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                          Testimonials on Bios Life Complete

"I have been very impressed with Bios Life Complete. The product has been easy to use, and I
have taken it religiously 3 times a day. I have high cholesterol but have never taken any product
to treat the problem. I learned about Bios Life Complete when my doctor recommended it at one
of my visits. In six weeks, my total cholesterol dropped 18% and my LDL levels had dropped to
128 from 166. I will keep taking this product!"
~ Mike Skinner, 48

"As early as college, my cholesterol had tested in the 270’s and 280’s, and over the years nothing
made much of a dent in lowering those levels. I had tried over the years to lower my cholesterol
through diet and exercise. I tried a statin medication that showed results for a few months but
stopped taking the product when I ran out of samples. I heard about Bios Life2 at a conference in
Guam in 2005. I wanted to find an all-natural approach and set out to learn what Bios Life could
do—that is when I became part of the Bios Life Complete study. I took the product 2 or 3 times
per day, before meals, and within 12 weeks my LDL/HDL ratio had dropped from a very
unhealthy 7.1 to 5.0. My total cholesterol dropped 7% to 231, and my HDL levels went up 31%."
~ Dr. Ric Terlaje, 42

"My family has a genetic history of high triglycerides that makes it near impossible to get a
reading on my HDL or LDL cholesterol levels. As a result of this, my doctor prescribed statin
drugs to help reduce this about 5 years ago.

After just 6 weeks of taking Bios Life™ Complete my blood test results show an additional 20%
reduction in my triglyceride levels BEYOND what the statin drug Vytorin was doing alone."
~Nate Tolman

"I make regular visits to my doctor to have my cholesterol checked.
At one blood test, my cholesterol levels were slightly raised, so I started Bios Life™ Complete. My
records show the best proof that the product works. My total cholesterol dropped 20%, my LDL
levels dropped 25%, and my HDL levels raised 8%."
~Leo Casil, age 60
"My cholesterol was quite high when I first visited my doctor a few years ago. I was not aware of
any high cholesterol within my family and was quite concerned since my husband and I have
always been very health conscious. My doctor had been treating me with a statin drug, but I
wanted to find a natural approach that would allow me to be on one less medication. I have been
faithful in taking Bios Life™ Complete and have reduced my cholesterol from 247 down to 193 in
only 12 weeks. That is a very significant improvement!"
~ Evelyn Casil, age 60

"My cholesterol was quite high when I first visited my doctor a few years ago. I was not aware of
any high cholesterol within my family and was quite concerned since my husband and I have
always been very health conscious. My doctor had been treating me with a statin drug, but I
wanted to find a natural approach that would allow me to be on one less medication. I have been
faithful in taking Bios Life™ Complete and have reduced my cholesterol from 247 down to 193 in
only 12 weeks. That is a very significant improvement!"
~ Evelyn Casil, age 60

"I have been an infrequent user of Bios Life2 the past 2 years. Since my cholesterol levels were
not high, I didn't feel a need to use it regularly. When given the opportunity to be part of the study
on Bios Life™ Complete, I signed up to motivate me to take it regularly and enjoy the benefits of
this great product.

I started enjoying the flavor of the new Bios Life and looked forward to taking it before lunch and
dinner. My weight began going down, I lost about 14 pounds over three months. I was feeling
much better taking Bios Life. After taking Bios Life™ Complete for 12 weeks, I have lowered my
bad cholesterol (LDL) level by 30%, and raised my good cholesterol (HDL) level by 30%. My risk
for heart disease also went down 32%.

My father and an older brother have suffered heart attacks and my mother has heart trouble. I
want to be healthy and avoid the pain and suffering I have seen among my family members from
heart problems. I am now committed to a healthier life style that will always include Bios Life™
~ Curt Hedges

April 21, 2006
“A colleague of mine had a verifiable lipid profile over 1300 with plaque in the palm of his hands,
elbows, and his buttocks. After statin therapy he had a count around 900. After introducing him to
Bios Life we were able to reduce it to 209, with no side effects. Thank you so much for your
providing such a solution to a life threatening problem.”

