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									                               Session Six - Bonus Call

Hi, this is Armand Morin and we are in session six of AIM, the Ad-Based Internet
Marketing System. Tonight we're going to go over a couple of different methods that
will make your life easier and make everything else fall into place for you.

We're going to cover two items so you can get the maximum out of AIM and the
strategies that you’ve learned so far. We're not changing the strategies we're showing
you additional strategies that you can learn and apply to what you’ve learned in AIM.

We’ll first talk about a new pay-per-click strategy. I’m not referring to pay-per-click, but
what happens after the click. We’ll also talk about an advanced pay-per-click tool.

This is a tool that many of the top marketers use and many of the people that you know
that are heavily into AdWords use this one tool. I’ll show you what it is and how it
works. The makers of this tool can do a far better job than I can on this, but I’ll show
you how I use and how you can use it too.

Let’s get started with the new strategy. There are facts and I’m a big person when it
comes to facts. I don’t care about theory, because theory is simply unproven strategies;
I care about facts. What can we do to learn what the facts are? Once we establish the
facts we can use those to our advantage, but we have to know the facts first.

    Number one, when it comes to marketing on the Internet you need a list.

This is a fact. If you have a list in a specific market it will make it easier for you to
market to people in that niche. You need a list. I don't care what industry, what genre
of products or services you're marketing, it doesn't matter you need a list.

    Number two people are apposed to being sold.

No one likes to be sold. You have to understand this, because this is a contradicting
type scenario. No one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy and there’s a

For example, I personally and oddly enough hate to be sold, because most people don’t
do it very well. If they did it well I would love to be sold every day of my life, because I
love watching people that are good salespeople. That may sound weird to you, but it’s
actually true for me. I like a good salesperson if they are selling well and I will buy from
them almost every time whether I need it or not, but I don’t want to be sold to.

It’s like the classic picture in my mind of a used car salesperson with the fast talking,
slick, trying to shove a car down your throat type idea.

                                 Session Six - Bonus Call

I don’t like to be sold I like to be left alone then when I’m ready to buy I will buy and
most people are like that they don’t like to be sold to, especially when they know they're
being sold.

    Number three we have to understand another fact; that people like things, which
     are free.

If it’s free they’ll take it. You must understand this.

    Number four is that up-sells work.

An up-sell is when a person is committed to something and then you offer them
something else. If it’s in tune with what the original offer was they are probably going to
take you on the up-sell. You're up-selling them, upgrading what they were originally
going to do and you're getting them to do more than they originally intended.

In some cases, if they bought a product for $50 and you offered them a second product
for $50 or $100, on average I’ll say between 20% and – it’s actually a very broad
spanse, because it’s 20% in the very bad case to as much as 70% of the people will
take you up on the up-sell.

Let’s just assume some low numbers 20%-30% will take you up. We can use some low
numbers, because I don’t want you to get your expectations up high. If we know that
up-sells work and all these other things are true, the question becomes with this in
mind, how do we use these facts to get us more sales? Let’s look at this.

Here’s how the strategy works. You send people to an Opt-in page and then after they
Opt-in you send them to a stop sales letter. You may not have ever heard of a stop
sales letter before, but you’ve all used them previously. We go from an Opt-in page
where we collect their name and email address. After that we send to a sales letter that
I call a stop sales letter.

What is a stop sales letter? It’s what it sounds like. It’s a sales letter that says stop;
before you go I have something else I want to tell you about its pretty simple. The Opt-
in, they come to a page that says stop. Before you go I have something else I want to
tell you about. At this point you need to grab their attention to get them to read what’s in
front of them, which is what? Your sales letter.

At this point you need to shock them with a shock sales letter. It’s a normal sales letter
with a stop message at the top of the page.

                               Session Six - Bonus Call

The first thing you need to do is let them know that the promised bribe is on the way to
them via email. What they just opted into receive that bribe is on the way to them in a
little message at the top of the page. Now we need to grab their attention.

For example, we could use a stop sign. Imagine this. You’ve got your Opt-in page up
you're giving away a free report and let’s say it’s in the weight loss industry. It says get
my free report on seven quick ways to lose weight. It’s worked for thousands of people
all over the world and it can work for you too.

They say that sounds pretty good let me give you my name and email address, because
I want that report. Then they see stop, before you go I have something else I want to
talk to you about. I just released my brand new book and it’s going to teach you 67
ways to lose weight and you can get it before the rest of the public does, so there’s a
big stop sign in the middle of it.

What you're looking at right now is not big, but you get my point. We're stopping them
in their tracks. They're in motion and suddenly we stop them it’s a like a shock to their
system and that’s what we’re doing. You can use a stop sign, because people are
already familiar with the shape and the letters, STOP, especially if they're in the U.S. or
North America anywhere.

