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									                                 High Storrs PTA Meeting
                                   Reg Charity No: 1113514

                                 Tuesday 9 February 2010

                                   7.30pm Highcliffe Club


     1.       Welcome and introductions

     2.       Minutes from last meeting (See below)

     3.       Matters arising from minutes not on the agenda

     4.       Finance update

     5.       Fundraising for 2010 (See below)
                a) Feedback from Quiz (discuss)
                b) Auction of Promises 26 March 2010 – see examples from 2007 below
                c) Car Boot and Plant Sale 10 May 2010

     6.       Correspondence Received
                a) Sheffield Volunteering Strategy

     7.       Governors Update

     8.       Any Other Business

     9.       Date, time and venue of next meetings:
              a) PTA Annual General Meeting 7.30 School Library 2 March 2010

     Andrew Darby Chairman
     Linda West Vice Chairman
     Anita Lloyd Treasurer
     Karla Henry Secretary

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ITEM 2: Parent Teacher Association: Minutes

Reg Charity No: 1113514

PTA Meeting held on Monday 20th October 2009 Highcliffe Club.

Attendees                                   Apologies
Andrew Darby (AD)                           Anita Lloyd (AL)
Elaine Read (ER)                            Anne Parker (AP)
Stella Berry (SB)                           Heather Warden (HW)
Ray Everitt (RE)                            Linda West (LW)
Fiona Heath (FH)                            Paul Rockcliffe (PR)
Lucia Lorente-Arnay (LL)                    Julie McKenzie (JM)
                                            Nick Fleischmann (NF)
                                            Gill Godden (GG)

     Agenda Item                                                              Action
1    Welcome and introductions
     Welcome to new member Lucia Lorente-Arnay

2    Minutes
     Minutes of previous meeting held on 7 September 2009 agreed as a
     true record with amendment that Fiona Heath attended meeting.

3    Matters Arising not on the Agenda

4    Finance Update
     AL provided full statement for year to date see attached. Thanks given
     to Anita for preparation and detailed feedback. Balance increased on
     last year.

5    Fundraising 2009
     (a) Feedback from Ceilidh
     By using school band much better profit achieved. Ticket sales
     perhaps need cut off date to avoid having to do last minute
     organization. Not enough meat pies, crisps, sweets, soft drinks etc
     bought due to last minute ticket sales and larger numbers of under
     18’s. To avoid this extra could be purchased and if not sold used at
     next event. Push sales of tickets through PTA contacts to encourage      LL and RE to
     adults to attend. LL offered to organize sales of tickets by email for   liaise
     next ceilidh. RE to check with IT whether parents emails can be
     provided to assist sales.                                                RE
     Caller needed better microphone. Should we use PTA funds to buy
     one for use at events? RE to investigate purchase of one and advise
     as to cost.
     Photos of the event would have good to publicise next one. Are there     RE
     any issues re photography of children attending. RE to advise.
     ER offered services of Martyn Read to take photos provided no issues     ER
     raised by school.

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     (b) 50-50 Club
     Some Parents unclear as to what a 50-50 club is. Needs more publicity
     to increase membership and awareness. Application form sent out in
     Communications sheet and emailed to all PTA contacts and
     Centralians. AP to acknowledge all new joiners to encourage other          AP
     people to join. Need to discuss whether fee should be increased next
     year to offer bigger prize, as an incentive to join. AL to look into       AL
     whether standing order could be set up to avoid people having to rejoin
     every year. All PTA members to encourage friends and family to join.       All
     Easy way to raise funds as if we can get 700 members first prize would
     be £320!!

     (c) Christmas Quiz
     See attached Planning sheet                                                All

     (d) easyfundraising.com
     To be pushed through emails, newsletters as can generate large profits     All
     for PTA through little work.

6    Correspondence received
     Subscription to NCPTA will be paid by direct debit.                        AD

7    Governors Update
     Proposed closure of Abbeydale Grange. School in negotiation with           RE/AD ongoing
     Education Authority re possible additional pupils. RE/AD to advise
     when all concluded.

8    Any other business
     Matter rose as to whether PTA volunteers should pay for tickets for        All
     events. General thoughts were that they should pay. May discuss
     further at next meeting if people have issues.
     Publicity of PTA role etc to be put in new Y7 newsletter to encourage      AD and RE
     new members by RE. AD has draft – send to RE.

