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									           CallTrac VOIP                                                for Cisco CallManager

                                       Track      Features & Benefits
                                                    # Supports all network sizes and configurations.
                                       Billback     # Complete tracking for Cisco CallManager
                                    IP Telephony!   # Desktop Version: CallTrac VoIP captures data
                                                                                 from a centralized database (Publisher) within a
                                                                                 CallManager cluster architecture.
TelSoft Solutions has been providing the latest in call                      #   Enterprise Version: Accommodates multiple
accounting solutions for over 17 years. Now, you can manage                      clusters at different locations
and bill Voice over IP traffic with CallTrac VoIP call accounting
                                                 ,                           #   Supports hybrid networks: networks composed
designed for Cisco’s Architecture for Voice, Video and                           of CallManager in combination with any other
Integrated Data (AVVID). CallTrac VoIP is an optional module                     PBX or Key System (Avaya, Nortel, NEC,
that offers full call accounting and billing for Cisco’s                         Siemens, Mitel, Ericsson, etc.)
CallManager telephony systems. This module supports both                     #   Records and reports on all calls: inbound,
Cisco CallManager as well as all other contemporary telephone                    outbound, station to station, IP intranet and
systems.                                                                         external gateway calls with hundreds of
                                                                                 reporting options.
CallTrac VoIP captures CallManager data from the server and                  #   CallTrac pricing engine enables you to assign
rates the calls using our robust engine. The data is stored on-                  costs to inbound, outbound, local, long distance,
line and accessible via the CallTrac reporting                                                 and PSTN (Public Switched
system, featuring hundreds of reports and                                                      Telephone Network) gateway calls
reporting options.                                                                             based on the gateway used. TelSoft
                                                                                               Solutions can cost calls from
The CallTrac VoIP “Virtual Buffer Module”
                                                                                               gateways located throughout the
queries the Cisco CallManager Publisher’s
database multiple times per minute using a
TelSoft proprietary protocol featuring ODBC
                                                                                          # Traffic Analysis feature enables you
(open database connectivity). This results in low                                              to engineer the traffic on your
CPU usage and virtual real-time reporting. Call                                                gateways for optimum grade of
records (CDR) are sent from the TelSoft “Virtual                                               service.
Buffer” to the CallTrac call processing, reporting                                        # Toll Fraud feature provides user
and query module, which confirms receipt of the                                                definable criteria for detecting
call record to the VoIP “Virtual Buffer” module,                                               intrusive and/or abusive activities.
thereby eliminating the possibility of lost records. The “Virtual                Immediately upon detection, alarms notify you
Buffer” module is the core component of the CallTrac VoIP                        via SMS (short message service), pager, screen
systems interface to the Cisco CallManager and can be                            pop or email to protect your system from
deployed on various Call Manager Clusters feeding CDR back                       hackers, fraud, and abuse.
to a single centralized CallTrac system.

  CalCluster ger                     CallManager
             Publisher                                                                                     Call accounting
Subscriber                                                                         CallTrac                     report        Call accounting
                                                                                                                  Call accounting  report
                                                                                                              818 555 1234 :33 6.32
                                                                                                              213 765 9087 1:46 10.54
                                                                                                              419 876 5444 :04    .27                    818
                                                                                                                                                                     1234 :33 6.32
                                                                                                                                                                     9087 1:46 10.54

                                                          TelSoft VoIP
                                                                                                              323 675 4332 :26   1.24
                                                                                                                                                         419   876   5444 :04    .27
                                                                                                                           818 555 1234 :33 6.32         323   675   4332 :26   1.24
                                                                                                              818 555 1234 213 765 9087 1:46 10.54
                                                                                                                            :33 6.32
                                                                                                                           419 10.54
                                                                                                              213 765 9087 1:46 876 5444 :04   .27

