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					            (269)             COOL THINGS
                                                        TO DO IN AREA CODE 269

                           Welcome! The 269 area code is code for an area that effortlessly combines energy
and   innovation with friendliness and an easygoing attitude. Whether you’re a native or new to the area,
                                    there are hundreds — two hundred and sixty-nine to get you started — of cool things to do.

  In area code 269, you’re never far from lakes and other   outdoor recreation, festivals and world-class
   attractions. These great local and area treasures were submitted by friends, near and far, just like you. By the way, the
number ranking is not important. No. 269 is just as cool as No. 1, but we had to start somewhere. Enjoy!

COOL THINGS                                        TO DO IN A R EA C ODE 2 6 9

1                                                  6
     Yarrow Golf & Conference Resort                      Tempo Vino Winery                                beautiful countryside, while enjoying people
     Augusta                                              Kalamazoo                                        who choose a live/work lifestyle in a profession
     (269) 731-2090                                       (269) 342-9463                                   they love. – Kelly C.
Enjoy a beverage on the patio overlooking the      Great wine, and you can have a winemaking

18th green. – John B.                              party to have your own blend! – Carleen B.                          Leduc Blueberries
                                                                                                                       Paw Paw
                                                                                                                       (269) 657-3871

                                                          Big Joe’s Pizza and Deli
                                                          Kalamazoo                                        Picking blueberries at Leducs. – Kelly S.
                                                          (269) 383-4213
                                                   Pizza at Big Joe’s and a movie at the Rave!
                                                   How much more fun can a family have?
                                                   – Peyton W.

                                                          Al Sabo Land Preserve
                                                          Texas Township
                                                          (269) 375-1591
                                                   Love to stroll along the trails of the picturesque Al

                                                   Sabo Nature Preserve in Texas Township. Lots of                     Civic Theatre
                                                   marked trails for those who want to know where                      Kalamazoo
                                                   they are going, as well as unmarked trails for                      (269) 343-1313
                                                   those who would rather lose themselves in

      Radisson Plaza Hotel                                                                                 Theater! There are so many wonderful local
                                                   natural splendor. Biking trails and cross-country       theaters in Southwest Michigan. Even high
                                                   skiing are available as well. – Annika H.               school theater is amazing here!
      (269) 343-3333
                                                                                                           – Amanda M.
Check out the fish tank in the basement

– Deb K.                                                  The Strutt

                                                          Kalamazoo                                                   Greenhouses
                                                          (269) 492-7200                                              Kalamazoo County

      Old Allegan Canoe Rentals
                                                   Going to the Jazz Brunch on Saturdays from
                                                   11-2, is a very cool thing to do. There is food to      Go to any greenhouse in the Comstock or
      (269) 561-5481
                                                   be enjoyed by young and old. A very relaxing            Galesburg area. Buy some annual or perennial
Canoe on the Kalamazoo River; then head over       time after you’ve hit the Bank Street farmers’          plants for your garden, patio or containers. Go
to the Grill House (in Allegan) for cold Oberons   market. – Stephanie H.                                  home, plant them, get all hot and sweaty. Feel
sitting in the cool outdoor booth gliders.                                                                 full of accomplishment. – Heidi S.
– Mary R.

                                                                Celery Flats Interpretative

                                                                Center and Historical Area                             Farmers’ Market

       Ramona Park                                              Portage                                                Kalamazoo
       Portage                                                  (269) 329-4518                                         (269) 337-8899
       (269) 329-4522
                                                   Visit the Celery Flats Historical Area in Portage.      Shop at one of our many farmers’ markets on
Going swimming at Ramona Park on Long Lake.        – William D.                                            Saturday mornings! – Nicki P.
– Sean S.

                                                                                                                       Concerts in the Park

       Downtown Festivals                                                                                              Kalamazoo
       Kalamazoo                                                                                                       (269) 342-5059
The festivals in the summer in downtown

Kalamazoo (Taste of Kalamazoo, Island Fest,                                                                             South Haven Beaches
Ribfest, Blues Fest...) are the best. – Anne L.                                                                         South Haven
                                                                                                           Going to the beach. – Kim S.

                                                              Blue Coast Artists Tour

                                                              South Haven to Saugatuck
                                                                                                                       Fandango Tapas Bistro
                                                              (269) 236-9260
                                                                                                                       (269) 226-9800
                                                   A behind-the-scenes look into the lifestyles
                                                                                                           Did the snake eat the bunny? Who knows, but
                                                   of professional artists situated throughout the
                                                                                                           the Rattlesnake Rabbit Sausage is scrumptious!
                                                   rural countryside. Visit u-pick farm markets and
                                                                                                           – Ken F.
                                                   wineries along the way. Unwind and enjoy the
                                                       26                                                 32
                                                                    Historic Village                                    Bishop’s Bog Preserve
                                                                    Vicksburg                                           Portage
                                                                    (269) 649-1733                                      (269) 329-4522
                                                       See the Depot Museum, print shop and               One of the coolest things in the world is
                                                       authentic one-room school.                         going out to the Bishop’s Bog and walking the
                                                                                                          boardwalk. – Kathy J.

                                                                    Do-Dah Parade

                                                                    Kalamazoo                                          U.P. North Sandwich & Pasty
                                                                    (269) 388-2830                                     Allegan
                                                                                                                       (269) 355-1344
                                                                                                          A new restaurant, fast becoming our favorite!
                                                                                                          – Jane R.

             Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

                                                                                                                       US 131 Motorsports Park
             (269) 349-7775
Shop for handmade gifts. – Randi A.                                                                                    (269) 672-7800
                                                                                                          Most Friday nights anyone can go and drag

              Water Street Coffee Joint                                                                   race down “The Fastest Track in Michigan!”
              Kalamazoo                                                                                   Every other Wednesday night anyone can drag
              (269) 373-2840                                                                              race, and it’s only $5 to watch and $15 to race
              (269) 488-0018                                                                              all night! – Stephanie P.

                                                                    Air Zoo
Grab a coffee, chocolate espresso shake or eat                      Kalamazoo

a fresh waffle for breakfast. – Lucy B.                              (269) 382-6555                                      Regent Theater
                                                                                                                        (269) 673-2737

             Parade of Homes
             Kalamazoo County                                                                             See a movie at a restored art deco movie house
             (269) 375-4225                                                                               — walking into the theater is like stepping back
                                                                                                          in time! – Craig P.
Going to the Parade of Homes in the spring
and fall is a great way to see the new trends in

home design. It’s fun thing to do with a friend, or                                                                     Nature Connection of
make it a date. – Jean H.                                                                                               Kalamazoo
                                                                                                                        (269) 567-2873

              Kalamazoo Nature Center                                                                     Visit the Nature Connection store – it’s all about
              Kalamazoo                                                                                   Michigan, and there’s something for everyone!
              (269) 381-1574                                                                              – Elaine R.

