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 Providing mentoring support to Participating Youth of Ship for World Youth
  program 20 in undertaking social development activities in their states
 Encouraging visit of Ex- Participating Youth of different countries as volunteers
  for social contribution activities by linking them with national level NPOs
 Promoting alternative source of energy, rain water harvesting and conserving
  natural resource among youth and community in 20 villages and four cities
 Undertaking children's forest program in six schools for eco development with
  2500 children
 Inculcating values of peace and non-violence among 2000 youth from school and
 Eco-Volunteerism by taking 240 children on heritage walks
 Providing vocational skills to 200 rural youth for self-reliance
 Providing primary education support to 2400 disadvantaged children
 Setting up school and slum libraries and donate books and school supplies to
  children in four schools
 Working with 1600 poor rural women for their rights and entitlements through
  peaceful resolution of conflicts
 Holding two annual get together of Ex- Participating Youth for networking
  furthering the cause of Ship for World Youth through individual and collective
 Sharing of six monthly e-newsletters and annual country reports with Ex-
  Participating Youth of India, Government of India, Embassy of Japan,
  International Youth Exchange Organisation, Japan other organizations and
 Organising 6 talks on Gandhian thought and future of Humankind for youth
 Organising activities on
       18 January        :       International Ship for World Youth Day
       8 March           :       International Women’s Day
       5 June            :       World Environment Day
       12 August         :       International Youth Day
       2 October         :       International Non-Violence Day
 Mobilizing youth to work towards achieving UN Millennium Development Goals
  (MGD) by 2015 by taking initiatives for advocacy and actions on the following
       Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
       Achieve Universal Primary Education
       Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
       Reduce Child Mortality
       Improve Maternal Health
       Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases
       Ensure Environmental Sustainability
       Develop a Global Partnership for Development