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       City of Mannheim, Germany                                                       VIDEO
       Migration Training Project                                        “The Instant Learning Server® supports
                                                                         our 4,000 users when they have questions
       •	 Migration of 4,000 work-                                       about	all	aspects	of	Microsoft	Office	every	
          stations to Windows 7 and
                                                                         day. Since we started using it, our helpdesk
          Microsoft	Office	2010	
                                                                         can breathe easier.”
       •	 Remote training for 300 loca-
                                                                         Gerd Armbruster, IT Director,
                                                                         City of Mannheim

       Many attractive features in the         version. Armbruster and his team       The Mannheim IT pros quickly
       new versions and no support in          knew that if users felt unprepared     found a solution to their require-
       the near future for legacy sys-         for the switch, it could mean consi-   ments in the products from SONIC.
       tems are just two good reasons          derable breakdowns in administra-      They decided to use the Video
       for switching to Windows 7 and          tive workflows. In its search for a    Training Server and the Instant
       Microsoft	Office	2010	according	        suitable learning solution, the City   Learning Server® in tandem. The
       to Mannheim City Government.            turned to the Microsoft training       benefit of using the two video
       The migration of 4,000 local            experts at New Horizons of Mann-       products together is that users are
       government workstations be-             heim. They provided a compre-          not only prepared for the migrati-
       gan	in	January,	2011	when	the	          hensive training offer using the       on, but are also supported in their
       city deployed new and innova-           cutting-edge learning technology       daily work with the software.
       tive video courses produced by          of its partner, SONIC Performance
       SONIC Performance Support               Support.
       to get employees up to speed
       fast and improving their effec-         Video Double Feature:
       tiveness and efficiency in the          Preparation and Support
                                               “The selection of a long-term
       A new operating system for the          training solution was of the ut-
       city government means that every        most importance for us, one that
       kindergarten and every library has      would benefit learners for a long
       to come to grips with the new Win-      time afterwards,” says Armbruster.
       dows 7 software. Approximately          From the outset, he decided that
       4,000 workstations and even more        the employees should not be given
       employees are in the Mannheim           onsite instructor-led training to      Learning When Learning is
       City Government network, many of        prepare for the switch as it would     Needed
       them working locally at small sites.    have involved a much higher finan-
       A migration of this magnitude was       cial and organizational outlay. In     To prepare for the switch to the
       not only a technical challenge.         any case, he was not convinced of      new software, the video trainer
                                               the effectiveness of onsite courses:   took all users on a personal tour,
       “We also needed to ensure that all                                             introducing them to the new fea-
       employees learned to work with          “We know all about learning and        tures of Windows 7 and Microsoft
       the new operating system and new        what happens with it: after a cer-     Office 2010.The staff were given
       Microsoft Office applications for the   tain time everything gets forgotten    access to the learning videos three
       long term, and make the transition      again.” So the search for an e-lear-   weeks prior to the roll-out so that
       as smooth as possible,” explains        ning solution was on. It was most      they could calmly learn the new
       Gerd Armbruster, the IT project         important that the solution appeal     software functions. They used their
       manager. The City Government            to all learners equally, regardless    own discretion when to train, and
       has used Windows XP for the last        of what they already knew. The         were free to select the chapters
       ten years, but the old operating        learning solution needed to also fit   they needed to work through.
       system is as different as Microsoft     perfectly into daily workflows, with   People who already used Microsoft
       Office 2003 is from the current         as few interruptions as possible.      Office 2010 at home, for example,

