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									    Microsoft Word                                                                                                        

Microsoft Word Tips & Techniques:
Special Tip!! Atomic Learning has very good online training videos for those users who would like additional
training on Microsoft Word and other Office Applications!

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1. Microsoft provides some really incredible free templates on their Office Web site. You can download calen-
dars, brochures, newsletters and even clip art from

      Take a minute to browse the
      templates and click on one to
      download. The template should
      then open up directly in in MS

      You can also do this with clipart
      you find on the Office Web site!

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2. One of the first things to do is save your document. The FIRST time you save it you can use the Save As... com-
mand; from then on just choose Save... (Ctrl+S). You can always save your document again with a different title
using the Save As... command, which is just another way of renaming your document.

3. You can set different views for your document under View > Normal or View > Print Layout...

                                   You will need to switch to Print Layout to set
                                   tab stops or view your Headers and Footers!

                     Print Layout View                                          Normal View

    Microsoft Word                                                                                                   

4. You can view and customize your toolbars from the View > Toolbars command. From here, if you choose Cus-
tomize... you can drag commands on AND off your toolbar and set different options.

                                                                              The Drawing toolbar is a good
                                                                              toolbar to always have open
                                                                              when working in MS Word...

                                                                                             Drag command icons
                                                                                             ON and OFF the tool-
                                                                                             bar to customize your

                                                                                              Uncheck the “Menus
                                                                                              show recently used
                                                                                              commands first” box
                                                                                              under the Options tab
                                                                                              to get rid of the double-
                                                                                              down arrows on your
                                                                                              toolbars (if applicable)!

	      	       	       	      	       	      	       	      	       GUHSD	3/2004,	Educational	Technology	Resources

5. You can adjust your document’s page margins and set other page properties including portrait or landscape orien-
tation from File > Page Setup...

                                                                                  Select the Paper Source tab to
                                                                                  change the page’s orientation
                                                                                  to Landscape or Portrait..

                                                                                 Remember, you have the option
                                                                                 to print ONLY the current page or
                                                                                 a range of pages in an extra long

6. The keyboard shortcut for cutting text is CTRL+X and the shortcut for pasting text is CTRL+V.

7. Adjust the appearance of your text using various formatting commands such as font type, color, font size, etc.

    Microsoft Word                                                                                                         

8. Insert bullets or numbered lists from the icons shortcuts on the menu toolbar.
                                                 Remember to use the “Increase Indent” and “Decrease Indent”
                                                 buttons to promte or demote sub topics accordingly when creat-
                                                 ing your bulleted and/or numbered lists!

9. Set “hanging indents” by adjusting the markers. To set TAB stops, switch to Print Layout view and click spots on
the ruler above the document where you want your tab stops to appear.

                                                                                      Click on the ruler to add tab

     Drag the top or bottom marks to set
     first line and hanging indents. Hanging
     indents are frequently used for bulleted
     lists, resumes, and bibligraphies.

	       	       	       	        	       	       	       	        	       GUHSD	3/2004,	Educational	Technology	Resources

10. Place text into columns using the command Format > Columns...

11. Set or create NEW styles for your document that you will use over and over again from Format > Style...

From Microsoft Office Help:
“A style is a set of formatting characteristics that you can apply to text in your document to quickly change its ap-
pearance. When you apply a style, you apply a group of elements in one step. For example, you may want to format
the title of a report to make it stand out. Instead of taking three separate steps to format your title as 16pt, Arial and
center-aligned, you can achieve the same result by applying the Title style.

A paragraph style controls all aspects of a paragraph’s appearance, such as text alignment, tab stops, line spacing
and borders AND can include character formatting. A character style affects selected text within a paragraph such
as the font face and size of text, and bold and italic formatting. Characters within a paragraph can have their own
style even if a paragraph style is applied to the paragraph AS A WHOLE.”

    Microsoft Word                                                                                                       

12. Add clipart using the Insert > Picture > Clip Art... command.

                                                                                     resize handle.

13. Use headers and footers to add page numbers, dates and other items you’d like to appear on every page View >
Header and Footer including images used as watermarks!

	       	       	       	       	       	       	       	       	       GUHSD	3/2004,	Educational	Technology	Resources

14. To adjust a picture’s properties, right-click on it and choose Format Picture...

                                                                                       Right-click on the picture or ob-
                                                                                       ject to send the picture in front
                                                                                       of or behind text, or to change
                                                                                       its saturation in order to use it
                                                                                       as a watermark..

15. Control an image’s color cast under the Picture tab and its postion under the Layout tab.

    Microsoft Word                                                                                                      

16. Insert a table into your document using the Table > Insert > Table menu command.

                                                   You can format a table’s properties including its shad-
                                                   ing and border design by right clicking on it after it has
                                                   been inserted into your document.

17. Insert WordArt or AutoShapes and group objects from the Drawing toolbar to spice up your document! Remem-
ber, to format any object right-click on it.

	      	       	       	      	       	      	       	        	        GUHSD	3/2004,	Educational	Technology	Resources

To group shapes, hold down
the Shift key when clicking to
select multiple objects. Then
choose Group from the Draw-
ing toolbar.

      You can also arrange
      objects (Bring Forward,
      Send to Back, etc.) from
      the Drawing toolbar using
      the Order command.

       When working with text boxes, one of the hardest things is SELECTING it as opposed to typing INTO it.

            To type text INTO the text box, click INSIDE the     To SELECT the box, click on the very outside
            box. You can start typing your text when you         of the border. You can move or format the text
            see the blinking cursor that looks like a vertical   box when your cursor switches to a cross-hair
            line in the box like the figure above.               like the figure above.

        Microsoft Word                                                                                                                                              

                                                                           Create shapes from the drawing menu and
        After you place and align your                                     fill them with colors including gradients. Then,
        shapes and text boxes on the                                       use text boxes with clear borders for the font
        page, consider grouping them                                       and arrange them so the text box is in front of
        (drawing toolbar) to better                                        the shape(s).
        manage their layout.
                                                                                                                                              Use a gradient as a fill in
                                                                                                                                              rectangle shapes to spice up
                                                                                                                                              the colorful look of your page.

    Use kerning effects to spread
    out your letters; this will give
    your titles a more unique and                                                                                                             It’s usually a good idea
    professional look.                                                                                                                        to include captions under

Remember, not all the text
has to be assigned a dark font
                                                                                                                                              Quotations in sidebars give
color. Consider using a lighter
                                                                                                                                              the document a professional
shade of gray in your subtitles
to add variety to your layout.

Consider the use of drop
caps for the first letter in the                                                                                                              Consider the use of well
opening paragraph. A drop                                                                                                                     placed vertical and horizontal
cap is when the first letter of                                                                                                               lines to break the visual
a paragraph is larger than the                                                                                                                space in the document and
rest of the text.                                                                                                                             guide readers to different
                                                                                                                                              areas of the page.

                                                                                                                              You can create text boxes that flow text
                                       Use the align objects feature                                                          automatically from one box to the other.
                                       available from the drawing
                                       toolbar to align your objects
                                       (text boxes) vertically and

	              	             	           	            	           	    	         	            	            GUHSD	3/2004,	Educational	Technology	Resources

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