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									                 regional chamber of commerce
                                                       BUSINESS INSIDER
                                                                                                Vis io nA d v o c a c y L eader sh i p

  Volume V, Issue XI                                                                                                               May 2008

                                                                          Small Businesses Can’t
                                                                           Afford Mandated Paid
                                                                              Sick Leave Law
                                                                                     By: Catherine Gaughen, Executive Director

                                                                     The cost of doing business in California is already too high. From
                                                                     mandatory wage increases to workers comp hikes to government mandates
                                                                     and regulations to the cost of energy, gas, and housing skyrocketing, small
                                                                     businesses are struggling to stay afloat in California. And yet, the
                                                                     California State Legislature is proposing a “Paid Sick Leave Law” to cover
                                                                     every employee in California - imposing a financial burden on businesses
                                                                     already struggling to survive in a shaky economy. Hundreds of small
        Chamber Happenings                                           businesses in California just can't afford to offer mandated paid sick days to
 The City of Cerritos City Manager’s Office Staff was honored with   part-time employees, but Assemblywoman Fiona Ma has introduced bill
    the Chamber’s “Staff of the Year Award” at the Annual Staff      AB 2716 anyway.
 Appreciation Luncheon “Pirates of the Chamber-Be-An” in April.
  From left to right: Mayor Jim Edwards, Kristi Hendrickson, Art     If passed, AB 2716 would provide paid sick leave to any employee who
Gallucci, Council Member Laura Lee, Vince Brar, Kathy Matsumoto,     works for seven or more days each year – making it the only such law in
 Janeen Holman, Pam Mendoza, and Council Member Joseph Cho           the United States. Employees would accrue sick time at the rate of one
      with Captain Jack Sparrow and his first mate Francesca         hour for every 30 hours worked. Workers in small businesses (10
                                                     ► See page 7
                                                                     employees or fewer) would be able to take up to 40 hours or five days of
                                                                     leave per year, and all other workers would be able to take up to 72 hours
            Cinco de Mayo                                            or nine days of leave per year. Sick time would carry over from year to
                                                                     year. There are no exemptions for small businesses. So this means if you
             Golf Classic                                            have one part time employee (a housekeeper, gardener, or babysitter for
                                                                     example) you would need to provide paid sick leave.
                  Monday, May 5, 2008
                  10:30 am Registration                              The bill proposes that an employee would be entitled to use accrued sick
                   Westridge Golf Club                               time beginning on the 90th calendar day of employment. Also, medium-to-
        Player & Sponsorship Packages are available                  large employers could limit annual paid sick days to nine days and small
                                                                     employers to five days. The sick leave would be available for use to care
     Cerritos State of the                                           for a sick family member or to recover from domestic violence or sexual
                                                                     assault. Employers violating the law could face fines of up to $250 per

       City Luncheon                                                 incident.

                  Thursday, May 15, 2008                             The Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce strongly opposes this bill
                     11:30 am - 1:00 pm                              because it is another example of government trying to impose a financial
    Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts - Sierra Room            burden on businesses already struggling to survive in a shaky economy. AB
   Lunch is $30/person - Sponsorship Tables are available            2716 would unreasonably expand employers' costs and liability at a time
                                                                     when costs are already too high. Those cost increases could result in lower

         Networking Mixer                                            wages, reduced health insurance availability and reductions in worker-
                                                                     training programs.

  “Guesthouse Inn & Suites”                                          Most California employers already participate in the California State
                  Thursday, May 22, 2008                             Disability Insurance program (SDI), which is paid for through payroll
                     5:00 pm - 7:00 pm                               deductions and provides temporary disability benefits for employees who
               12500 Firestone Blvd. - Norwalk                       are disabled by a non-work-related illness or injury. The employer is not
                                                                                                                             ► Continued on page 6

                           Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce · 13259 E. South Street · Cerritos, CA 90703
                          phone: (562) 467-0800 · fax: (562) 467-0840 · ·
                                                                                         V isi o nA d v o c a c y L ea ders hi p          page 2

