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					{!firstname} here is your report on why you want a JV
Hi {!firstname}:

Below, you can get your report on why you want to get a joint

Over the course of the next few days, I'll be sharing some info
with you that I think you will find helpful.

For now, read the report and please get back to me with any questions
that you might have.


Steven Wagenheim
{!firstname} JVs - How They Changed My Life
Hi {!firstname}:

Everybody talks about how JVs are important and how they'll change
your life and even share their own secrets for getting joint ventures.
But nobody really has a heart to heart with you about how JVs have
really changed their life. That's what I hope to do in this
newsletter so you can see just how important they are.

I'm not going to lie to you. I was already having success online
even before I got my first JV, at least as far as income went. But
I was doing it alone and I was out of the loop. I felt like a loner
and not part of the inner circle, even though I was just as
successful as many of the so called "big guns". I just wasn't a
well known commodity.

When I finally discovered the   secret to actually getting any JV that
I wanted, which I share in my   book "The Complete Guide To JVs" and
actually put these principles   to use, my whole life changed. I had
discovered something that had   been missing in my 4 years prior of
Internet marketing.

It's called interaction and a sense of belonging. I no longer felt
like a fish out of water. I was getting emails from some pretty
successful marketers. I was working with other people. Yes, I was
also earning more money (that is a side effect of the process) but
for me, it was more about the relationships. I was a part of
something bigger.

Pride? Maybe. We all have our egos, no matter how successful we are.
But it's more than that. The truth is, running a home business, even
a successful one, is lonely. You work alone and you're on your own.
By getting JVs, you are no longer the only one responsible for your
success. You have others helping you but even more importantly, you
have to now be accountable to somebody else.

Trust's a scary feeling at first.

It's one thing to let yourself down and fail at a project. But when
you let your JV partner down, it's not a pleasant thing. It's
actually the last thing you want to happen. As a result, you will
work harder than you will working for yourself.

Guess what happens when you work harder?

You get better results. So the nature of a JV makes it so that your
chances of success are greater simply because you're going to try

In a few days I'll have some more.

In the meantime, you might want to check out my new book, "The
Complete Guide To JVs" which you can get below.


Steven Wagenheim
{!firstname} JVs - The Wrong Approach
Hi {!firstname}:

You may or may not have gotten approached for a JV. I never did
until I started to become a "name", which was after I had gotten
my first JV, ironically.

But if you've ever seen these proposals, they're all wrong. Why?
Because the person submitting the JV offer doesn't understand
anything about building relationships, which is really what JVs are
all about.

A typical JV proposal will look something like this...

Dear Sir:

I am writing to you today to tell you of a great JV proposal that I

I am the creator of xyz membership and I am offering you an
exclusive 75% commission for every sale that you make. Plus, I am
giving you a lifetime membership at no cost to you.

All I ask in return is that you send out a mailing to your list
using the affiliate link that can be created at the site below.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at
this email address.


John Doe

Okay, do you see what's wrong with this, besides everything?

For one thing, the guy didn't even bother to find out my name. This
is probably a form letter that he sent out to a gazillion people. I
mean for goodness sakes, at least personalize the darn thing.

After that, he tells me all about his great offer without really
telling me anything about it. He expects me to promote this without
even being able to look at it?

Aside from that, since he doesn't even know who I am, he knows
nothing about my interests so he has no idea if this would even
be a fit for me.

In short, this is the typical kind of crap that people send out for
JV proposals and it just doesn't work.

In my book, "The Complete Guide To JVs", I show you the RIGHT way
to approach somebody for a joint venture...and trust me...this isn't

You can check it out at the URL below.

More in a few days.


Steven Wagenheim
{!firstname} JVs - The Mindset Of The JVer
Hi {!firstname}:

Here's something that will put you ahead of the game when it comes
to getting JVs and it's something that isn't even covered in my
book. Only subscribers to this newsletter are getting this, so pay

Why do people   want JVs and what makes somebody respond to a JV? I'm
talking about   the person on the receiving end now, not the offering
end, which is   where YOU will be once you understand how to approach
somebody. But have to get inside their head.

There is one thing in this world that overshadows all else when you
really come down to it. It was made very clear in the movie "King
Of Kings" when it was asked what Pilate's one great weakness was.

The answer...Vanity.

We are very vane people and need to feel important, loved, wanted,
successful, and on and on. Imagine if somebody was very successful,
such as a Donald Trump, and nobody paid any attention to him. They
didn't interview him, didn't write him up in magazines, didn't put
him on TV, didn't do anything with him. He had his money but nobody
really noticed or cared. Do you think he would feel as good as he
does now?