9    Date Time Venue of next meeting –TBC
     Possibly make it a Christmas social, bar meal and a drink at local pub.    All to email
     Suggestions please and confirmation as to which date is preferable 2       preference asap
     or 8 December.                                                             to AD

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Promises Auction – from the PTA Wiki 2007 Archive

What is an Auction of Promises?

In 2008 the school and the PTA ran an Auction of Promises and raised nearly £5000 for a variety of
school charities, including a school in Sri Lanka damaged by the tsunami, and PTA funds. I suggest
we discuss sharing the proceeds with support for Haiti this time. The auction had three main parts;

   a) an auction of promises from individuals and organisations to provide a service of some kind
      and of larger or special items donated to the auction
   b) a silent auction where open bids were placed in writing against individual items or vouchers
      up to a time limit
   c) a big raffle

The PTA was responsible for canvassing local chops and businesses either through contacts or by
knocking on doors. This was coordinated through the PTA wiki, some pages of which are shown
below, so we didn’t duplicate effort. We did the publicity outside of school, ran the bar and soft
refreshments, meeting and greeting and helped do the power point presentation used by the
auctioneers. The teachers came up with a wide range of the most popular auction promises and
these are really what made the evening – things that money can’t buy. All these were published in
an auction book and all local businesses credited and had their logo or details displayed.

So get your thinking caps on, come up with some ideas and bring them to the PTA meeting at
7.30pm on Tuesday 9 February at the Highcliffe Club. If you are unable to attend please email any
ideas or volunteer for one of the jobs by email to highstorrspta@gmail.com or ring me on 0114 266

We’ll go through the tables from 2007 below and update them into a plan for March 26th.

                       The PTA wiki is at http://highstorrspta.pbworks.com
To edit and add to the wiki, you will need to create your own personal wiki account. This involves
putting in your email address and choosing your own password where it says "Create account" on
                                   the right of the Home page.

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Promises Auction To Do List 2007 – needs to be split into before/on the night/after

Job                                                                                               Who
                                                                                                  Volunteer needed - should
Certificate to thank businesses for promises
                                                                                                  have school logo on
Contact Star, Telegraph, Radio Hallam, Radio Sheffield                                            Ray
                                                                                                  Ray/Julie + the person
Book of reports from promises fulfilled
                                                                                                  who obtained the promise
Article in High Storrs news of promises fulfilled                                                 Ray/Julie
Get a big audience by word of mouth                                                               All

Posters to advertise event, both locally and in school                                            Stella to design/art staff
                                                                                                  can school print

Pupils encouraged to attend, enthused!                                                             Form tutors, assemblies
Progamme for Auction - to sell on the night or in advance                                          Ray /Julie
Buy stock for bar etc                                                                             ? Volunteer?
                                                                                                  ALL MEMBERS          All
Distribution of Posters
 2 people needed to go through the promises and carefully word them onto cards to be
included in envelopes prior to the night.

Booklet to be collated and printed ready for sale £1. Booklet to be on sale in school early
next week.                                                                                         Julie M

3 sixth formers needed to sell the booklets on the door

6 people needed to take people’s details when they come into the hall and issue them with a
number for bidding
Numbers to be printed off-                                                                         Ray
5/6 people needed to man the bar (alcohol) they can sort out a rota for the evening                Linda
 2 people with 3 sixth formers to man the non alcoholic bar-teas/coffees and
refreshments, sweets etc
 2 cashiers needed-4 floats needed-bars x2, entrance, bids                                         Karla

1 person needed to buy refreshments
1 person needed to organise powerpoint show                                                        Andrew

1 person needed to organise music
Hall to be prepared in advance-school-- decorations from success evenings,                         S.Careless’ team
                                                                                                  Sally Kalmar
Publicity posters

Update of school website-

A letter will be sent out to all parents this week advertising the evening. Assemblies will be
held publicising the event. Booklet will be available next week and a further piece of publicity.
In the final week another letter/Flyer will go out
Please bring along your promises to the AGM meeting next week so that we can see which
format they are in