                                                                                                          Executive Committee
President’s Report                                                                                                   President
                                                                                                                  ALLEN WOOD
                                                                                                           Merriwood Management Company
                           The Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce’s May luncheon
                           will feature Cerritos Mayor Jim Edwards and City Manager Art                            President-Elect
                                                                                                                    KEN KRAUS
                           Gallucci as they present the annual State of the City Forecast                         Los Cerritos Center
                           and Update for 2008. I look forward to this event each year be-
                           cause it is so exciting to see all of the great things that are hap-                   BRIANA KNABE
                           pening in our city.                                                                     CalMet Services
                           My family and I feel so blessed to live and work in Cerritos “the                     RICHARD GAINES
                           greatest little city in California”. It is incredible that a commu-                  Sheraton Cerritos Hotel
                           nity of only 51,000 residents would have largest auto mall in the                        Vice-President
     Allen Wood            world, a library that was rated number one in the country by                         JIM RICHARDSON
     2007-2008             Reader’s Digest, one of the top performing arts centers in the                Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary
  Chamber President        world, and the number one academic high school in the state.                            Past President
                                                                                                                  JOHN MEINERT
Yet what mainly impresses me is that although Cerritos is the most ethnically diverse                               Edward Jones
city of its size in the country, with all of its many different cultures, it is also one of the               Board Members
most beautiful and best-maintained communities. I am equally astounded with the unity,                              BOB BUELL
harmony and cultural respect among its residents.                                                                   B & B Stables
                                                                                                                      EMIL ALI
This is not the result of pure luck. From the days, over 50 years ago, when a well-                                    ECC INK
planned city arose from the cow pastures, we have been blessed with a rich heritage and                          DIANA NEEDHAM
                                                                                                                 Prudential CA Realty
exceptional leadership, which continues to this day.
                                                                                                              MARIANNE HUGHLETT
                                                                                                                  Civic Member
As president of the Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce, I am particularly thrilled
                                                                                                               THERESA BRUNELLA
with the exceptional business atmosphere of Cerritos and I am proud of the part that our                         American Red Cross
Chamber plays in creating that environment.
                                                                                                                 DAN PADELFORD
                                                                                                                 AJ Padelford & Son
                                                                                                                MARY LOU LANDES
                                                                                                           Tri City Regional Medical Center
                                                                                                                NANCY NARIKAWA
                                                                                                                  ASAP Products
 Advertising                                                                                                    LOLA RIZKALLAH
                                                                                                                  Cerritos College
  Space is                                                                                                        LINDA SMITH

  Available!                                                                                                  HealthFirst Medical Group
                                                                                                                CONNIE TURNER
                                                                                                              Southern California Edison
                                                                                                                MARCIA VERKAIK
 1/8 page color ad:                                                                                             Dr. Timothy J. Kelemen
    $25/month                                                                                                     LINDA FRISBEY
                                                                                                                 Frsibey Accountancy
 1/4 page color ad:                                                                                                 ANN SMITH
    $50/month                                                                                          Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud, & Romo
                                                                                                                  PETER LYDON
 1/2 page color ad:                                                                                            Hawaiian Gardens Casino
                                                                                                                TODD LEUTHEUSER
    $100/month                                                                                          Southland Motor Car Dealers Association
                                                                                                               KATHY FRAZIER
                                                                                                             ABC Unified School District
 CONTACT THE                       Alexander Ortega                                                                    Staff
  CHAMBER:                         Assistant Manager
                                                                                                              CATHERINE GAUGHEN
   562/467-0800                                                        25% Discount                                Executive Director
                                                                   For Chamber Members                      Jill Ovard, Operations Manager                                                                                    Melody Sandoval, Membership Relations                                                                                      Cory Wesselman, Information Specialist
                                                                                                             Clarence Fuqua, Bookkeeper
                                                                                          V isi o nA d v o c a c y Lea ders hi p      page 3

