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									                 VOICE OF THE VILLA
                                                                                             December, 2007

                                                                                                ISSUE 50

In This Issue …             Message from the HOA President
                           By Otto Freund, President
                                The last time I
HOA News ……….…..1 looked I thought it was
Neighborhood Reports 2-3 Memorial Day, but here
The Sunshine Column… 4 we are almost at the
Roving Reporter .…… 5 end of another year!
Joy of Dining ……...… 5          We have added to
                           the Holiday lighting
Men and Women of the
                           this year with the place-
  Military …………….. 5
                           ment of lights on the
From the Guardhouse …6 fronds of our Palm tree
Pet Corner ….....…..… 6 at the center of our en-
Vickie’s Pick ……… 6 trance. This along with
Let’s Enjoy a Glass of     the redesign of the
  Wine! …………….... 7 North and South sec-
                           tions of our entrance definitely enhances our Community.
San Remo Social Club ... 7
                                The replacement of the balance of the trees and shrubbery lost during Wilma
Photo Gallery …..…… 8 has been completed. A final accounting of the Hurricane expenditures will be
Ladies’ Club .……….… 8 presented at the January 24, 2008 HOA meeting.
                                As you are all aware by now, we have engaged a new Property Management
                           Company, Hawk-Eye (561-392-1600), to replace our current Management
                           Company, CAS, in the Master HOA, Condo 1, Neighborhood “B” and
      Your website:        Neighborhood “F”. I would like to thank all of the folks at CAS who, for the last
 VillaSanRemo.com                                                       13 years, have contributed to the success
                              Hawk-Eye Management, Inc. of the VSR/CAS partnership. We wish
• Community Calendar
• HOA Docs                          Contact Information                 them much success in their future en-
• Rules and Regulations
                                 For your convenience, here are the key
• San Remo Social Club       people at Hawk-Eye Management, Inc.
                                                                            On behalf of the Board of Directors,
• Classifieds                They are now managing the Master HOA       I wish you all a safe and happy Holiday
• Recommended Busi-          as well as Neighborhoods “B”, “F”, and Season.
  nesses                     “Condo I”.                                     As always, if any of you have con-
• Neighborhood Pictures                                                 cerns or issues you would like to dis-
• Recipe Exchange                   (561) 392-1600                      cuss, I can be reached at 482-7970
• Voice of the Villa — in                                               (press 2 to leave a message) or by email,
  color!                                Customer Service                172aviator@comcast.net.
• Much More!                             Ellen Straley
                                         Vice President
                                    and Manager for the HOA                  During the holiday season many
                                       Michael Morgan                    people like to show their appreciation to
     VOV STAFF                                                           our Guardhouse Staff for their dedica-
                                      Property manager for               tion during the year. I’d like to suggest
Robert Filkins   470-0738            “B”, “F” and “Condo I”              that a few dollars in an envelope will be
Eileen Freund    479-0696                 Tish Nelson                    more meaningful to them in enjoying
                                                                         the holidays with their families.
Marilyn Gordon 488-2629                    President:                                             Robert Filkins
Sandy Leifer     477-8090                  Paul Patti
          Page 2                                   VOICE OF THE VILLA

