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              Volume 106 Suppl 5 October 1998
Oxygen/Nitrogen Radicals and Cellular Injury
Table of Contents
Preface                                                                            1117
Kenneth B. Adler, Robert B. Devlin, Val Vallyathan
Nitric Oxide and Inflammation
Characterization of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression in Human Airway     1119
Fuhua H. Guo and Serpil C. Erzurum
Nitric Oxide and Its Congeners in Mitochondria: Implications for Apoptosis         1125
Christoph Richter
Nitric Oxide as an Inflammatory Mediator in Autoimmune MRL-lpr/lpr Mice            1131
J. Brice Weinberg
Role of Nitric Oxide in Inflammation and Tissue Injury during Endotoxemia and      1139
Hemorrhagic Shock
Nishit S. Shah and Timothy R. Billiar
Nitric Oxide and Peroxynitrite Production in Ocular Inflammation                   1145
Janice Benson Allen, Teresa Keng, and Christopher Privalle
Pulmonary/Pollutant Effects
Reactive Oxygen Species: Their Relation to Pneumoconiosis and Carcinogenesis       1151
Val Vallyathan, Xianglin Shi, and Vincent Castranova
Contribution of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species to Particulate-Induced        1157
Lung Injury
Sha Zhu, Machelle Manuel, Shogo Tanaka, Nonghoon Choe, Elliott Kagan, and
Sadis Matalon
Enhancement of Nitric Oxide Production by Pulmonary Cells following Silica         1165
Vincent Castranova, Linda J. Huffman, Deloris J. Judy, John E. Bylander, Leroy
N. Lapp, Susan L. Weber, John A. Blackford, and Richard D. Dey
Crocidolite Activates NF-kB and MIP-2 Gene Expression in Rat Alveolar              1171
Epithelial Cells. Role of Mitochrondrial-Derived Oxidants
Kevin E. Driscoll, Janet M. Carter, Brian W. Howard, Diana Hassenbein, Yvonne
M.W. Janssen, and Brooke T. Mossman
Increased Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Lung after Ozone Inhalation Is Associated   1175
with Activation of NF-kB
Debra L. Laskin, Vasanthi Sunil, Yan Guo, Diane E. Heck, and Jeffrey D. Laskin
Oxidants and Signal Transduction
Impact of Oxidative Stress on Signal Transduction Control by Phosphotyrosine       1179
Cecile M. Krejsa and Gary L. Schieven
Modulation of the Alveolar Macrophage Superoxide Production by Protein             1185
Henry Jay Forman, Huanfang Zhou, Evelyne Gozal, and Martine Torres
Modulation of Mitochondrial Gene Expression in Pulmonary Epithelial Cells         1191
Exposed to Oxidants
Yvonne M.W. Janssen, Kevin E. Driscoll, Cynthia R. Timblin, Diane Hassenbein,
and Brooke T. Mossman
The Role of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Airway Epithelial Gene        1197
Linda D. Martin, Thomas M. Krunkosky, Judith A. Voynow, and Kenneth B.
Reactive Oxygen Species Signaling Through Regulation of Protein Tyrosine          1205
Phosphorylation in Endothelial Cells
Viswanathan Natarajan, William M. Scribner, Mohammed Al-Hassani, and
Suryanarayana Vepa
Oxidant Effects on Epithelial Na,K-ATPase Gene Expression and Promoter            1213
Christine H. Wendt, Renuka Sharma, Robert Bair, Howard Towle, and David H.
Antioxidant Defenses The Nature of Antioxidant Defense Mechanisms: A Lesson       1229
from Transgenic Studies
Ye-Shih Ho, Jean-Luc Magnenat, Mary Gargano, and Jin Cao
Lipid Peroxidation Products and Antioxidants in Human Disease                     1229
Francisco J. Romero, Francisco Bosch-Morell, María J. Romero, Enrique J.