 Chamber Happenings
 Fun, Food, & Prizes at the April Networking
 Mixer Hosted by Diana Needham
 Diana Needham of Prudential CA Realty hosted the Chamber’s monthly Net-
 working Mixer on April 10, 2008. Guests quickly got into the spirit of the
 evening by enjoying a complimentary Mexican buffet, networking and min-
 gling with one another. The business card drawing proved to be the highlight
 of the event as Ms. Needham provided many wonderful door prizes to the
 delight of her guests. We would like to thank Diana Needham for hosting                   Mayor Jim Edwards, Julie Knabe, Diana Needham, and
 such a fun filled event.                                                                       Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe

The staff from Apple One Employment Services        Bob and Mary Buell with Chamber President          Kenneth Cha, Marianne Hughlett, Bernice
 with Miss Cerritos Princess BrieAnna Gomez           Allen Wood of Merriwood Management                    Sandoval, and Rick Needham

Chamber Ambassador Steve Chen with Shelley           Brand new Chamber Members Chris Elce and          Chamber Ambassador Gary Chomiak with
     Henderson and Mary Ann Wood                            Kris Brand from Sign-O-Rama                 former Assembly Member Sally Havice

BrieAnna Gomez with Ambassador Chair           Dr. Bob Hughlett, Erin Stibal, Mayor Jim        James Hinkle, Chris Elce, and Kris Brand network
       Karen Baker of Mary Kay                      Edwards, and Connie Edwards                  with Russ Collins of Browning Cerritos Dodge
                                                                            V isi o nA d v o c a c y Lea ders hi p   page 4

Upcoming Events                                                         NETWORKING
APRIL                                                                      MIXER
     7:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Cerritos City Council Chambers
                                                                     Guesthouse Inn & Suites
MAY                                                                             Thursday, May 22, 2008
5    CINCO DE MAYO GOLF CLASSIC                                                     5:00 - 7:00 pm
     Westridge Golf Club
                                                                                12500 Firestone Blvd. - Norwalk
     10:30 am - Registration, Putting Contest & Lunch
     12:00 noon - Shot-Gun Start
     5:00 pm - Banquet & Raffle
     Player Packages & Sponsorship Opportunities are available!
7    GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COUNCIL                                          562/467-0800
     9:00 am - 10:00 am - Chamber Board Room                          or just stop by the Mixer!
     11:30 am - 1:00 pm - Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

     Lunch is $30/person - Sponsorship Tables are available!
     12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - Chamber Board Room
                                                                                       STATE OF THE
22   NETWORKING MIXER “Guesthouse Inn & Suites”
     5:00 pm -7:00 pm – 12500 Firestone Blvd. - Norwalk
     Chamber Members: Please be our guest!
                                                                                      CITY LUNCHEON
                                                                                           Presented by:
     11:30 am - 1:00 pm - Sheraton Cerritos Hotel
     Lunch is $30/person - Sponsorship Tables are available!
19   NETWORKING MIXER “Los Cerritos Center”
     5:00 pm - 7:00 pm – Los Cerritos Center - Mervyns Court
     Chamber Members: Please be our guest!
                                                                        Cerritos Mayor                       City Manager
     12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - Chamber Board Room
                                                                     JIM EDWARDS                       ART GALLUCCI
     9:00 am - 10:00 am - Chamber Board Room                                   Wednesday, May 15, 2008
26   IMMIGRATION WORKSHOP                                                         11:30 am - 1:00 pm
     8:30 am - 10:30 am – Cerritos Library
     $25/person - includes continental breakfast                         Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts
                                                                                            Sierra Room
JULY                                                                           Lunch is $30
4    HOLIDAY                                                          Reserved Sponsor Table of 8: $400
     CHAMBER OFFICE CLOSED FOR 4TH OF JULY                          Reserved Sponsor Half-Table of 5: $250   562/467-0800
                                                                             Event Sponsor: $100
                                                                                   Visi on A d v o c a c y L ead ers hi p   page 5