                   NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS
Condo I Report                                          Condominium, HOA, and County Ordinance. The
By Barbara McCarthy, Treasurer                          last violator reported, a few years ago, was visited
     Except for some finishing touches, the painting    by the County Animal Control Officer and fined
should be completed by the time this newsletter ar-     some $75.00.
rives. The awnings are scheduled to be installed            If you note violations of the Palm Beach County
somewhere around the 6th and then we just have the      Animal Code or the Documents, please report them
mailboxes left to replace. Thanks to all for your pa-   to the Association. We need the date and time of the
tience and cooperation. Now that the buildings          incident as well as the address of the violator. In
look clean and modern it’s a good time to take a        order to call in the County two people who will sign
look around our individual entrances and see if they    affidavits of the violation are required.
fit in the picture! You know that trellis (that never       In another matter, we are getting complaints that
seems to stay in place) or planter that looked so       people are parking in drives that do not belong to
marvelous 5 years ago (yet hasn’t bloomed for           them. The drives in this Condominium are what are
three) might look nicer if removed or replaced with     called in our Documents “Limited Common Ele-
something fresh! Or perhaps that lovely metal or        ments.” This means it is for the exclusive use of the
ceramic decoration you so loved are now crying out      owner, renter and their guests. If you do not have
for a quick fresh coat of paint!                        written permission to park in another owner’s drive,
     We are also exploring what treatments may be       your vehicle can be towed without notice. The per-
available for the driveways to help with the ongoing    mission letter must be on file with the Association.
mildew problem. Particularly in this difficult hous-    Residents can use the visitor’s parking space for no
ing market, anything we can do to improve the ap-       more than two continuous days. After that, your ve-
pearance of our community can help us all. I think      hicle is subject to towing. We cannot change the
we would all like to see our property values climb      number of visitor parking spaces per building. This
again!                                                  was a “given” when you purchased or rented your
     As you know, we are transitioning to a new         unit.
management company and look forward to working              Recently the State of Florida directed the insur-
with “Hawkeye”. Our property manager for Condo          ance companies to grant discounts to property own-
1 is Tish Nelson. Service issues should be directed     ers who have “hip” roofs. The buildings in Condo
to Ellen Straley in customer service. Ellen can be      II DO NOT have “hip” roofs per an inspection by
reached @561-392-1600. If you have any unre-            George Myers, Safe Home Construction. Mr. Myers
solved issues that were reported to CAS, please call    was written up in an article in the Sun-Sentinel as
Ellen to follow up.                                     one of the licensed inspectors who may be able to
     Wishing all our residents a safe and wonderful     reduce your windstorm insurance. Condo II has
Holiday Season.                                         side-gables which disqualifies us for the “hip roof”
                                                        discount. However, he was able to save me $215.00
Condo II Report                                         on our condo dwellers annual premium because the
                                                        building codes classification of wind resistant con-
By Jack Rutt, President