                                                                    Bell’s Brewery Eccentric Café
Visit any time of the year. It’s awesome for kids of                Kalamazoo

all ages, and inexpensive as well! – Carol D.                       (269) 382-2332                                      Old Jail Museum
                                                       Oberon Day at Bell’s Eccentric Café. – Jennie B.                 Allegan
                                                                                                                        (269) 673-8292

             Southern Exposure Herb Farm
             Battle Creek                                                                                 Visit on a Friday or Saturday in downtown

                                                                    Redneck Willy’s                       Allegan. And it is free. – Brad F.
             (269) 962-1255
                                                                    Battle Creek
                                                                    (269) 721-8272

                                                       They have amazing food, and it is just plain                    Asylum Lake Preserve

              Firekeepers Casino                       fun! – Rob D.                                                   Kalamazoo
              Battle Creek                                                                                   
              (877) FKC-8777                                                                              Run the Asylum Lake Drake Road and

                                                                   WIDR FM                                Parkview. – Nate B.
                                                                   (269) 387-6301

              West Lake Drive-In
                                                       Listen to 89.1 WIDR FM (student-run non-
                                                       commercial radio station of Western Michigan
              (269) 327-5985
                                                       University). – Todd O.
Olive burgers and vanilla malts overlooking
the lake at sunset.

                                                                                                                                 PA G ES
                                                                                                                                               2– 3
COOL THINGS                                           TO DO IN A R EA C ODE 2 6 9

39                                                    45                                                 51
              Tillers International                                 Fort St. Joseph Museum                            Lakeview Park
              Scotts                                                (269) 683-4702                                    Portage
              (269) 626-0223                                        Niles                                             (269) 329-4518
There are many classes available and some fall        Such an unexpected                                 (We) enjoy talking a walk with our dogs along
festivals. Tillers is a very special place to learn   delight. This Victorian                            the trails at Celery Flats or at Lakeview Park and
about sustainable farming. – Heidi S.                 carriage house                                     then hanging out and looking at the lake; great
                                                      contains such an                                   in the fall with all the leaves on the trails as well.
                                                      eclectic mix of “stuff.”                           – Jennifer W.

              Richmond Center for                     Fascinating history
              Visual Arts                             of the “City of Four

              Western Michigan University             Flags,” pictographs                                              Fire & The Loft
              (269) 387-2455                          by Chief Sitting Bull,                                           Kalamazoo
Go to the art gallery on Western Michigan             Underground Railroad                                   
University’s campus. – William D.                     stories from the area                              Visit Fire for any of the arts events. They are a
                                                      ... and last, but not                              social justice and environmentally focused arts
                                                      least, the two-headed                              non-profit that supports local food, arts and

             Louie’s Trophy House Grill               lamb. Who knew?                                    culture. – Lee
             Kalamazoo                                – Cam P.
             (269) 385-9359

Eating garbage burgers (the beer and live                                                                              Lady Gull Diva

                                                                   Historical Society                                  Augusta
bands are great, too). – Jennie B.
                                                                   Schoolcraft                                         (269) 806-5481
                                                                   (269) 679-4304
                                                                                                         A fun way to spend an afternoon. – Rick T.

              City Parks                              The Dr. Nathan Thomas Home in Schoolcraft
              Allegan                                 was a station on the Underground Railroad.

              (269) 686-1115                          During the 20 years that the station was in                      Historic Home Tour
Inviting parks: Jaycee Park on the river, and the     operation, 1,000 to 1,500 fugitives from slavery                 Marshall
Hanson Park near the boardwalk. – Jane R.             were given food, shelter, medical aid and                        (269) 781-5163
                                                      encouragement. The volunteers who provide          Not to be missed! – Deb S.
                                                      these tours are lovely folks, and very dedicated

              Liquid Therapy Canoe &                  to preserving this historic landmark.

              Kayak Rentals                           – Annika H.                                                      Van Buren State Park
              Three Rivers                                                                                             South Haven
             (269) 273-9000                                                                                            (269) 637-2788

                                                                    Taste of Heaven
Canoe or kayak the St. Joseph, or Portage or                        Kalamazoo                            The campground is just a short walk through
Rocky Rivers in Three Rivers area. Livery right                     (269) 349-0849                       the dunes to the beaches of Lake Michigan,
downtown at Conservation Park! – Deb H.                                                                  and in the fall you have the place practically
                                                      The chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn is          to yourself. – Richard C.
                                                      one of the items I always make sure visitors to
                                                      Kalamazoo enjoy! – Megan M.

                                                                                                                       Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff
                                                                                                                       St. Joseph

                                                                   Shawarma King                                       (269) 983-0271
                                                                   (269) 226-9700                        Really talented artists with Lake Michigan serving
                                                                                                         as a gorgeous backdrop. – Shelly V.
                                                      People come from all over the state to eat here.
                                                      We had family Christmas here! – Lynne V.

                                                                                                                        O’Duffy’s Pub

                                                                    Fisher Lake Inn                                     (269) 381-9771
                                                                    Three Rivers
                                                                    (269) 279-7984                       O’Duffy’s on Vine Street offers a laid back,
                                                                                                         neighborhood vibe and has a really awesome
                                                      Enjoy a great meal on the waterfront. – Deb H.     ornate bar. – Cherri

             Veni’s Sweet Shop

             (269) 684-1323                                        Gilmore Car Museum
             Niles                                                 Hickory Corners
                                                                   (269) 671-5089
The best chocolate in the region. I should
know — I have been a Veni’s customer since the        Attend the Annual Red Barn Spectacular
1960s! Another satisfied customer recommends           at the Gilmore Car Museum every
the homemade candy canes at Christmas.                August. – Steve R.
– Garry A.
                              58                      63                                                    71
                                                                    Little Theatre                                       The Point
                                                                    Kalamazoo                                            Kalamazoo
                                                                                    (269) 350-5496
                              Kal-Haven Trail         Great venue for indie flicks, documentaries and        Hang out at The Point community center in
                              Kalamazoo County        film festival favorites you won’t necessarily see at   Kalamazoo. Great people! Great coffee &
                              Van Buren County        the big theater chains.                               pastries! Great times! – Andrea C.
                              (269) 674-8011
                               When I have a

                                                      64                                                    72
                               whole day free, I                    Gazelle Sports                                       Papa Pete’s
                               enjoy biking the                     Kalamazoo                                            Kalamazoo
                               33.5 miles of the                    (269) 342-5996                                       (269) 388-2196
                               Kal-Haven Trail,       Gazelle Sports historic walking tours.                Pizza and a few games of pool at Papa Pete’s
                               a serene trail         – Henry W.                                            Tavern. – Jeremy
spanning two counties. Then, after working up
a sweat during the three-hour trip, I can unwind

                                                      65                                                    73
and cool down in the waters at South Haven.                        SkyDeck                                               The Union Cabaret & Grille
It’s the perfect way to refresh before starting the                Kalamazoo                                             Kalamazoo
three-hour trip back home.                                         (269) 384-6044                                        (269) 384-6756
— Jeremy B.                                           Overlooking downtown Kalamazoo’s                      Savor the delicious Portobello mushroom fennel-
                                                      entertainment district. – Enrique M.                  seeded fries with mustard sauce dip while

              Heritage Museum &                                                                             listening to great local music talent at the Union
              Cultural Center                                                                               Restaurant on the Kalamazoo Mall downtown.