  New Chamber Members                                                                               Member
  Please join us in welcoming these new Members to the Cerritos Regional Cham-
  ber of Commerce. Stop by their respective locations and welcome them to our
  business community! If you would like information on joining the Chamber,
  please contact our office at 562/ 467-0800 or join online at                     20 Years or More
                                                                                                          Cerritos Nissan
  FUNERARIA DEL ANGEL                               CIVIC MEMBER –                                      Holiday Inn Select
 BELLFLOWER MORTUARY                                CINDY YEN CHEN                                        Cerritos Florist
                                                                                             Bob & Marianne Hughlett-Civic Members
           Daniel Ochoa                                 Cindy Yen Chen
                                                                                              Dr. Darlyne Fujimoto, OD & Associates
       10333 Alondra Blvd.                            13050 Cantrece Lane
       Bellflower, CA 90706                            Cerritos, CA 90703
           562-867-1778                                  562-924-0178
                                                                                                     10 Years or More
                                                                                                       Cerritos Leads Club
   ROBERT AIKINS, JR.                            FASTTEKS ON-SITE                                    Certified Phone Solutions
                                                                                               Steven Y.C. Kang, CPA & Associates
          Robert Aikins                                   Bob Cohen                                   5 Years or More
     1001-108 W. Lambert Rd.                         11872 Harrisburg Rd.
       La Habra, CA 90631                           Los Alamitos, CA 90720                                      UPS
          714-348-9620                                   562-598-9977                                     Bellflower USD
                                                                                                       Insta Graphic Systems
                                                                                                   Southern California Edison Co.
        SIGN-A-RAMA                         SURE CARELAND MEDICAL                                  Orange County’s Credit Union
         Ivan Debucquois                                 Ellis Suh, D.C.
                                                                                                  Wells Fargo Bank-Cerritos Mall
        5812 Downey Ave.                             17127 Pioneer Blvd. #H
                                                                                             Girl Scout Council of Greater Long Beach
       Long Beach, CA 90805                            Artesia, CA 90701
                                                                                               Diana Needham-Prudential CARealty
           562-408-0842                                  562-865-7773
                                                                                              Norwalk-La Mirada Plumbing, Heating
CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN                        PIONEER DENTAL INC.                                   1 Year or More
          Vanessa Cancel                                Mong Binafard
       310 Los Cerritos Center                       14034 S. Pioneer Blvd.                                  Club Z
         Cerritos, CA 90703                           Norwalk, CA 90650                                      Subway
           562-865-4547                                  562-863-8779                                   Accountants Inc.
                                                                                                    AppleCare Medical Group
       LUCIE WU/IBIS                                CIVIC MEMBER -                               High Performance Tool Grinding
                                                                                               L & J Development & Management
        CALIFORNIA                                   MARK PULIDO                            Horizon Grocers-Neighborhood CA Market
              Lucie Wu                                    Mark Pulido
          12021 Wendy St.                            16617 Amberwood Way
         Cerritos, CA 90703                            Cerritos, CA 90703
           562-865-5088                                  562-404-2343

                                                Monday, May 5th
                                                   Westridge Golf Club
                                                   Registration: 10:30 am - 11:45 am

     Cinco De Mayo                            Putting Contest & Lunch: 10:30 –11:45 am
                                                      Shot-Gun Start: 12:00 noon
                                                       Banquet & Raffle: 5:00 pm

          GOLF CLASSIC
              Sponsored by:
                                                562/467-0800 or
                                                                                  V isi o nA d v o c a c y Lea ders hi p      page 6

Mandated Paid Sick Leave
► Continued from page 1

                     required by law to offer paid sick leave to em-      The Cerritos Regional Chamber believes that in an already-
                     ployees in addition to mandated SDI benefits. In     troubled economy California should be seeking ways to stimu-
                     fact, payment of sick leave may reduce the SDI       late job growth and avoid forcing costly mandates on employ-
                     benefits to which an individual is entitled.         ers.