April 21, 2006
“I found in my own studies and tests, 2 packs Bios Life daily improved across the board a
minimum of 10% cholesterol (HDL/LDL, blood pressure, triglycerides, and my MPH levels
reduced to below 2 from a 4+ something. And all other levels tested were in the appropriate
range suggested by the labs. Later I went on a drug for MED which elevated everything out of the
suggested ranges. I upped to 4 bags daily and again it enhanced all tests roughly 10%. Needless
to say I stopped taking the medication for MED and sought other natural remedies which have

April 21, 2006
“I have just attended a conference where shrimp quesadillas were served. Because I didn’t know
it was shrimp (I can’t eat shrimp), I ate them and promptly got sick. Probionic and Enzygen to
the rescue!!!! I mixed two packages of Probionic and took 2 Enzygen tabs, took a nap and
when I got up, I felt TONS better! Thank you Unicity!”

April 22, 2006
"After using Calcium-Magnesium Complex for several months I noticed that the varicose veins
in my left leg had almost dissipated. I am using Calcium-Magnesium Complex for cramps and it
is doing exceptionally well. The varicose veins were the most amazing.”

Three years ago I started coming down with premenopausal symptoms. Each morning,
around 4:30 am I would awaken, drenched in sweat. I would throw the covers off, and
then lie awake an hour before being able to fall back to sleep. During the day, often in
office meetings, I would suddenly get a hot flash, and look for a way to cool the room
down. My doctor gave me the two choices she knew: HRT or living with it. After all, I
could get used to living with these symptoms. Shortly afterwards, I started on Meno
Essentials and Meno Blend. Within a month I began having relief. Within 3 months I
rarely had a hot flash. Now when I talked to women about being Menopausal, I let them
know that it is a great stage in my life. I feel fantastic!
- Sharon Eisner

One of my favorite homeopathic products for muscle ache and tightness is Traum-ex capsules. I
won't fly on an airplane without taking 2 before and after the flight. You know how you are
crammed in those seats these days plus tugging away a luggage!! I think this is one of the best
products out there to ease those tense and inflamed muscles with absolutely NO side effects and
can be taken regardless of any other medications one is taking!

One of the most dramatic results I have ever seen was at a presentation I did in a person's home
in St Louis. A woman came to the presentation and she had a very stiff neck - she could not turn
her head at all. It had started the day before and she had seen a chiropractor. We asked her is
she was willing to take 2 Traum-ex capsules. She did take them and drank a full glass of
water. We paused the presentation at 30 minutes to ask how she was doing, she stopped,
smiled and moved her head a little (she was so intensely listening to the presentation she
wasn't paying attention to her stiff neck). At the end of the hour presentation we asked
her again - she could move her head very well and the stiffness was dramatically
decreased - she couldn't believe it - we almost couldn't believe it either if we hadn't seen
it for our own eyes!!

- Julie Berry, FL

For years I have had a severe challenge with my immune system. I would get sick in dept stores
(dyes), have severe sinus infections from drainage with mold allergies, allergic to gluten, cedar
pollen, etc., and just about everything else. I would not just have "hay fever"; I would get sick just
as if I had the flu. I was on a steroid inhaler and prescription allergy pills just to keep going. I
hated to do that because I have always felt that you need to strengthen the body not tear it down.
Some of the time I would have to go to bed. I tried Defend-Ol right after we started our business
with Unicity Network and I could not believe my body's response. I have basically been symptom
free for 8 months and I have not used any medication since I started the Defend-Ol. I don't know
or understand how it works (I bought the book to try to understand), but I do know that it does.

