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19th April 2010

1 Introduction
2 2nd Round of Summer Holiday Projects 2010 Closing date 5th May
3 Department of Health Volunteering Fund for Health and Social Care Opens 19 th April
4 London Health Commission 2010 Awards launched at City Hall Closing Date 4 th June
5 Funding from Landfill Tax and the Landfill Communities Fund eg Biffaward, Sita, Veolia, CETB, Cemex,
6 The Lynn Foundation
7 Think Big
9 Howard League for Penal Reform Community Programme Awards Closing Date 4th May
10 News
a) Introduction of Charitable Incorporated Organisations delayed
b) NCVO’s summary of Election 2010: Manifesto commitments for the Voluntary and Community Sector
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1 Introduction

FLASH is produced by Ealing Community and Voluntary Service – to get information on funding and other items of
interest out quickly to local groups. We welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions to improve our funding advice
service. Free searches for funding can be carried out using Grantnet funded by Ealing Council
http://www.ealing.gov.uk/services/community/community_grants/funding/grantnet/index.html or Funding Central
www.fundingcentral.org.uk .

2 2nd Round of Summer Holiday Projects 2010 Closing date 5th May

Ealing Council have launched the second round of Holiday Project funding. The budget for Holiday Projects in the
financial year 2010/2011 is £50,000, therefore they advise that the amount of grant that groups apply for must be realistic
and should not exceed £2,000.

The Council wishes to support a variety of activities across the borough, but has identified and would like to target specific
areas of need and those needs are:

•       Children and Young people with Special Needs
•       Activities for Girls and Young Women
•       Activities that take place in the Northolt or Perivale areas of Ealing
•       Activities for Young People on Estates

More information and the application pack are available on the Ealing CVS website.
3 Department of Health Volunteering Fund for Health and Social Care Opens 19th April

The Volunteering Fund will open for registration for London and the South East region on 19th April. As well as a grant,
successful organizations are offered support from one of the organizations on the Managing Body. to build organisations'
best practice and financial sustainability beyond the end of the grant.

The local grant scheme is aimed at supporting volunteering in health and social care. Awards will be made subject to
applicants being connected at local level to commissioners.

 All successful applications will need to be able to demonstrate one or more of the following:
■Innovation in volunteering practice
■Clear potential to develop, for example in terms of scale of operation, delivering to a new area or in engaging new
groups of volunteers
■Participation in local partnerships which may develop into more formal arrangements as part of longer-term
sustainability strategies
■Capacity to embed support, deliver long-term sustainability and maximise dissemination of effective practice.

In addition projects will need to be applying under a theme.

These are:
■Cross cutting theme 1: Addressing Social Care priorities – in particular the priorities from the DH strategy 'Our Health,
Our Care, Our Say'.
■Cross cutting theme 2: Addressing Health Inequalities - Local projects applying under this cross cutting theme will need
to outline how their proposed activities will address health inequalities within their local authority and PCT area. All
applicants will need to outline how their proposed activities will address effective contribution towards Health related
priorities within their area's Local Area Agreement (LAA).

The fund opens for registration on 19th April.. Registration closes on 5th July and the closing date for all applications is
12th July

Guidance and an eligibility questionnaire are available now http://www.volunteeringfund.com/key-info.htm
Registration after 19th April here http://www.volunteeringfund.com/application-portal.html

4 London Health Commission 2010 Awards launched at City Hall Closing Date 4th June

These biennual awards recognise and reward achievement by small community groups and small businesses in tackling
health inequalities across London.

Groups must have been up and running for at least one year by 31 March 2010. They want to recognise the work of the
smaller organisations that are often the least visible and struggle most for recognition so you must have a turnover of not
more than £150,000 per year.

You can apply in any of these categories:

1.Cohesive communities – activities that bring different communities or pe ople together to achieve a common goal in
health and well-being
2.Mental well-being - activities that improve people’s confidence in themselves or reduce their levels of stress, worry or
3.Partnership achievement – activities that bring communities together to work with NHS, local councils or others to
improve health and well-being
4.Partnership achievement with business – activities where community-based groups and businesses come together to
work on community health and well-being.
This is a joint award with a small or medium business (ie businesses employing less than 250 people).