                     Many California employers provide paid sick          AB 2716 has passed the CA Assembly Judiciary Committee
                     leave and/or paid vacation time as employee          with a vote of 7-3 on April 15th. It is scheduled to be consid-
                     benefits - even though current law does not re-      ered by the Assembly Appropriations Committee soon. The
                     quire it. Under current law, unlike vacation days,   Chamber urges you to contact your legislators and committee
Catherine Gaughen sick leave does not accrue nor vest. Therefore,         members to urge them to oppose AB 2716: Senator Alan
 Executive Director
                     any unused sick leave may be forfeited at the end    Lowenthal at (562) 495-4766, Senator Jenny Oropeza at (310)
of a designated period of time. But AB 2716 proposes to require un-       318-6994, Assemblymember Tony Mendoza at (562) 864-
used paid sick time to carry over from year to year. Furthermore, AB      5600, and Assemblymember Betty Karnette (562) 997-0794.
2716 proposes to expand current law by:
                                                                          The Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce is committed to
•   Requiring employers to include on the itemized wage statement         fighting anti-business legislation that hurts California busi-
    the paid sick leave accrued and used.                                 nesses. The Chamber’s Government Affairs Council will con-
                                                                          tinue to monitor this issue, and others affecting the business
•   Requiring employers to allow employees who have no spouse or          community. To receive additional information on legislation
    registered domestic partner to designate another person to care       affecting the business community, please attend the Chamber’s
    for using the paid sick leave. There is no requirement for a fa-      monthly Government Affairs Council meetings or contact the
    milial relationship.                                                  Chamber’s Executive Director, Catherine Gaughen, at
•   Requiring the Department of Industrial Relations to administer        562/467-0800 or
    and enforce the bill’s provisions, including the promulgation of
    regulations, investigation of complaints, mitigation, and relief of
    violations of these requirements. The bill doesn’t provide for
    state funding or appropriations for these requirements.
•   Establishing new sanctions and rights of action against employ-
    ers related to this new paid protected leave. Under this bill, em-
    ployers could be subjected to civil action in court and/or fines
    through the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement. Cali-
    fornia employers already operate under complex and punitive
    labor laws. Expanding leave opportunities for employees while
    creating new liabilities for employers would further exacerbate
    this problem by layering on additional cost pressures for busi-
•   This new protected, paid sick leave requirement applies regard-
    less of business necessity of the employer -- if the employee has
    accrued leave and qualifies for the leave, it can be taken. This
    bill further expands employer liability by creating a rebuttable
    presumption of unlawful retaliation if an employer denies an
    employee’s use of sick leave, or takes any adverse employment
    action toward an employee who has filed a complaint or used
    paid sick days.
•   Expanding record keeping and payroll reporting requirements
    that will be burdensome to administer, especially for small busi-
    nesses that may lack adequate resources and expertise.

The ever-increasing burden of costly mandates on employers can
cumulatively result in lower wages, reducing available health insur-
ance, limiting training programs and - in the worst case scenario -
job loss or reduced work hours.
                                                                                    V isi onA d v o c a c y Le ade rs hi p         page 7

Chamber Happenings
Chamber Honors Local Staffs at the
Staff Appreciation “Pirates of the
Chamber-Be-An” Luncheon
Mischief and merrymaking was the theme of the day as local bucca-
neers and wenches were honored at the Cerritos Regional Chamber’s
“Pirates of the Chamber-be-an” Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Keep-
ing with the theme, there was Captain Jack Sparrow, a large pirate
ship, sword fights, duels, walking the plank, and looting treasure.
Pirate Trivia tested the knowledge of the Captains at each table as
they raised their swords and shouted, “arrrgh” when they knew the               The Staff from Los Cerritos Center with Captain Jack Sparrow
answer to the questions.

The purpose of the Staff Appreciation Lunch-
eon is to honor, recognize, and appreciate local
businesses and their staff. Emcee, Megan
Richardson of Los Cerritos Center, read the
nominations of the following 9 finalists for the
Staff of the Year Award: ABC Unified Adult
School, City of Cerritos – City Manager’s Of-
fice, Friends of Arts Education, Sheraton
Cerritos Hotel, Vicencia & Buckley Insurance,
Los Cerritos Center, Gateway Business Bank,
Los Cerritos Community News, and Washing-
ton Mutual. Nominated by Mayor Jim Ed-           Cine Ivory of Senator Alan Lowenthal’s           The Cerritos Chamber Staff dressed as
                                                     Office with Bob & Mary Buell                   “Pirates of the Chamber-Be-An”
wards, the 2008 Staff of the Year was presented
to the City of Cerritos-City Manager’s Office:
Pam Mendoza, Kristi Hendrickson, and Janeen
Holman (Yvette Villalobos was out on mater-
nity leave).