- Bo   Daugherty

I have been a severe asthmatic since birth. Throughout the years I have had extensive
treatments to deal with this chronic condition, allergy injections, multitudes of medications,
monthly doctor's visits. I have had collapsed lungs and fractured ribs due to bronchitis and
pneumonia aggravated by the severe asthma attacks. I was an antibiotic junkie, rarely got a full
night's sleep due to wheezing episodes and my immune system was shot. Although I loved cats I
couldn't be in a place they were at within a half hour I was congested!

After joining Unicity several years back I started the Defend-Ol - to my amazement at
each monthly check-up with my pulmonary doctor my spirometry test was better, I
sounded clearer and I was "resisting" wheezing episodes. At the end of a year I was able
to be weaned of prednisone - (I used to take 20 mg as a daily dose), off inhalers, off the
nebulizer morning and night and clearer lungs!! I am certain the supplements boosted my
immune defense and Defend-Ol has helped me to stop "reacting" to the things that
caused bronchiatic spasms.

The end of the story - remember how I love cats, I now own two (one that is big and
fluffy) and they sleep near my head - no reaction!!!

I take 6 Defend-Ol daily and as you can see it has changed my life!!

- Julie   Berry, FL

Back in 1998 I had oral surgery both in the upper and lower jaws - in one Friday morning session.
My periodontist ran into some unexpected challenges and I was on his chair from 8:00 AM to
11:00 AM. After all was done, he was exhausted and I felt like I had a super tanker in my mouth.
He gave me some Percocet tablets and told me to wait until I get home to begin taking them
because, as he said, "you'll be in la-la land for the rest of the weekend". He also advised me not
to do anything intelligent, nor to drive. And he insisted I take them, otherwise the severe pain
would be unbearable. I told him I will take my homeopathic medicine instead to which his reply
was "you're crazy - these things don't work!"

I got home and took two Traum-Ex caps and rub the side of my face with the Traum-Ex gel
(discontinued) every two hours. I had no pain for the rest of the day - just some barely noticeable
discomfort and I worked at my Unicity business making 3-way calls until 10:30 that evening. I
repeated the Traum-Ex treatment and took two Calmplex 2000 before going to bed, had a full
night's sleep and was fine the next morning. My periodontist is very good at following up with his
patients and called me around 8:00 that same evening: he couldn't believe it when I told him I had
no pain and was feeling just fine thanks to "these things that don't work". Traum-Ex DOES

- Sylvain Chevalier, Naples, Florida
I am an Air Force retired colonel with over 35 years of nursing experience in pediatrics, nurse
education and administration, and now as an IBO with Unicity Network.

I think all of the homeopathic products have been remarkable and have helped everyone in my
family; from my mother's arthritis pain with the Traum-Ex capsules and cream, to my brother's
allergies with the Defend-Ol. My husband swears by the Intern-Ol for his gastric reflux and acid
indigestion, especially after eating a spicy meal. (He also reduced his blood sugar and
cholesterol dramatically with the Bios Life 2, but that is not a homeopathic!).

Orarex has been phenomenal in reversing my periodontal disease and I also have found the
Calmplex 2000 to be the greatest help to me for helping to relax and "shut down" after a
busy day and get the quality of sleep I need to take on the next day's hectic schedule.

Most remarkably, my 14-year-old Yorkshire Terrier had arthritis in her hips and got no relief from
the prescription med prescribed by her veterinarian. After just 3-4 days of giving her a Traum-Ex
capsule twice a day, she began walking and even "running" like a younger dog with absolutely no
limping. Of all the products I have shared with family and friends, I have received more favorable
feedback from those who have tried and been helped by the homeopathic line and of course, the
Bios Life 2, which I am convinced should be the cornerstone for everyone's good health.

