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									                                                                                            Anna Driscoll
                                                                                         December 8, 2010
                                                                                              Ideas Essay

       If students of Scarborough Middle School were given the opportunity to listen to music when

allowed, they wouldn't break the rules and restrictions. Ipods and music should be allowed in our

school because they could be used as a device to help students when working on silent essays, or

during a quiet work period. As long as there are restrictions to when children can listen to the music,

then they could really be helpful. Despite the fact that some people think headphones may become a

distraction in class, listening to music can really be used to student's and teacher's advantage because it

helps students concentrate and work more efficiently.

       It is understandable that teachers and faculty think that they would be used to listen to music

when we aren't suppose to and they could turn into a problem, but actually it is just the opposite! It is a

proven fact that personal music can actually help you concentrate, so if students can concentrate better

then they could work faster and more efficiently, which is a positive for both students and teachers!

       Another positive things about listening to personal music is that they block out other

distractions. Students often become distracted or focused on other things around them. There is always

someone making a noise, tipping in there chair, or even the ticking of the clock! All of these

distractions that prevent students from getting there work done are drowned out by the sound of there

music! Headphones are a perfect solution to making distractions disappear!

       Some teachers also worry that students will break any rules or restrictions made about

headphones, but if students are given the privilege to listen to music at all in school, then they wouldn't

break the rules. It is common for students to break rules, but when students are given an opportunity

like this, there isn't a need to beak the rules. And when it comes to what music they listen to, or which

teachers agree and don't agree to this rule, it can be up to the teacher whether then can or not and when

they can. As long as teachers make enough rules to prevent students to use them in bad ways,

headphones can really be used in a great way!
       Headphones aren't just devices that are used to entertain people, they can also be used to

student's advantages when it comes to getting work done. Most of the time, music can help students

concentrate and work better, which is also great for the teacher! Headphones are just all around a great

idea! If this rule is overseen, then there will be a great increase in efficiency and work!

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