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Appro NAS Storage Solution


									  Appro NAS Storage Solution

  Ease of Use Network Attached Storage for
  Enterprise Mission-Critical Data Center Applications
Ne Appro Storage AR3015 NAS
  The Appro AR3015 NAS is designed for boosting network capacity without adding management complexity. It
  is simple and easy to use and it is ideal for storage hungry applications in high-density environments. The Appro
  AR3015 NAS is equipped with the power and features to support today’s most demanding network infrastructures.

  For file sharing, this NAS system supports Microsoft®, UNIX, Linux, Apple and Web clients. It’s dual Gigabit
  Ethernet with loading-balancing and fail-over ensure that all clients attached to AR3015 NAS are serviced quickly
  and continuously. For applications demanding large file size transmissions, Appro AR3015 NAS optimized
  embedded OS, RAID 10 or 50 with 64 bit PCI-X bus for disk network I/O outperforms the competition. If data
  back up is the primary use for network storage, this 3U storage is capable of supporting up to 6TB in 15 hot-swap
  hard disk drive bays with expansion ports for higher capacity. And for enhanced protection and mission-critical
  applications, Appro AR3015 NAS offers server to server data mirroring and fail-over, snap shot data recovery and
  UPS support. Most importantly, Appro 3015 NAS offers the most competitive value when it comes to total cost
  of ownership.

  ■ Up to 15 SATA hot-swap hard disk drive bays                                  3U Profile
  ■ Multiple network support                                                    15-bay NAS
  ■ RAID 0,1,5,10, 50 and JBOD with hot spare
  ■ Hot-swap redundant power supplies
  ■ Snap shot data recovery
  ■ Embedded OS
  ■ PDC/ADS/NIS Host IP Blocking
  ■ Server to server mirroring and fail-over
  ■ Administrator software managed over web or
    console log in

  Benefits and Value
  ■ Highly optimized performance with embedded OS
  ■ Easy service option with a customer installable
    and maintainable design
  ■ Minimizes downtime with high availability and
    end-to-end data protection features
  ■ Redundant and hot-swap components improves
    availability and reduces exposure to outages
  ■ Cost-effective storage for Windows®, Linux
    and NetWare server platforms

     Appro Storage Solution

     Server to Server Fail-Over and Mirroring
     Appro AR3015 NAS offers a total solution for data back up and server failure. The AR3015 NAS offers server to
     server data back up where the primary and secondary NAS are connected by high-speed Gigabit Ethernet with a
     private IP address. As data contained in the primary NAS are updated or deleted, the same updates are processed
     to the data contained in the secondary NAS in real-time. Since this transaction is done through a dedicated Gigabit
     Ethernet, client access speed and response time to and from the primary NAS is not affected.


                                                      Primary                    Secondary
                                                       AR3015                         AR3015
                            MIROSOFT                                 Server
                                                Optional                                       Optional
                                 WEB             Storage                                       Storage
                                              Subsystem          Data replication              Subsystem

                                        Server to Server Data & Setting Replication

     Server to Server Fail-Over by Secondary NAS
     ■ RAID configuration
     ■ Logical volume configuration
     ■ Synchronization to PDC/ADS/NIS/UNIX Host/ Host IP blocking
     ■ ACL for Microsoft®, UNIX, and Apple clients
     ■ FTP setting
     ■ User/Group Quota configuration
     ■ Snap shot setting
     ■ Other server/client related settings


                                   Primary                      Secondary
                                    AR3015                       AR3015


                                               Optional                   Optional
                                               Storage                    Storage         WEB
                                               Subsystem                  Subsystem

                                                  Server to Server Fail-Over

Example of a NAS-Based Implementation
         PDC             ADS                                                            NIS
      Primary            Active            AR3015 - File Server                         Network
      Domain             Directory                                                      Information
     Controller          Service                                                        Service

                  Microsoft                                                      UNIX NFS
                  Network                                                        Network

     Windows                                              Network                           UNIX Hosts

                                                                        APPLE Clients

             Server                  Applications

                                                                       AR3015 - Online Backup Storage

                                                          Web Server
         AR3015 - Application Server Storage

Optimized Performance
■ Delivers 2 to 3 times the throughput and 3 times faster response time when compared
  to similarly configured NAS products
■ 64 bit PCI-X bus for network and disk I/O components
■ Highly optimized, embedded OS

■ Access control list
■ Microsoft® and UNIX user authentication
■ Host IP blocking for Microsoft® and UNIX hosts

■ Microsoft®, UNIX, Linux, Apple, and Web clients support
■ FTP support for both individual user and public

■ Easy to manage from anywhere on the network via console log in or browser-based user interface

     Appro Storage Technical Specification

                                                 Appro AR3015 NAS

     Processors                                  Intel® Xeon™ 2.4GHz processor or higher

     Chipset                                     Intel® 7520 (Lindenhurst)

     Memory Type                                 Registered ECC DDR 333

     System Memory                               2GB

     Disk Controller                             PCI 64-bit SATA controller with 128 on-board cache

     Storage Capacity                            Up to 6TB

     RAID Levels                                 • RAID levels: 0,1, 5, 10, 50, and JBOD
                                                 • Global hot-spare pool operation
                                                 • Stripe Size Assignment
                                                 • Drive hot-swapping
                                                 • SATA

     Management                                  • Highly optimized embedded Linux OS
     Software                                    • Administrator software managed over web or console log in
                                                 • Server Configuration
                                                 • Storage Management
                                                 • User and Access
                                                 • Server Monitoring & email notification
                                                 • Snap Shot
                                                 • Local Back UP
                                                 • Server Mirroring and Fail-Over
                                                 • Software Update

     Security                                    • Microsoft® PDC/ADS
                                                 • NIS
                                                 • UNIX Host
                                                 • Host IP blocking – Microsoft®
                                                 • Access Control List (ACL)
                                                 • SSL & HTTPS

     File Sharing                                • Microsoft®, UNIX, Linux, Apple and Web clients supported
                                                 • FTP support for both individual user and public

     External Connections                        Single or dual Gigabit ports (Copper)

     Power Supply                                100-240VAC, auto-sensing, 760W triple, redundant PS

     AC Amperage                                 7A max. at 110VAC; 3.5A at 220VAC

     Cooling                                     4 redundant cooling fans

     Weight (w/o drives)                         71 lbs. (32 kg)

     Dimensions (HxWxD)                          132mm x 450mm x 647mm

     Temperature                                 Operating : 0 ~ 35˚C, Humidity : 8 ~ 90%, non-condensing

     Support: Two years standard warranty. On-site maintenance and installation service options are available.
     Rapid Exchange Service Options: Two years warranty (next day parts replacement exchange).


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