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                                        Change Your Beliefs
                                        to Change Your Life


*Being calm and centered when others try to push your buttons

*No longer sabotaging your own thinking and actions

*Wanting to change things in your life and actually doing so

*Having your life go the way you want it to go

*Not feeling drained or giving your power away to others

Psych-K enables your conscious mind to connect with your subconscious mind to
find out what is really going on in your life. Once that connection is made, your old
beliefs can change to new ones that are more life enhancing.

Psych-K balances the left (logical) and right (emotional) aspects of your brain,
making it easier for you to make decisions from a calmer perspective. By working
with your subconscious mind, can help release issues attached to events, often
without having to relive those old experiences. By neutralizing emotions associated
with past traumas, can bring you freedom and greater peace of mind.

At one time or another all of us have experienced the loss of power when someone
tries to push our buttons. With Psych-K you will find where your buttons are, and
how to disengage them so you can take back your power. This works with anyone:
family, friends, co-workers and can be a profoundly liberating experience.

Relationships of all types can be balanced: relationships with your partner, family
members, babies, animals, even diseases or situations. This can be done directly,
with you and the other person sitting or standing face-to-face. Or it can be done
(with permission, using a technique called surrogation) when the other person or
situation is physically incapacitated, not present or incapable of speaking for

Psych-K can realign your Core Beliefs (the beliefs you grew up with) transforming
any thought patterns that might be undermining your progress in life. The Life
Bonding technique helps release the traumas of birth, life and future death so that
life today becomes more precious and meaningful.

Psych-K does not replace psychotherapy but rather enhances it by enabling you to
deal more effectively with everyday issues.

PSYCH-K® Surrogate Sessions (Surrogation)

Surrogate balancing allows PSYCH-K® work to be done with an animal or a person who
cannot be muscle tested directly, i.e. someone who is too sick, too old, too young or
physically not present. The process is based on creating a “link up” between the subject’s
Higher Mind (super conscious mind) and that of a willing surrogate. Surrogates may be
used for friends, family, groups and organizations, non-human life forms such as pets
and other animals, as well as the earth itself.

Surrogation is an effective, powerful, alternate method of conducting a PSYCH-K®
session. Exactly the same results are accomplished through a surrogate session as are
achieved when an individual participates in a “live” session.

Surrogate sessions can be done:

At any distance

Without the recipient being physically present

Via telephone

Via computer internet connection using SKYPE

Key to successfull Surrogate Sessions

The mind-set of the facilitator and that of the surrogate are critical to a successful
surrogation. Both should have an attitude of respect of what is in the “highest and best
good” of the person receiving the benefit of the surrogation. If there is an agenda that is
not consistent with the “highest and best good” of the recipient, access will be denied
through the “link up” process. If the agenda changes during a surrogate session to a less
than “highest and best good” perspective, the surrogation will spontaneously disconnect.
For example, parents who want to “fix” their children, or those in relationships who
want to “fix” their spouse or partner. Interested?



                                 SO, WHAT IS THE SECRET ?

Many years ago people believed that the earth was flat, and when Galileo proved that it was
round, many rejected the notion immediately and some even reacted with anger as well as
We all heard about the power of positive affirmations such as "I am worthy”, "I love
myself", "I am going to be wealthy". Many people practice daily affirmations to reach their
desired goals however, after a while, they lose interest and abandoned the whole process.
 Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. Your beliefs are the result of your life experiences
which are colored by your emotion. The way in which you came to terms with your
emotions will determine the basis of your core beliefs. The more emotionally charged the
experience (usually the traumatic) more likely it will be stored for future reference.
Depending on what hemisphere is chosen to compile this information, when brain is faced
with similar life experiences or emotions in the present more likely it will over identify with
one hemispheres of the brain (Brain Dominance Theory). This is why so many people are
unable to get beyond their past and often feel stuck. So it is not a coincidence that painful
experiences left unresolved often leads to self-limiting or mistaken beliefs.               Even
though these beliefs are formed as a result of several factors such as, parenting styles,
cultural conditioning and blind faith, the emotion or emotions what ultimately shapes our
belief    system.      Below,    some     of   the        examples     of    negative    beliefs.

  I am unlovable
   I am stupid
   I won't measure up
   I am worthless
   I am a looser

Of course, we don't go around admitting the above beliefs publicly, but for many, these
beliefs are a way of life and feel normal. Subconscious mind is a vast store house for your
all past experiences as well as your beliefs and it is very similar to your computers’ hard
drive. While the conscious mind is trying to make goal oriented decisions, subconscious
mind already decided the outcome.

