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									     Bang for Your Buck:
Partnerships that Save Money
    Are Easy to Replicate

             ALA 2010
           Washington, DC
       Saturday, June 26, 2010
Jan Johnson
Dorothy Stoltz/Elena Hartley
Tess Prendergast
Leah Wagner
Betsy Diamant-Cohen
Carol Sandler
Ellen Riordan and Emily Blumenthal
Catherine Hakala-Ausperk
Cathy Lancaster
Elizabeth Gray
 Today’s Public Libraries Strive to:
• Provide high quality services for all, in some of the
  following ways:
   – Circulate materials
   –  Offer reference help
   –  Provide a free community space
   –  Present library programs
   – Give visitors free access to computers
   – Arrange free entertainment
   – Create experiences for young children that help develop
     school readiness skills
   – Help school age children expand their horizons
   – Serve all communities (English language learners, children
     with language delays, etc.)
       The Current Situation
• In American Public Libraries, there are
  – Thriving early literacy programs
  – Computers available for public use
  – High use during difficult economic times
  – Many examples of innovation and exemplary
    public services
  – Expanding services for children of all abilities
  – Expanding services for English language
    However, we are also faced with

– Older buildings that need large financial support
– Some traditional library services on the decline
– Librarians retiring; not many being trained
– Grant money drying up, budgets being cut, hiring
  freezes in place
– New technologies that library visitors want to use

                 IN GENERAL…..
       People want more from their libraries,
           But less money is available
Is there a way to continue providing
 excellent services to children with
 diminishing funds in these difficult
          economic times?
     and Form Partnerships
           with other
Institutions and Organizations!
           The Big Tree Library
      Princeton (NJ) Public Library and the
   Princeton Regional Recreation Department

Jan Johnson, Manager of Youth Services
     Language Fun Storytime
A Children’s Librarian and a Speech Therapist working together…

                             •   Sharing expertise to support
                                 children’s language and literacy
                                 development , for ages 3-5
                             •   Adapted storytime format, built
                                 around only one book each
                             •   Family/caregiver involvement
                                 encouraged and supported
                             •   A variety of multi-modal
                                 activities that focus on fun are
                             •   Repeated opportunities to
                                 learn new words and phrases
                             •   Social skills during snack time

                             •   Tess Prendergast, BA, MLIS
Leah Wagner, Monroe Township Public Library, Assistant Library Director,
United Way
of the Wabash Valley

                                                         Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen
                                                         Children’s Programming Consultant

Mother Goose on the Loose® is provided to Wabash Valley home daycares through a
grant from the Indiana Association of United Ways, courtesy of the Lilly Endowment.
                                   Borrow a book…
                                      at the museum!

                                  Carol Sandler
                                  Director of Library and Archives
                                  Strong National Museum of Play
                                  One Manhattan Square
                                  Rochester, NY 14607

                                  585 410 6349

Promoting literacy through play
Teaching Storytelling to Youth:
   A Library, a School, and an
    Art Institute Collaborate
 For more information on these and
      other partnerships, see:

Children's Services: Partnerships for
    Success, ALA Editions, 2010
 Now, we want to hear from you!

Please tell us :
- Your name, your position, and where you
- Who you partnered with
- A brief description of your successful, easily
  replicable partnerships
- As estimate of the total cost (if possible)

There will be a 3 minute limit for each person.
Thank you for attending our session!

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