 story glass tower will
 not Tsarist Fantasy. After five years,    offer 84 residential units equipped
 he returned to the US to introduce        with breathtaking views of the
 ZYR in 2003. It wasn’t long before it     Atlantic Ocean and Palm Beach. In
 became apparent to connoisseurs           addition, The Modern will introduce
 from New York to Palm Beach that          a new public-access park to Flagler
 once tasted, always enjoyed: ZYR          with a 13’ high waterfall, palm trees,
 indeed delivered on the promise of a      benches, walks, and other greenery.             Aleco Azqueta and Brandon Lieb
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 MARCH MADNESS                                            A MANIC MONTH OF GENEROUS GIVING
                                                          AND GALAS
  SAVE THE DATE:            
  The Bak Middle School of the                     Best Buddies Palm Beach Gala
  Arts annual gala, Metamorphosis                             Frank Crystal & Company and Best Buddies International,
                                                              a groundbreaking nonprofit founded in 1989 by
  ‘A Toast to the Arts’, will take                            Anthony Kennedy Shriver that enhances the lives of
  place Friday, March 6th, at the                             people with intellectual disabilities by providing
  Palm Beach estate of Mr. & Mrs.                             opportunities for one-on-one friendships and integrated
                                                              employment, are pleased to present the Best Buddies
  William Koch. The noteworthy                                Palm Beach Gala.
  cocktail event will  feature                                Palm Beach resident and noted philanthropist Mark
                                                              Freitas will serve as the Gala Chairman for the March
  student  performances, a luxury 
                                                              13th soiree at The Breakers. Additionally, Freitas, the
  auction, and the Koch’s re‐                                 President and Chief Operating Officer of Frank Crystal &
  nowned art collection including      Mark Freitas and        Company, has graciously committed his firm to be the
                                       Anthony Shriver         Title Sponsor for the event, alongside other supporters
  works by Monet,  Renoir, Cez‐                                Mellon Bank, Marquis Jets, and Harry Winston. The
  anne, Picasso,  Botero and           formal gourmet dinner will feature a live auction and performances by Steve
                                       Maglio and Soul/R&B hit-makers, The Spinners. Additional host committee
  several new pieces.                  members for the black-tie charity event include Tom Quick, Honorary Chairman
  Bak is a top‐rated magnet school  and Anthony Shriver, Co-Chairman.
                                       Best Buddies received a warm welcome
  and is nationally   recognized as a  from the Palm Beach community during last
  2008 Blue  Ribbon School. The        year’s inaugural Crystal Ball gala, which
                                       featured a performance by disco legend
  West Palm Beach middle school 
                                       Gloria Gaynor and raised over $600,000 for
  draws 1,350 students throughout  the organization.
  Palm Beach County each year 
                                                                        The Spinners
  through a competitive arts audi‐
  tion. Bak offers excellent aca‐
  demics and eight conservatory‐
  level arts—band, communica‐
                                            CALENDAR OF EVENTS 
                                               BY‐INVITATION ONLY EVENTS 
  tions, dance, keyboard, strings, 
  theatre, vocal music, visual arts.          EVENTS & UPCOMING HIGHLIGHTS
  Proceeds from the event will                        For more information call 561-833-8283
  fund these art and academic pro‐
  grams.                                January 17    Kimberly Du Ross debuts collection at Paul Fisher Gallery
                                        February 4-8 American International Fine Art Fair
  For sponsorship or event details, 
                                        February 16   Everglades Prep Academy ‘An Evening of Great Expectations’ at
  contact the Middle School of the 
                                                      Café Boulud
  Arts Foundation executive        
                                        February 21 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 18th Annual Discovery Ball at
  director,  Jody Dragon at          
                                                    The Breakers
  561‐822‐3828 or email            
                                        March 6       Bak Middle School of the Arts ‘Metamorphosis’ gala
                                        March 13      Best Buddies Palm Beach Gala at The Breakers