                                                                   Klassic Arcade                           – Ken F.
              St. Joseph                                           Gobles
              (269) 983-1191                                       (269) 628-4628

Truly hidden gem. – Annika H.                         You can be a pinball wizard. – Tom                                Ace’s Cycle
                                                                                                                        (269) 382-4812

              Boys Tennis Tournament

                                                                    Chocolate Garden                        Check out the area’s only dedicated scooter
              Kalamazoo                                             Coloma
                                                                                  store. – Allison M.
                                                                    (269) 468-YUMM
USTA Championships (in August) ... they take          The phone number says it all! – Sally T.

over the city! – Laura K.                                                                                                Five Mile Drive-In Theater

                                                                   Gun Lake Casino                                       (269) 782-7879

             Kellogg Forest
                                                                   Wayland                                  Packing up the station wagon and going to
                                                                   (269) 792-7777                           Five Mile Drive-In Theater on M-152 near
             (269) 731-4597
                                                      Take exit 61 off U.S. 131 to try your luck.           Dowagiac. Great memories and more to come.
Hiking... – Steve E.                                                                                        – Kathleen P.
                                                      Dining and local bands also part of the draw.

                                                      69                                                    76
                                                                   Redamak’s Tavern                                     Treat Street
                                                                   New Buffalo                                          Kalamazoo
                                                                   (269) 469-4522                                       (269) 388-5505

                                                      Growing up in Indiana, it was always a treat          Get an ice cream cone at Treat Street on
                                                      to “cross the state line” and enjoy a Redamak         Oakland Drive. – Bill R.
                                                      burger. – Scott H.

                                                                                                                          Harvey’s on the Mall

                                                                   CraneFest                                              Kalamazoo
                                                                   Bellevue                                               (269) 492-7506
                                                                   (269) 763-3090                           St. Patrick’s Day at Harvey’s on the Mall.
                                                      Going to see the Sandhill cranes gather at            – Rob C.
                                                      CraneFest is one of the all-time coolest things in

              Art Hop                                 the world. – Kathy J.

                                                                                                                          Wine Tasting,
                                                                                                                          Western Michigan Wine Tours
              (269) 342-5059
ART HOPPIN’ in Kalamazoo and then heading
                                                                                                            Go on a wine tasting tour! – Lyndsi
to your favorite downtown restaurant for after-art
drinks. – Daisy R.

                                                                                                                                   PA G ES
                                                                                                                                                  4– 5
COOL THINGS                                        TO DO IN A R EA C ODE 2 6 9

79                                                 88
             Zooroona                                           Silver Beach Carousel
             Kalamazoo                                          St. Joseph
             (269) 382-4444                                     (269) 982-8500
Eat at one of the many ethnic restaurants in
the area, whether Middle Eastern, Indian,

Malaysian, Greek, Mexican… – Kelly S.                           Michigan Maritime Museum
                                                                South Haven
                                                                (269) 637-8078

             Martell’s in Parkview Hills

             (269) 375-2105                                                                                    Antique Car Festival

Check out weeknight specials and enjoy a drink                  Kalamazoo Blues Festival             
on the patio after work.                                        Kalamazoo
                                                                (269) 381-6514

             A Mermaid Affair                      Cool blues on a hot summer night. – Sue B.

                                                                                                               Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery
             Battle Creek
             (269) 578-3726
                                                                                                               (269) 668-2876
A celebration of water. – Michelle F.

82                                                                                                97
             Linear Park                                                                                        Big League
             Battle Creek                                                                                       Softball World Series
             (269) 966-3431                                                                                    Kalamazoo
Ride the Battle Creek linear path! – Alastair T.                                                     

             Gull Lake View Golf Club

             Augusta                                                                                           Allegan High School
             (269) 731-4149                                                                                    Aquatic Center

Playing golf on any of Gull Lake View’s courses.              West Michigan
                                                                                                               (269) 673-7002 x5504
– Eric R.                                                     Glass Art Center
                                                              Kalamazoo                           It has a lazy river, a zero depth area, slide
                                                              (269) 552-9802                      and fountains, not to mention an eight-lane

              St. Joseph County Trails                                                            competition pool. – Jane R.
                                                   West Michigan Glass Art Center allows
              Three Rivers                         visitors to create their own glass art, from

                                                   glass paperweights to fused glass pieces to                  Third Coast Surf Shop
              parks/rcta.htm                       lampworking. – Megan M.                                      New Buffalo
Bike the many bike paths in St. Joseph County’s                                                                 (269) 932-4575

River Country (Three Rivers and surrounding                     Rave Motion Pictures
areas).                                                                                           Go surfing on Lake Michigan. – Dianna S.
                                                                Cityplace 14

                                                                (269) 381-5732                                       Bookbug

              Heilman’s Nuts & Confections
              Kalamazoo                                                                                              Kalamazoo
              (269) 383-1188                                                                                         (269) 385-2847

                                                                Kindleberger Park                 Take the kids to Bookbug, a quirky and
                                                                Parchment                         innovative independent bookstore especially for
                                                                    kids, but every grown-up seems to love it, too!

             Disc Golf courses                                                                    – Joanna P.
             Kalamazoo County                      A great summer concert series and
                                                   festival. Bring your lawn chairs.
Some are even free. (Oshtemo, Coldbrook,
Robert Morris, Western Michigan University.)

                                                               Turkeyville USA

              Kalamazoo Symphony
                                                               (269) 781-4293
              (269) 349-7759
101                                                 108
                 Scotts Corner Café                                      Red Arrow Golf Course
                 Scotts                                                  Kalamazoo
                 (269) 626-0116                                          (269) 345-8329
Eat at the Scotts Café in downtown Scotts. Sit at   For lunch. – Steve E.
a bistro table on the porch and watch the trains
go through town. (Kids love this.) – Phyllis B.

                                                                         Olde Peninsula Brewpub
                                                                         & Restaurant

                   Binder Park Zoo                                       Kalamazoo
                   Battle Creek                                          (269) 343-2739
                   (269) 979-1351                   Olde Peninsula’s Wednesday night euchre
Such a great zoo for the size of the community.     tournaments are a great place for friends and
– Pamela P.                                         yummy local ales. – Laura K.

                                                                                                                                Chipman Preserve

                   Versluis Field Softball

                   Kalamazoo                                            Curious Kids’ Museum                                    Comstock Township
                   (269) 337-8191                                       St. Joseph                                              (269) 324-1600
                                                                        (269) 983-2543                         Chipman Preserve is cool to visit because you
                                                    The children’s museum in St. Joseph (has) great            can walk trails in the summer and cross-country
                                                    activities for kids and adults alike! – Sam N.             ski in the winter. It’s also nice knowing that

                   Chocolatea                                                                                  someone thought enough of the good people of
                   Portage                                                                                     Kalamazoo to donate their land to the Southwest
                   (269) 903-2447                                                                              Michigan Land Conservancy. – Wynn J.

A great place for the family to visit. They                                                                                     Kalamazoo Public Library
have entertainment, games, great desserts,                                                                                      Kalamazoo
chocolates, candies, smoothies, teas and                                                                                        (269) 342-9837
coffees. – Lisa S.
                                                                                                               Gaze at the holographic rainbow shining
                                                                                                               through the downtown library. – Randi A.

                   Colon Michigan
                   Magic Festival
                   (269) 432-3235
One of the coolest things to do in Southwest
Michigan. – Keith J.

