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									Search Engine Optimisation
                   Meet our expert: Martyn Fewtrell
                   Martyn Fewtrell has worked in the Internet industry since 1997, specialising in
                   online marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. His first-rate
                   understanding of search engine technology is evident in the results he achieves, consistently
                   convincing businesses that their website is their best marketing tool. He lives with his family
                   in Devon.

How Martyn can help you

      Website Marketing Analysis, FREE to SitesPlus Subscribers
Why you should: To help you understand how your website’s performance can be improved

What you get: A professional review of website content and online marketing recommendations.

This free report will identify areas where you can enhance the performance of your website. Based on a
professional analysis of your site, and the information you provide about your website goals, you’ll receive a
report on how you could market your website successfully.

To find out more, without obligation, just email us on

         Internet Marketing Package - from £199 + vat
                                                                       A video production company
Why you should: To improve your search engine listings.                contacted us because they were
                                                                       disappointed by their website
What you get:                                                          performance. We reviewed their site
A one-off service to provide you with all the fundamentals you         and they agreed to implement our
need to achieve, and improve, search engine listings.                  suggestions. Within a short time, they
Includes:                                                              saw a 500% increase in visitors to the
         Website Overview and Keyword Research                        site. They cancelled most of their
         Preparation of title tags, meta tags and copywrite           conventional advertising and decided
         Submission to key search engines and key                     to invest in further online marketing.
            directories where applicable

To find out more, without obligation, email us on

              Pay Per Click Campaign - from £40 + VAT per month (min. 3 months)
Why you should: PPC is the quickest way to increase visitors to your website.

What you get:                                                           Case Study: A small hotel
                                                                        wanted to improve occupancy
Highly targeted visitors to your website as a result of the expert
                                                                         rates. We recommended a Pay Per
management of your Pay Per Click campaign
                                                                        Click Campaign and agreed an
          Quick results - usually within 24-48 hours                   initial budget of £100 per month.
          Provides instant traffic to your website                     The 1st month saw a seven-fold
          Highly targeted and quantifiable                             return on investment and they
                                                                        continue with PPC to this day.
To find out more, without obligation, email us on

                           Our expert panel – making the difference

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