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					Revision Number   Revision Date

1.00              6/24/1997

1.01              6/25/1997

1.02              8/21/1997

1.03              9/19/1997
1.04   9/25/1997
1.05   9/26/1997
1.06   10/1/1997

1.07   10/23/1997

1.08   1/14/1998

1.09   1/26/1998

1.10   1/29/1998

1.11   2/2/1998
1.12   3/3/1998

1.13   3/25/1998

1.14   5/11/1998
1.15   5/15/1998

1.16   6/26/1998

1.17   7/10/1998
1.18   7/27/1998

1.19   9/25/1998
1.20   10/25/1998

1.21   11/5/1998

1.22   11/12/1998

1.23   11/18/1998
1.24   12/3/1998

1.25   1/20/1999

1.26   1/27/1999
1.27   1/28/1999
1.28   1/29/1999
1.29   1/29/1999

1.30   3/2/1999

1.31   3/11/1999

1.32   3/17/1999
1.33   3/19/1998

1.34   8/31/1999
1.35   9/27/1999

1.36   10/7/1999

1.37   10/27/1999

1.38   11/5/1999
1.39   11/11/1999

1.40   1/13/2000

1.41   2/17/2000
1.42   2/24/2000

1.43   5/25/2000
1.44   6/15/2000
1.45   7/13/2000
1.47   9/28/2000


1.49   11/28/2000

1.50   12/4/2000

1.51   1/2/2001

1.52   1/11/2001

1.53   3/7/2001

1.54   5/24/2001
1.55   6/4/2001
1.56   7/13/2001
1.57   8/6/2001
1.58   11/9/2001
1.59   1/3/2002

1.60   1/10/2002

1.61   1/24/2003
Revision Item

-Fixed Education sector in RAPID DCT. Changed all Min's to 0 which
     will allow the user to leave the Education editor without entering
-Fixed problem in Method Attributes editor. When all selected methods
     did not require attributes editor was setting maxrows to 0 which is
     not allowed by VBX. Change it to 1 and made the editor invisible.

- Rewrote the fileopen and Message dialog boxes for use with RetstrD.
- Changed Inputted ASFR to Custom ASFR in DP
- Changed Max Min on LF Part. Rate in RAPDATA.DCT from -100 to 120 to 0 to 120.
- Added Arabic support.
- Fixed problem with years on display charts.
- Fixed problem in Calculating pregnancies with Calculatalte Abortion option
     turned on. Index was set wrong on GetFPAverageEffectiveness
- Changed spelling on Trussell was Trussel
- Fixed problem with URBAN total for BothSexes was not being summed up
     in population array. This showed up as an error in RP Urban sector.
- MWRA was being calculated in FP Prox Det calculation before WRA was
     calculated and retrieved from DP. TFR flatline approach is now used
     for all goals.
- Turned on sex option of 15-49 population.
- Fixed problem with message box and Large Fonts. Caption for the label was wrapping
     too much.
- Fixed problem with year labels on pyramid for 5 year and 10 year intervals.
- Fixed problem with year labels on age group table for 5 year DP projections.
- Fixed Deaths calculation.
- In Proj1 changed the age index on the calculation of the
      survival rate for the oldest age group. It was using DP_MAX_AGE
      which is 17 the last index when five year age groups are used. It
      should be DP_MaxSingleAges, the final index when single ages
      are used.
- In DPSum changed the equation for the migration rate. The
      equation had omitted to multiply the migration rate by the scale
      (GetDPScaler(p). This was changed for male, female and total
- In DPProjUt added code to sum the male and female urban and
      rural population by age to get a total (male plus female)
- Fixed Problem in RPCUrb CalcNewHouseholds procedure.
      Was not working if more than one projection is loaded.
      Also fixed the Egypt Urban unit.
- Fixed problem with Pyramids. They were not showing the proper scale label.
- Fixed Menu problem in AM when language was changed.
      Program was displaying the DP menu.
- Took out check for 0-100 in ASFR editor. Now user can enter
      in actual ASFR and then use the normalize button.
- Added the Inputted ASFR table to the comparison graph.
- Added total for Males and Females in the HIV distribution editor.
- Changed Efficiency to Efficacy in AM Measles variable name.
- Put a check for blank lines in the PJN file.
- Added French support
- Deleted TestDP from data directory sample files

