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By Mackenzie Platt,
 Scott Herrick, and
  Amber Hughes
• Pandora’s “box” is not a BOX! It is a JAR.
  A mistranslation in the mid 1500s led to
  this common misconception.
The Basic Story
       • Zeus decides to punish
         the people for the stolen
         gift of fire, so he decides
         to create women. The first
         woman is named Pandora
         meaning “all-gifted.” She
         is given to Epimetheus as
         his wife, along with a
         sealed jar that Zeus
         commands to never open.
         Pandora’s curiosity tugs at
         her, and eventually she
         opens the jar, unleashing
         all evil into the world. The
         only thing left in the jar is
               So basically…
• Pandora’s jar represents
  any object or situation that
  seems harmless and even
  beautiful on the outside but
  holds a menacing potential
  for evil within.
• Pandora is seen as a
  metaphor of the jar. She is
  beautiful and “all-gifted” on
  the outside but she is the
  one who lets out all the evil
  in the world.
Places in Literature
• The story of Pandora can be
  compared to the Biblical story of
  Eve. According to Christianity,
  Eve was the first woman and she
  could not resist her curiosity and
  partook of the apple thus
  releasing sin into the world.
• In The Odyssey when Odysseus
  decides to listen to the Sirens he
  is showing extreme curiosity but
  it differs from Pandora’s story in
  the fact that he takes proper
  precautions (tying himself to the
  mast) to evade catastrophe.
• The Skeleton Key: The main character
  in this movie found a key and couldn’t
  resist her curiosity of what was behind
  the door, even though she had received
  misgivings concerning it. When she
  went beyond the door a world of
  witchcraft awaited her.
• Willy Wonka: Each kid in this story
  decides to eat a piece of candy which
  seems harmless and delicious on the
  outside but holds chaos within. (2:40)
              How It Matters
• The story of Pandora is a lesson in controlling
  curiosity. Due to Pandora’s curiosity, all that is
  evil is present in the world. She was told time
  and time again not to open the box, but she
  does so anyway. If she had more self-control,
  evil and pain would still be trapped inside the jar.
• This makes us ponder on the things that appear
  good in the world and to think about the
  consequences of our actions.
• Also this story puts a negative denotation on
  women in the world as do other stories as this
  one is retold in different ways.
• We also have to wonder if hope is trapped in the
  jar, or is hope what we have left after the evil?
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