You can use audio to enhance this. When they come to this page they see the word
stop, but it’s also more effective if they hear you say stop, before you go I have
something special I want to talk to you about right now. Then give a two-minute
message about what it is you have and basically you're just reading your headline.

You want to give them a reason why this is so important and why they should take
advantage of this offer today. Another reason is why should they care? These are the
questions you need to answer. Then give them an incentive. Why should they buy
this? Why should they take you up on this special offer?

On the Internet we can’t say there are only seven left that’s ridiculous, because it’s a
digital product that we're selling, but we need to give them an incentive like; you can get
it before everyone else does that’s good incentive. People like being first, so use that to
your advantage. Give them an incentive or a bonus. When you order this today we're
going to give you $197 in free bonus gifts just for trying it out.

Let me show you a recent example of one of these pages I’ve done, so you’ll know how
this works. This is a site I’ve been working on and I’ve shown it to you previously, but
I’ve changed it a little bit, because we’ve been using this new technique.

                                Session Six - Bonus Call

We have the same look and feel; the secret to your weight loss is to boost your
metabolism. Free report reveals the 12 ways to quickly and effortlessly boost your
metabolism. Stop wasting time and you can start burning fat today 100% free download
it right now.

With this simple page, on average we're getting an average of somewhere around 33%
of people that come to this page give us a name and email address. That’s okay,
because I haven’t finished this page I put this up to test the system and see how it’s
going to work.

Let me show you the report, because it’s cool. I’ll show you how I did the report. I
looked at this and said now I have to find a report. I don’t have a report on losing
weight, diet or anything what am I going to do?

I wrote this special report and here it is, Quick Tips to Boost Your Metabolism. There
are these reports there are 12 different ways, build up lean body mass, strength
training, I didn't spend a lot of time to make this look pretty. Exclusive bonus report
included. Continue reading to see it now, Seven Diet Secrets of the Stars. We talk
about diet secrets of Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson, Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow,
Claudia Schiffer, Christie Brinkley and Madonna.

It says attention. You too can turn your body into a fat burning machine. Right now you
can get your hands on my brand new book Boost Your Metabolism; a full 65 pages of
the hottest and most effective ways to burn fat off for good. To get the details click this
link right now.

They click this link and they go to the page. Let me show you the page they go to. It
says your free report is on its way to your email box. Right now I have an important
announcement. Right now you can get your hands on my brand new book, hot off the
shelf and you can have it even before the general public does.

Finally, the secrets to boost your metabolism, see what it has here at the top? The rest
of my sales letter is the same sales letter I showed you previously with no changes
whatsoever. I sell it for $27. I have a modified version of this sales letter where I put its
$27 at the top of the page. The last bit of information I need to add to this to make it
more compelling is an audio message.

I did something the other day and my platinum coaching group probably thought I was
crazy, because I didn't tell them why I wanted to know. I asked them a question. When
you hear the word stop what do you hear? When you see the word stop what noise or
sound do you hear or what do you hear period?

                               Session Six - Bonus Call

I waited for their responses and I still haven’t told them what I wanted it for. Here’s my
thought process on this and the reason I asked them this question. When you see the
word stop what else do you hear? Almost every one of them hears something like tires
screeching or a whistle blowing tires screeching was the number one answer.

I plan to put an audio here with tires screeching, because it stops them in their tracks.
I’ll probably do tires screeching into a crash or something and then I’ll go right into my
reading of what’s on the page. You’ll hear tires screeching, hear a big crash and then
I’ll say wait, before you go I have an important announcement for you. Right now you
can get your hands on my brand new book hot off the shelf you can have it even before
the general public does.

Finally, the secrets to boost your metabolism, give me 45 minutes and I’ll show you how
to transform, shock and boost your metabolism into a calorie busting and fat burning
machine and that will be the audio message. If there’s other information I’ll read that as
well. Primarily you're covering the upper part of the page before the fold.

Right now to look at this you don’t have to scroll. Everything you see before you have
to scroll is called above the fold. At the bottom of the page where you can barely see
the book before we scroll that’s the first fold and this would be the second fold. We
want everything above here, this upper part, this is the first fold.

Everything above the fold needs to be in plain sight. This is the most important piece
when we're doing this type of system. Let’s look at some numbers. The numbers are
cool when you understand it. We have a blank piece of paper.

If we had 100 people and let’s say 30% of those people Opt-in, so we have 30 people
that saw our sales letter. Let’s assume we had a much bigger up-sell rate than we
would in a normal conversion, because in an up-sell you’ll always have a little higher
percentage. Let’s say we have 10%.

Times 10%, because we should easily get a 10% conversion on this once we have the
right message. It may take you a little to get the right message, but a 10% would give
us three sales or an overall conversion of about three percent and that’s pretty good.
Here’s what really happens. These are just small numbers to keep you in check.