                                                                       Fort Custer State Park

                                                                       (269) 731-4200
                                                    This park offers it all, from moderately difficult
Kalamazoo                                           terrain that allows the novice rider to cruise the

                                                    beautiful southwest Michigan backwoods while                                Cosmo’s Cucina
Curling Club
                                                    providing a few challenging hills, to crazy-difficult                        Kalamazoo
                                                    trails that give the best rider all the thrills that he/                    (269) 344-5666
(269) 345-4646
                                                    she will ever need. Give Fort Custer State Park            Fruited waffles at Cosmo’s on the deck on
Open curling Monday nights in the Cube at           mountain bike trails a try when you’re looking             a sunny Sunday. – Kelly S.
Wings Stadium. – Michele F.                         to add a little shot of adrenalin to your day. Just
                                                    watch out for turtles that insist on sunbathing in

                                                    the middle of the trails. – Doug W.                                        Michigan News Agency

                   Prairie View Dog Park
                                                                                                                               (269) 343-5958
                   (269) 649-4737
                                                                                                               Browsing as long as you like through the
This is Kalamazoo County’s first dog park
                                                                                                               Michigan News’ huge collection of magazines
(located at Prairie View County Park) and
                                                                                                               and books, with its old-timey atmosphere and
features seven acres of off-leash area for dogs
                                                                                                               cool music. – Dean H.
and their owners to socialize! – Mandy E.

                                                                                                                                    PA G ES
                                                                                                                                                 6– 7
COOL THINGS                                          TO DO IN A R EA C ODE 2 6 9

116                                                  124
                  Waterfront Film Festival                              W. K. Kellogg
                  Saugatuck                                             Manor House
                  (269) 857-8351                                        Gull Lake
In what has quickly become a tradition, the                             (269) 671-2400
resort village of Saugatuck comes alive each         Sitting on the veranda at Kellogg Manor House
June with filmgoers, actors, producers and            enjoying the beautiful views and the peaceful
directors sharing the excitement as independent      surroundings. – Christine W.
films from all over the United States are screened
in casual, intimate settings. – Steve R.

                                                                        Gallagher’s Eatery & Pub

                   Lexington-Green Park                                 (269) 372-7177
                   Portage                           Celebrate summer on the patio. – Randi A.
                   (269) 329-4518

                                                                                                                             The 411 Club
Discover the world of Pickleball. – Barry B.                                                                                 Kalamazoo
                                                                                                                             (269) 276-9240

                  Dogs With Style                                                                          Open jam night every Thursday night.
                  Kalamazoo                                                                                – Renee M.
                  (269) 598-7266

Best...cheese...fries...ever... – Simon T.                                                                                   Dairy Center
                                                                                                                             Kellogg Biological Station
                                                                                                                             Hickory Corners

                  Warren Dunes State Park                                                                                    (269) 671-2510
                  (269) 426-4013                                                                           Watch the cows get milked by robots — and
                                                                                                           love it (both you and the cows)! – Mason M.
Hit Warren Dunes Park for great cardio exercise
while running the dunes; cool off in the water

when you’re done. – Jared M.                                                                                               Bay Pointe Inn
                                                                                                                           Lakefront Resort

                    Saugatuck Dune Rides                                                                                   (269) 672-8111
                    (269) 857-2253                                                                         Music on the deck at Bay Pointe Inn, great
                                                                                                           bands and a wonderful way to spend a summer
Take a cruise, it’s a blast! – Cori K.
                                                                                                           evening. – Jeff M.

                                                                        East Hall, Western

                  Brewster’s Junction

                                                                        Michigan University                                  Gull Lake Ministries
                  Three Rivers
                                                                   Kalamazoo                                                 Family Camp
                  (269) 279-9800
                                                                                     Hickory Corners
The best Bloody Mary. – Heather R.                                                                                           (269) 671-5155
                                                     For Western Michigan University, it all began
                                                     at East Hall — the first building on the new           Family Camp! From ziplining, boating, glow-

                    Sweetwater’s Donut Mill          campus. Perched atop Prospect Hill overlooking        bowling, bike riding, campfires, amazing
                    Kalamazoo                        Kalamazoo, the building once had an electric          lakefront accommodations, great Bible teachers
                    (269) 388-4613                   trolley carrying collegians up and down the           and a laugh-out-loud program. Gull Lake Family
                    (269) 372-3636                   steep grade. Students like to watch sunsets and       Camp is incredible! – Jeremy H.
                                                     rainstorms from the steps, enjoying the lofty view.
Saturday morning donuts at Sweetwater’s Donut

Mill. My brother-in-law from New York insists on                                                                             Salt of the Earth

visiting every time he’s in town. – Linda M.                            Friends Good Will                                    Fennville
                                                                        South Haven                                          (269) 561-SALT (7258)

                    Plainwell Coffee Mill                                                                  This restaurant has a seasonal menu of house-
                                                                       made entrées, shared plates, wood-fired oven
                    (269) 685-9411                   Sail Lake Michigan aboard this tall ship.             pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and creative
                                                     – Jodie B.                                            desserts. They have an impressive selection of
A neat little coffee, wine and breakfast/lunch                                                             worldwide wines and craft beers. Salt of the
spot in a renovated old feed mill. The mill’s huge                                                         Earth also has live music with no cover charge

car-size weight scale still works, too. The mill                        Crane Park                         every Friday night at 8:30 p.m., and hosts
also houses a metalworks art gallery and an                             Kalamazoo                          special Sunday house concerts on a regular
events hall. – Ann K.                                                   (269) 337-8191                     basis. – Steve M.
                                                     Visit Crane Park and its beautiful gardens.
                                                     We were married there. – Linda M.
134                                                 142                                                   149
                    London Grill                                        Caruso’s Candy Kitchen                               Plainwell Ice Cream
                    Plainwell                                           Dowagiac                                             Plainwell
                    (269) 685-1877                                      (269) 782-6001                                       (269) 685-8586
Sit outside on the patio and enjoy a pint of        It’s a step back in time with its tin ceiling, soda   They serve what is probably the best ice cream.
imported draft while listening to live music.       fountain and candy counter. All the chocolates        Well worth the wait in line. – Karen C.
– Ann K.                                            and candies are handmade. – Kathleen P.

                                                                                                                             UKC Premier Dog Show

135                                                 143
                    Bell’s Beer Garden Bands                            Barodafest                                           Kalamazoo
                    Kalamazoo                                           Baroda                                               (269) 343-9020
                    (269) 382-2332                                      (269) 422-1779
Bell’s patrons can savor their favorite libations   Barodafest, held annually the Saturday after

with a side of sound. Live entertainment can        Labor Day, features a full day of family-friendly                       Allegan County
be found at Kalamazoo’s own craft beer              activities in this Berrien County village, kicked                       Heritage Trail
establishment every Thursday, Friday and            off by a pancake breakfast. A small-town,                     
Saturday. The atmosphere is electric. – Brian R.    homey festival.                                                         heritagetrail
                                                                                                          Lots of beautiful scenery (including Lake
                                                                                                          Michigan), historic landmarks and unique little

                    Blueberry Festival
                                                                                                          stops along the way. – Ann K.
                    South Haven
                    (269) 637-1572

Great family fun. You can enjoy lots and lots                                                                                Parkwyn Village
of blueberries! – Mary R.                                                                                                    Kalamazoo

                                                                                                          Take a stroll through the neighborhood featuring

                    Coney Island
                                                                                                          period and Frank Lloyd Wright homes near the
                                                                                                          Winchell area.