                                                          “Virtual Buffer”                                    419 876 5444 323 675 .27
                                                                                                                            :04     4332 :26  1.24       818 555 1234 :33 6.32
                                                                                                              323 675 4332 :26     1.24                  213 765 9087 1:46 10.54
                                                                                                                                                         419 876 5444 :04    .27
                                                                                                                           818   555   1234 :33 6.32     323 675 4332 :26   1.24
                                                                                                                           213   765   9087 1:46 10.54
                                                                                                                           419   876   5444 :04    .27
                                                                                                                           323   675   4332 :26   1.24

        CallTrac VO Call Accounting Modules
Hospitality CallTrac                                             Shared Tenant CallTrac
The CallTrac Hotel Billing software provides full call           T h e S h a r e d Te n a n t c a l l
accounting features for Hotel and Motel properties.              accounting and billing software
CallTrac interfaces to any Hotel/Motel property                  provides all features for billing
management system (PMS) and provides reports which               multiple telephone users of all
allow you to properly reconcile the two systems.                 types. All telephone call cost and
Automated rating table operation enables calls that have         other related or unrelated
been placed to newly created area and office codes to be         charges are accounted for, including all balances and
billed, even though they have not yet been programmed            amounts paid or owed.
into the rate tables. This insures call records are priced and
stored for guest checkout or sent to the property                Different pricing classes can be established for different
management system (PMS) and billed to a guest folio.             groups of users to allow profit management for the casual
Capturing and storing all call records allows management         or even the very heavy telephone user. Discounts can be
to oversee both guest and employee phone usage and full          offered for high volume customers including day time
trunk usage, thus allowing the best management of long           discounts. Billing periods are selectable.
distance carriers, the number of trunks needed and
reconciliation of phone bills.                                   Monthly or staggered cyclical billing periods are easily
                                                                 accommodated and can be set up by group. The page
    #   Generates call profit reports on a real-time basis       layout of the printed bills can be customized at the time of
    #   Accommodates long-stay Hotels                            printing to suit your needs. Text messages can be added on
    #   Reconciles call accounting records with property         billing runs which request payment by a specific date, or
        management system(PMS)                                   broadcast other important information to users.
    #   Night audit report matches calls and charges
        that have been sent to the PMS                           Cost and charge of telephone calls can highlight savings, or
    #   Stores call records beyond the normal 24 hour            charges alone can be printed. Through custom interface
        audit period, typically 60 days of calls                 with the PBX and in-house computer systems, control of
    #   Generates a guest bill if the PMS is down for an         telephone usage can be fully automated.
        extended period of time
                                                                 Services to be included in the billing are user definable. Any
                                                                 type of product or service can be included. Simply create
Flexible Reporting                                               your own transaction code for that charge, enter the
                                                                 transactions and start billing. You can make as many test
    #   Web Reporting gives your                                 billing runs as it takes to get the total just right. After you
        authorized users quick access via                        make the desired adjustments the final billing run is always
        their browser to all reports and                         perfect.
        system functions
    #   Supports full hierarchical structure                     Departmental Billback
    #   Supports authorization and account codes                 CallTrac tracks calls accurately and precisely for charging
    #   Enables you to configure, schedule and run               back to departments, projects, clients or contractors. The
        reports right from your desktop                          system supports both "cost" and charge" as defined by
    #   Schedule single or multiple reports to                   you.
        automatically e-mail to specific users                   Toll Fraud Detection
    #   Schedule and automatically deliver monthly               CallTrac detects abuse, toll fraud and other suspicious
        reports via e-mail to executives and managers            phone activity in real-time so that immediate action can be
        (users get only their division/department                taken on international calls, 976 numbers, bomb threats,
        information)                                             911 calls, sexual harassment calls, etc.
    #   Schedule and run reports to a local or network
                                                                 Other modules available include University/Student Billing, Law
        printer, or to a file
                                                                 Offices, HealthCare facilities. For more information on CallTrac or
    #   Deliver reports to users automatically via e-mail.       other telemanagement solutions by TelSoft, please contact us at

                                         100 N. Brand Blvd. Suite 400, Glendale, CA 91203
                                         800-525-4845 www.telsoft-solutions.com

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