Jareño, Belén Romero, Nuria Marín, and Joaquin Romá
Lung Injury and Oxidoreductases                                                   1235
J.R. Hoidal, P. Xu, T. Huecksteadt, K.A. Sanders, K. Pfeffer, and A.B. Sturrock
Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants at Biosurfaces: Plants, Skin, and Respiratory   1241
Tract Surfaces
Carroll E. Cross, Albert van der Vliet, Sam Louie, Jens J. Thiele, and Barry
Editorial Policy                                                                  1252
Instructions to Authors                                                           1253
Instructions to Advertisers                                                       1255
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                  Volume 106 Suppl 6 December 1998
Current Issues on Chemical Mixtures
Preface                                                                           1261
Raymond S.H. Yang and William A. Suk
Overview of Human Health and Regulatory Policy Issues on Chemical Mixtures        1263
Human Health and Chemical Mixtures: An Overview
David O. Carpenter, Kathleen F. Arcaro, Brian Bush, William D. Niemi, Shaokun
Pang, and Dilip D. Vakharia
Public Health Challenges Posed by Chemical Mixtures                               1271
Hugh Hansen, Christopher T. De Rosa, Hana Pohl, Michael Fay, and Moiz M.
Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures: International Perspective                       1281
Victor J. Feron, Flemming R. Cassee, and John P. Groten
Maximum Workplace Concentration Values and Carcinogenicity Classification        1291
for Mixtures
Rüdiger Bartsch, Stephan Forderkunz, Ulrike Reuter, Heidrun Sterzl-Eckert, and
Helmut Greim
Biomedical and Methodological Advances on Chemical Mixtures
Commentary: Current Approaches toward Chemical Mixture Studies at the            1295
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the U.S. National
Toxicology Program
John R. Bucher and George Lucier
Environmental Complex Mixture Toxicity Assessment                                1299
Henry S. Gardner Jr., Linda M. Brennan, Margaret W. Toussaint, Alan B.
Rosencrance, E. Maxine Boncavage-Hennessey, and Marilyn J. Wolfe
Role of Tissue Repair in Toxicologic Interactions among Hepatotoxic Organics     1307
Madhusudan G. Soni and Harihara M. Mehendale
Interactive Toxicity and Stress Protein Expression by Vinylidene Chloride and    1319
Monochloroacetate in Precision-Cut Rat Liver Slices
Jayanthika Wijeweera, Jay Gandolfi, and Xing Hui Zheng
Tumors and DNA Adducts in Mice Exposed to Benzo[a]pyrene and Coal Tars:          1325
Implications for Risk Assessment
Lawrence S. Goldstein, Eric H. Weyand, Stephen Safe, Michael Steinberg,
Sandra J. Culp, David W. Gaylor, Frederick A. Beland, and Lewis V. Rodriguez
Medium-Term Bioassays for Carcinogenicity of Chemical Mixtures                   1331
Nobuyuki Ito, Katsumi Imaida, Masao Hirose, and Tomoyuki Shirai
Lung Tumorigenic Interactions in Strain A/J Mice of Five Environmental           1337
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Stephen Nesnow, Marc J. Mass, Jeffrey A. Ross, Anthony J. Galati, Guy R.
Lambert, Chris Gennings, Walter H. Carter Jr., and Gary D. Stoner
Comparative Estrogenic Activity of Wine Extracts and Organochlorine Pesticide    1347
Residues in Food
Kevin Gaido, Linda Dohme, Fan Wang, Ichen Chen, Barry Blankvoort, Kavita
Ramamoorthy, and Stephen Safe
Estimation of Toxicity of Chemical Mixtures through Modeling of Chemical         1353
M.M. Mumtaz, C.T. De Rosa, J. Groten, V.J. Feron, H. Hansen, and P.R. Durkin
Statistically Designed Experiments to Screen Chemical Mixtures for Possible      1361
John P. Groten, Osamu Tajima, Victor J. Feron, and Eric D. Schoen
A Nonlinear Isobologram Model with Box-Cox Transformation to Both Sides for      1367
Chemical Mixtures
Ding G. Chen and Joel G. Pounds
Mixture Design and Multivariate Analysis in Mixture Research                     1373
Ingvar Eide and Hanne Greiff Johnsen
Physiological Modeling of Toxicokinetic Interactions: Implications for Mixture   1377
Risk Assessment
Sami Haddad and Kannan Krishnan
Approaches to Developing Alternative and Predictive Toxicology Based on          1385