                    (269) 382-0377                                      Kalamazoo Valley

                                                                        Kalamazoo                                           The Wine Loft

                   Cooper Café                                          (269) 373-7990
                                                                                                                            (269) 343-9227
                   Kalamazoo                        You can learn about forensic science from a
                   (269) 383-2960                   2,300-year-old mummy and explore the universe         Sharing a yummy piece of lava cake with
                                                    in the planetarium. – Elizabeth B.                    friends. One dessert, four spoons. – Diane V.
Having a great breakfast while watching the
Lonesome Moonlight Trio play. – Steve E.

                                                    145                                                   154
                                                                        VerHage Fruit Farms                                  K-Wings

                   Long Lake Roller Rink                                Kalamazoo
                                                                        (269) 375-0153                                       (269) 345-1125
                   (269) 327-0407                   Go near Halloween for apple cider and                 My now-boyfriend took me to
                                                    pumpkins. – Jeff P.                                   a K-Wings game on our
This is a cool rink with a nostalgic feel.
                                                                                                          first date. I loved the
– Austin C.
                                                                                                          atmosphere and

                                                                        Ghost Hunting in                  the hockey! – Karen L.

                    Virtual Velocity                                    Purgatory
                    Gaming Center                                       Constantine

                    Portage                                                                                                 Crane’s Pie Pantry
                                                    Rumor has it that Al Capone once owned a
                    (269) 978-7022                                                                                          Fennville
                                                    house here.
                                                                                                                            (269) 561-2297
My kids, ages 7 and 13, and their friends love
to go. – Lisa S.                                                                                          The apple pie tastes just like what my grandma

                                                                         Clementine’s                     used to make! – Suzie N.
                                                                         South Haven

                  Main Street Café                                       (269) 637-4755
                  (269) 341-4315

The Hawaiian omelet is the best thing after a                           Cody Kresta
late night! – Laura K.                                                  Vineyard and Winery
                                                                        (269) 668-3800

                                                                                                                                PA G ES
                                                                                                                                              8– 9
COOL THINGS                                        TO DO IN A R EA C ODE 2 6 9

                                                                                                                          Entertainment District
                                                                                                                          (269) 978-8451

                                                                                                                          Martini’s Pizza
                                                                                                                          (269) 388-8883

                                                                                                                         Milham Park Golf Course
                                                                                                                         (269) 344-7639

156                                                164
                  Public Art Project                                  Murals                           Tubing in the winter.
                  St. Joseph                                          Kalamazoo

Check out the statues on display in downtown       It’s fun to wander Kalamazoo and look for the                          Lawton Ridge Winery
St. Joe. Each year they feature statues painted    Conrad Kaufman murals, like those on the side                          Kalamazoo
by local artists – Ken S.                          of Sticks & Stones, the old Hoover store, etc.                         (269) 372-9463
                                                                                                       Their Sweetheart Red wine label reads

157                                                165
                   Black Arts Festival                                Stray Dog Bar & Grill            “sweetest gal in Kalamazoo.” – now that’s
                   Kalamazoo                                          New Buffalo                      cool! – Brenda H.
                   (269) 349-1035                                     (269) 469-2727

                                                                                                                          Woofstock Fest

                  Gilmore International                                                                                   Kalamazoo
                  Keyboard Festival                                                                                       (269) 344-1474
                                                                                                       A festival for dogs and dog lovers.
                  (269) 342-1166

                                                                                                                         Irving’s Market

                   Model Railroad
                                                                                                                         (269) 344-4787
                   Historical Society
                   Kalamazoo                                                                           Go for the paninis, pizza, muffuletta
                                                                                sandwiches, Kung Pao tofu and caramel
                                                                                                       apple salad.
Love the annual train show and sale.

160                                                                                                    175
                   Wicks Apple House                                                                                      All Ears Theatre
                   Dowagiac                                                                                               Kalamazoo

                   (269) 782-7306                                    South Haven Lighthouse                               (269) 342-5059
                                                                     South Haven                       See radio come to life.

                 Wine and Harvest                  The best time to visit is when the winds are high

                                                   enough to send the waves crashing over the                              Fenn Valley Vineyards
                 Paw Paw                           tower and catwalk. – Derek S.                                           and Wine Cellar
                 (269) 655-1111
                                                                                                                           (269) 561-2396

                                                                      Three Rivers
                                                                                                       A wagon tour takes you into the vineyard.

                   Gun Lake Winterfest                                Water Festival
                   Shelbyville                                        Three Rivers
                                                                      (269) 278-8193

                                                                                                                          (269) 324-7777

163                                                168
                 Centreville Antique Fair                            US Postal Museum
                                                                     Marshall                          Hit them for happy hour specials.
                                   (269) 979-2719

Be prepared to be overwhelmed! Wear
comfortable shoes and sunscreen; you’ll be there
all day. – Pam K.
178                                           186                                                    193
                    Lillian Anderson                              Weko Beach                                             Scooter’s Malt Shoppe
                    Arboretum                                     Concert Series                                         Scotts
                    Oshtemo Township                              Bridgman                                               (269) 626-8860
                    (269) 337-7012                                (269) 465-5144                     Go for the most refreshing and tasty ice cream
It’s magical. You just have to find it.        Concerts are held select Sundays through the           soda or real malt made the old-fashioned way.
                                              summer at 7 p.m. The best part — besides               – Heidi S.
                                              the entertainment — it’s free.

                    The Round Barn Winery

                                                                                                                         Pizza Mambo

                    Baroda                                         US-12 Garage Sale                                     Saugatuck
                                                     (269) 857-4400
Annual harvest party!                                             Stretching from New Buffalo        Pizza! – Kelly S.
                                              to Detroit, the road becomes one giant garage
                                              sale! – Patty S.

180                                                                                                  195
                    Arts and Crafts Fair                                                                                 Benton Harbor
                    Texas Township                                                                                       Arts District

                    (269) 375-1591                                Hole in the Wall Paintball                             Benton Harbor
                                                                  Bangor                                                 (269) 926-1926
                                                                  (269) 427-1511
                                                                                                     This is a great up-and-coming arts community,

                  Her Way Designs                                                                    putting on such events as The Fall Festival of the
                  New Buffalo                                                                        Arts, the New Territory Arts Association Mural
                  (269) 469-0565                                                                     Project and the Benton Harbor City Market.
This store is fun to check out and pick up

something unusual. – Julie H.

                   Riviera Theatre                                                                   Bravo! Restaurant
                   Three Rivers                                                                      & Café
                   (269) 278-8068                                                                    Portage
Take a tour or see a concert.                                                                        (269) 344-7700

                                                                   Austin Lake                       Indulge in the white
                                                                   Catamaran Regatta                 chocolate mousse.

                   Horrocks Farm Market                            Portage                           – Randi A.
                   Battle Creek                          
                   (269) 966-3200

                                              Catamaran regatta every Tuesday from                                        Barn Theatre
                                              May to September.                                                         Augusta
                                                                                                     Be sure to go to the cabaret show after the

                                                                   W.K. Kellogg                      performance.
                                                                   Bird Sanctuary
                                                                   (269) 671-2510
                                              The different variety of birds they have on
                                              display is amazing. We saw older couples,
                                              younger families with kids in strollers; it’s just a
                                              great place for anyone.

                   Echo Valley Winter         – Sheila A.
                   Sports Park

                   (269) 349-3291                                Sharkless Boardsports
                                                                 South Haven

                   NSRA Street Rod                               (269) 639-7873
                   Nationals North            Try paddleboarding on the Black River, or learn
                   Kalamazoo                  to kiteboard by signing up for a lesson.