                                                        struction could be applied. Each insurance company
     We have received complaints from various
                                                        is handling the matter differently. Check with your
members of this condominium that dog owners are
                                                        condominium insurance carrier or insurance agent. I
letting their animals “poop” and “pee” on our lawns.
                                                        had to pay for the inspection but the reduction in
The urine kills the grass and takes off the paint on
                                                        premium more than covers the cost.
mailboxes. You, the owners, are paying for the re-
                                                            If you encounter any intrusion of water from the
placement sod, plants and mailbox stand repainting.
                                                        windows, ceilings, walls, or a broken pipe, the As-
Not picking up after your dog is a violation of the
                                                                                             (Continued on page 3)
                                           VOICE OF THE VILLA                                           Page 3
     (Continued from page 2)                             American couple was visiting Russia and there
sociation must be notified before you call in your       guide was a Russian Cossack named Rudolph. One
repairman. The Association will determine who is         day they were looking across the Steppes (really big
responsible for the repair. Failure to notify the As-    Russian prairies) and the guide said it looks like
sociation could jeopardize the Association assump-       rain, the American husband, being from the Mid-
tion of the repair and its cost. Screen replacement is   west figured he knew weather on the plains as well
the responsibility of the unit owner unless the          as anyone and to him it did not look like rain and
screen is damaged by an Association vendor.              said so. The Russian persisted that it was going to
    The other members of the Board of Directors          rain; the American was adamant that he knew
join me in wishing all of you HAPPY HOLI-                weather and it was not going to rain. The discus-
DAYS.                                                    sion became tense and that is when the American
                                                         wife stepped in and calmed the situation when she
Neighborhood A Report                                    said, “Rudolph the Red knows rain dear.”
By Merritt Rathje, President
    As we go into the holiday season, I would like to    Neighborhood B Report
thank all the folks on Erica Ct. for their efforts in    By Jared Bedick, President
fixing up their residences, especially the driveways,         The Board wishes everyone a very Happy Holi-
they look great! For the folks that were at the drive-   day Season.
way drinks extravaganza thanks & congrats to                  We have changed management companies the
David Franklin for his come from behind win in cro-      New Company is Hawk-Eye Management Inc. The
quet. We will be having a holiday soirée soon, will      property manager for Neighborhood B is Tish Nel-
keep you advised.                                        son. She can be reached at (561) 392-1600 and the
                                                         offices are located at 3901 Federal Hwy, Ste 203,
                                                         Boca Raton 33431.
                                                              We are still on Raccoon Watch so please keep
                                                         your garage doors closed as the animal will come
                                                         inside and visit you.