Three percent overall from the 100 is what we're looking at, a three percent conversion,
which is fairly good, especially right off the bat, but here’s where this comes into play
and makes this system so exciting once you tune it in and dial it into your specific
market. Three percent is good and that’s overall conversion of everyone that comes to
your main page.

                              Session Six - Bonus Call

Let me show you the real numbers you should be getting 100% of people coming to
your site and obviously 100 people isn’t enough to give us anywhere near what we
need. Thirty percent is what we can get without a doubt every single time on the Opt-in
page even with a bad Opt-in page you’ll get 30% so that will give us 30 people.

When you tune in the up-sell the 30 people, instead of 10% let’s say on average you'll
get an average of 30% to convert and that’s when you start tuning it in. We have up-
sells where we get anywhere from 50-70%, but let’s use 30% as an average. That
means we’ve got nine sales.

What does that mean on our overall conversion? It means we got a nine percent overall
conversion, which is ridiculous. This is what happens once you tune this in. How do
you tune it in? Each market will be different than the next so you need to work on
different things.

For example, the stop sign, I constantly look at this and say maybe I should make the
stop sign bigger. That could be one thing just to make people see it so they can’t miss
it. I could tune in the message. My headline is always going to be the number one deal
here to make it work. I want them to start reading this. The more people I can get to
read this then I play with price points, maybe $27 is too much.

Remember, I called this a book and I’m changing $27 for a book so maybe I need to
charge less. That may help me tune it in a little more, because even though I tuned it in
a little more at 90% that would still mean that I’m making a decent amount of money on
the overall sales. Even if I lower the price I’m going to make it up more in volume.

Those are some things to tune it in. There are so many aspects to this that make this
work. Here’s what’s happening, let me give you an idea. We’re getting ready to launch
a membership site within the next month or so and my whole system is built around this
right here what I’m telling you, everything is based around this.

The reason is, because this system works undoubtedly all over the place.           It’s a
surprise; let me tell you why this works so powerfully.

The process is an Opt-in page. We send the people from the Opt-in page to the sales
letter. If they don’t buy what do you have? You have their email address so we can
email them. This is the important part, because not everyone’s going to buy right off.

Send 10 sequential emails to them one email every day for 10 days. On your follow-up
emails, they are most interested in your offer at the moment they gave you their email

                                Session Six - Bonus Call

For example, today they're interested the most. Tomorrow they're interested, but not as
much as they were today and the next day they're a little less interested. The objective
is to hit them when they're hot. We want to get them where they’re most interested and
hit them with as many emails as we can while they're the hottest.

We give them the information today, they have our report. Our report tells them to click
on a link and then we go from there it’s very simple, not complicated whatsoever. They
get the report, they click on the link, from your link they go to your one-time offer, but
immediately after they opted in they saw the offer as well.

The report is on their computer now so we're at least invading some of their space and I
don’t mean in a bad way, but a good way, meaning you're penetrating their hard drive.
That means your report is there and they may even printed your report that’s even
better, because now you’re physically in their home, you have a piece of your personal
real estate in their home and that’s better.

Now you're sitting next to their bed, on their tabletop and you want them to print out the
report. In fact, I would probably put something at the top of this report saying print this
out for easier reading to try to get you into their home a little more.

A lot of times when we're talking about the system we think of little things to add. As I
was just talking to you I was saying if they print out the report it’s better for us and then I
thought gee, why didn't I have that in my report? I know this, because we do this with
sales letters, but I didn't think about it when I did the free report. I need to put that in my
free report.

I’m going to add that to my free report tonight so I suggest you do the same thing. You
want to get that in their home. If you can get them to print it out you're now on the
coffee table, nightstand or wherever they do their reading you’ll be there. At the end of
the report it says go to this website.

They may not go immediately they may wait a day or two and go, he did send me that
report, it did mention something about a book let me check that out. They go to the link
and they say, he has this book and its 65 pages. I liked the report so I think I’ll try the
book too. Do you see what I mean? It’s that mentality and that’s what we're focusing

It’s an Opt-in page, to a sales letter then we have the name and email address now and
we continue to follow-up with them over and over again for 10 days in a row. Therefore,
we want to hit them while they're most interested in our particular offer.

                                Session Six - Bonus Call

Each day they're less interested so keep the emails short. It annoys me when I see
people send out these long emails, do you think people are going to read this big, long
email? No. They are not going to read it. An email should be read without them having
to scroll inside their email box.

If any of you have ever received an email from me you know my emails are very short,
definitely less than 100 words and I can say everything I want. An email is not meant to
do your selling; an email is meant to get people to click on a link and let the sales letter
do the selling. When you think about that it makes perfect sense.