So, when the minds are in conflict, it is no surprise that the subconscious mind ends up
winning and no amounts of "will power", "positive thinking" or "trying harder" will prevail.
This is clearly evident with people who are suffering from addictions. Even though the addict
knows the negative consequences of his drug use, such as, loss of health, loss of family,
incarceration, and emotional suffering, in most cases he will end up relapsing.
Someone who is suffering from bulimia for many years, even though she is cognizant
about how every act of purge is destroying her gastro-intestinal tract, no amount of proof

will deter the next binge and purge cycle. Even the most educated person can't seem to
stop this gradual self-distraction of the subconscious mind. Countless hours of counseling,
in and out of treatment facilities, and you are still wondering why you can't seem to stop
playing the old tapes.

Insight   is   seldom a sufficient condition for creating everlasting change
                    so, change your beliefs and you are changed for life.

Dr.Simon Casey States "I have never met a stupid person and you are not one either. The
problem is your subconscious beliefs that sabotage or limit you from receiving what you

Our mistaken beliefs can block us from experiencing happiness, joy, and inner peace. There
is a way out of this emotional prison and endless suffering. Unfortunately, many belief-
change-processes are often ineffective and tend to be complicated. However, if you are
looking to transform your life and undo your self-limiting beliefs, you are ready for PSYCH-

                     Behavioral scientists confirm that our behaviors are a direct
                    reflection of our beliefs, perceptions generated from our past
                    experiences. Due to ones experience from early childhood, one
                    can often develop dominance in one side of the brain or the
                    other. However, the ability to utilize both sides of the
                    brain allows us to experience different outcomes. PSYCH-K is a
                    technique designed to create a balanced identification with both
                    hemispheres of the brain. This technique enables us to bring
                    our sub-concious beliefs in to enlightenment with our conscious
                    mind. This process targets the root cause, the changes in the
                    belief system are lasting and complete.

Psych-K is a simple process that helps you communicate with your subconscious
mind so you can change beliefs that negatively impact your self-esteem, personal
relationships, job performance and even your physical health!

If your life experience is less than satisfying for you in one or more ways, Psych-K
may be the answer you have been seeking.

Where did Psych-K Originate?

The PSYCH-K® techniques were developed by Robert Williams and provide the answers to
the questions that Bruce Lipton often encountered when he presented his discoveries to
people, e.g., "So, how do you change the core beliefs that you no longer want?"

 Rather than just using "will-power" to change those core beliefs (the only answer Lipton
could come up with originally), the PSYCH-K® techniques incorporate kinesiology
("muscle-testing") with some very specific techniques that:
   1. Uncover those beliefs in the subconscious that no longer serve us.
   2. Replace them with new, empowering beliefs that the subconscious accepts and begins
to work with.

Robert Williams, PhD, first developed PSYCH-K in 1988 in response to the feelings of
frustration that he and his patients experienced with standard counseling procedures, which
seldom resulted in real and lasting changes.

Rob’s background in both business and psychotherapy has allowed him to create a results
oriented approach, inspired by a variety of processes, some contemporary and some ancient
that produce dramatic and lasting changes quickly and easily.

Rob has since spent 20 years expanding and improving the processes of PSYCH-K, and
instructing new facilitators.

Today thousands of people each year are helped to overcome their life-long challenges and
are able to move on with their lives, free of their limiting beliefs.

How Does it Work?

Changing subconscious beliefs that may be sabotaging well-intentioned actions is similar to
reprogramming a personal computer. Using PSYCH-K techniques, you increase the "cross
talk" between the two hemispheres of your brain, which creates a greater whole-brained"
state, ideal for changing subconscious beliefs.

In   addition,   when   right   and   left   hemispheres   of   the   brain   are   in   simultaneous
communication, the qualities and characteristics of both hemispheres are available to
maximize your full response potential to life's challenges.

PSYCH-K is a simple process. that creates a receptive state of mind that dramatically
reduces resistance to making lasting, personal changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Psych-K process anything like hypnosis?

No, this is a wide-awake process in which you are fully in charge. You choose the goal you
wish to achieve, and the facilitator simply takes you through a few simple steps to help you
achieve it.

Who decides which beliefs I change and what the changes are?

You do. The changes you make are entirely internal and can only be done if and when you
give yourself permission to change them?

How long does it take to change a belief?

Rarely more than 15 or 20 minutes.

Do the changes last?

They last as long as that belief serves you. You can change to a different belief if your life
circumstances require you to?

Can I change more than one belief in a single session?

Yes, but generally it is wise to work in only one or two areas at a time.

                   PSYCH – K creates the potential. You create the results.

            Health\Wellness  Relationships  Personal Power  Prosperity 

                         Self-Esteem  Grief/Loss  Spirituality 

                       Go Beyond Will Power & Positive Thinking


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