                   (269) 488-9000                                                                                        The Heritage Company

Features thousands of cars. – Mandy E.                            Fresh on Q                                             (269) 385-1004
                                                                  Farmer’s Market                    Shop for oddball items. – Steve
                                                                  Texas Township
                                                                  (269) 375-1591

                                                                                                                  PA G E S
                                                                                                                                10 –11
COOL THINGS                                       TO DO IN A R EA C ODE 2 6 9

199                                               204                                              211
                   4th of July Parade                                 Bilbo’s Pizza in a Pan                         Vine Neighborhood
                   Schoolcraft                                        Kalamazoo                                      Kalamazoo
                   (269) 679-4896                                     (269) 382-5544                                 (269) 349-8463
This is small- town Americana at its best!                                                         I love strolling past all the old homes. – Lauren
                                                                      (269) 323-8855
                                                  Sample local beer and whole-wheat crust pizza.

200                                                                                                212
                    Pears Mill                    – Randi                                                              Acorn Theatre
                    Buchanan                                                                                           Three Oaks
                    (269) 695-3844                                                                                     (269) 756-3879

A restored 1857 flour mill, open and usually                           House of David Museum        Listen to the rare Barton Organ.
operating on Saturdays through Labor Day                              Benton Harbor
weekend; features occasional demonstrations                           (269) 325-0039

of historic trades.                               The tour is a one-of-a-kind experience.                             Kalamazoo Beer
                                                  – Kathleen                                                          Exchange

                   Root Beer Stand                                                                                    (269) 532-1188

                   Kalamazoo                                         Allegan Sports Center
                   (269) 349-7361                                    & Wellness Complex

                   Portage                                            Allegan                                         Great Lakes
                   (269) 345-4418                                    (269) 673-5511                                   Adventure Club
                                                  They have a paved track for walking, running                      Portage
                                                  or biking. – Jane                      

                                                  207                                              215
                                                                      Markin Glen Park                                 Gene the Pumpkin Man
                                                                      Kalamazoo                                        Kalamazoo
                                                                      (269) 381-7570                                   (269) 668-2952
                                                  Walking the paths. – Kathy                       This guy is an institution in and of himself. Gotta
                                                                                                   love a man in orange!! – Diane

                                                                      KVCC Center for

                                                                      New Media                                        Bronson Park
                                                                      Kalamazoo                                        Kalamazoo
                                                                      (269) 373-7800                                   (269) 341-6328
                                                  They always have some cool student art           The decorated trees at Christmastime are very
                                                  exhibited on their main floor. – Sandy            special. – Kathy

                                                                      Historic Stuart Manor
                                                                      (269) 329-4522
                                                  Attend a themed tea. – Barry

                    Beach and Attractions

                                                                     Lake Michigan
                    (269) 857-1701
                                                                     Shore Wine Festival
You can’t get much cooler than being voted                           Weko Beach, Bridgman
one of the top four “Coolest Small Towns in                          (269) 925-6301
America.” Saugatuck celebrated that honor
                                                  The Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival
following a nationwide voting campaign
                                                  has to be at the top of any list in southwest
sponsored by Budget Travel. Coolness factors:
                                                  Michigan. We had a blast tasting the excellent
Oval Beach, food and shopping.
                                                  wines, talking with the
                                                  winemakers, swimming

                    Saffron                       in Lake Michigan and
                    Kalamazoo                     enjoying the beach. Our
                    (269) 381-9898                most popular topic of
                                                  discussion was probably
Best lunch buffet in town. The palak paneer and   who we were going to
gobhi kaju are the best I’ve ever eaten.          bring with us next year.
– Yvonne Z.                                       — Nick N.
217                                                226
                   Schuler’s                                           Jumpin’ Smallie
                   Restaurant & Pub                                    Guide Service
                   Marshall                                            Kalamazoo
                   (269) 781-0600                                      (269) 330-2958

                                                                        Fernwood Botanical

                   Dark Horse Brewing Co.                               Garden & Nature
                   (269) 781-9940
                                                                        (269) 695-6491

219                                                                                                   234
                   Timber Ridge ski resort                                                                                Bittersweet Ski Resort

                   Gobles                                               RedBud MX Track                                   Otsego
                   (269) 694-9449                                       Buchanan                                          (269) 694-2032
                                                                        (269) 695-6405
                                                                                                      It’s great to have a ski resort so close. If the
                                                                                                      weather cooperates, I can be there in no time

                    Riverside Elementary                                                              flat. – Harry

                    loop walk                                           Fricano’s of Alamo
                    Battle Creek                                        Kalamazoo

                                                                        (269) 342-0808                                    Mattawan Artisan

                   Kalamazoo                                                                                              Mattawan

                   Marathon                                             K-Zoo Skate Zoo                                   (269) 668-4218
               Kalamazoo                                                Skatepark                     Their cheese is fabulous! -– Gary                                           Kalamazoo
                                                                       (269) 345-9550
Miles: 26.2 (half that for some; 5K for others).

                                                                                                                          The Old Rugged Cross
Runners: thousands. Community involvement,
                                                                                                                          Memorial Garden

excitement and fun: untold. Kalamazoo’s first                          Venetian Festival                                   Pokagon
marathon event is one for the record books.                           Saint Joseph                                        (269) 683-4540
                                                                      (269) 983-7917

                    Sarkozy Bakery                 I’ve always enjoyed their musical acts. My

                    Kalamazoo                      brother and I make it a habit to attend one                            Hummingbird Festival
                    (269) 342-1952                 concert a year during the festival. – David M.                         Colon
From bread to pizza, Judy and her friendly staff                                                                          (269) 432-2626

offer up the tastiest treats around. – Keith C.                         Holly Jolly Trolley

                                                                        (269) 337-8222                                    Chocolate Café

                    Central City Tap House                                                                                South Haven
                    Kalamazoo                      We meet friends then board the Trolley for a                           (269) 637-1700
                    (269) 492-0100                 tour of downtown. If we’re lucky enough to get
                                                   snow, it’s a magical evening. – Pete
(Try) the fried, smoked gouda cheeseburger

... and the open-air seating is fun for people-                                                                           Friends of the Library

watching. – Curt S.                                                    Color Tours                                        Kalamazoo
                                                                       Southwest Michigan                                 (269) 553-7820

                    Waldo’s Campus Tavern                                                             Visit their used bookstore in the basement of the
                    Kalamazoo                      Southwest Michigan is the perfect place for        library. – Steve
                    (269) 349-8674                 fall color tours. With all the great restaurants
                                                   and cute towns, it’s easy to make a weekend

Thursday pitcher nights — a pitcher of Long        adventure. – Jane                                                      Silver Leaf
Island iced tea for $7! – Aileen                                                                                          Renaissance Faire
                                                                                                                          Battle Creek
                                                                                                                          (269) 343-9090

                    Derby Darlins                                                                     They have entertainers, jousting, tea with the
                Kalamazoo                                                                             queen and more. – Patty

                                                                                                                    PA G E S
COOL THINGS                                    TO DO IN A R EA C ODE 2 6 9

241                                            249                                                 257
                  Lest We Forget Our Vets                           The Great Winter                                   Brewery &
                  Saint Joseph                                      Adventure and                                      Brewpub Tour
                  (269) 925-7176                                    Chili Cook-Off                                Southwest Michigan
World War II Reenactment. Because we should                         Kalamazoo            
never forget. – Shannon                                             (269) 344-0795                 We keep a copy of the Michigan Beer Guide
                                               Yummy samples! – Pat D.                             in our car so we can find local beer wherever
                                                                                                   we are in the state. There are close to a dozen

                   Lake Allegan                                                                    breweries and brewpubs in area code 269.