You can say so much in 100 words. Keep that in mind and keep your emails short. Get
them to click the link. The only purpose of an email when you send it to your list is to
get them to click a link to a sales letter and the sales letter can do the selling.

Each email should give them another reason why they should get your product today.
Think of all the different reasons. Look at your bullet points and give them a bullet point.
Did you know this? Have you thought about this? On page 27 of my book I talk about
this. You can start using this technique today. Do you see what I mean? It’s like a
different reason each day.

It’s gently reminding them that you opted into get my report. I know you want to do this
for example, lose weight, so why not come and look at this book? It’s perfect for what
you want to do and that’s what we're talking about here.

Don’t say the same thing over and over again that’s one of the problems with emails.
First, most people don’t email enough and that’s the biggest problem they have. The
second thing is they say the same thing over again they get repetitive very quickly.

In the last email you send them, ask them why didn’t you buy? I don’t understand. In
fact, here’s an email we send out. I don't understand. We’ve told you about the
product, you told us you wanted to lose weight and we’ve given you all the reasons why
you should, so why didn't you buy? Please help us out and let us know why you didn't
buy this product.

It appears it met all of your needs, so to help us with our marketing for us to do it better,
please tell us why you didn't purchase this product today. Do you know what? People
will tell you.

First, when they tell you they didn't buy make sure that you disregard most of the ones
that are on price. The price ones are usually not true. Whenever you say it’s too
expensive you're saying that you haven’t demonstrated to me enough value. If you
show me enough value in it, I’ll buy it.

                                Session Six - Bonus Call

In our mind we have a price point of what we're willing to pay. Once we get to that point
we can say it’s not enough value then someone shows you one other piece about this
particular product and that now is valuable and is definitely worth the price now. I see it
happen all the time. I see it happen with myself when I’m reading other people’s sales

I also see it with a number of other people when they see an offer or are trying to
dissect a person’s business. The person left out one crucial element, which is the
biggest selling point of the whole product. Once I hear that I’m like that’s our twist, our
hook and how we need to do this.

Again, the way this system works is very simple. We go to an Opt-in page, then to a
sales letter and the biggest thing we want to do is ask them on the sales letter why they
didn't buy. What was the reason? We want to use this system, because as you can tell
in our other pieces this system works, so we just need to put this into an example that
will work for us. It’s a matter of testing it each time and tweaking it.

This is a different model and what the cool part is, is that you're building a list as you go
along. When you implement this system later on today, day one you're building an
email list. You have a list right now. You put it up and literally five minutes from now
you’ll start getting email addresses it’s the greatest thing in the world.

Even if you’ve never built a list in your life from day one you’ll get people on your email
list. For some of you it may be the first time you’ve had anyone on your list and that’s
okay. You're doing it. Congratulations. You’ve got a list. This is what makes this so
exciting, because you see results and your follow-up system can kick in.

You’ll get some people who will buy immediately. I call this a flaw in the selling process
on the Internet. Meaning we can go to a person directly and they're not going to buy it,
but if we say here is something free and by the way, here’s something else I think you
need to read about. Now they're more accepting to hear about this, because we bribed
them already and gave them something of value.

At this point they come back and look at this and say this sounds like something I need.
I need this. They buy this product here, but we have an increase in numbers. The
numbers are totally different, because on a normal sales letter, even if we wrote a fairly
decent one we're going to get maybe two percent going into an off market that we don’t
know anything about.

                               Session Six - Bonus Call

We can tweak, modify and increase that through the roof, but it’s always going to be
tough. We’ll increase it a quarter percent at a time or less and we're going to keep
making tweaks. In six months or a year later we're still making tweaks, we're making
progress it’s going well and we can make it definitely profitable.

This method is profitable in the first couple of days. You don’t have to be a genius to do
this or know anything, because the system does it all for you.

Let me explain something. One of the ways to make your sales letter better is to take
this sales letter for example and run alternate versions of this whole section here. We
could use that with Google website optimizer where it will split test your pages or
elements on your page. We could run this through, send the traffic there and it will
automatically figure out, which is going to be best for us.

This is what I love about the Internet this is the cool stuff that we use to make money,
because of this flaw in the system, give them something free and then sell them.

You may say Armand, what’s the difference between this and just an Opt-in page and
then a sales letter? No. The mechanics are different, because our Opt-in page in this
scenario, when we hit the back button it talks nothing about a product, does it? It talks
nothing about being sold anything. There is no mention of our product here. We are
purely selling the value of that Opt-in page and report that’s what we're selling.

Think about this. We're selling the value of the report here. What happens is when they
get to the next page it’s like surprise and now they're looking at this product it’s a shock
to the system and it’s not the same.