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Name of organisation/area you are going to approach                            Your name            Progress/Outcome
Businesses on Ecclesall Road from Somerfield to Banner Cross
Real Meat Company
Shops at Bents Green + Hammer & Pincers, WORK Ltd, Bents Green
Shops/businesses at Ringinglow + Norfolk Arms and Alpaca Centre
Nether Edge area businesses
Silver Hill Shops and Carterknowle Shops
 Herol 'Bomber' Graham (Personal Training Sessions) - Not for the faint
hearted apparently!!!
 Hunters Bar to Somerfield (not Hallamshire Tennis/Squash and not
Tracey Campbell [ Flower School]
Ecclesall Rd from Tesco's to Hunter's Bar
Ski Village

                                      High Storrs School Promises Auction 4 Dec 2007
                                            What could have gone even better?
                                              Anything not worth doing again?

                                                                                                      Suggestions/Comments about
                                                                                                      Plenty of post event publicity - my son
More parents and pupils to attend                                                                     has said all the teachers have been
                                                                                                      talking about it in class.
More cafe style tables
 Tickets to be issued with programme so that we have a better idea of actual numbers
beforehand (Fire regs etc)
 Plan the end as well, eg: we probably should have sorted out the certificates and how they will
be delivered beforehand
 Possibly get message through via class that we would like short feedback for the post-event
publication - maybe even pictures if people can manage this. Anecdotes would be good,
something interesting/amusing if such happened.
 Definitely needed bids within price reach of the pupils - not a criticism but the ones there did
expect to be able to buy with their 'pocket money'- perhaps a pupils auction??
 The whole success was and will be in future events, down to the early and enthusiastic
 publicity in school and involving the pupils wherever possible. Including whole family access is a
def. winner.
 Re clearing up - helpers willing to stay- on rota??
                                                                                                       Weren't we supposed to feed back nice
                                                                                                      comments about lots, for publicity for
Feedback on items we bought at auction                                                                next time - well I learnt a nice new skill
                                                                                                      - I can now make bread that isn't heavy
                                                                                                      and is v tasty

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Lot                          Location            EXAMPLES FROM 2007 Promise                                                     Value

            Banner Cross                         Any two meals from the menu and four bottles - Smirnoff vodka, Cororniu Cava
            Hotel                                bubbly, Chilean Valle Andee Carbernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc wine,

        2 Lloyds Pharmacy Banner Cross           Blood pressure monitor

                                                 Gents cut and blow dry and a ladies cut and blow dry, with a selection of
        3 NJ Salon           Banner Cross                                                                                       c£70

            Michael at
        4                    Banner Cross        Ladies Cut and Blow Dry
        5 Fired Arts         Banner Cross        £10 voucher to Paint a Pot or towards a gift                                           £10

        6 Talulah's          near Somerfield     Helium balloon decorations for a children's party                                      £50

        7 Somerfield                             In post to school                                                              ?

                                                 A month of classes - one per week plus unlimited open gym sessions for 1
        8 Gymboree           beside Somerfield                                                                                          £33
                                                 month for under 5s

        9 Just for You       Banner Cross        £20 Gift Voucher

       10 Tappeto            Banner Cross        Luxury velour rug                                                                      £79

       11 Sean's Bakery      Banner Cross        £15 voucher for bakery products                                                        £15
            Banner Cross
       12                                        Fish and chips twice
            Fish Bar
       13                   beside Somerfield Received                                                                          3x£10
            Sparks Cleaners

            Katie Peckett at
       14                     Banner Cross       Beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers (will be delivered on 4 Dec to school)
            West End florists

          Knowles and
       15 Sons Cobblers      Banner Cross        Black leather wallet
          and Key Smiths
            Banner Cross
       16                                        Five piece Father Christmas Outfit
            Post Office

       17 Cartridge World    Banner Cross        Multifunction colour printer, copier and scanner

       18 Jewellers and      Banner Cross        Ladies gold plated strap watch by Climax
       19 Light and Shade Ecclesall Road         Voucher being sent to school                                                   ?
            Green Edge
       20                    Nether Edge         Meal voucher                                                                   £10
            The House Skate
21                          Shalesmoor           Day pass for two

            Illusion Hair    Ecclesall Road      Voucher for cut and blow dry                                                   ?
            Food and Fine
                             Ecclesall Road      Bottle of wine (Domaine Trapet)                                                ?
  23        Wine
                             Ecclesall church
            Flower school                        Free tuition Session                                                           £ 10-15
  24                         hall
       25 Scuba Duba         Nether Edge         Try Dive tuition                                                               £15

       26 WORK Ltd           Bents Green         2 Winter Hanging Baskets                                                       ?