Application form and guidance notes are available on the website. http://www.london.gov.uk/lhc/awards/apply.jsp
List of prizes are available here. http://www.london.gov.uk/lhc/awards/prizes.jsp

5 Landfill Tax and the Landfill Communities Fund eg Biffaward, Sita Trust, Veolia, CETB, Cemex

Any rubbish that is thrown away and cannot be recycled ends up in a landfill site. Operators of landfill sites pay tax on
each tonne of landfill. The purpose of this tax is to make it more expensive to put waste into landfill, encouraging us to
reduce our waste and recycle more.

A small proportion of this tax can be used to support a wide range of environmental projects near landfill sites, through the
Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). Biffaward, Sita Trust, Veolia, CETB, Cemex all provide funding under this scheme.

I have prepared a detailed document about these funders. The link is .

Geographical Qualification
Projects will need to be within a certain distance of a landfill site or a quarry. The Environment Agency has a map on their
website which will enable you to search for active landfill sites. The link is http://tinyurl.com/yhgutcf .

Projects Funded (Some general themes of projects funded
Improve local amenities
Conserve wild species
Sport and recreation facilities
Community facilities
Historic buildings or structures
Recovering contaminated land

Find out more

6 The Lynn Foundation

Supports a wide range of charities who work with eg older people, disabled people, children

Apply in writing to the Chairman of the Trustees, Guy Parsons, Blackfriars,17 Lewes Road,Haywards Heath
West Sussex, RH17 7SP , Tel: 01444 454773

Information on the Charity Commission website. http://www.charity-

7 The Big Idea

This fund is supporting young people to improve their communities Young people or their representative groups can
Once in the programme the scheme offers
•£300 cash for your project
•Training and support
•£30 mobile credit to share around your project group
•A Think Big merchandise pack
•Communications tools
•Support from the team of O2 helpers

If invited to take your project further you could get
•Up to £2500 cash for your project (given in stages)
•Free O2 broadband for a year
•£50 phone credit
•A laptop for your project group
•Support from O2 mentors
•The chance to win gig tickets and merchandise for the project group
•The opportunity to apply for an O2 apprenticeship
More information on the website. http://www.o2thinkbig.co.uk/How-it-works/

8 Asda Foundation

The ASDA Foundation can only support a limited number of requests received direct from registered charities and local
community groups. Please contact your local Store or Depot to see if this is something they are able to support. The
ASDA Foundation is set up to assist any charity in the UK as well as people and projects who require financial assistance.
The ASDA Foundation won’t consider applications where the money is to be used for salaries or will be paid into general

They look at each application based on criteria and merit – this is why you should provide as much information as
possible on the application on how this will benefit the local community. Once the Trustees have made their decisions
(based on the information you provided) you will be informed whether your application was successful.

The trustees meet once a quarter to go through the management accounts, looking at new ideas the Foundation can be
involved with to make sure the Foundation supports as many local charities/community projects as possible throughout
the year.

The website is http://your.asda.com/asda-foundation

9 Howard League for Penal Reform Community Programme Awards Closing Date 4th May

By finding outstanding community programmes that work with individuals who have committed crime, it is hoped that the
Community Programmes Awards will not only celebrate success but also promote positive practice in the delivery of
community sentences.

The criteria are
•Programmes need to be part of a community sentence
•They should be rehabilitative and help prevent future offending
•They should involve users in planning and evaluation •Encourage offenders to think about the consequences of their
•Be based on restorative principles
•Work collaboratively with the community
For full details of the awards see the website http://www.howardleague.org/community-programmes-award/

a) Charitable Incorporated Organisations – Introduction delayed.
The introduction of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (“CIO”) is to be delayed again and is not expected until late
this year or early 2011 as there is now insufficient time for the necessary legislation to go through Parliament before the

b) NCVO’s summary of Election 2010: Manifesto commitments for the Voluntary and Community Sector
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has prepared this summary of Election 2010: Manifesto
commitments for the Voluntary and Community Sector


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