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Summer 2011 Newsletter (DOC)


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          Personal Postal, Buzon 868, Ctra Cabo la Nao (Pla) 124-6, 03738 Jávea

Geoff Woodward     President             96 575 7847   geoff09@anglospanish.org
Jan Rayner Brown   Vice-President        96 649 8189   janeleven@anglospanish.org
Val Hughes         Treasurer             96 575 6579   val09@anglospanish.org
Lorna O’Connor     Secretary             96 579 5136   secretary09@anglospanish.org
Terry Stone        Committee Member      96 577 1365   terry09@anglospanish.org
John Deacon        Committee Member      96 577 0826   johneleven@anglospanish.org

                SUMMER 2011 NEWSLETTER

Thirty members and guests spent a day to remember on 9th June in Valencia and the
Albufera. After the coach dropped us off for coffee in the city centre, we strolled around the
corner to the Rice Museum where, following the audio-visual presentation, we were guided
around all four floors of the museum, seeing at first hand the complete process of rice
production from paddy field to paella. Afterwards we visited the nearby Semana Santa
Museum which features the amazing costumes and floats which have rightly made the
Valencia Semana Santa processions world-famous. The coach then took us to the village
of La Palmera in the heart of the Albufera Wildlife and Wetlands Reserve. After a substantial
three-course paella lunch at Restaurante Cañas y Barro, we went on a leisurely and
relaxing boat trip around the lake and saw herons and egrets at close quarters in their
natural habitats and the distinctive thatched cottages dotting the banks. Back on terra firma,
the coach delivered us safely back to Jávea at the end of an immensely enjoyable day.


On 23rd June thirty-seven members enjoyed a relaxed and convivial evening over dinner on
the terrace of La Galera restaurant.


This will be on Thursday 4th August at the Restaurant Armell, Partida Albardanera 56,
Pedreguer. Directions are as follows:
  From Jávea, take the CV735 towards Dénia. About 1.3 km past the entrance to La Sella
   golf course is the restaurant Punta Benimaquia. Turn left there and follow the signs to
   the restaurant Armell.
  From Teulada etc. take the N332 and turn right onto the CV724 for Dénia. About 1.4 km
   past the entrance to the La Sella urbanisation, turn right just after the cleaning company
   Palau. Follow the signs to the restaurant Armell, awarding any potholes encountered
   along the way all the respect due to them.
The menu choices are:

Starters       Selection of tapas

Menu one       Hake (grilled or fried) or fried squid
               Fresh fruit or ice cream or flan                  Price: €11.00

Menu two       Lamb chops or pork fillet
               Fresh fruit or ice cream or flan                  Price: €14.00

Both menus include wine, water, coffee, IVA and tip. Lunch is at 1:00 for 1:30 and is to be
paid for on the day. Please give your names and menu choices to Geoff by Monday 1 st
August. Emails will be acknowledged as usual.


The next meeting after the summer break will be on Monday 26 th September and will feature
a presentation by a local historian on the history of Jesús Pobre. The meeting commences
at 6:30 as usual, and the dinner afterwards will be at Plaza 6, Cabo de la Nao, Jávea.

The menu choices are as follows:

Starters       Onion soup gratinated with bread and cheese or
               Mixed salad with tuna, capers and egg.

Main Course Chicken breast wrapped in jamón serrano, with pasta and ratatouille or
            Fillet of salmon with creamy spinach and potatoes.

Dessert        Home-made apple strudel with vanilla ice cream.

The price of €17.50 includes half a litre of wine per person, water, coffee, IVA and tip.
Please give your names and menu choices to Terry by Thursday 22 nd September. Terry will
be away from Friday 9th September and will acknowledge emails upon his return on
Thursday 15th September. Please note that we need a minimum of thirty-five people to
ensure that this dinner takes place.


This has been rescheduled to Sunday 16 th – Tuesday 18th October so that we can avail
ourselves of competitive room rates and the services of a free guide in Zaragoza. The dates
originally proposed would have coincided with the Zaragoza fiesta which would have meant
tripled hotel prices and no availability of the guide. Please see the two attachments
regarding this trip which is being organised through the good offices of Beni Connect. If you
have any preliminary queries please direct them to Geoff.

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