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I think about design as a way of life. What you design it represents you . In order
to be a good designer you have to be creative, you have to be organized and to
have an open mind. The most representative of all is the creativity. This is what
makes you better from all others.

I look for a successful career in design and I will put all my resources and talent
in succeeding. I work hard to finish every project and if it’s needed I will stay
overtime. I am a sociable person and I adapt very quickly to any work


AVN Media Network
03/2009 -09/2009

Position: Freelance
Web Developer / Graphic Designer

AVN Media Network is a very large adult video news company. They own a lot of
websites like:,,,,, Once I arrived at AVN my main focus was
the redesigning of their main company site It was a very challenging
assignment since their website wasn’t updated in a while. Another big project
was the designing and developing their new site This site was
made from scratch: the new design and the structure of the website. It was a
difficult project, but I worked very hard on it and I got it done. The deadline on
both projects, was very tight - the work volume was very high and I had to work
late and overtime many times.
*See attached Reference

Threshold Interactive, LLC

Position: Freelance
Web Developer / Graphic Designer
Threshold Interactive, LLC is an advertising agency who has impressive
customers as Honda, Sony, Disney, Harrah's, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, etc. At
Threshold, I was Involved in development of Honda's PowerSport new website
and also in a new Website for Disney - Ultimate Band. My main focus was on
CSS, Html and Js scripts. There were a lot of bugs to fix and we had to make the
site functionally for all browsers. The deadline on both projects, was very tight -
the work volume was very big and I had to work late and overtime.

EDebitPay, LLC

Interactive Web Designer/Graphic Designer
Manager - Graphic Design Department

EDebitpay, LLC is a performance-based online affiliate and direct marketing
services provider to the sub-prime consumer market. At EDebitpay, I was
Involved in the daily design and development of various projects for the
company’s online and offline campaigns. Also, updating and maintaining of the
existing websites. The daily activity was the development and promoting of
various websites: card sites, membership application sites, cash loans, auto
loans, auto insurance. The company offers a large variety of debit cars:
MasterCard, Visa and Discovery. Promoting of these websites was my
responsibility. I had to create an advertising campaign for each website: mailers,
banners, landing pages, print flyers.
For an year and a half, I was the manager of the Design Department. I was
responsible of supervising 2-3 others designers, and many times training the new
ones. I had a lot of deadlines and I was working on several projects at the same

Spark Networks, Inc.

Interactive Web Designer/Graphic Designer

Spark Networks is a leading provider of online personals services in the United
States and internationally. The company owns a variety of dating websites:,,,,, and more. I was involved in developing
advertising campaigns for these websites: banners, mailers, logos, print ads and
online ads. My specialized collaterals aimed to provide a fun and attractive look
and feel, to attract millions of singles each year.
Haziza, Inc.

Interactive Web Designer/Graphic Designer/3D Designer

HStudio is an art studio specialized in sculptures, pedestals, art, furniture,
accessories, rugs, lighting, waterfalls, fashion, and more. At the studio, I was
creating advertising campaigns for all the products. Also, maintaining and
updating the website was one of my responsibilities.


• Graphic design and web layouts
• Online advertising (banners, mailers, landing pages)
• Web optimization and analytics
• Search optimization


• Photoshop
• Dreamweaver
• HTML [hand coding]
• JavaScript
• Illustrator
• CorelDraw
• Flash

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