                                                         Neighborhood F Report
                                                         By Martin Evans, President
                                                             Your Board would like to wish you all happi-
                                                         ness and good health at this wonderful time of the
                                                         year. Happy Holiday.
                                                             Three things have either happened or going to
                                                         happen in our neighborhood. First, as of November
    We need the email addresses of all the folks that
                                                         1, 2007, we have engaged the services of a new
have them as it is a great way to keep everybody in
                                                         management company known as Hawk-Eye Man-
the know, such as the landscaping schedule and re-
                                                         agement Company, Inc. By this time, you should
sponding to requests, complaints & compliments
                                                         have received a letter from Hawk-Eye with informa-
though we really do not get any of those. I realize
                                                         tion about their address, phone number and the
that a lot of you have gotten letters of things that
                                                         name of our property manager.
have to be done. Don’t go crazy. If you need help
                                                             Second, sometime in 2008, the outside of the
let us know. We are neighbors and we will help if
                                                         buildings in “F” will be painted. Our roofs will be
we can. As a gentle reminder that the outside lights
                                                         cleaned during the same time period. Notice will be
between the garages have to be left on for security
                                                         provided, in a timely fashion, so that you can be
of all of us as well it helps me find my way home
    Now for our holiday story for the folks that did                                          (Continued on page 4)
not get the letter in with the monthly invoice. An
            Page 4                                    VOICE OF THE VILLA
       (Continued from page 3)
                                                                       The Sunshine Column
     Thirdly, in order to get a quote on the cost of the               By Eileen Freund
insurance we discussed some time ago, it was neces-
sary to have “mitigation reports” done on all thirty-                  ~~ Holidays & Special Events ~~
six (36) buildings in our neighborhood. These reports           •    Pearl Harbor Day — Dec. 7
have to do with the way our roofs are attached to the           •    Happy Hanukkah — Dec. 16
buildings. They showed that our roofs more than                 •    Dot your I’s with Smiley’s Day — Dec. 20
meet the PBC code. The reason for this discussion is            •    Merry Christmas — Dec. 25
to let you know that your insurance company needs               •    Happy Kwanzaa — Dec. 26
this report to determine if you are entitled to a dis-          •    Happy New Year — Jan. 1
count on your individual insurance. I have copies of            •    Martin Luther King Day — Jan. 15
these reports. Should you feel that you want to find            •    Stay Young Forever Day — Jan. 20
out if you are entitled to a premium discount, contact     Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
your insurance company. Have the company tell you          and a Healthy Year to come --
what you need to qualify. If you need your mitiga-
tion report, contact me so that we can make arrange-       December Birthdays          January Birthdays
ments for pick up. Because there is one roof on each        2 - Ila Fishman            4 - Kayla Connors
building, only one report is available for that build-      9 - J.J. Gallegos          7 - Lisa Connors
ing. Having said that, it would be wise to discuss,        10 - Jean Alezy            10 - Erna Miller
with your immediate neighbor, how to make copies                (VSR Guard)           24 - Ray Beranger
of the report. This will allow each resident have a        14 - Louis Castagna             (VSR Guard)
copy, if needed, for their insurance company. We ask       20 - Marilyn Shlank        27 - McCoy Daniels
that you return the report, ASAP, to me or any other       23 - Vera Evans                 (VSR Guard)
board member. It is prudent to keep these reports on
     At the last board meeting, four owners asked for,     Wishing a Happy Anniversary to –
and each were given, the copy for their individual                  December Anniversaries
buildings. Each of the owners was asked to return the               •   5 Magda & Lou Kertesz
reports. To date, only one owner has been good                      • 30 Sandy & Jerry Leifer
enough to return said report. It is hoped that the three            • 16 Sal & Annie Talio
remaining owners still have that report. Their
                                                                    January Anniversaries
neighbors might want a copy.
                                                                    • Shirley & Stanley Saval – 60th Anniver-
     You might be interested in knowing that I spoke
                                                                      sary!!!! Shirley and Stan will be cele-
to my insurance company about this matter. I sent
                                                                      brating on a cruise with a group of
them the information they requested including a copy
                                                                      friends that they’ve known for 40 years.
of the mitigation report for my building. The result                • 13 Carol & Doc Ruggieri
was a decrease in my annual premium.                                • 21 Michael & Carol Raiten
     Again, Happy Holidays.
     Yes, I continue to think that after all is said and      Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all!
done, this is a good place to live.                        And to those who are quietly celebrating without us
                                                           knowing, we wish you a very happy day too.
      On behalf of my son and myself, I would              Welcome to the Neighborhood
  like to thank all those in our community for the             A warm welcome goes out to our new neighbor:
  many, many numerous expressions of sympathy              Dr. Bruce Wishnov.
  we received on the sudden passing of ''Howie".           The Pitter Patter of Little Feet
  Your heartfelt condolences were so very appre-              Sandy and Jerry Leifer announce the
  ciated. Bless you all.
                                                                                                (Continued on page 5)
                          Marilyn and Seth Gordon
                                                     VOICE OF ILLA
                                                VOICE OF THE VTHE VILLA                                  Page 5

