Healthy Vacation Tips by aadianto


									                             Healthy Vacation Tips

Summer vacation is a really great opportunity to make a vacation with your family. It is

wise to have a plan on where your family should go tailored with your family member


But, if you or any of your family members have any health problems, there are several

things you should know before you are going on a vacation. You may read these tips so

you may have a wonderful and healthy vacation with your beloved family.

   1. You may choose a vacation that is suits to your health needs. If your doctor does

         not allow you to have a heavy sport, then do not choose a vacation with a heavy

         or lot activities that may harm you. You may choose a light sport activity as your


   2. You should prepare a lot of mineral water to drink, in order to keep your digestion

         smooth and maintain your metabolism.

   3. Choose some fruit juice as your drink, you can forget about caffeine, soda or


   4. Wear and prepare some comfortable outfit, so that your outfit is become your

         reminder whenever your body is reaching the limit. In example, if you feel that

         your shirt is not comfortable again because a lot of sweat then maybe you should

         take a break and get some rest.
5. Avoid too many snacks, especially when you have not had breakfast. Choose

     some health fruits or salad.

6. You don’t have to taste every meal in the restaurant. You can choose some that

     you may like but you rarely meet on your daily basis.

7.   Even if you are on a diet, do not avoid foods. You should keep eating because

     your body needs an extra power in your vacation. But you may avoid foods and

     snacks after dinner time.

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