Windows Phone 7 app store now complete – has a TechCrunch app by bestt571


App store that application store, usually understood as the application store. App Store is an Apple for the iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad and Mac to create the service that allows users from the iTunes Store or mac app store to browse and download some of the iPhone SDK to develop applications or mac. Users can purchase or free trial, so that the application is downloaded directly to your iPhone or iPod touch, ipad, mac. Includes: games, calendar, translation programs, library, and many useful software. App Store from your iPhone and iPod touch, iPad, and mac application that stores the same name.

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									Windows Phone 7 app store now complete – has a
TechCrunch app

A dedicated Windows Phone 7 app by tech news juggernaut TechCrunch has just his Marketplace. the
software was coded by 2359 Media, who describes themselves as a turnkey mobile publishing platform
who create white-label solution that enables content publishers and advertisers to easily distribute content
across multiple smartphone platforms.

The company is the same one who coded TechCrunch’s iPhone app, and to tell the truth, the software is
not that great, but knowing that TechCrunch paid their own money to develop the app translate to me into
a vote of confidence in the platform from a very influential tech news outlet.

Now we just need that Engadget app…


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