Instant Learning Server
Features and Functions
                                                          We make knowledge accessible
Powerful Search Capability
ILS delivers them as searchable learning bursts for use at the moment of apply. Independent if you make use of content
        could skip certain sections, while      Microsoft Word just in case. The       logged into another server.” The
        users with little knowledge of          knowledge would be forgotten in        new equipment for the city’s com-
        computers repeated chapters as          a flash,” explains Armbruster. The     puters also includes 4,000 head-
        needed.                                 city’s employees can now simply        sets. Employees with earphones
                                                call up the Instant Learning Ser-      on at their workstations as they
        Once Microsoft Office 2010 was          ver® when they need these and          seek advice from the Video Trainer
        up and running on the desktops,         similar functions.                     are no longer a rare sight. “SONIC
        the Instant Learning Server® then                                              has won us over with its innovative
        became the principal aid on a day       “It takes just two minutes to watch    video-learning concept. I’ve ob-
        to day basis. The innovative lear-      the sequence, learn what you need      served this particularly among my
        ning concept is called “Workplace       to and clear up all your questi-       younger colleagues: they no longer
        Performance Support” because            ons – exactly when you need the        read manuals, but delve into the
        users access support right at their     knowledge. There is absolutely no      Internet films when they want to
        desk. Whenever a question ari-          reading involved.” An additional       know how something works.”
        ses, the user simply calls up the       benefit for Armbruster is that the
        relevant passage in the learning        licenses for the video servers are     Learning by video has gone over
        video to view an explanation and        unlimited, something that will as-     so well that Armbruster has recei-
        step-by-step demonstration of           sist the administration’s helpdesk     ved inquiries from employees who
        the problem. This precise search        long after the migration.              would like to have their own lear-
        technology is in fact, the heart of                                            ning videos set up on the platform,
        the Instant Learning Server®. The       Faster Than Scheduled                  enabling their employees to learn
        entire spoken text of the video                                                using proprietary video content.
        is stored in a database and refe-       Informing and training employees,      With the Instant Learning Ser-
        renced with countless bookmarks.        procuring and configuring hard-        ver®, that’s absolutely no problem
        This allows the user to find exactly    ware, installing software, troub-      because user-generated content
        what they need in the moment of         leshooting – a migration project       and in-house videos can be in-
        need. Questions do not only arise       of the magnitude envisaged in          tegrated in the learning platform
        during the migration phase, howe-       Mannheim required some plan-           whenever required.
        ver. The Instant Learning Server®       ning. Armbruster and his team of
        remains available for the long term     six were given a year to migrate       The City of Mannheim is delighted
        to provide expert advice and tips.      all the city’s 4,000 workstations.     with the progress of its migration
        A good example is when a function       Registration to the Video Training     project: “We have already updated
        is needed that is not normally part     Server and Instant Learning Ser-       2,300 computers and there were
        of daily routine.                       ver® is a simple process via the       no problems.” Armbruster is ahead
                                                Intranet. “Users can access both       of his tight schedule thus far. Alt-
        “Take mail merges, for examp-           learning solutions through their       hough he has until the end of the
        le. Since it’s not something that       normal network connection,” exp-       year, he thinks that the migration
        people do very often, there is          lains Armbruster. “This way, they      will be complete within just nine
        little point in providing training in   don’t actually notice that they have   months. One reason for this is the
                                                                                       surprisingly low demand in support
                                                                                       by the employees because their
                                                                                       acceptance of the new software is
          Technical components:                                                        so great. If there are phone inqui-
                                                                                       ries, the helpdesk is often able to
          •	 Instant Learning Server®: DEBIAN, MySQL database, video                   find a quick solution: “For many
             streaming server, Typo3 backend                                           questions, all we have to do is
                                                                                       point them to the Instant Learning
          •	 Video	Training	Server:	DEBIAN,	Moodle	2.0	LMS                             Server® as it answers most user
                                                                                       questions faster and better than
          •	 Immediate server access from the workstation using single                 we can.” People who prefer to use
             sign-on technology and Active Directory connection                        the phone are sent the link to the
                                                                                       video by the IT department.
          •	 Clients: Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash-Player, Intranet
             access, headset


        Toll	Free:	+1-888-317-8354

                                                           We make knowledge accessible

t produced by SONIC or if you want to upload self-produced or even user-generated content.

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