The pirate décor was courtesy of Premier Spon-
sor Events by Noonan while Mystical Vibra-
tions provided the DJ and music. Captain Jack
Sparrow was played by Robert Aikens. Lunch-
eon sponsors also included Rose Hills Memorial
Park & Mortuary, Edward Jones, Vicencia &
Buckley Insurance, Los Cerritos Center, and
the City of Cerritos.                               Barrie Erickson and her staff at UPS         Chamber Ambassadors Heather Guy, Helen
                                                      posing in front of the pirate ship        Bouquet, Bernice Sandoval, and Karen Baker

   Dr. Bob Hughlett and Steve Richardson     Past winners of the Staff of the Year Award—the      The staff from the Sheraton Cerritos Hotel
    with their staff from Cerritos College      Staff from Vicencia & Buckley Insurance                    enjoyed the pirates theme
                                                                                   V isi o nA d v o c a c y Lea ders hi p          page 8

Hiring, Firing, & Documenting
Employees Workshop
The Chamber’s annual Hiring, Firing, & Documenting Employees
Workshop was held on April 23rd at the Cerritos Library. Presenter
Ann Smith, Senior Associate Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud, &
Romo, divided the topic into three main categories: Hire Right, End-
ing the Employment Relationship, and Conducting HR Audits. The
most important piece of advice she gave for all employers is to
document everything in writing. Ann Smith frequently speaks on the
topics of labor and employment issues and can be reached at:
562/653-3200 or

                                                                   Chamber’s Executive Director
                                                                   Testifies in Sacramento in
                                                                   Support of 4-Day Workweek Bill
                                                                   Catherine Gaughen, Executive Director of the Cerritos Regional
                                                                   Chamber of Commerce, recently testified in Sacramento before the
                                                                   Assembly Labor & Employment Committee in support of AB 2127
                                                                   the “Small Business Family Scheduling Option”. This important
                                                                   piece of legislation would allow individual employees and employers
                                                                   flexibility in their work schedules - allowing them to work 4-Day
                                                                   Workweeks to accommodate diverse family obligations, commuting
                                                                   issues and other personal obligations that employees face.

 Ms. Gaughen testified that the current law is outdated, rigid, and not family or employee-friendly. She emphasized that this is a quality
 of life issue to help employees strike a balance between work and personal responsibilities. “The Small Business Family Scheduling Op-
 tion would allow individual employees the flexibility of having an alternative workweek that works for them and their families”, said
 Ms. Gaughen. “Granting employees the freedom of a flexible and individualized work schedule is important in improving an em-
 ployee’s overall quality of life – which then translates to increased productivity, sustainability, and retention in the workforce”. The
 Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce supports AB 2127 because increased professional flexibility in our changing world is crucial
 in meeting the economic demands of the future.

12th Annual Mega Mixer
 The Cerritos College Foundation hosted its 12th Annual Chamber
 Mega Mixer on April 22nd in the Cerritos College Student Center.
 The community as well as booth participants of local businesses
 and eight area Chambers enjoyed the “Business Round-Up”
 theme, door prizes, music, and food.