- Rita   A Vokes, RN, MSN

I'm 37 years old. Since I was a kid, I had problems with my health: migraine, allergies, asthma,
and sinuses, among other problems. I noticed all of these got worse two weeks before my period.
Even I visited a lot of specialist and tried a lot of treatments (sinus surgery, allergy shots, avoid
certain foods, etc), I never felt well. I was feeling so miserable because some of the medications
caused secondary effects (loss of concentration, depression, kidney problems, and gained
weight). Last year, I had a severe sinus infection and after six months of taking antibiotics
continuously, I was told I had to go through a second surgery. At that moment, I decided I had to
do something. Through the Internet, I found the web site of a lady and a company I never heard
before. The name of the Company, Enrich and the lady, Marilyn King, who became my sponsor. I
was skeptical at first but after a period of research, I found out Enrich (now called Unicity
Network) is a solid company and one of the leaders in the natural health industry. I ordered the
Enrich & Thin™ Weight Loss System* (discontinued), and send an e-mail to Marilyn, with my
concerns. The day I was going to start the program, I was having one of my daily headaches, due
to my sinusitis and I was feeling so bad that I had to call my doctor from my workplace. He
prescribed me more antibiotics and painkillers, as usual. I thought I was not going to be able to
start the Enrich & Thin program but then I changed my mind and took the morning packet before
going to buy my medicines. After just a few minutes, my headache disappeared and I was feeling
so well that even my co-workers noticed the difference. It was not even necessary to fill the
prescription. Since that day my life have changed: I haven't have headaches, better mood, tons of
energy and I've lost 30 pounds, so far. My sponsor also recommended another product for my
sinusitis: Chloroplasma®. In just one month, this product, along with the Enrich's Immune
System Pack* (discontinued) diminished my asthma, sinusitis and allergies symptoms almost
completely. I'm writing my testimony because if you have any problem with your health, there's an
alternative and its called Enrich. I would like to help people to feel like they deserve to feel.

*(note: some products are no longer available)

- Lidia Rivera, Nashville TN
"My name is Kevin Bryson, I am 65 years of age. During December 1999 I had major bowel
surgery. Unfortunately this operation did not go as well as it should have and I developed
complications. As a result I spent the next two months in hospital, six weeks of which I had
nothing to eat or drink but was fed intravenously. This treatment did not solve the problem and I
had to have another operation, once again radical bowel surgery.

As you can imagine, when I left hospital I was very weak and had gone from 74 kilos down to 58
kilos in weight. About six weeks after leaving hospital I attended an Enrich International training
meeting, having signed up a couple of weeks prior. At this meeting I learned about Unicity's
EnJuvenate™. I was still feeling well below par, with very little strength and energy, so I decided
to try this, apparently,
amazing product.

Two weeks after starting to take EnJuvenate™ my strength and energy levels had returned
almost to normal. Now, having just finished my first container of EnJuvenate™, I feel great, at
least as fit as I was before my traumatic spell in hospital and surgery.

Naturally, I will continue to take EnJuvenate™ with full expectation that it will make me feel even
more younger, fitter and healthier."

- Kevin Bryson, Australia

Having been told by a Doctor that I'm full of arthritis came as quite a blow to someone as active
as I am. My arthritis has been serious for the past 8 years and has caused a number of
adjustments to be made to my life. My hips were affected, but my hands were affected the most.
They were swollen, twisted and the veins very pronounced and sensitive. If bumped, the pain in
my veins felt like there was shards of glass in my hands. I wore wrist bandages to prevent the
bumps from causing pain.

My passion for Indoor bowls (bowling) was severely dampened by not being able to hold the
bowls correctly. I practiced and practiced to adapt my game to the way my twisted hands could
hold the bowls.

After trying several drugs to resolve my arthritis I became disappointed in the lack of
improvement. After being prescribed an anti depressant for my Arthritis I knew it was time to take
the treatment into my own hands.

I started taking Unicity's Glucosamine AJF®. After 6 weeks I noticed
significant changes. The swelling in my hands had reduced considerably. The twisting in one
hand also reduced. I noticed results in two days. The pain was gone completely!!