For example, on my normal sales letters and products this is not the same. I want to
explain that deeply. This is not the same. The whole mental strategy that we're working
with the audience as far as what we're doing isn’t even close to being the same as a
standard Opt-in page.

We’ll go to my Ebook Generator sales letter. What’s it talking about? Ebook Generator.
It’s even got a video on how to use Ebook Generator then when they Opt-in to this they
see my Ebook Generator sales letter. This is straight out.

I’m telling them it’s about Ebook Generator. I’m telling them I’m going to tell them about
Ebook Generator and give them an eBook on Ebook Generator. They know I’m selling
Ebook Generator; they should, because there are a couple of hints on the left side
saying order now.

                               Session Six - Bonus Call

How does that compare over here? Again, on the Opt-in page there it is; free report.
There are so many different things I can do to this Opt-in page, because there are so
many things I want to test on it.

For example, this free report, I’m going to make this big later on tonight and that’s how
big it’s going to be. It’s going to take up this whole middle section and say free report so
people can’t miss it.

I believe in a couple of different things. There’s one technique that I’ve talked about and
many different people have heard me talk about it and I refer to it as ‘obvious
marketing’. If you want people to do something make it very obvious to them. Tell them
what you want them to do. Don’t keep it a secret.

There are no secrets about marketing. If there is a secret about what your intention is,
you’ve already lost the battle. If you think that your customer is smart enough or that
you're intuitive enough to describe what you want your customers to do you're joking
yourself. The fact is, your customers aren’t going to know what you want them to do
they're not going to take your subtle hint.

This is not a verbal conversation where I can use a ton of suggestive phrases and
sentences to get them to do what I want. I can’t hypnotize a person with my copy no
matter what anyone says. I want to make it transparent. What do I want you to do?

Two things on this page; it’s free, you can download it now. What’s the subject? On
your metabolism it’s free, you can download it now. What’s the point on your Opt-in
page that you want people to think of? Free special report, download it now. You can
say the same thing at the bottom. Claim your free special report download it right now
that’s my message. It’s like a mantra, over and over again.

There are only two things they should be able to say oh it’s a free special report. I
should download it right now. I make it very obvious. Download it now. It’s 100% free.
Make yours obvious as well.

On the next page they give us the name and email address, they come over here stop;
before you go I have something important I want to talk to you about. Right now you
can get your hands on my brand new book hot off the shelf. You can have it even
before the general public does finally, the secrets to boost your metabolism.

There are a ton of things I can do to make this convert better. Do you have to be a
genius at this? No. You have to be able to know what to put on an Opt-in page and
maybe have someone else do it. On this page we're messing with the top piece,
everything above the fold that is the most important element of this whole system.

                               Session Six - Bonus Call

You can do this. What I'm going to love hearing about is the results that you are getting.
This is all a mental strategy in how we work with our customers and potential
customers; this is what we need to focus in on. This information is going to separate
you and if you look at the people out there doing this right now, very few people are
doing it.

People are doing slight variations of it, but they make it 10 times more complicated to
get this. This is a free, to an up-sell, to a stop sales letter and then bam, you get them
right there. This is where it is. I hope you understand, because this is so powerful that
you'll love it.

That’s the first thing I wanted to show you. You can always come back through and
look at this again and again. You’ll see I’ll be making changes along the way to that
Opt-in page.

Let’s talk about a new pay-per-click tool. This is a tool that I’ve been using for a while
and here’s something that you have to understand. Creating campaigns and grouping
them into proper groups can be a pain and tedious, especially when you're building a lot
of campaigns.

There’s a recently released tool, which does all the work for you without a lot of time
and effort. If something promises that it’s going to do all the work for me and I don’t
have to do too much, count me in. I’m ready to play coach, because this is the deal.

It’s called ‘Speed PPC’. It’s software that came out not too long ago. It has been
recently updated and there are a number of things that are cool about it. It’s an
advanced tool, which allows you to create campaigns that are targeted and you can
create these campaigns in mass.

With it you can create keyword group campaigns, keyword appended campaigns. First,
keyword group campaigns meaning, let’s say I had 10 keywords. I wanted to target my
ads for a specific keyword and I want that keyword to be in my ad as well. I would have
to separate every one of my keywords into separate groups that would be a pain.

Speed PPC lets you do this automatically. If you have 10 keywords it will create 10
groups for you automatically and all you have to do is copy, paste and upload them to
Google. It separates out your groups into multiple campaigns.

Create keyword appended campaigns let’s say I was advertising drycleaners. I could
put drycleaners in Wyoming, drycleaners in New York in every major U.S. city. I could
have 256,000 different cities to the end of that keyword and that would give me 256,000
different places to advertise in. Do you see what I mean?