                                                                       Leigh Clausen of Gateway Business      Miss Cerritos Princess BrieAnna
                                                                       Bank got into the western theme and    Gomez with 2008 Miss Cerritos
                                                                           gave “free” business advice                 Sheila Tejada

                                                                       Far Left: Gary Chomiak of Retirement Distribution Specialists
                                                                       Near Left: Ena Alcarez with Allen and Geoff Bolt of Pioneer Publishing
                                                                           Visi on A d v o c a c y L ead ers hi p   page 9

Members in the News
Los Cerritos Center Partners with
Step Up Women’s Network

Los Cerritos Center is seriously “stepping
up” its already strong commitment to give
back to Cerritos and surrounding communi-
ties. Next month the center launches its
partnership with the national nonprofit Step Up Women’s Network –
a high profile, membership organization dedicated to strengthening
community resources for women and girls. On Thursday, May 8th Los
Cerritos Center is kicking off this partnership with its first “Step Out
Step Up” event at which area women will help assemble 500 wellness
bags for female cancer patients through the Susan G. Komen Breast
Cancer Foundation in time for Mother’s Day. The bags will include a
wide range of fashion, beauty and other feel-good items from stores at
Los Cerritos Center and community partners – each with a handwrit-
ten, inspirational note from the woman who assembled the bag. It is
all part of a one-day effort by Los Cerritos Center and its 72 sister
shopping centers throughout the country to create more than 30,000
wellness bags for women cancer patients nationwide. The Los
Cerritos Center event will take place from 6 – 8 pm in Mervyn’s
Court, and women from all walks of life are encouraged to attend.
There will be a special VIP gift for the first 100 women to RSVP by
calling (562) 860-0341.
                                                                           V isi o nA d v o c a c y Lea de rs hi p        page 10

Members in the News
                                                                     Woman’s Club “Spring Into Fashion”
Cerritos AGLOW International                                         The Woman’s Club of Artesia-Cerritos is proud
                                                                     to present its first annual “Spring Into Fashion”
Cerritos AGLOW is a part of AGLOW In-                                fundraising event on Saturday, May 17th at
ternational, a Christ-centered organization                          11:30 am. The fashion show luncheon will be
that has fellowships in over 170 nations.                            held in the Sierra Room at the Cerritos Center for the Per-
You are invited to attend Cerritos AGLOW,                            forming Arts and will feature clothes from Los Cerritos Cen-
which meets monthly on the second Monday from 5:45 to 9:00           ter. Club members will act as models of clothes intended to
PM at the HomeTown Buffet in Cerritos. No RSVP is required.          represent “real women” of all ages and sizes. Please support
Simply purchase your meal there and join us in the Banquet Room      the WCAC - tickets are $45 each. Call 562/860-3623.
for the meeting, which always includes singing, special music, in-
spirational sharing from a guest speaker, and personal prayer if
desired. For more information contact Cheryl at 562/866-5331 or
                                                                     City of Cerritos Memorial
Glenda at 714/827-0138.
                                                                     Day Ceremony
                                                                     The community is invited to attend the
Balance By Touch                                                     City of Cerritos’ Memorial Day Cere-
Massages                                                             mony in honor of those who have given
                                                                     the ultimate sacrifice while defending our
Balance by Touch is offering a promotional $45 FULL BODY             nation’s freedom. The ceremony will be on Monday, May
SWEDISH MASSAGE for the months of May and June. Have you             26th at 10:00 am at the Cerritos Civic Center - near the Veter-
had massages done by a certified, professional massage therapist?    ans Memorial. Everyone is welcome to attend.
You owe it to yourself. Call now to reserve your appointment! Be
Blissful! Balance by Touch Wellness Group (Physical Therapy
and Therapeutic/Mobile Massage) is located at 6131 Orangethorpe
                                                                     Cerritos Dodge Residential
Avenue, Suite 104 in Buena Park. Contact us at: (714) 739-2117,, or www.                     Construction Show
                                                                     Browning Cerritos Dodge is partici-
                                                                     pating in the JLC Live Residential Construction Show at the
Su Casa “A Tour of                                                   Long Beach Convention Center on May 13-16. With exhibi-
Germany”                                                             tors covering every major product category, love educational
                                                                     demonstrations, tool giveaways, and networking opportuni-
Su Casa Ending Domestic                                              ties, it is sure to be the residential construction event you
Violence presents a Wine                                             don’t want to miss. Visit or call 800/261-7769.
Tasting Fundraiser called “ A Tour of Germany” on May 6th from
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm at the Wine Country in Signal Hill. Tickets are
$75 and include an evening of food and wine. All donations are       Dr. Ellis Suh
tax deductible and go to help Su Casa provide services for victims
and survivors of domestic violence and child abuse. Contact Chris-   Sure Careland Medical
tina Satki at 562/421-3297 or email:
                                                                     Dr. Ellis Suh, D.C.Q.M.E specializes in the diagnosis and
                                                                     treatment of NeuroMusculoSkeletal disorders, including
                                                                     Workers Compensation, personal injuries, sports injuries, joint
                                                                     lesions, arthritis, and rehabilitation. He received his Bachelors
                                                                     of Science in Engineering from Yonsei University in Seoul,
                                                                     Korea and his Masters degree in Engineering from UCLA. He
                                                                     also received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern
                                                                     CA University of Health Sciences. Dr. Suh’s practice of Chi-
                                                                     ropractic focuses on the relationship between structure and
                                                                     function and how that relationship affects the preservation and
                                                                     restoration of health. The quality of care is Dr. Suh’s first pri-
                                                                     ority; there is nothing more important in his profession than
                                                                     Patient Care. Contact Dr. Ellis Suh at: 562/865-7773 or
                                                                                 V is i on A d v o c a c y Le ad ers hi p     page 11