Added Spanish support
Fixed problem with Urban population projections.
- Fixed FP problem in Cost per Users
- Minor modifications to Urban population projection

- Fixed module labels in projection editor to match module names in menu
- Fixed problem when creating a new projection on a diskette. Does not
     require a subdirectory anymore.
- Fixed problem with GB_MODULE_DATA_CHANGED message. Message was
     not being sent or handled correctly.
- Added Protrain Module

- Fixed problem with AIM read/write, Added a space between all values.
- Added Sample data file
- Changed installation script to include Sample data file component,
     and backup option.
- Added Percent of Acceptors/Users served by Cadre to
     reality SS in Protrain.
- Fixed some strings in Protrain
- Added more statistics to reality SS in Protrain.
- Dropped the selection if of TI in the reality SS in Protrain
- Saved the RAPID SS in Office95 format.
- Trainning menu class was not being destroyed.
- When switching DP from No Urban/Rural to Urban/Rural in the
     Prjection Parameter editor the "Urban method variable" was no being init.
     This caused the resulting DP file not to load if the user
     did not go into the Demographic data editor before saving.

- Added SS clipboard fix to TR module. GBedSS has more detail on bug fix.
- Added FOCUS module

 - In DP Editor RuralGrowthRate was not being saved in UrbanGrowthRate.
 - The URGD should only be compounded for five years if the projection is done in five
year increments.
 - Fixed promlem in Demographic Summary Indicators. For Urban/Rural projections
growth rate was not correct
       for if Urban or Rural options was selected. It was showing total.
 - Made slight modification to the way AIDS deaths are distributed by year.
       Previously, no deaths occurred in the year in which AIDS developed.
       Now some AIDS deaths can occur in that year, depending on the setting for the
AIDS life expectancy.
 - Added CYP in FP
 - Removed the Urban and Rural Selection from the AIDS section.
 - Fixed problem with Installation. Program Icon was not being created with
       French and Spanish.
 - Fixed source support in FC.
 - Fixed editor captions in FC. They were displaying FP.
 - Put in a workaround for the case when AdultHivPrev has two sequential years = 0
       in HIV Incidence calculation
 - Fixed write routine in FC to handle negative numbers for the calculated variables.

- Added Age selection to Graph label on FC displays.
 - Added a check prevent user from adding more than
      FP_MAX_SOURCES to Projection in FP.
 - Fixed problem in displaying FP inputs.
      When number of lines exceeded 128 in spread sheet
      the output would start to wrap back to line 1.
 - Fixed various translation strings in DP

- Fixed problems with the single Age disaggregation at the higher ages
      in DP.
- Added ability to specify negative percentages for Age distribution in
      Demproj migration editor.
- Fixed problems with 5 year Age group calculation in FP.
- Changed HIV Deasth to AIDS deaths in FC
- Added inputs by marital status to FC
- Creaded a feed back FC into DP for reduction in TFR and
- Modified the dependency ratio procedure in DPcalc to include
      last age group
- Modified Cost Regression calculation.
- Fixed problem with thousand separator being a space.
- Fixed problem with Date's showing up in Editors with
      invalid entries.
- Added Russian text
- Added font used in charts to INI. This was for the Russain
      translation. (Changed StdChart)

- Fixed abortions as a percentage of unwanted births in FamPlan.
- Fixed ChartFont selection. If was only working in DP
- Improved fit of Russian Strings
- Added Russion and French support to pyramids
- Added country setting to charts. This enables French support
      for chart menu's and dialogs. (Changed StdChart)

- Fixed problem with putting negative numbers into Editor.
      This bug was produced from Date fix in version 1.20.

- Removed Leed Courier font.
- Added the ability to disaggregate across single age in
      Demproj's Defined Age Group population display.
- Fixed duplicate and saving problem in Percent Married editor in
      Focus module.
- Changed Average Birth Interval to Median Birth Interval.
- Adjusted ASFR editor in FC to accept standard ASFT numbers 0-999.

- Added ability to aggregate multiple projections into one.
- Added 3 decimals to Total abortion Rate under 5 year age groups.
- Fixed labeling on Prox Det. for 5 year age groups.