So when approaching a potential JV, you have to always keep this
in the back of your mind. This person wants to be made to feel good,
to feel special, to feel important. Now, if you're approaching
somebody who is a big name, he probably already does. Fine, but
that doesn't mean you don't feed that need anyway. The proper
approach, all outlined in my book, along with the understanding
that you have to appeal to somebody on an emotional level, will
all but guarantee you the joint venture.

It hasn't failed me yet.

You can check out my book at the URL below.

If a JV is really important to you, this is one resource that you
don't want to be without.


Steven Wagenheim
{!firstname} JVs - Dropping The JV Ball
Hi {!firstname}:

You know, some people are their own worst enemy. They finally do all
the right things to get the JV and then drop the ball by blowing
the JV itself.


Let me count the ways.

1. They agree on who is going to do what for the joint venture in
question and then when it comes time to follow through, they're out
on the beach drinking ice teas.

2. The work they do is substandard at best and downright awful at
worst. Ultimately, their JV partner kicks them out of the partnership
and finds somebody else. In the meantime, their name is pretty much
mud from this because word gets around.

3. They drop the ball on launch day, either not emailing their
list or not contacting the payment processor letting them know that
they're going to be bringing in a boat load of money so that they
don't get their account frozen, or don't contact their hosting
company to make sure they can handle the load of traffic they're
going to get. You know, little things like that.

4. They essentially behave badly, complaining about every little
decision that's made. Sometimes it seems they'll pick fights just
for the sake of fighting.

5. They'll commit the unforgivable sin and rip the partner off. This
can be done in a number of ways but forgive me for not putting any
ideas in your head.

And I could keep going. The list itself is miles long.

If you get nothing else out of this series, please get this...a JV
is something that doesn't come along everyday, so when your JV
partner says "jump", within reason, you say "How high?" If you have
a disagreement about something, bring up your objections in a
professional manner. Lay out your case so that you don't tick your
JV partner off.

In other words, you've worked hard to get this gig.

Don't blow it!

Want to find out how to get the gig in the first place?

Check out the link below.

See you in a few days with more.


Steven Wagenheim
{!firstname} JVs - Are You REALLY Ready For One?
Hi {!firstname}:

This might sound like an odd question, but are you really ready for
a joint venture?

The reason I am asking is because of a true story that I'd like to
relay to you.

A young comedian was very talented. He had a lot of promise. All he
needed was a break. He worked very hard at his craft, working
comedy clubs and the usual haunts until he finally got his first
big break...a TV sitcom.

Well, the sitcom was a huge success and he became a bigger name than
anyone could have possibly imagined. At the time, he may have been
the most famous comedian in the whole world.

But he obviously wasn't ready for this kind of success, because on
January 28, 1977, this talented young comedian took his own life.

His name was Freddie Prinze.

Maybe you're too young to remember him. But he was great. He just
couldn't handle the fame that life threw at him.

Now, you might be thinking that killing yourself over a JV is a
little extreme, and it probably is. However, I'm talking about a
different kind of "Are you ready?"

When you finally do get that "yes" from the person who you approach,
which you WILL get if you use my methods, are you ready to follow
through? Can you step up your game? Remember, you're going to be
working with somebody who is very successful and they're not going
to stand for any crap. You will have to be at your very best.

It's kind of like going from the minor leagues to playing for the
New York Yankees. It can be a scary feeling.

So before you go all out to get this JV, because as I said, you
WILL get it...make sure you're ready for it.

Because if you're may be the last chance you get.

News spreads fast...especially if it's bad news.

Now grab your copy of "The Complete Guide To JVs" and be ready.

You're about to enter a whole new world of Internet marketing.


Steven Wagenheim
{!firstname} JVs - Some Final Words
Hi {!firstname}:

This is the part of the newsletter where I'm supposed to sum up all
the things I've gone over and tell you how much you just have to
get my book on how to get joint ventures.

But the truth is, you can be successful on your own. I am living
proof of it. I hit 6 figures a year long before I ever got my first
joint venture. So getting one is not the be all and end all.

However, aside from the extra money you can make, which is certainly
nice and something you can earn doing half the work as usual, there
is that aspect of developing relationships.

I am relatively in the "young" stage of my JV relationships. I can't
even begin to imagine what things will be like 2 years from now. I
may actually be able to retire, not that I want to because I love
what I do. But many people have reached that point because of the
relationships they've made. That's a fact that's hard to get

So, if a joint venture is something that has been gnawing at you
because you haven't been able to discover the secret to getting one,
I promise you that my book will do it for you. I am so sure of it
that I am backing it up with an insane 6 month guarantee.

Is there work involved with this approach? Yes, there is. But
nothing worth having comes at the touch of a button. Point is, this
method works and I stand behind it 100%.

Anyway, here's the link where you can pick up a copy.

Any questions, please feel free to email me any time.


Steven Wagenheim

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