My arthritis is now manageable. I take Glucosamine® and continue to be without the severe
symptoms I had in the past. My hands are getting stronger every day and my bowling is now
exceptional due to the adjustments I had to make when unable to hold the bowls correctly. In fact,
my husband and I have just been selected as representatives for our grade in the regional indoor
bowling championships!

My hip problems have also reduced considerably since I have been taking Glucosamine®. I'll
continue to take it and enjoy the control I now have over my arthritis.

Unicity products have made a major positive difference to the quality of my life. Other people,
who have seen the changes in me, have become interested in the products too and so not only
do I have my health improving, but also a business that is developing from my experiences. I'm
looking forward to helping lots of people with these products.*

- Lois Hodges, New Zealand

*Unicity is not operating in New Zealand, at this time

In 1998, I am 86 years old and am a retired Naturopathic Physician. I have been with Unicity for
four years. In January of 1996, I fell on the ice and sustained a head injury. Not wanting to be
treated by medical doctors, I used our Unicity natural products to get better. A concussion takes a
very long time to heal, especially at my age, so I became very depressed with the way my
memory was, and my balance. I withdrew into myself and became very lonely and discouraged.
My family says the "light went out of my eyes". Due to macular degeneration I was nearly blind in
one eye. In about a year I was able to restore my vision dramatically using saturation doses of
PhytoPath. I also lost over 70 pounds with Power Trim® (discontinued) and Nature's Tea®. In
August, I started using EnJuvenate™ and everyone who saw me asked me what I was doing
because I was so different. I give all the credit to Unicity and the wonderful new product,

s   My moods improved right away, my memory seemed clearer
s   The "light came back in my eyes"
s   Vitality took a huge jump
s   No more pain
s   Terrible morning muscle cramps gone
s   Very strong fingernails
s   Hair growing back
s   My muscle definition is very good, and I have started to work out again
s   I do 35 pound curls (a few months ago, I couldn't do even five pounds)
s   I never get sick
s   Boundless energy

- Cy Maxfield, Edmonds Washington

I am writing this letter to explain my personal testimony about the HGH producing product that I
have been taking since August 7th, 1998. I am 46 years old and in fairly good health to begin
with. However, I really have noticed a huge change in my body as a result of taking Unicity's
EnJuvenate ™.

The following benefits have already appeared:

s   My energy level immediately increased at least 100%, and has maintained this level.
s   My body fat has reduced dramatically (I have lost 2" around my middle).
s   My whole body feels more muscular, solid, stronger and I have greater stamina.
s   My skin is thicker and more supple.
s   My fingernails are now a lot stronger.
- Maureen Morrison - Victoria BC

A Senior Citizen! 4 Weeks on Product (15 Servings)

Sept. 3, 1998: Started using EnJuvenate™. Not able to exercise due to knee problems and pain
associated with fibromyalgia. Has "battled the bulge" around the middle for several years. Tried
dieting and herbal products to reduce the inches without success. 'No energy' was a constant
battle. Has contended with fingernails that were weak, ridged and splitting. She gave up thinking
her nails would ever grow or be strong.

Oct. 1, 1998: 4 weeks on EnJuvenate™. Measurements revealed a 4-INCH LOSS AROUND
HER WAIST! She couldn't believe it, but knew her clothes were fitting better, so she measured
again and again. Fingernails are now long, strong, and the ridges are almost gone. She is feeling
so much better that she signed up for an exercise class at an exclusive health club. Her schedule
this month is so busy, she is having trouble fitting everything in….

Oct. 8, 1998: As I write this testimony, I just can't believe the "spunk" in the voice of the woman at
the other end of the phone ...it's my mom! This was the same woman who was doubtful about
EnJuvenate™, but decided to "give it a try" after reading the benefits of HGH in Dr. Ronald Klatz'
book, Grow Young With HGH. It's wonderful to know that with Unicity's EnJuvenate™, everyone
can experience the benefits of Human Growth Hormone without any side effects. THERE IS

- Sue   Heinz, Washington

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