- Spectrum will now except 0 for ASRF input in FamPlan.
- Modified FamPlan's read/write to handle large numbers in cost outputs.

- Modified Spanish strings.
- Modified Arabic strings.
- Modified Spanish strings.
- Changed footer on Fertitliy Displays in Demproj to indicate Females.
- Modified Spanish strings.

- Fixed default method selection in FamPlan for single indicators.
- Fixed HIV and STD Incidence calculation in Focus Module.

- Changed input range in Total abortion Rate under 5 year age groups to 0-1000.
- Changed input range in prevalence editor to 0-100.

- Modified spanish Strings
- Modified French Strings.
- Added EasyProj to Spectrum.
- Added Benefit-Cost Module.
- Changed the way HIV age distribution is inputted.
- Changed the name of the FOCUS module
     to YARH.
- Modified French Strings.
- Added the ability to convert old HIV age distribution input
     to new format.

- Changed the way incidents were calculated based on new definition of
      prevalence which now includes AIDS.
- Fixed problem with accessing EasyProj

- Changed Benefit-Cost's title caption in Config editor.
- Changed Perinatal Transmision Rate in DP to a Time Dependant input.
- Updated DP data file version to 4.36 for above.
- Changed the conversion of old HIV age distribution to start at the 10-14 age group.

- Fixed Reducing Unmet Need (Goal1) editor. TFR editor was not being
      displayed correctly.
- Number of users were not being displayed properly when disaggregating
      by need.
- Fixed Growth Rate display when disaggregating by source.
- Removed the ability to disaggregate by need in Acceptors and CYP displays.
- Changed Benefit-Cost's title caption in editor selection dialog.

- Russian string change
- Fixed Aids Death read problem in DP. Deaths
      were overflowing assigned field.
- Fixed problem with Users not being displayed when diagregating by source.
      This problem was introduced in version 1.38 with the "Users Need" fix.
- Added FPLM module (Beta)
- Added "BenCost" short name.

 - When using TFR goal, 5 year age groups and selected Model table,
       FP was not loading the ASFR correctly from the tables.
 - Fixed problem with AIDS summary screen with multiple projections       loaded.
 - Corrected backcasting procedure in AIM to use the new definition of     HIV
 - Corrected calculation of HIV incidence.
 - Fixed Negative number of HIV+ problem.

- Modified Russian Strings.
- Fixed scaling on horizontal bar charts. Displayed now in the right margin.
- Change input mask on DempProj Migration distribution by age to -999 to 999%

- Fixed Life Expectancy read problem in Demproj
- Fixed Commodity cost editor in logistics module.
- Fixed message dialogs with large fonts.
- Fixed Copy/Paste with regional settings
- Modified NewGen Strings
- Correction to calculation of proportion progressing to
    AIDS 20 years after infection.

- Added MTCT module
- Fixed reginal setting problem in Easyproj

- Fixed problem with population with-AIDS projection. AIDS deaths were
    not being subtracted out.

- Checked the file attribute on the Spectrum.ini file. Spectrum will
    not write to this file if marked read only.

- Added Portuguese support.
- Fixed problem with Male and Female AIDS births.

- In AIM fixed the backcasting routine so that it correctly calculates HIV
     prevalence and the sex ratio of prevalence during the backcasting period
- In DemProj corrected the displays of GRR and NRR to reflect the reduction
     in fertility due to HIV infection
- In AIM corrected the calculation of AIDS orphans to reflect the reduction
     in fertility due to HIV infection

- Increased primary school enrollment rate in RAPID education sector.
- Added Male data support to NewGen

- Added abbreviated names to MTCT editor
- Added Distribution of Cost Pie chart to MTCT.
- Fixed mistake in Coale-Demeny West Male life table

- Fixed error in creating new MTCT projection.
- Added button in HIV prevalence editor to read EPP data.
- Fixed integer overflow problem in FP display config dialog.

- Fixed strings labels in PMTCT module.
- Fixed divide 0 calculation errors in PMTCT module.
- Encapsulated F1 editor into GBEDSS

- In Demproj Modual, changed Population of Ages to Single instead of by 5 age groups

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