                               Session Six - Bonus Call

There’s a large number of different ways we can use that, because the more targeted
you are, especially geographically it works out tremendously. The other part it can do is
geographically targeted campaigns meaning we can mention certain cities, states and
things of that nature as well.

Most importantly there is something else and I’ll have to describe to you what this is. It's
called dynamic pages with Google. It’s a way to increase your quality score and have
Google do all the work for you. I’ll draw it out and show you an example. What
happens is, when you run the keyword in your ad you can pass that through to the
landing page and the landing page will dynamically change with your keyword.

Let’s look at Speed PPC and I’m going to show you how it works and why you should
use it. It looks complicated and intimidating, but it’s not. There are only a couple of
different sections. I have a sample campaign that I’ve put in already to give you an

I created this campaign called weight loss. I selected some keyword. First, we have
weight loss up here. We're only going to look at this section first then we’ll look at this
section, we’ll look at this down here and we’ll go in that order.

In the first section we have weight loss up front and we selected the keyword list. If we
wanted to add a new keyword list we could name a new keyword list and then paste our
keywords here. We can go to Google keyword tool and paste in a list of keywords that
we got right here. We don’t need to, because we have these keywords here.

We're going to start with what they call a single campaign and that’s this listing at the
top. It’s a straight campaign just with keywords. We're not going to add anything to it.
It’s going to do all the work for us. We’ll come back and do some other campaigns.

We can create groups. For example, down here at the bottom underneath that section
it says groupings. I want highlight so you know where I am. This section where it says
grouping, we can group by seed or we can assign the group name.

For example, if I put in the words lose weight it will put all these keywords, which there’s
only about 10 or 15 of them into the same ad group and create one ad group. If you
hold your mouse over a top an area it will give you a description of what that means,
we’re doing or we can go over here and this is what they call seeds. Your keywords are
what they call seeds. By seed, it will create a new ad group for each keyword.

For example, in this case, however many keywords we have up here it will create a new
ad group for each one of these keywords automatically. Do you see that?

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Once we’ve set that the way we want down below we could change this around if we
were using some other things, but we don’t have to. Let’s go to the next page at the top
tab, pricing and URL. I just put in a URL here, it says your domain and then it has this
index.php?seed=… then it gives you a funky code.

Where it says seed in this bracket here, it will put our keyword here. Our destination
URL is going to look something like click here.ccindex.php?seed=Internet marketing for
example. Then it’s going to pass it through to our landing page. I’ll show you an
example of the landing page I’m playing around with in a few minutes.

Down here under Google set-up, we can also set this up for MSN and Yahoo as well,
but we don’t need to. Google set up here, we’ll see our broad, phrase and exact match
so we can choose to do all of them or only one. I’d recommend doing all of them,
because we’ll get different results.

Once we’ve set all this up, now we'll go over here and this is our ad. In my case, I just
put the seed word, the seed token up here. I wrote a very simple ad, nothing major and
I put the URL that I had on the previous page over here. I copied this URL and pasted
in the actual URL on this side.

Here’s what happened, I’m only using one ad. I could write as many ads as I want, but
up at the very top right of the page you’ll see a light that says build so I’m going to click
build. It’s actually building my whole campaign. It just built my campaign in a couple of
seconds and there it is. These are all the keywords I just had and it duplicated them
three times.

For example, diet three different times, the broad, phrase and exact matches. All I have
to do is copy and paste this into Google. Over here in the ad output I copy all these
keywords and paste them into Google. It made me individual groups for each one of
these. You may think I’ve never seen any place in Google to paste all this stuff that’s
right you haven’t, because we use Google’s Adwords Editor.

Google make a piece of software called AdWords Editor. You can look at all of your
different campaigns, your ads, your ad groups, budgets for your campaigns, make
changes then upload all the changes as well. You can see all of this inside Google
AdWords Editor. It works right off of your desktop.

It’s cool in many ways, but it’s also a little complicated to use. For what we're doing we
don’t have to do too much to use, which is cool. Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m
going to go back to Speed PPC. Here’s my keyword output. At the top I’m going to
click copy. Underneath the copy I copy everything that I have here.

                               Session Six - Bonus Call

Then I go over to Google and remember that’s my keyword output. I click on keywords
and I click the second button that says make multiple changes. It says add, update
multiple keywords. When I do that a little window pops up and we can see all this
information. I just put my cursor in this white box in the middle and it says what
campaign would I like this for?

I’m going to put it under boost metabolism. I hit paste and there it is. I click next and it
says there are three new keywords that we’ve added, because I actually have all of
these keywords already then I click finish.

I just added this keyword. It gave me a warning, because some of my keywords are in
another ad group. When I go back to Speed PPC see this ad output here, the second
one, underneath, I click copy then I go back to Google AdWords Editor and click on add
at the top.