                   Pontoon Festival                                Skydive Plainwell               – Derek T.
                   Allegan                                         Plainwell
                                    (269) 998-7747

A fun summer tradition.                        Skydiving! – Chuck S.                                                   Letterboxing

243                                            251
                                                                   Kalamazoo                       My kids and I have been letterboxing since
                                                                   Book Arts Center                2007. Letterboxing is similar to Geocaching,
                                                                   Kalamazoo                       but it’s geared more toward families with
Kalamazoo                                                          (269) 373-4938                  younger kids and without portable GPS
State Theatre                                  Take a class in papermaking. – Jeanne A.            devices. Participants seek out hidden letterboxes
Kalamazoo                                                                                          — many in parks and nature trails — by
(269) 345-6500                                                                                     cracking codes and following clues. They are

Shows at the State Theatre. – Kelly S.                              Glad-Peach Festival            like little adventures for us each time we do one.
                                                                    Coloma                         – Jodie V.

                    Carnegie Center            A festival celebrating gladiolus and peaches the

                    for the Arts                                                                                       Grill House &
                                               first full weekend in August.
                    Three Rivers                                                                                       Rock Bottom
                    (269) 273-8882                                                                                     Allegan

                                                                    Moss Funnel Farms                                  (269) 686-9192
                                                                    Bangor                         Eat a great steak and see if the ghost “Jack”

                    Bank Street Flea Market                         (269) 206-2926                 comes out to play. – Yolanda P.
                    Kalamazoo                  Go to the annual summer blues music and berry-
                    (269) 337-8792             picking weekend in July. – Patty S.

                                                                    The Museum at

                    Field of Flight Air Show
                    and Balloon Festival                            Southwestern
                    Battle Creek                                    Michigan College
                    (269) 962-0592                                  Dowagiac
                                                                    (269) 782-1374
                                               The Round Oak Stove exhibit is cool. – Carol B.

                    Railroad Cafe

                                                                    Historic Adventist
                    (269) 427-1605
You can watch the trains come and go while                          Battle Creek

enjoying lunch.                                                     (269) 965-3000
                                                                                                                       Holiday Parade
                                               Learn about the Adventists who settled in Battle                        Kalamazoo

                    Western Michigan           Creek 150 years ago (open through Labor Day;                            (269) 344-0795
                    University Athletics       by appointment after that).
                                                                                                   Giant balloons, marching bands and, of course,
                    Kalamazoo                                                                      Santa! – Chase J.

                    (269) 387-8092                                  Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
Love the start of college football season at                        Discovery Center

                                                                    Battle Creek
                                                                                                                     Bronco Bash
WMU. Catch CommUniversity night at Waldo
                                                                                                                Western Michigan University
Stadium. No other campus has this unique                            (269) 965-3000
event with their community and campus. Go      A little-known museum that tells the story of the
to a Western Michigan University football      Battle Creek Sanitarium (on the grounds of
game, cheer for the Broncos AND stay for the                                                       Free swag and lots of bands. – Kevin N.
                                               Historic Adventist Village).
post-game concert presented by the awesome
WMU Marching Band!
                                    ALPHABETICAL INDEX                      81    A Mermaid Affair               214   Great Lakes Adventure Club      107   Prairie View Dog Park
                                                                            74    Ace’s Cycle                    14    Greenhouses                     156   Public Art Project
                                                                            212   Acorn Theatre                  259   Grill House & Rock Bottom       2     Radisson Plaza Hotel
                                                                            28    Air Zoo                        132   Gull Lake Ministries Camp       247   Railroad Cafe
                                                                            8     Al Sabo Land Preserve          83    Gull Lake View Golf Club        4     Ramona Park

                                                                            175   All Ears Theatre               265   Gull Meadow Farms               92    Rave Cityplace
                                                                            98    Allegan HS Aquatic Center      68    Gun Lake Casino                 108   Red Arrow Golf Course
                                                                            42    Allegan Parks                  162   Gun Lake Winterfest             69    Redamak’s Tavern
                                                                            206   Allegan Sports Center          77    Harvey’s on the Mall            228   RedBud MX Track
                                    Leila Arboretum Society                 269   Allegan State Game Area        85    Heilman’s Nuts & Confections    30    Redneck Willy’s
                                                                            95    Antique Car Festival           181   Her Way Designs                 35    Regent Theater
                                    Battle Creek                            62    Art Hop                        198   Heritage Company                40    Richmond Center
                                    (269) 969-0270                          38    Asylum Lake Preserve           59    Heritage Museum                 220   Riverside Elementary Trail
                                                                            189   Austin Lake Regatta            151   Heritage Trail                  182   Riviera Theatre
                                    My kids love exploring in the           245   Bank Street Flea Market        255   Historic Adventist Village      201   Root Beer Stand

                                    Children’s Garden. – Grace T.           197   Barn Theatre                   54    Historic Marshall Home Tour     179   Round Barn Winery
                                                                            143   Barodafest                     209   Historic Stuart Manor           203   Saffron
                                                                            131   Bay Pointe Inn                 188   Hole in the Wall Paintball      133   Salt of the Earth
                                                                            135   Bell’s Beer Garden Bands       232   Holly Jolly Trolley             222   Sarkozy Bakery

                                                                            29    Bell’s Eccentric Café          183   Horrocks Farm Market            202   Saugatuck
Ghosts of Kalamazoo                                                         195   Benton Harbor Arts District    205   House of David Museum           120   Saugatuck Dune Rides
Historic Tours                                                              7     Big Joe’s Pizza and Deli       237   Hummingbird Festival            46    Schoolcraft Historical Society
Kalamazoo                                                                   204   Bilbo’s Pizza                  174   Irving’s Market                 199   Schoolcraft July 4 Parade           Siegfried H. Horn Museum                102   Binder Park Zoo                226   Jumpin’ Smallie Guide Service   217   Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub
                                    Berrien Springs                         32    Bishop’s Bog Preserve          213   Kalamazoo Beer Exchange         193   Scooter’s Malt Shoppe
Tiptoeing through the tombstones                                            234   Bittersweet Ski Resort         90    Kalamazoo Blues Festival        101   Scotts Corner Café
                                    (269) 471-3273                          157   Black Arts Festival            251   Kalamazoo Book Arts Center      191   Sharkless Boardsports
at Mountain Home Cemetery                                                   11    Blue Coast Artists Tour        106   Kalamazoo Curling Club          48    Shawarma King
while enjoying the views of the     Part of the Institute of Archaeology    136   Blueberry Festival             260   Kalamazoo Holiday Parade        210   Shore Wine Festival
county.                             at Andrews University, the              100   Bookbug                        19    Kalamazoo Institute of Arts     267   Siegfried H. Horn Museum
                                    museum has more than 3,000              60    Boys Tennis Tournament         221   Kalamazoo Marathon              88    Silver Beach Carousel
                                                                            196   Bravo! Restaurant & Café       22    Kalamazoo Nature Center         240   Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire
                                    clay tablets dating back to             257   Brewery & Brewpub Tour         113   Kalamazoo Public Library        65    SkyDeck