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     27 Ringinglow Toys Ringinglow                 Eeyore rocker & ride-along                                                        £70
          Bents Green
     28                          Bents Green       100 Tete-a-Tete Daffodil bulbs + 4 packs Winter Bedding                           ?
          G.E. Spink
     29                          Bents Green       12lb fresh Turkey ready for Christmas                                             c. £40
          Village Balti
     30                          Bents Green       Meal for Two                                                                      £13.50
     31 Co-op Chemist            Bents Green       Adidas Men's Shower Gel and Body Spray                                            c. £5

     32 A1 Sound                 Bents Green       QED HDMI P 1 meter cable                                                          £50

     33 SPAR                     Bents Green       Bottle of Champagne                                                               ?
          Hammer &
     34                          Bents Green       2 x Main Course and Bottle of House Wine                                          ?
          Pincers pub
           The Ploughman
     35                          Bents Green       A mounted Original Watercolour Painting                                           ?
     36 Le Crunch                Bents Green       Small Basket of Fruit                                                             ?
         Lucky Fortune
     37 Chinese take-            Bents Green       Set Meal B1                                                                       £14
          Cards Cards            Silverhill &
38                                                 Voucher                                                                           £10
          Cards                  Carterknowle
39                               Silverhill        Voucher (Fresh fish)                                                              £10
          Knabb Fruit &          Carterknowle
40                                                 Giftwrapped basket of bagged organic Chocolate/Fruit/Nut selection                £15
          Flowers                Shops
                                 Ecclesall Road
41        New Zing Waa                             Two vouchers for £14 each for use on any day except Fri or Sat                    £28
                                 opp Somerfield
          The Beauty
42                               Banner Cross      Voucher for a back head and shoulder massage                                      £30?
                                                   100 of your old family 35mm slides converted to high resolution digital
43        Andrew Darby           Chris Darby 9CU                                                                                     ?
                                                   images on CD
44        David Eden             Beth Eden 7TR     6 personal lifecoaching sessions -Access safety and health

46        Janet Milton           Ewan Bowerbank    2 Yamaha keyboards
          Auntie Dawn's           James Gleadall    1 day training session in grooming,clipping and hand stripping on a one to one
47                                                                                                                                   £100
          Dandi Dogs             13FD              basis for anyone who owns a dog or wants to work with dogs
           La Vina tapas
48                               Ecclesall road    Voucher                                                                           £40
           The Hairband
49                               Ecclesall road    voucher                                                                           £15
           Katie Peckett
50                               Ecclesall road    plant                                                                             £20
          Taste - Italian                                                                                                             £ 27.50
51                               Ecclesall road    5 course Christmas meal for 2
          restaurant                                                                                                                 (?£ 55)
52        Billycat toyshop       Ecclesall road    voucher                                                                           £ 10
                                                                                                                                      ? (guess
           Felicinis - Italian
53                               Ecclesall road    voucher for 3 course meal plus bottle of house wine                               about
          Via school -
54        Sophie                 High Storrs       Breadmaking (not using breadmaker)
          Via school - Mrs
55                               High Storrs       Mountain biking for 5, with lunch
          Via school -Miss
56                         High Storrs             Learn to cook traditionalPakistani/Indian food
           Via school -
57        Tom Cameron,           High Storrs       A taste of boxing - introductory visit to local boxing club