I switch to the add tab and it says make multiple changes add, update multiple text ads
so we’ll click on that. Now same thing, I’m into the right ad group. I click and paste
everything that I just copied from Speed PPC into it. I click next and there are 20 new
ads that I just had created it let’s me look at them and I click finish. Twenty new ads
and everything else is right here.

All I would have to do is make changes at the top up here in Google, at the very top or I
could select post changes. When I do that it will automatically upload all of these ads to
my Google AdWords account. I don’t have to go into my Google AdWords account at
all. Do you see what I mean?

It’s cool, because I can set up all these ads, keyword targeted, using the keyword in the
ad and then even using a custom or dynamic landing page, which I’m going to show you
in a second. This allows us to create massive campaigns, a large number of keywords,
group them all into multiple keywords and we can do it all in about two minutes.

I just used 10, but I could have used how many different keywords? An unlimited
number. I could have created a huge number of campaigns, all individual keywords, all
with the keyword in the ad, the whole works. It would have taken minutes so there’s no
reason to not use the system, because it’s going to make my job that much easier.

Imagine using that tool and sending them to a page… I’m going to show you this page
and I know there is a mistake in it already, because I didn't upload the header graphic
on it. Ignore the header graphic at the top of the page.

I’ll type in the truth about Internet marketing. I can pass the word Internet marketing
from anyplace. For example, if you're looking for the best information about Internet

                                Session Six - Bonus Call

marketing then you're looking in the right place. I’ve researched inside Internet
marketing for a number of years and I found there is only one place for Internet
marketing information that you can trust every single time. Get the full details right now
click the button- for Internet marketing click here.

If I wanted to type in something else, the truth about Armand Morin if you're looking for
the best information about Armand Morin then you're looking in the right place.

Here’s what happened. Let’s type in some things X=losing weight. If we type in losing
weight we're going to show you something. We're going to go to Google’s keyword tool.
I want to show you this is, because Google’s keyword tool is going to show us what they
think of this particular page.

We're going to check website content and here’s the page. We're going to check this
page and get keyword ideas. Here’s what Google’s tool came back with losing weight,
losing weight fast, fat loss tips and a bunch of different words.

I’m trying to get it to give me my pay-per-click cost. Here it is show average pay-per-
click. Show estimated ad position. These are some pretty popular terms and they're
telling us it will cost $1.93 or something, which is ridiculous, but that’s assuming that our
PR is low.

Let’s type .10¢ in the calculator. I’m typing in some phrases to see where we’d end up
as far as keywords and positioning. You’ll see we have some five cent bids here,
number one through three. Fast weight loss, fat loss, things of that nature. This is all
100% targeted towards this page.

Here is something interesting. I’m on the same page and let’s take the second word,
let’s type acne and then I’ll type in the word cure. This is the same page so let’s hit
keyword ideas again. They're pulling up the page and seeing what it looks like it’s all
about acne, because it just changed, because it’s dynamic. We're going to see what
they say.

Google comes back and says your page is all about acne that’s interesting. Google is
saying instantly, on the fly the same page is about two totally different things. We can
see by the results by the ads they're giving us fairly decent bids for acne and things of
that nature.

We’ll do it one more time. We’ll change it to make money. We’ll get keyword ideas. It’s
searching the website and now we're all ranked for making money. It’s cool, because
we can dynamically use this to get very low cost pay-per-click. It’s just a simple change
of information here and this is a dynamic page.

                               Session Six - Bonus Call

What do you have to do? Nothing, because see this button in the middle of the page
this button, we can format to make it go anywhere we want to, which would be our
landing page. We use this to get very low rankings and then we use this button.

We change the page where we want them to go to then we upload this to a page on our
site and we can redirect people on our own website right here. It’s a simple two step
process, but it allows us to use techniques that we used inside of Speed PPC, use this
with this landing page.

There are a couple of modifications I’m still making on this page. I made this page
myself and that’s why the header graphic isn’t working and that’s okay, don’t worry
about it its minor and I can fix it in two seconds.

The other part to this page is that I want to give it to you. You are going to get this
page. Give me a day or two to modify and tweak it then I’ll upload it for you. It will be
modified even better than what it is now. You're going to be able to use it, but here is
the trick you need to use this with Speed PPC.

I’m looking at a way that we can use this normally inside of Google. I believe we can so
I’ll test out some things and let you know. I believe we can simply put the keyword at
the end of this inside of Google then we’ll automatically come to this page. I think we
can do this even without using Speed PPC. If there is, I’ll do a short video to tell you
how to do that, but I want to test that first.

This is one method I’ve been working on and I’ve been working on the text primarily to
make it not sound like its self-generated. We’ll change some things. The trick on this
whole page, I search engine optimized this page according to what Google wants. I did
this myself by hand to give it what Google wants and I kept going back and forth to
Google’s keyword tool to test it over and over again.