                                    neo-Babylonian times.                   121   Brewster’s Junction            243   Kalamazoo State Theatre         250   Skydive Plainwell
                                                                            261   Bronco Bash                    87    Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra    97    Softball World Series
                                                                            216   Bronson Park                   144   Kalamazoo Valley Museum         177   Sonic

                                                                            244   Carnegie Center for the Arts   58    Kal-Haven Trail                 17    South Haven Beaches
Wood Fire Italian Trattoria                                                 142   Caruso’s Candy Kitchen         268   Kee-Boon-Mein-Kaa               166   South Haven Lighthouse
Dowagiac                                                                    10    Celery Flats                   190   Kellogg Bird Sanctuary          23    Southern Exposure Herb Farm
                                                                            223   Central City Tap House         130   Kellogg Dairy Center            84    St. Joseph County Trails
(269) 782-0007                                                              163   Centreville Antique Fair       256   Kellogg Discovery Center        165   Stray Dog Bar & Grill
                                    Kee-Boon-Mein-Kaa                       249   Chili Cook-Off                 61    Kellogg Forest                  254   SW Michigan College Museum
The fennel sausage on their wood-   Pow Wow                                 112   Chipman Preserve               225   Killamazoo Derby Darlins        122   Sweetwater’s Donut Mill
fired pizza is great! – Dwayne A.    Dowagiac                                238   Chocolate Café                 93    Kindleberger Park               47    Taste of Heaven
                                                                            67    Chocolate Garden               66    Klassic Arcade                  6     Tempo Vino Winery
                                             104   Chocolatea                     56    Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff     180   Texas Arts and Crafts Fair

                                    The literal translation means “I        13    Civic Theatre                  208   KVCC New Media Center           129   The 411 Club
                                                                            147   Clementine’s                   154   K-Wings                         71    The Point
                                    have quit picking huckleberries.”       148   Cody Kresta Winery             230   K-Zoo Skate Zoo                 9     The Strutt
                                    This is a celebration of a good         105   Colon Magic Festival           53    Lady Gull Diva                  73    The Union
                                    harvest, family and friends.            233   Color Tours                    242   Lake Allegan Pontoon Festival   99    Third Coast Surf Shop
Transformations                                                             16    Concerts in the Park           51    Lakeview Park                   167   Three Rivers Water Festival
Spirituality Center                 – Audrey P.                             137   Coney Island                   172   Lawton Ridge Winery             39    Tillers International
Nazareth                                                                    138   Cooper Café                    12    Leduc Blueberries               219   Timber Ridge
                                                                            94    Cornwell’s Turkeyville USA     266   Leila Arboretum Society         264   Transformations Center
(269) 381-6290

                                                                            114   Cosmo’s Cucina                 241   Lest We Forget Our Vets         76    Treat Street
                                                                            128   Crane Park                     258   Letterboxing                    150   UKC Premier Dog Show
A walk in the reconciliation                                                155   Crane’s Pie Pantry             117   Lexington-Green Park            33    Up North Sandwich & Pasty
labyrinth clears my mind.                                                   70    CraneFest                      178   Lillian Anderson Arboretum      187   US 12 Garage Sale
– Katrina D.                        Allegan State Game Area                 110   Curious Kids’ Museum           82    Linear Park                     34    US 131 Motorsports Park
                                                                            218   Dark Horse Brewing Co.         43    Liquid Therapy                  168   US Postal Museum
                                    Allegan                                 86    Disc Golf courses              63    Little Theatre                  55    Van Buren State Park
                                    (269) 673-2430                          27    Do-Dah Parade                  134   London Grill

                                                                                                                                                       231   Venetian Festival
                                                                            118   Dogs With Style                139   Long Lake Roller Rink           44    Veni’s Sweet Shop
                                    Toss away that remote control and       5     Downtown Kalamazoo             41    Louie’s Trophy House            145   VerHage Fruit Farms
                                    hike (or cross-country ski) trails on   184   Echo Valley                    141   Main Street Café                103   Versluis Field Softball
                                                                            169   Entertainment District         207   Markin Glen Park                26    Vicksburg Historic Village
Gull Meadow Farms                   both sides of Swan Creek and            18    Fandango Tapas Bistro          80    Martell’s                       211   Vine Neighborhood
Richland                            Swan Creek Pond at the Allegan          15    Farmers’ Market                170   Martini’s Pizza                 140   Virtual Velocity Gaming
                                    State Game Area. Take binoculars        176   Fenn Valley Vineyards          235   Mattawan Artisan Creamery       124   W.K. Kellogg Manor House
(269) 629-4214                                                              227   Fernwood Botanical Garden      89    Michigan Maritime Museum        224   Waldo’s Campus Tavern
                                    to spot ducks, geese, kingfishers,       246   Field of Flight Air Show       115   Michigan News Agency            119   Warren Dunes State Park
Wagon rides, a play area for kids   orioles and many other kinds of         52    Fire & The Loft                171   Milham Park Golf Course         20    Water Street Coffee Joint
and one of the best corn mazes in   birds and wildlife. – Ed A.             24    Firekeepers Casino             159   Model Railroad Show             116   Waterfront Film Festival
the state. – Rob K.                                                         49    Fisher Lake Inn                253   Moss Funnel Farms               186   Weko Beach Concerts
                                                                            75    Five Mile Drive-In             164   Murals                          25    West Lake Drive-In
                                                                            111   Fort Custer State Park         36    Nature Connection               91    West Michigan Glass Art Center
                                                                            45    Fort St. Joseph Museum         185   NSRA Street Rod Show            160   Wicks Apple House
                                                                            192   Fresh on Q Farmers Market      57    O’Duffy’s Pub                   31    WIDR FM
                                                                            229   Fricano’s of Alamo             3     Old Allegan Canoe Rentals       161   Wine and Harvest
  Discover Kalamazoo                                                        127   Friends Good Will              37    Old Jail Museum                 153   Wine Loft
                                                                            239   Friends of the Library         236   Old Rugged Cross Garden         78    Wine Tasting
  141 E. Michigan Ave., Suite 100                                           125   Gallagher’s Eatery & Pub       109   Olde Peninsula                  248   WMU Athletics
  Kalamazoo, MI 49007                                                       64    Gazelle Sports Tours           72    Papa Pete’s                     126   WMU East Hall
  (269) 488-9000 or Toll Free:                                              215   Gene the Pumpkin Man           21    Parade of Homes                 96    Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery
                                                                            146   Ghost Hunting Constantine      152   Parkwyn Village                 263   Wood Fire Italian Trattoria
  (800) 888-0509                                                            262   Ghosts of Kalamazoo            200   Pears Mill                      173   Woofstock Fest                                                 50    Gilmore Car Museum             194   Pizza Mambo                     1     Yarrow Golf & Conference Resort
                                                                            158   Gilmore Keyboard Festival      123   Plainwell Coffee Mill           79    Zooroona
                                                                            252   Glad-Peach Festival            149   Plainwell Ice Cream

                                                                                                                                  PA G ES
                  To plan your next visit contact:

                           Discover Kalamazoo
                   141 E. Michigan Ave. Suite 100
                             Kalamazoo, MI 49007

                           Toll free: 1.800.888.0509
                                Phone: 269.488.9000

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