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									Being Overweight Is a Real Pain

Our bodies are amazingly made and from the tops of our heads down to the
souls of our feet, it never ceases to amaze people of how wonderfully our
body is able to cope with the things we hand it on a day-to-day basis.
There may be times, however, whenever we overdo it in some way or another
and our body is simply not able to keep up with the abuse that we give to
it. This is the case whenever we weigh too much and believe it or not,
weight problems can cause other problems in our body that are either mild
or extreme. One of the ways that this is most commonly felt is through
back pain.

The reason why our backs tend to hurt whenever we are overweight is
because we are putting undue pressure on the spinal column. The spine
was made in order to hold a specific amount of weight that is
proportionate to the size of our body. If we are carrying around an
additional 20 or more pounds of body fat, this is going to strain our
spinal column and even put it out of alignment. This is one of the main
reasons why we experience back pain.

Another reason why we may have pain in our back is because of our sciatic
nerve being pinched. As we gain weight, our body tends to compensate by
shifting our hips forward and this puts it into an unnatural alignment
which pinches this nerve. Sciatica is one of the more painful things
that can happen to us and it is unnecessary for us to be feeling this if
we are feeling it because we are overweight.

In order for us to overcome these problems and to get rid of the back
pain once and for all, we are going to need to get rid of the weight that
we are carrying around. For most of us, it is a matter of shedding
weight that we may have been carrying for the majority of our lives. If
you would like to lose anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds or even more there
is really only one way for you to do it. Reduce the amount of calories
that you are eating every day and eat healthy foods so that you are at a
500 to 1000 calorie per day deficit. You will lose about 2 pounds per
week which will have amazing benefits on the way that your back feels in
just a short period of time.

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