(Continued from page 4)                                  napkins have button holes in them.
birth of their grandson, Ryan Noah Leifer, born on                                       Judy Horn, Via Bella
Nov.10. Ryan weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. and is the son        Boca Ale House. We enjoy the food and the people.
of Greg and Sarah Leifer of Williamsville, N.Y.          The prices are right. It’s a fun place. The employees
Memorials                                                are outstanding.
   Our hearts and prayers go to Marilyn & Seth                                   Doreen Konopka, Via Romana
Gordon on the loss of their husband and father,
Howie Gordon. Howie died on October 2. He will
be missed by his family and the residents of Villa       The Joy of Dining …
San Remo. On a personal note - I knew Howie as           By Marilyn Gordon.
one of the very friendly guys at the VSR pool. He
always had a kind word and a smile to share.
                                                                             Brick Oven Pizzeria
                                                                             5869 Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach
    If you have news about birthdays, weddings, en-                           (Lincoln Park Shopping Center,
gagements, births, bar and bat mitzvahs, commun-                                 between Jog and Military)
                                                                                      (561) 496-5300
ions, confirmations, graduations, condolences, anni-                           Mon-Sat 11-10, Sun 12-9:30
versaries, vacations, get well messages, new
neighbors, or any other tidbit you’d like to share, or       This cozy little restaurant has been open for sev-
wishes you’d like to send, please email me at bo-        eral months now and is doing quite well, serving very
caei18398@comcast.net or call me on 479-0696             basic traditional Italian dishes and very good pizza to
                                                         boot!! They have been in business around our area for
The Roving Reporter                                      about 24 years now with other establishments under
                                                         other names, so you can see why they are doing so
                            This Issue’s Question:       well.
                                                             We ordered several dishes, such as eggplant par-
                          What is your favorite          mesan accompanied by pasta for $11.99 and baked
                             restaurant?                 Lasagna for $10.99. Both were generous portions and
                                                         very good. All dishes (except pasta dishes) come with
By Sandy Leifer                                          choice of soup or Caesar salad, fabulous garlic rolls,
Renzo’s on Federal Hwy. in Boca. It’s a cozy at-         worth the visit just for them. But if you want some-
                                                         thing plain and really basic, sort of comfort food, do
mosphere and moderate prices. The food is Italian,
                                                         try ''Grandma's Favorite" for $10.99, consisting of
which I like.
                                                         small shells tossed with peas and meat sauce — a very
                   Norman Godwin, Via di Veneto          pleasing offering.
P.F. Chang’s. I like the atmosphere. I love the              We topped off the meal with a medium cheese
chicken lettuce wraps and the take-out is very good.     pizza for $10.99. Prices are very reasonable, service
I also like Dada’s on Atlantic in Delray. It’s a very    is friendly and good. Nothing fancy here, just great
interesting place. There is outside seating under big    home style Italian cooking!! Great Lunch and Dinner
trees. The waiters and waitresses are unique also.       specials, too. Open 7 days a week.
The food has very different combinations.
                    Narielle Robinson, Via di Veneto
Morton’s. Everything you order is done perfectly.                         Men and Women of the
The superior food is consistent. The prices are high.                     Military
                            Carol Raiten, Via Giulia                      By Eileen Freund
                                                              I have no story to share in this issue. If you’d
Abe and Louie’s on Glades. The food and service is
                                                          like to share your story, or the story of a loved one,
magnificent. The steak was amazing. The side
                                                          please contact me at 479.0696 or @ bo-
dishes were great. We felt very comfortable! The
           Page 6                                   VOICE OF THE VILLA
From the Guardhouse . . .                               Pet Corner
By Maxo Fontaine & Robert Filkins                       By Robert Filkins
    The VSR Security Staff would like to wish               Macaws       are
the best for all Villa San Remo resi-                   large colorful New
dents during this Holiday Season                        World parrots, na-
and a Happy, Safe, and Prosperous                       tive to Mexico, and
New Year!
                                                        Central and tropical-
    Also, always remember to use
your seat belts, and above all, don’t
                                                        South     America.
drink and drive! We want you to                         They are the largest
come home safely!                                       members of the par-
                                                        rot family in both
                                                        length and wing-
                                                        span.                            Bruno
                                                            Robin Sherin,
                                                        on Via di Veneto, was kind enough to let me photo-
                                                        graph her magnificent blue-and-gold macaw, Bruno.
                                                        Here’s what Robin has to say about Bruno:
                                                            This is Bruno, a 6 year old Blue and Gold Ma-
                                                        caw. He loves to play in his cage, go for walks and
                                                        show off. He loves fruits and nuts but his favorite
           Ray                                          food is Pizza crust. Bruno has about a 10-word vo-
                                                        cabulary and can do 6 tricks.
                         Sherol                             Macaws can be a lot of fun but they are defi-
                                                        nitely not for everyone. To care for a Macaw prop-
                                                        erly requires a tremendous amount of time and work.
                                                        This is also a lifetime commitment as these birds live
                                                        a VERY long time.