Then I looked at the phrasing in this paragraph and I kept using the keyword in the
phrasing of the paragraphs and I made it so most phrases make sense throughout this,
so we'll use this more and more. I’ll give this to you again, give me a couple of days
and I’ll probably do a short video.

I’m pretty positive we can use this with Google so I’ll create a short video for you to use
this in your pay-per-click campaigns where this button would dynamically change to
wherever you want to send the people to. It will be a cool addition and you will get it for
free. No one can get it anywhere else, because I made it.

                              Session Six - Bonus Call

Speed PPC has some other dynamic pages as well except I don’t know how optimized
theirs are. To me they didn't look too optimized. Here’s their website. They have all
training to use this. I only showed you all a couple pieces of what their system is. They
have some great training, a bunch of videos teaching you how to use the system.

I only showed you how to use a single core campaign. They have dual core and you
can get complicated; just don’t get carried away with the complexity. Their videos are
very good. They explain everything very easily and everyone, no matter what your
level, is going to be able to understand this, so don’t feel intimidated by it.

On the download’s they also have some different templates you can use for a dynamic
landing page. Be very careful on this as far as what you put here if you're going to use
any of these templates. Find something that’s going to work for you and then make the
call to action very clear.

One critique I have of their system is that their templates here are not marketing savvy.
You're making it way too complicated. Look at this, this one has six buttons on it. Don’t
do stuff like that. This one at least has an Opt-in box down here in the yellow in the
lower right hand corner. It has an Opt-in box that you can modify so that’s cool. Some
of these are multiple buttons and it makes things way too complicated.

The best one to use right now is the one in the upper left corner, the guy with his hand
on this chin. If you're watching this a little later, chances are they may have added
some new ones or heard me on this webinar and changed some of their options around.

Keep this in mind. If you're going to use their Opt-ins they're a little too complicated.
Some of them look nice, but again you don’t want everyone using the same thing and at
the same time you don’t want to complicate your audience. Give it a shot, download
them and test them out and everything else.

Speed PPC is simple and easy, but not cheap its $397 and $497. Does it cost a little
bit? Yes. Is it worth it? If you're going to do a lot of AdWords campaigns I definitely
recommend using it. To find the page go to and it will take
you to that page.

What else? Here’s what we’ve covered over the course of this webinar. The basics on
how to get going and set up a campaign, market research, keyword targeting,
placement targeting, using PLR products, advanced tools and techniques. We even a
couple other advanced techniques that we did in today’s webinar.

                               Session Six - Bonus Call

What I want you to understand is that you have all of these tools at your disposal at this
time. You can use these techniques to drive traffic to your own products, other people’s
product or do anything you want as far as driving traffic goes. We covered one way of
using private label rights products to do this.

Knowing what you know today of the techniques I suggest you use the technique that I
mentioned today with your private label rights products. That’s why I wanted you to wait
before you drive a bunch of traffic to a private label rights product. I wanted you to get
one up, but I didn't want you to start marketing it yet, because I wanted to show you this
other technique first.

Now that you understand this technique go back, change your pages and make it reflect
these newer techniques. You have the ability now to drive an unlimited amount of traffic
to anything you want and that’s the beauty of the AIM system.

I’ve taught you some of the insider secrets of things people don’t talk about. You can’t
find this information that I talked about in a course, in an eBook or anywhere else on the
Internet except here. After participating on the AIM series you’ve learned the insider
strategies for using Google AdWords. There’s not anything left unless Google changes
something, but you want to always keep abreast of that and keep that going.

If you feel you received great information from this course, I want to hear from you. I
want your testimonial about what you felt about this course, how you feel it’s going to
help you in the future and even if you had success stories already, I want to hear them.

Send me an email while you're thinking of it to There’s
no doubt that I’m going to turn this into a course. We're already in the process of
working on it. I feel very good about this and I hope you do too. This course is some of
the great information about using AdWords that people have not gone into this depth

I think that we’ve laid it out with some solid groundwork for you to not only know Google
AdWords, but I can tell you if you paid attention to these classes you know more about
Google AdWords than I will say 95 to 97% of all the people on the Internet, no doubt.

In fact, believe it or not you know more about Google AdWords than many of these so-
called Google AdWords experts, because we’ve gone into some very detailed
information about how to use AdWords. We’ve used some strategies that no one else
is using, because I developed them myself and you were the first people to hear about

                              Session Six - Bonus Call

I want to hear your thoughts. I want your testimonial, because we're going to turn this
into a product. If you're on our website a ton of people will see you when we launch this
product in the future so send that email to us right now at

I’d like to thank everybody. My name is Armand Morin and we are now finished with the
AIM class.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you everybody and send me an
email at Do that right now.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.


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