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              Classical Christian Community
 THE CHALLENGE PROGRAM is                       In Challenge I               students are     emphasizes the early classical period,
 for students 12 and older. For 30 weeks        encouraged to think deeply and criti-         The World History Seminar emphasizes
 they study 6 challenging subjects at home      cally while improving their writing and       the Middle Ages, the first semester of
 while practicing dialectic & rhetorical        research skills. This Challenge, along        the Theology Seminar emphasizes Bible
 skills in a weekly class. An experienced       with Challenge II has the largest volume      Times, and the second semester Theol-
 home schooling parent tutors the stu-          of reading and writing. Most students         ogy Seminar emphasizes Modern Times.
 dents in math, foreign language, and sci-      in these two Challenges are not driv-         The students’ assignments require them
 ence labs. Students also receive sugges-       ing, working, interviewing with colleges,     to analyze the reading material from a
 tions for improving their written work.        or writing scholarship essays, therefore,     Christian perspective and lead a rigorous
 Other coursework is shared through fa-         they have more time to concentrate on         discussion.
 cilitated discussions. We call each level      their academics. This is a good time to
 a Challenge rather than a grade as we          intensify home schooling academics be-
 want students to be enrolled in the level      cause as soon as they are sixteen years
 they are prepared to study.                    old a lot more opportunities are available    The Classical Conversations
                                                to both educate and distract students.
 Challenge A                   seeks to in-                                                   Difference in High School
 troduce middle school students to the          Challenge II                 is similar to    Classical Conversations seeks to do more
 whole concept of the                                       Challenge I in that the ba-       than just give students knowledge in par-
 Challenge Program. It         “Challenge II is where       sic structure of material         ticular subject areas like history or sci-
 is a mix of grammar and       the students can finally is unchanged. However,                ence. We strive, through our experienced
 dialectic materials and       appreciate all the           Challenge II shifts focus         tutors, to help parents train their students
 teaching methods. The         discipline gained in the to European and cultural              to view all subjects as glorifying the Lord
 amount of reading is                                       studies. The large amount         while also revealing aspects of His di-
                               previous Challenges
 purposefully limited to                                    of reading and writing re-        vine nature while also acquiring life long
 give students more time       from much reading            quired will prepare the stu-      learning skills. The purpose of education
 to work on their writing      and writing in a timely dents for the deeper think-            is to know God and make Him known
 skills. The program is        manner.”  —Leigh             ing required in Challenges        to all the nations; therefore we want our
 not necessarily easy; it is                                III and IV.                       students to see how God uses His whole
 just not as demanding as the other Chal-                                                     universe to reveal Himself and His will.
 lenge levels so both students and parents     In  Challenge III                   students   We believe that ultimately you cannot
 can adjust to the methods used by Clas-       are encouraged to polish their present-        truly teach any subject in isolation. For
 sical Conversations.                          ing and analytical skills. The students        example, in higher learning math finds
                                               don’t have nearly the volume of work as        its application and climax in the sci-
 Challenge B                  is much like     in previous Challenges. Instead, they are      ences, similarly literature analysis cannot
 Challenge A in that reading assignments       expected to study more difficult material,     be separated from philosophy, theology,
 are again limited to allow students to        to spend more time reaching a depth of         and history. Therefore our Challenge tu-
 work on their dialectic skills. However,      understanding, and to work on bringing         tors lead all Challenge seminars in order
 the program is more difficult as these are    their presentation skills to a new level.      to help students develop an integrated,
 truly high school level subjects. Chal-                                                      biblical worldview. This distinction
 lenge B will prepare the students for the      Challenge IV                  is similar to   makes Classical Conversations unique
 faster pace of Challenges I through IV in     Challenge III. But, the combination of         among other educational services.
 high school and is designed to encour-        World Literature, Theology and World
 age the students to stretch and excel in      History seminars allow the student to
 academics.                                    investigate all of His Story in unusual
                                               depth. The World Literature Seminar                                          
 The chart here lays out the six-year “Scope and Sequence” of                    • RHETORIC:
 seminars. Subjects associate with one of six learning skills, or                In this strand,
 strands, emphasized in the classical model. The six skills are:                 students com-
 • GRAMMAR: The grammar strand is associated with lan-                           bine many skills
 guage studies; while every subject has “grammar,” the tutor                     — from writing
 will discuss this learning skill and how it relates to language                 to speaking to
 in particular.                                                                  logical thought
 • EXPOSITION: The exposition strand is linked with litera-                      flow — improv-
 ture and history. In this strand students refine their writing                  ing their rhetoric technique through the discussion of various
 skills.                                                                         ideas.
 • DEBATE: In the debate strand, students practice pieces and                    • LOGIC: Finally, there is the logic strand. While this is not a
 parts of debate, logic, skills, and organization of thoughts.                   formal logic course, the study of mathematics helps develop
 • RESEARCH: Students perfect the research learning skill                        problem-solving ability, which is part of the learning skill of
 through a series of science topics and texts.                                   logic.

                                            Junior High                                        High School

                                 Challenge A        Challenge B   Challenge I        Challenge II        Challenge III       Challenge IV

                                   G R A M M A R
                                    Latin                 Latin     Latin I             Latin I            Spanish I           Spanish II

                                   E X P O S I T I O N
  Challenge Scope and Sequence

                                 Writing and                                                               Poetry /
                                                     Literature    American            English                                   World
                                  Newbery                                                                  Psalms
                                                      / Short      Literature         Literature                               Literature
                                 Literature                                                              Shakespeare

                                   D E B A T E
                                                                  / History of      Art and Music         American
                                  Geography           Events /                                                               World History
                                                                   American            History             History
                                                     Mock Trial

                                   R E S E A R C H
                                   Biology           History of
                                 and Natural         Science /                         Biology            Chemistry             Physics
                                  Science             Origins

                                   R H E T O R I C
                                    Clear                                             Logic and
                                                                  Philosophy                             Logic and             Theology /
                                 Reasoning /       Formal Logic                       American
                                                                  and Drama                              Philosophy           Apologetics
                                 Apologetics                                           Drama

                                   L O G I C
                                                                                    Algebra 2 or          Advanced            Advanced
                                   8/7 or            Algebra ½     Algebra 1
                                                                                     Advanced             Math (A) or         Math (B) or
                                 Algebra ½              or 1          or 2
                                                                                       Math                  (B)               Calculus

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