Vickie’s Pick
By Vickie Podlas
    Happy Holidays to all our V.S.R resi-
    Vicky is at it again choosing lovely gardens.
This month my pick is Karen Botto at 18439 Via
di Sorrento. Karen’s landscaping was done by Garden
Designs by Cynthia.
    Keep up the good work and you my be my next pick
of the month! If you have suggestions, please contact me
at 482-2279 or on my cell 954-295-9840.
                                    Your friendly neighbor,              18439 Via di Sorrento
                                                                             Karen Botto
                                              Vickie Podlas
                                          VOICE OF THE VILLA                                          Page 7

                                                          San Remo Social Club
Let’s Enjoy a Glass of Wine!                              By Howie Lewis
By Marty Evans                                                 We bid you welcome once again and hope you are
    I cannot (and should not)                             enjoying the comraderie of the Social Club this year
consume a bottle of wine (750                             as you have in past years. I’m glad to see that many
ml) by myself at one sitting.                             of you snowbirds are participating in the Bridge Club
Re-corking the remaining wine                                  Since our last report in the Voice Of The Villa, we
for later use can cause the wine                          have now finished our schedule in planning our
to lose quality.                                          2007 – 2008 Season. Remember, to make all of this
    I needed a solution. So, on a recent visit to         work, we must have member participation.
Crown Spirits & Wine, on the East side of Federal              On December 16th, 37 members of the SRSC en-
Highway below Spanish River I spoke to Jeff, my           joyed our Annual Holiday, which was held at Bo-
“in-house advisor” about my dilemma. Jeff sug-            catini’s Bistro & Bar. As in previous years, this was a
gested the method he uses to preserve the quality of      huge success.
unconsumed wine. Make a 750 ml bottle of wine                  Our next event will be dancing and entertainment
into two 375 ml bottles. It’s easy to do. The first       at the clubhouse. The entertainment will be provided
step is to buy a 375 ml bottle of wine.                   by the West Boca High School. The cost is $7/pp and
    A 375 ml bottle may be a bit hard to find. My         we expect to have a great night of fun and relaxation.
search took me to Doris’ on Yamato, where I bought        Sandwiches, sodas, etc. will be served.
a 375 ml bottle of Chianti, good with a pasta diner.           Following is the remainder of the season’s sched-
After drinking the wine, the small bottle was well        ule:
rinsed and set aside along with the cork.                      · “Mating Habits of the Urban Male” at the
    Step 2: Open your next 750 ml bottle and care-                 Stage Door Theatre on January 26. The cost
fully pour (use a small funnel) its content into the               is $32 per person.
375 ml bottle until the wine reaches the neck of the           · A visit February 14th to The Morikami Mu-
bottle. Cork the small bottle tightly and store, on its            seum, which will include lunch and a docent.
side, in your refrigerator.                                        For $29 per person.
    The reason for storing the unused wine in this             · The New Vista Theater (an actors equity
fashion is to preserve quality. Keeping unconsumed                 group) will present “The Odd Couple” star-
wine in its original bottle allows too much air to be              ring Avi Hoffman at the West Boca High
in contact with the wine. Too much air causes the                  School on March 1st. The cost is $36 per per-
wine to lose quality. The unused wine, now in the                  son.
small bottle and stored in the fridge, will maintain           · The BBQ is scheduled for Sunday March
quality for at least one week.                                     30th – Cost $17 per person.
    Becoming friendly with a wine shop employee is             · The Pizza Party is scheduled for April 14th
of value. He/she can make suggestions and keep                     (No cost for members).
you up to date with new products. Be up front. Tell            Also planned are other events including guest
that person what your price range is. Ask if it is        speakers or entertainment for most of our meetings.
possible to taste the wine you are discussing. Ad-        The speaker for our December meeting was a huge
vise your preference. Red, white, or blush, or all of     success with the timely topic of Identity Theft. Other
the above. Do you like a full-bodied wine or light        speakers should as interesting as this one was.
body? Information from you helps the wine shop                 We have had a large turnout for our three-day trip
with selections.                                          to Sarasota. However, we are still looking for partici-
    Some friends and I enjoyed a bottle of Marlbor-       pants for the tour of the Morikami Museum and Japa-
ough Sauvignon Blanc, produced in New Zealand.            nese Gardens on February 14.
This white wine, served chilled, is both crisp and             For more information call Sally at 488-2190, or
full bodied. I like Oriental food with Sauvignon          contact Howie by phone at 482-3361 or by email at
Blanc.                                                    behow@msn.com.
             Please Drink Responsibly.                             Our dues are $12 per year. Membership is
                                                          open to all residents of Villa San Remo.
                                               VOICE OF THE VILLA                                                 Page 8

                               By Robert Filkins

                                                    18424 Via di Verona

                                                                                 8729 Via Giulia

     18392 Via di Sorrento

18475 Via di Sorrento

                                                                   18451 Via di Sorrento

                                                                 Ladies’ Club
                                                                         The next meeting of the Ladies’ Club will be
                                                                 on Monday, January 7 at 7:30 p.m. The program
                                                                 will include two speakers:
    Joey wishes                                                  • Phyllis Buck will speak to us on nutrition.
    Good Health                                                      Phyllis also teaches the women’s water aerobic
     and Joy for                                                     class.
   all his Friends
                                                                 • Ann Silvers will speak on the new tax laws that
                                                                     will be coming up on the ballot this coming