PBPK/PD and QSAR Modeling
Raymond S.H. Yang, Russell S. Thomas, Daniel L. Gustafson, Julie Campain,
Stephen A. Benjamin, Henk J.M. Verhaar, and Moiz M. Mumtaz
Ecological and Engineering Advances on Chemical Mixtures
Molecular and Genetic Ecotoxicologic Approaches to Aquatic Environmental         1395
Barry J. Beaty, William C. Black, Jonathan O. Carlson, William H. Clements,
Nancy DuTeau, Elizabeth Harrahy, Jay Nuckols, Kenneth E. Olson, and Alfredo
Altered Biologic Activities of Commercial Polychlorinated Biphenyl Mixtures      1409
after Microbial Reductive Dechlorination
Mahmoud A. Mousa, Patricia E. Ganey, John F. Quensen III, Burra V.Madhukar,
Karen Chou, John P. Giesy, Lawrence J. Fischer, and Stephen A. Boyd
Using Metal-Ligand Binding Characteristics to Predict Metal Toxicity:            1419
Quantitative Ion Character-Activity Relationships (QICARs)
Michael C. Newman, John T. McCloskey, and Christopher P. Tatara
Genotoxicity of Bioremediated Soils from the Reilly Tar Site, St. Louis Park,    1427
Thomas J. Hughes, Larry D. Claxton, Lance Brooks, Sarah Warren, Richard
Brenner, and Fran Kremer
Bioassay-Directed Fractionation and Chemical Identification of Mutagens in       1435
Bioremediated Soils
Lance R. Brooks, Thomas J. Hughes, Larry D. Claxton, Barry Austern, Richard
Brenner, and Fran Kremer
Modeling the Chemistry of Complex Petroleum Mixtures                             1441
Richard J. Quann
Model Validation Concepts and Their Application to Lead Models
Preface                                                                          1451
Lester D. Grant, Robert W. Elias, and Allan H. Marcus
Evaluation (Not Validation) of Quantitative Models                               1453
Naomi Oreskes
Historical Perspective on Lead Biokinetic Models                                 1461
Michael Rabinowitz
Uses and Limits of Empirical Data in Measuring and Modeling Human Lead           1467
Paul Mushak
Predicting Blood Lead Concentrations from Lead in Environmental Media            1485
Kathryn R. Mahaffey
A Physiologically Based Kinetic Model for Lead in Children and Adults            1495
Ellen J. O'Flaherty
The ICRP Age-Specific Biokinetic Model for Lead: Validations, Empirical          1505
Comparisons, and Explorations
Joel G. Pounds and Richard W. Leggett
The Conceptual Structure of the Integrated Exposure Uptake Biokinetic Model    1513
for Lead in Children
Paul D. White, Patricia Van Leeuwen, Barbara D. Davis, Mark Maddaloni, Karen
A. Hogan, Allan H. Marcus, and Robert W. Elias
Structure, Use, and Validation of the IEUBK Model                              1531
Marlin H. Mickle
Measurement Error, Biases, and the Validation of Complex Models for Blood      1535
Lead Levels in Children
Raymond J. Carroll and Christian D. Galindo
Some Useful Statistical Methods for Model Validation                           1541
Allan H. Marcus and Robert W. Elias
The Integrated Exposure Uptake Biokinetic Model for Lead in Children:          1551
Independent Validation and Verification
Larry Zaragoza and Karen Hogan
Integrated Exposure Uptake Biokinetic Model for Lead in Children: Empirical    1551
Comparisons with Epidemiologic Data
Karen Hogan, Allan Marcus, Roy Smith, and Paul White
Blood Lead Slope Factor Models for Adults: Comparisons of Observations and     1569
Teresa S. Bowers and Joshua T. Cohen
An Empirical Comparison of Lead Exposure Pathway Models                        1577
Paul Succop, Robert Bornschein, Katie Brown, and Chih-Yu Tseng
Roles of Lead-Binding Proteins in Mediating Lead Bioavailability               1585
Bruce A. Fowler
Bioavailability of Soilborne Lead in Adults, by Stable Isotope Dilution        1589
Mark Maddaloni, Nancy LoIacono, William Manton, Conrad Blum, John Drexler,
and Joseph Graziano
Errata                                                                         1595
Editorial Policy                                                               1596
Instructions to Authors                                                        1597
Instructions to Advertisers                                                    1599
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