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      Via school - Mr                   An inspirational presentation on how to break 2 world marathon squash playing
58                       High Storrs
      Akram                             records twice
      Via school - Mrs
59                       High Storrs    A unique hand embroidered special Christmas card
      Via school - Ms
60                       High Storrs    A dog free weekend - dog sitting
      Via school - Mr
61                       High Storrs    A 4 hour motorbike trip and pub meal out in the Peak District
      Via school - Mrs
62                       High Storrs    An introduction to sailing
      Via school - Mr
63                    High Storrs       A guided walk in the Peak District with Grindleford Cafe chip butties
      and Mrs Crawley
      Via school -
64                       High Storrs    A golf match at the Hallamshire golf club
      Head's PA
      Via school - Mrs
65                       High Storrs    A hand made Christmas cake
66    Via school         High Storrs    A chance to play with the school rock band
      Via school - Ms
67                       High Storrs    A personal ballet lesson
      Via school - Ms
68                       High Storrs    A personal breakdancing lesson
      Via school - Ms
 69   McCullough         High Storrs    Holistic therapy treatment

      Via school - Miss
70                      High Storrs     Personalised jewellery making
      Via school - Mrs
71                       High Storrs    1 hour French/German tuition
      Via school -Ms
72                       High Storrs    1 hour Maths tuition - not Stats - AS/A2
      Via school - Mr
73                       High Storrs    A visit around the Town Hall and the Lyceum
74    Via school         High Storrs    A signed SWFC football
      Via school - Ms                   A personally cooked health takeaway meal for two delivered to your home -
75                       High Storrs
      Gehring                           Thai/Pizza/Kebab
      Via school - Mrs
76                       High Storrs    1 hours ironing
77    Tescos             Ecclesall Rd   voucher                                                                              £10
      Sheffield Music
78                       Ecclesall Rd   Acoustic Guitar                                                                      £50
      via school-Mr
79                       High Storrs    recording session with CD
      via school-Mr
80                       High Storrs    one to one introductory clarinet lesson
      via school-Ms
81                       High Storrs    gardening session
      via school-Mr
82                       High Storrs    photography session 5 places in Derbyshire with afternoon tea

83    SUFC
                                        signed pennant
      via school-Mr
84                       High Storrs    guided tour of the Town Hall and the Lyceum Theatre
                                        A special day with the owner, Elaine Sharp, working with her herd of over 100
                                        alpacas. Try your skills feeding, handling, and toe-nail trimming! On a Saturday
85    Mayfield Alpacas Ringinglow                                                                                        ?
                                        from 10am to 3pm; minimum age 12 accompanied by adult or 16
      S Yorkshire
                                        3 places available-visit around their stables,talk from a police officer about the
86    police and Mrs
                                        role of horses at football matches, view and possibly helping out with training

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      Madelaine Peace
87                                           Lily pad soap dish
88    JAM hairdressing Oakbrook Rd           Cut and Finish
      hair emporium
89                       Bents Green         Selection of 3 specialist hairdressing products                                       c. £25
90    UK Ariels          Abbeydale Road      Digital Set top box                                                                   £40

91    pod collectables   Abbeydale Road      1950's West German collectors vase                                                    £18
      Abbetdale DIY &
92                    Abbeydale Road         Brass padlock & 3 keys                                                                £8
      Door Centre
93    Patrick Harding    High Storrs parent 3 x copies of 'Magic of Christmas' book, by Patrick Harding
      via school-Emily
94    Brunt Carly        High Storrs         Wrapping Christmas presents
      Fetch 13PT
95                       Abbeydale Road      10 Blank cassettes
96    Odd Bins           Abbeydale Road      1 bottle Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine                                                  £5.49
      The Beauty
97                       Abbeydale Road      1 back massage                                                                        £20
98    Acorn Antiques     Abbeydale Road      Antique Green Crown Ducal Vase (shape of basket)                                      £18

99    Burgin orangerie Abbeydale Road        lamp                                                                                  £75

100   Time Warp          Abbeydale Road      Wall mounted wine rack                                                                £15

101   Mottotec           Abbeydale Road      1 pair of motorbike gloves                                                            £20
      Patch work
102                      Abbeydale Road      Cushion                                                                               £10
                                             quite rustic chunky necklace and pretty brooch                                        no idea,
      touches (very
103                      Oakbrook Road       a bit grabbable but otherwise good for silent auction I would think - I'll bring to   classy
      smart clothes
                                             school asap - Heather W                                                               probably
                         96 Hangingwater     Box of various polishes - furniture, brass and window, plus dustpan and brush,
104   RGS Cleaning
                         Rd                  and cloths - auctioneer could have some fun with this maybe, or silent

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