                                       Deadline for the February, 2008 Issue
The next issue of the Voice of the Villa will be mailed out near the beginning of February. The deadline for articles for the
February issue will be January 24, 2008. Deadlines for that and future issues of the Voice of the Villa will be posted on our
community calendar on www.VillaSanRemo.com.
                       VOICE OF THE VILLA                                                   Page 9

                                            ITALIAN and SEAFOOD RESTAURANT
                                                   9060 KIMBERLY BLVD.
                                               BOCA RATON, FLORIDA 33434
                                                  Restaurant: (561) 451-2021
                                                 Catering Line: (561) 706-5820

Complete Automotive Service & Repair . . . . GUARANTEED!

                       Over 43,516 Satisfied Customers
                              35 Years Experience
                   22 Years in the Same West Boca Location

         All ASE Certified Technicians & 3 Master Techs To Get The
                       Job Done Right The First Time
                           We Can Take Care of All Your Auto Service Needs Including
                                       A/C Repairs, Service & Conversions
                               Computer Diagnostics, Engine Repairs, Tune-ups
                              Oil-Filter Service & Factory Scheduled Maintenance


     # MV 01593
                                    10018 Spanish Isles Blvd., Bay 58A
                             (On 441 Between Yamato & Clint Moore - Boca Commerce Park - Bays 56-58)
     Page 10                                     VOICE OF THE VILLA
                Interested in
 Selling … Buying … Investing in Real Estate?
           CALL ME!
         Roberta Dash
                    A Little “Dash” Will Do
                         Lang Realty
                  9858 Clint Moore Rd, C-24
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             561-789-8647                    Cell
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   You will receive Knowledge,
   Commitment and 20 Years of
Experience with Just One phone call.
  “I care about my customers. That is why they
  recommend me to their families and friends.”

Happy Villa San Remo Resident 12 Years!
                  VOICE OF THE VILLA                                                    Page 11

                                                           E&O Consulting
                                                               Otto Freund, Owner

                                                                 Software, Hardware & Network
                                                                 Help with PC setup, email, web
                                     Phone: 561.482.7970         browsing, firewall and anti-virus
                                                                 installation, etc.
                                     Cell: 561.213.8045
                                     Email: eoconsulting@comcast.net
                                     Website: www.eoconsulting.org/eoconsulting.htm

 Now Villa San Remo has it’s Own Neighborhood Pharmacy!

YAMATO PHARMACY       9101 Lake Ridge Blvd.
                    (Next door to Doris’ Market)

Fast, Friendly,
  Accurate                                                     Most insurances
 Prescription                                                   accepted, e.g.
    Filling                                                    Medicare Part D,
     Most                                                         Humana
                                 Call 487-9260
      Page 12               VOICE OF THE VILLA                                            December, 2007

                                                                        The Staff of the
From all of us at Hawk-Eye Management,                    Voice of the Villa wishes all Our Neighbors
we want to wish all of you in the Villa San                       Happy Holidays
Remo Community a                                                        and a
    Joyous Holiday Season                                      Healthy and Prosperous
                                                                     New Year!
            and a
    Very Happy New Year!
                                                   VOICE OF THE VILLA                             Presorted
                                                    Published By Your Neighbors                US Postage Paid
                                                          at Villa San Remo                    Boca Raton FL
                                                                                               Permit No. 1799

   Hawk-Eye Management, Inc.
3901 North Federal Hwy., Suite 202
    Boca Raton, Florida 33431
         (561) 392-1600

                             Robert Filkins, P.A., GRI, e-PRO
                                                Realtor®, Multi-lingual
  6070 North Federal Hwy.          ¡Hablo nuestro idioma! -- et on parle français aussi!
  Boca Raton, FL 33487

                                               Wishing All My
                                         Villa San Remo Neighbors
                                          A Very Safe and Happy
                                               Holiday Season!

                                          (561) 470-0738
    Villa San Remo
    Resident Since
                                              (561) 892-8310 Fax ♦ rrfilkins@aol.com

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