City Manager’s Office Honored
as 2008 “Staff of the Year”
The staff in the Cerritos City Manager’s office was honored as the
Chamber’s 2008 Staff of the Year. Kristi Hendrickson, Pam Mendoza,
and Janeen Holman accepted the award at the Staff Appreciation
Luncheon in April (Yvette Villalobos was out on maternity leave).
Nominated by Mayor Jim Edwards, the City Manager’s Staff was rec-
ognized for their friendly manner, their professionalism, loyalty, and
the way they treat every person who contacts the office with respect.
They always go above and beyond in meeting the needs of the City, the
Council, and the entire Cerritos community. The Chamber’s Board of
Directors is proud to honor them as “Staff of the Year”.                    The 2008 Staff of the Year: Kristi Hendrickson, Pam Mendoza, and
                                                                         Janeen Holman with City Manager Art Gallucci and Mayor Jim Edwards

                                                                                                                  John Meinert
                                                                                                                  Financial Advisor
                                                                        V is i onA d v o c a c y Le ade rs hi p   page 12

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                                                                                        Past Presidents
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                                                                                        Kathy Frazier
                                                                                        Melanie Broad             2004-2005
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                                                                                        Julie Knabe               1987-1988
                                                                                        Frank Scott               1986-1987
                                                  DIAMOND                               Sherman Kappe             1985-1986
                                                  City of Cerritos                      Mary Alice Soares         1984-1985
    President’s Circle                       City of Hawaiian Gardens                   Richard Boudreau
                                                                                        Jack Boyster
        Sponsors                                     GOLD
                                              Sheraton Cerritos Hotel
                                                                                        Steve Pope
                                                                                        Al Witt
                                                                                        Richard Boudreau          1980-1981
                                                                                        G. Anthony Rector         1979-1980
                                       CalMet Services * Events by Noonan
                                  Los Cerritos Center * Hawaiian Gardens Casino         Angel Rivas               1978-1979
                                       Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary              Paul Mangan               1977-1978
                                                                                        Dick Judson               1976-1977
                                                                                        Mildred Knost             1975-1976
                                 BRONZE                                                 Bill Woods                1974-1975
                Cerritos College * Southern California Edison                           Don Nehlson               1973-1974
            Wal-Mart * Ford West * ABC Unified School District                          Ronald Call               1972-1973
 Merriwood Management Company * Vicencia & Buckley Insurance * Edward Jones             Edward Rindahl, Jr        1971-1972
                                                                                        Jack Bettencourt          1970-1971
                                                                                        Juan de Cordova           1968-1970
ECC INK * Lexus of Cerritos * Gateway Business Bank * Southern CA Gas Company
                                                                                        Al Highstreet             1966-1968
   UPS * HealthFirst Medical Center * Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud,& Romo
                                                                                        Ray Hanson                1963-1966

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